Smooth Jazz Ch. 10

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*To clarify: People were asking why Marcelo and Connor didn’t ask for a name. Honestly I don’t know If Martin told William his real name or not, I haven’t written it in haha, even so I don’t think a similar name, and no proof of correct identity is going to convince someone their best friend is a serial rapist. Especially since when Connor saw him he didn’t look the same (because he changes identities)* Thanks for those comments.

SO WE COME TO THE END!!!! Wow time flies, this is the final chapter of the saga of Jazz and Connor. I’ve learned so much through this process of making my writing public. THANK YOU to everyone who read, favorite, commented, and or rated the story. Thank you for the good and critical feedback!!!!

*Rate, comment, favorite, and re read!!!

P.S Marcelo may be getting a story 😉


“I don’t think this is necessary guys.” William spoke but quickly stepped back when Marcelo looked his way while loading his gun.

“We’re going into a trap house with captive drugs, money, and to convince a drug dealer that we haven’t stole it but we are giving it back to him. Being that he probably knows Ellen cut you off, I wouldn’t be so cool.” Marcelo quipped.

“Do I get a gun?” William asked hopefully.

“Ah no,” Connor said shooting down his hopes.

“Don’t worry we need you alive. We won’t let you get hurt. You can carry these bags though.” William sat in the back as Marcelo threw the duffel bags of drugs and money in his lap.

“This isn’t even half the drugs.” William was starting to get nervous.

“I thought you sold drugs before? Why would we take all we have if were using the drugs as a bargaining chip…” Marcelo questioned and then William felt dumb.

“Okay I’ll shut up.”

“That’s what I wanna hear. Connor let’s get it.” Marcelo slammed the door and got into the Passenger seat, because Connor was driving.

“Heads up Connor, if they start shooting at us I call William as a secondary shield.”

“What?” William looked horrified and Connor and Marcelo laughed.


“Park on the side street,” Marcelo suggested and Connor did just that. They hopped out the car and Connor and Marcelo made sure their guns were tucked in reachable places.

“Go ahead William and give us the signal when were clear. If we sense any funny business we’ll come in and take you and all the boys out.” Marcelo warned him.

“I told you I got this.” William was tired of looking like a chump. This was his chance to prove himself. He kept revenge on Ellen on his mind. He was getting closer and closer to seeing her go up in smoke. If he went up too then so be it. It was all worth it.

William approached the house carefully. He knew Black was expecting him. As soon as he stepped into the house he was searched and patted down. Black was sitting on the couch. William couldn’t believe Black had been reduced to selling Marijuana.

He had heard that people were black balling him. Nobody wanted to spot him any drugs so he could get back in the game, at least not the heavy kind he needed. Then since he lost the drugs with no profit his plug had left him hanging as well.

“What the fuck you wanna meet with me for. Yo bitch already let me know you got scraped by ole boy and aint no closer to getting me my money. So what is there to talk about?”

“That’s it. I got you the money but there’s a lot more going down then you know.”

“What chu saying?” William tried not to get nervous as Black peered into him with his dark eyes. He put down the PS2 controller, and his two home boys came into the living room as well.

“I’m saying that Ellen is not who you think she is. She’s tryna play you. She’s trying to set you up.”

“Stop talking in circles and tell me what it is cuz’. Set me up how!” Black could feel his anger boiling up inside him. He just wanted his money and now he had two muthafuckas he felt was tryna cross him.

“The robbery, she wants you to rob Mr. Pennington so she can set you up. For what reason, I can’t really say, but I heard her and her brother talking about it.” William started to sweat when he saw both of the men put their hands on their gun.

“She told me she cut you off. How I know you aint in here on some flexin’ shit just tryna throw shots at her cause she den’ left you in the dust. Plus, that bitch knows better than to try to play me. She know who I am.” Black looked at him as if he had some nerve to assume that Black was being crossed right under his nose.

“I understand it’s hard for you to believe. She cut me off, because she was done using me. That’s what she does. Once she gets what she wants it’s over. She doesn’t care about no one but herself, but your pride won’t let you see that.”

“Cuz who tha fuck you think you talkin too!” Black pulled his gun out on William.

