Sleeping Beauty

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I’ve missed my baby today. I haven’t heard from you all day. I know you’re probably busy with your Army flights but I wish you’d had a chance to quickly message and check up on your pregnant wifey. I’ve tried to wait up for you, I wanted to wrap my arms around you and kiss you as you walked through the door, before I rubbed your back and shoulders because I know you will be sore tonight… but I feel quite tired. So I lay down, thinking I’ll just have a short nap and wake up in a few hours, in time to catch you coming home. However, I must not have realised how exhausted I was because I ended up sleeping for more than a few hours…, with my arms around your pillow, only wearing one of your t shirts and black panties. Although your t shirt is big on me and falls to my knees, whilst I was sleeping it’s ridden up and my swollen belly is visible… I don’t even have the covers over me as I have made the room quite warm since you weren’t home.

You come home and call my name then see me laying in our bed fast asleep. You know I must be dreaming about you because I’m smiling and you hear me murmur your name softly… with one of my arms around your pillow and one hand on my belly as I lay on my back. You lean over the bed to kiss me softly on my lips sliding your hand down to my belly and rubbing it across, feeling our baby kick inside me. I bite my lip, moaning softly and then moan your name softly, still asleep.

As tired as you are, you can’t bear to leave me to go get the dinner I’ve made for you and you quickly strip your uniform off then slowly remove the pillow from my arm, climbing into bed beside me and gently pulling me into your chest. You wrap your arms around me as you rub my belly gently… The movement makes me half wake up and I look around disorientated, my eyes full of sleep. I see your beautiful face and immediately relax, wriggling closer into your body and wrapping my arms around you tightly.

“Honey! I missed you so much today” I tell you.

“You say that everyday babe” you reply with a smile.

“Well… I miss you every time you have to leave us” I say.

I tilt my head up for a kiss and you kiss me softly on the lips… I bite your lower lip and tug gently, adjusting my body so that my crotch is against Bycasino yours and my swollen belly is against your belly… You hold my face to deepen our kiss and I kiss you back harder “Mmm Zara…” You whisper, “Patrick… Baby!” I moan in need.

It’s been this way for months now between us… All it takes is one touch or one kiss and we instantly need each other. Part of me thinks the pregnancy has something to do with it. There have been so many times I’ve woken up to your gentle licks at my pussy, or your mouth around my nipple, times when you’ve come home from work and before we do anything I’ve needed you or you’ve needed me or we have both been equally frustrated and we can’t get each other out of our clothes fast enough before you’re buried deep inside me. Of course there’s also been times that these crazy pregnancy hormones have made me want you so bad that poor you has been sleeping and I’ve straddled you and grinded into your crotch or I’ve really needed to taste you and just wrapped my mouth around your hard cock and licked and sucked until you were hard and throbbing for me.

And this is one of those times, again. Your kiss that started off loving has suddenly turned into a passionate one full of need and urgency… Even as you continue to kiss me, you’re pulling your t shirt off my body, wanting me completely naked against your skin. You lean your head down and bite my neck hard and I gasp your name out loud as you dig your teeth into my neck. Your hands inching down to grab my ass and then I’m completely lost. All I can do is hold onto you, digging my nails into your shoulders as I get lost in the waves of pleasure your biting gives me. Whilst I’m still lost, your hand inches down between us, across my belly and you pause again, in awe and wonder at the life we have created inside me… Then your hand continues downwards and you gently circle my clit in circles. I moan your name out loud and push my pussy into you. By now you know my body completely, every little turn on, and you tease me and play with me until I’m writhing and whimpering against you before you finally push a finger inside my soaking wet pussy. I rock into your finger riding it out, completely focused on my pleasure until I feel my pussy clench around your Bycasino giriş finger as i cum hard. I moan your name out loud, over and over again as I pant hard. Patrick, oh Patrick my love. You stroke my head, kissing me softly and gently and slowly slide your finger out… And straight into your mouth… I moan again as I watch you. Still completely turned on even though I’ve just had an orgasm. I look into your beautiful eyes and feel a rush of love for you, my sexy, sweet husband who drives me absolutely crazy for him.

I lean into you and kiss your lips softly, licking gently as I taste myself on your mouth. Then I slide down, kneeling between your legs as I pull you to the edge of the bed, and slowly lick the tip of your cock from the top to the bottom then gently circle the head repeatedly, teasing you. You hold the back of my head as you watch me… I play with your balls gently then take you deep into my mouth and suck hard, over and over again. I push my tongue into the tip… Gently flicking my tongue into the opening. You moan softly and I can feel your cock throbbing for me. I get to my feet slowly. “Honey… Really need to go pee… Back in a min” I say and walk to the bathroom.

Next thing I know I’m sat on the edge of the shower and you’re in the shower with me, you give me a wicked look then lower your mouth to my pussy and flick your tongue into my opening gently. I moan again softly… Getting even wetter as I understand what you want. I widen my legs holding my belly with one hand as I watch you to make sure you’re sure. You encourage me to continue and I can’t resist anymore I arch my back as I relieve myself… Peeing directly into your mouth as you lick me. I gasp as the sensation feels amazing and dig my nails into your shoulders. You wait till I’ve finished then slowly pick me up and hold me against the shower wall, your hard cock pressing against my pussy.

I shake my head gently… Pushing you back gently so you lower me onto the shower floor. I curl my fingers around your shaft and squeeze gently. “Patrick darling, I want to feel you pee on me first. I want your cock to be wet when you slide it inside me” I say, you look at me, inadvertently biting your lip, which makes my pussy clench every time, Bycasino deneme bonusu then hold your cock, aiming for my pussy. I look at you and nod and you start to pee. I wait for a few seconds, enjoying the hot pee on my pussy then kneel down and move your cock to my face, feeling your pee splash across my swollen belly, running down my legs, splashing my breasts and across my face. I wrap my mouth around your cock and taste you… Moaning softly.

You love when I taste you and you almost cum right there but I push you back gently as soon as you’re done peeing and you lift me back up, holding my ass as I reach down and rub the tip against my slit… Then I gently push myself onto the head, still gasping softly as I feel you enter me. The wetness mixed with our juices makes it quite easy and you push your hips into me as you bury the length of your beautiful hard cock deep inside my tight pussy. I gasp your name and dig my nails into you, my legs wrapped around you as you whisper in my ear “I love you Zara, you’re mine and I’m going to keep cumming inside you everyday and keep you pregnant”, I moan, digging my nails into you harder as I rock my hips into you more aggressively, your possessiveness making me almost lose my mind.

I can’t think about anything but your cock deep inside me and each time you thrust into me I push back, matching your pace as we make love… Harder, faster, deeper until I can’t take it anymore and I feel my pussy lock around your cock, my muscles tightening and my arms and legs wrapped tightly around you as I scream your name out loud gasping hard. You feel my pussy flood with my juices as they run down your cock. My orgasm pushes you over the edge too and you thrust into me a final time as deep as you can and explode deep inside my womb. Your hot cum completely taking over my pussy as I feel your sperm spurt again and again in my pussy. You keep your cock buried inside me as I try to relax, my body still shaking, you put your forehead against mine and kiss me softly, telling me you love me. I stroke the back of your head gently and tell you I love you back. Just then our baby decides to let us know he’s still there and kicks again. We both laugh and say “we love you too!”.

We clean off in the shower quickly then you carry me back to bed. After laying me down, you quickly have dinner then crawl in next to me. I curl up into your body, placing my head on your chest as you hold me close and I fall asleep again, but this time in your arms. My most favourite place in the world.

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