Sniffing ‘It’

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Well…I knew what Lisa was like and now I wanted to explore another desire of mine too. It was Gregg. The minds curiosity does drive one’s desires!

During my previous story-adventure with Lisa, I had mentioned Gregg and his fine ass.

Gregg and I were seniors in high school and both eighteen years of age. We had several classes together. Of course, one of those classes was P.E. The showering, after class afforded the opportunity to see him naked without fear of being labeled something derogatory.

His cock was average size and his ass was well formed…round. Perhaps a bit too much hair on his butt cheeks, but…after all, we were guys!

I used to jack-off at the image in my mind’s eye of him bending over as he toweled himself dry. I could see his “hole” between those cheeks and the ball sack hanging between his legs. It was just a fantasy at that time. We were friends.

Months later we had an opportunity to be together for some over night stuff. I was aroused at the thought that I might be able to live out my fantasy with Gregg. He had no idea…or did he?

We made a trip to a ski resort. Friends of mine had allowed for the use of their cabin That weekend.

We arrived to find a pleasant setting. The air was fresh and crisp. The scent of evergreen trees and the like was arousing to me, but so were the thoughts that were welling up in my mind and inside my pants!

I knew that the pre-cum was wetting me something bad! I hoped that it wouldn’t show through. The semi-buldge was bad enough. Gregg’s ass inside those jeans was making me crazy with desire. Would I be able to experience my fantasy with him?

After moving our baggage inside the cabin we headed out for a hike. I remained behind Gregg most of the time, so that I was able to admire the object of my desire…his ass.

Upon arriving back to the cabin and after having a great meal…it was time to clean up for bed. We would be sleeping in the same room and the same bed.

I showered first. I spent some extra time cleaning myself in the event that we some how would connect that night. ‘Em…Would it be a mutual massage leading to the exploration of our “private” parts?

Gregg showered next.

As I sat on the bed wearing my jockey shorts and watching TV, Gregg came out of the bathroom. His upper body was bare too and he wore only PJ bottoms. Our nipples were stiff with the cold air in the room.

He placed his clothes on the chair next to the bed and then “leaped” onto the bed! His immediate and next move surprised me!

As he landed on the bed next to me he rolled towards me and when his ass touched my leg he wiggled it and asked me if I could see the hole in the crotch area of his PJs!

This was hard porno it! I knew that we would be doing some nasty stuff in short order and that my desires would be satisfied for now.

I looked and could see a hole that exposed his ass hole to my view. Interesting…the tear in his PJ bottom was directly over that spot. Hehehe!

I asked him if I could place my finger in there. No problem! Wow! It was warm to the touch and my cock had gotten real hard-quickly…remember the mind’s ability to excite?

Gregg moaned with my touch. I pushed at the entrance, but not hard enough to enter him. I then moved my finger in small circles about his hole. That was it! He had to raise his ass up and adjust his hardening cock to a more comfortable position. He was on his stomach.

As he raised off the bed to adjust his cock I pulled my finger from his PJs and reached up for the elastic waist band. Using both hands I pulled his pants down with one quick pull…stopping just below his butt cheeks. What a sight! My heart was really beating fast! My shorts were soaked with pre-cum!

I placed the finger that had massaged his ass hole to my nose. I sniffed it and was hoping to learn of his scent. Almost nothing…he was clean also.

I then laid behind him and between his spread legs. My face was at his ass level. I wanted to experience his scent! It was a turn on for me reklamsız porno and so nasty, but clean. I placed one hand on each of his cheeks and spread them open. It was enough to expose his ass hole to the same cold temperature that had caused our nipples to swell. Gregg mentioned that it felt good knowing that he was exposed to me and that the cold air felt strangely good!

I placed my nose near his hole and sniffed. He had a faint scent. I found it exciting, but wanted a bit more. I spread him open a bit more and pushed my nose onto his opening. Gregg could feel the warm air from my nose breath moving across his ass hole and that he liked it!

That was it! I could feel my cock about to explode! He smelled good to me! The excitement, stimulation, and desire was more then I could bare! Without a word I moved up onto Gregg. I pulled my pants down and placed my hard cock between those ass cheeks snug in his crack. I didn’t enter him.

The pre-cum was all the lube that was needed! I slid myself up and down just a few times and then I exploded with a big load!

My cum squirted out onto his ass and lower back! I kept pumping until I could shoot no more! I could feel his hole warmth against my cock shaft as I started to come down. I just lay there on top of him. It was a great feeling!

As I got up I could see that the cum had covered his ass and had filled the crack…it was a natural drain across his ass hole and down the backside of his balls and sack.

It was “special” to share himself with me. My curiosity had been satisfied for now.

As he cleaned himself in the shower…I wondered what he wanted from me when he came out…

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