“I run this shit here, and I just told you what it is. I gave you a chance to get me back my money bursa escort and my drugs from that white boy and you didn’t show and prove. Now Ellen gotta do it. At the end of the day she got more heart than you.”

“She willing to take a charge getting her hands dirty and you not built for that. Now you tryna throw shade at her and you think I can’t see that? You think I’m stupid?”

“Listen. I told you I got the money and the drugs. The white boy and his friend are with me, and they’ll be able to explain how you can help us with Ellen.” William knew that he had said the wrong words when Black looked more enraged.

“You brought them here!” Black stood up and grabbed William by the collar.

“Where are they?” Black screamed in his face.

“They’re outside waiting for my signal. They came to bring you the money and drugs, and make a deal. Ellen’s been lying to you. I’m trying to tell you. You gotta listen!” William was trying to get him to see how blind he was.

“This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to signal for them to come in, so I can blast they asses away. You hear me?” Black held a gun to Williams head. William closed his eyes. He had to think quickly. He knew he couldn’t set them up.

“Black please, you don’t understand. They’re not what you think. They not here for any trouble. They got what you want, and they just wanna talk to you so they can show you the truth.” Black threw him to the ground.

“You got ten seconds to make a decision, because I don’t trust any of you. Tee aim that shit at the door brah. If somebody come in this bitch blast em'” Black barked and his foot solider nodded.

“You too Bry I’m not playing.” Bry, Blacks other soldier, threw William towards the door.

“Give the signal.” Black barked and William went towards the door. He prayed that he could think of some way to let them know that everything had gone array, and he had ultimately failed.

William put his hand on the knob and opened the door. He immediately felt the gush of wind as Connor and Marcelo shot passed him.

William watched as Marcelo tackled Bry to the ground pistol whipping taking his gun. Connor flew across the couch kicking Tee in the chest with both his feet and disengaging his gun from him as well.

Before Black could blink he had four barrels staring him down along with four pair of eyes that didn’t look like they were fucking around.

“You gone stick me up in my own house,” Black had his own gun aimed at Connor and Marcelo.

“William already told you why we’re here. Now if you want to change that to putting a bullet between your eyes then that’s your choice.” Marcelo was already eyeing the spot where he wouldn’t miss.

“I can’t tell y’all came running in here on bullshit. Why bring guns if yall here to talk?”

“For the same reasons there was guns aimed at the door waiting to greet us. We already told you we got your drugs and money. We’re here to help you. Ellen is playing you. You really think you’re going to hit a lick at his office. It’s a place of business not a bank. He can’t be keeping that much money there.”

Black lowered his gun a little as he began to think about what they were saying.

“He a senator I’m pretty sure he keeps more than enough dough.”

“Wrong again, he’s affiliated with senators. He’s not a senator himself. Do you know what connections this guy has? Even if you do make off with money, you’ll be found. You’ll be the one taking the fall.”

“No her brother already agreed too!” Black was starting to get angrier the more they seemed to be right and he seemed to be a damn fool.

“Plus he won’t because they got the dirt on em'”

“Oh yeah he won’t take them to jail but the cops are just waiting on you to slip up. You paroled and you really think Ellen is going to save you. If she has so much dirt on him she could have been requested the money. She’s been black balling him for money. Isn’t that right?” Connor looked towards William.

“Black, he’s telling the truth. Mr. Pennington gives Ellen money all the time. All she has to do is threatened him and ask. She has no reason to rob him except to set you up. Let me go get the money and the drugs and show you. We have proof. I have records of every transaction.” William didn’t make any move to get off the floor, neither did Black’s henchmen they didn’t want those problems.

“Go, show me. You two don’t move.” He pointed to Marcelo and Connor.

“We didn’t plan too.” Marcelo kept his eyes on Black’s gun. If he saw any movement he was letting his trigger go.

William came back with the papers, and records. They watched patiently as Black shifted through them, willing to lower his gun.

“This bitch been making bank off this old man. Damn. All you see is deposit, deposit, deposit. Mmm? So she was trying to set me up. I had a bad feeling about her, but I didn’t think she would cross me.”

“Charge it to the game. We brought you some of the drugs and the money. You get the rest when you help us get Ellen.” Connor bursa türbanlı escort offered.

