Shelly was happy while going through her first pregnancy. Dave would come over often and help around the house. Sometimes they would be so tired after cleaning, too tired for sex. She was getting bigger anyway and he didn’t want her to lose his child, Chuck’s child. That evening he sat at the table with Shelly and told her the news.

“I’ve been accepted into Seminary!” His face was so bright and happy, his teary eyes gave the depth of his emotion. But Shelly froze, Chuck was talking about having two children and she wanted to ensure they had the same father. Dave.

“What can I do Dave, I need to have another baby by you?”

Dave looked deep into her eyes and touched his finger to her nose and lips, then caressing her cheek he moved forward to kiss her full and deeply on her lips; allowing his tongue to roll around the inside edges. “Don’t worry Shelly, Seminary is six months away and you will be giving birth in four weeks. There will be plenty of time for us to have sex.

Shelly smiled and looked into his sweet eyes. He was only eighteen years old, a teenager but more of a man than her husband. Dave was caring, considerate and willing to help with the household chores. Unlike Chuck. Now that she was pregnant he was out carousing after work Şerifali Escort telling all who would listen about his manly deed. He had made a baby! Then he would come home drunk, slap her on the face or buttocks at his whim; then force her to give him head till he came. Sometimes with a mean glint in his eyes, he’d spew his juices on her face. He was beginning to disgust her. The counseling wasn’t helping. Maybe another baby would straighten him out, she thought. Maybe the responsibility of another child would cause him to begin the process of taking on adult responsibilities and quit acting like a millionaire playboy. Well, anyone can hope.

The baby came and was a nice ten-pounder with lovely skin and pretty eyes, a cute little girl. Chuck wasn’t too happy she could tell, but the priest had assured him that it was the father not the mother who determined the baby’s sex. So it was his fault that he would have a girl. He was thinking about only having one then and there. Who wants the trouble of having girls? He thought. He kept this to himself though and continued to work and now come home pretty regularly. Not cutting out completely his nights out with the boys. Shelly wondered which one of the ‘boys’ wore leather panties?

The six weeks İstanbul Escort that past while the new baby was home went fast. Dave was there to help change diapers and do chores. He was a godsend Shelly thought. Chuck would be out on an all-nighter tonight and Shelly remembered that Dave would be starting Seminary soon. Her vagina was still a bit sore. Chuck never listened to anybody, her, her doctor’s, their priest… She had to have Dave now.

They were now watching a taped movie and eating popcorn. Sitting so close to one another. Shelly once again began. She started hugging and kissing Dave, petting his chest, feeling his arms, rubbing his groin directly. Dave was moving to the beat of her rhythm. He undid his trousers and she pulled his pants down. She bent her head down and took his penis deep inside her mouth. Back and forth, moving his foreskin with her lips. Coating the helmet with the juices of her saliva and her tongue. He moaned and grew harder. They both rolled to the floor. He moved between her legs and lifted her dress high to show that she was wearing nothing. No panties. He put his head in that familiar place and licked and sucked her till he felt the juices squirt into his mouth. Then he licked her long hard licks up the Ümraniye Escort vaginal walls.

She moaned with pleasure. When he felt ready and in command, he mounted her moving his penis into her ever so slowly. The urgency of her need headed him off with one great thrust she engulfed his gorged penis and she tightened her vagina around his erect penis. She had been doing the Kegel exercises and could now give him the pleasure of a tight hard ride. She moved up and down with increasing speed till he moaned so loudly she feared all was now known to the neighbors. Yet she too came loud. Their voices mingled in orgasm after orgasm. Spent they lay together, clutching each other till his penis slipped out with a small tickle for each of them. She had felt the egg drop. She knew she was pregnant once again. She loved this man though, more than her own husband and soon he would be leaving for seminary.

Dave cleaned up and got dressed. It was late and he needed to get back home. Shelly lay half asleep on the floor, the television running. All during this time the baby had been silent as a lamb. Now he heard the first tiny murmurs from her. Shelly hadn’t dared to name her baby yet. Chuck would do that. She feared to ask though. Feared he would once again slap her.

Dave packed his clothes that night and then went to bed. Tomorrow he would be picked up by a priest from the seminary. He would be picking up all the novitiates in Dave’s parish. He could hardly wait for the new experiences or for graduation.

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