“Shit, the way this bitch tried to get me cuz I’ll get that bitch caught up for thee free. You feel me?” Black was boiling inside with anger. All that snake shit that hoe was talking and she the real one. Damn he had to admit he got caught up, by a snow bunny at that.

“We need you to go through with it. Act normal. Don’t change routine. You’ll wear a wire. We want her to confess to the plan and all of that. Once you get there we’ll nab her and her brother.” Marcelo wanted both their assess going down.

“I don’t know how ya’ll plan to do that. Chick is crazy and she got connections. I’d rather kill her and her snake ass brother.” Black suggested. He wasn’t for that snitching shit.

“I understand that, but the best thing to do is let them rot. Especially her brother, he’s a serial rapist who’s been on the loose for a while. We want an id on him. He likes to play dress up, so who you saw may not be who he really is.” Connor told him

“That’s fucking sick. I knew that dude was weird G. It was just something off about him. Ellen white but he was pasty as hell. If it helps he told me his name was Martin, but I don’t know if that’s his real name or not.”

“I have a friend name Martin. You got a last name.” Connor said, and when he said that he got a chill up his spine and exchange looks with Marcelo.

“Naw I don’t. It’s a lot of Martins out there though. Unless ya’ll got time to search all of San fran then I suggest y’all try to pen him that night. I must be honest I’m not too comfortable with this snitching shit.”

“Ellen was willing to set you up to basically either kill you or send you back to prison. Killing her would accomplish just that. She works with the police. Your best bet is to go with us on this, while we get the police on our team.” Connor told him.

“How do you plan on doing that?” Black questioned.

“We go to the source.” Connor smirked when Williams’s eyes got wide.

“Mr. Pennington!” William said.

“Bingo. You in,” Connor extended his hand to Black who eyed it suspiciously. He had trusted one snake and didn’t want to trust another.

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“I have a feeling you already know what they have planned for my lady. I want nothing more than to see them both suffer. However, I’m trying not to play too dirty. As long as she’s safe they can rot in prison for all I care. I could have easily turned your drugs and money in. Or bargained with Ellen, instead I’m cutting you a break.” Connor told him and Black nodded.

“Alright white boy, Thanks for the heads up.”

“No problem. Just hold up your end and I’ll get the rest to you.” Connor slapped hands with him and after removing the clips from the guns tossed them back to Blacks friends.

“You aint gotta worry about that player; they both going down.” Black watched them leave and then banged his fist on the table.

“Watch that bitch when she come back, and clean up. Them white boys wipe the floor with ya’ll.” Black dismissed them and rubbed his hands together. That bitch was tryna play him and now he would have the last laugh.


Marcelo drove downtown back in front of the place where he saw Ellen go in, and where William had directed. They called Black to make sure she was secured at his place and then let William lead them passed the front desk.

“Hey we’re here to see Mr. Pennington.” William hoped they were doing the right thing coming here.

“Of course Mr. Price go right in. He’s cleared today.” She smiled and eyed Connor and Marcelo appreciatively. She nearly melted when Marcelo sent a wink her way before they proceeded upstairs.

William was the first to go in, and Mr. Pennington greeted him with a smile. Then when Connor and Marcelo followed the smile immediately faded.

“Hi, you must be Jazz’s guy. She was just here talking about you.” Mr. Pennington stuck out his hand but didn’t get an extension from Connor.

“Sit down and let’s talk.” Connor said and Mr. Pennington eyed the door nervously as it was only slightly closed. Marcelo unplugged the phones, and took them off the hook.

“Hey, what’s the meaning of this, William?” William stood to the back and let Connor and Marcelo take over.

“I need you to listen and listen good okay?” Connor said and Mr. Pennington shut up and nodded.

“We know that Ellen is your daughter and that the serial rapist is your son.” Marcelo watched the old man’s face twist in denial.

“Are you kidding me? Ellen is no more my daughter than William is my son. They both have worked for me yes, but my daughter? And who is this serial rapist?” Marcelo looked to Connor practically begging him with his eyes to pull out his gun. Connor held up his hand stopping him.

“In no way did we come here expecting for you to be forth coming. Can you explain this?” Connor slapped the police reports on his desk, and the bank statements.

“I didn’t kestel escort know William was involved in a dispute with Jazz. William is this true?” Mr. Pennington tried his best to appear surprised and appalled. Marcelo had enough of the talking. He pulled out his gun and cocked it.

“Listen old man, let’s cut the shit okay. We brought William here because he told us everything. Plus, we’ve been on to you. We know about the scandal and how you got that stripper pregnant and had her running through politicians like a well seasoned track star. We also know Ellen and your son is a product of that and you’ve been paying them off.”

“This is ridiculous! William will you please tell these gentleman the truth? How dare you come into my office with these false accusations, which were put to rest years ago? Ellen is not my daughter and I don’t have a son!”

Mr. Pennington stood but sat back down when Marcelo pointed to him with the gun.

“Mr. Pennington they know the truth. This has gone on long enough. Stop thinking about yourself for once! Stop letting Ellen rule your life and your son commit these horrible crimes. I was there too but it’s time for both of us to step up and pay for what we’ve done! It’s time for you to put them away for good!”

William came from the back and stood in front of Marcelo confronting Mr. Pennington with tired eyes. William was desperate to end it. Ellen had to be stopped. The more he got pulled in with Connor and Marcelo the more he realized how crazy this all had become.

“Why should I have to pay for their doings? Don’t you think if I could stop them I would have already! None of you have the right to judge me, for what I’ve done. This city has thrived under my leadership!”

“Women have been raped and assaulted under your leadership! And you’ve sat back and watched it happen. You’ve sat back and watched Ellen take money from you and business’s. What about the families that work for you? What kind of leader sells out his own people to save his own ass?”

Connor moved closer and William moved out the way.

“Do you think for a fucking second that you get to sit here and act like you have no right to be attacked? You know your son was gunning for Jazz. I have no doubt in my mind that you knew how sick he and your daughter really are.”

Connor’s voice got louder, and more filled with vile.

“Yes I knew. I’ve known for a long time that my daughter is a psycho and my son is too. When I slept with their mothers I tried to get them to abort both the babies, but they wouldn’t. They wanted money and then when they died their children wanted money. I’ve been paying for my mistakes every day, they black mail me! I can’t stop them. I have tried. Ellen’s going to move away!”

Mr. Pennington wanted to convince them that all of this was coming to an end.

“I’m paying her off. Next week we’re meeting here and she’s going to take the money and leave. She promised me she would convince her brother to do the same. It’s all going to be over you see? There’s no need for this. Jazz will be safe, now how much do you want? Huh? Name your price.”

Mr. Pennington quickly got out his check book as his hands were shaking. He knew it was only a matter of time before it all caught up to him.

Now though since Ellen was leaving and hopefully with her brother he could put it behind him. All he had to do was pay Connor off and he would go away too.

“Them going away is not good enough. They both need to be in prison. You’re going to help us make that happen. You’re going to sit down, call your police buddies, and tell them to back off. Then you’re going to call in to report a threat of a robbery.” Connor ordered him.

“Why would I do that?” Mr. Pennington asked but picked up the phone when he saw Marcelo’s finger graze the trigger.

“Cause you’re going to be robbed and we’ll be here to intercept it.” Marcelo told him.

“By who?”

“By your loving son and daughter, now make the call.” Connor and Marcelo crossed looks and started combing the office for pictures or anything else that could give them a clear ID and found nothing. They would have to just wait for the moment to come and then nab him. For now, they stood by patiently as he made the calls.

“Why should I do this? You can’t come in here and just force me with no evidence.” Mr. Pennington thought about it, and hung up the phone.

“Except this,” Marcelo took out a recorder and played back Mr. Pennington’s confession, and he picked back up the phone grudgingly. Then he thought about it again. This was the opportunity to finally get rid of them.

“I can do more, I can get them put a way for a long time with your help, but I want off scott free.” Mr. Pennington told them. Connor considered it and then nodded.

“We’ll see how much you actually do.” Marcelo said before Connor spoke. Whether or not they liked it they had to make a deal with the devil to get what they wanted.


Martin stood on the other side of the door listening. He couldn’t believe they were on to him and Ellen. He also couldn’t believe she had plans to persuade him to leave the city. She hadn’t mentioned anything to him about Mr. Pennington paying her off to leave. Martin knew that she was playing him. She was keeping him out of the loop for a reason.

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