Sarah Has a Problem

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I had finished school and found myself living in my hometown. I met a nice guy and we ended up moving in together. We were planning on getting married and starting a family together eventually, but for now we both agreed we would focus on our respective careers so we could save up some money.

I had grown up much since my younger days, I mean emotionally, but also physically. I was twenty-five and well on my way to becoming my mother’s twin. I kept my hair blonde, ditched the contacts (so my eyes were always green), I was five feet tall like her, and weighed about one-hundred and twenty pounds. Like I found during university most of my weight gained went to the good places.

I was still rather thin in the waist, but by this time I had a full on ‘ghetto booty’. Even though I had received nothing but compliments on my appearance from almost everyone I met, I was still very self conscious. I guess the issues I had with how I looked stemmed from the weight gain. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a ‘fat-cow’ starring back at me.

I shared how I felt with my man and he was very concerned. He made sure to remind me how pretty I looked several times a day. He would surprise me with trips to the spa and the beauty salon. He knew how much I loved to be pampered.

Things went on like this for awhile but I never fully cheered up. Sure I was made momentarily happy by his words/actions but my good moods never lasted. My boyfriend wanted me to be happy, and searched for new ways to do so.

My chest was fairly big, I had a C cup. This might not sound impressive to everyone, but take a second to imagine how a C cup might look on a five foot body.

Even still my boyfriend asked me if I would feel more confident having an upgrade. Of course I would. I mean what girl wouldn’t want bigger boobs? It’s like asking a guy if he wouldn’t mind having a bigger dick.

I agreed with him, he told me money was no object so I began to search for the best doctor I could find. I had seen girls in porn before that had terrible boob jobs. If I had received a bad job it would totally send my confidence in reverse.

I found a doctor I liked and had the surgery. I upgraded my chest to a massive DD. It hurt for a bit but after I had healed they looked great, my boyfriend certainly thought so.

My boyfriend decided we should celebrate my new knockers. We decided to throw a party. I wanted to make up a fake reason for having the party to our friends, as I did not want to make it weird.

I had to buy an all new wardrobe, I was now of course much larger. My man gifted me a new outfit that I could wear at the party. It was a sexy green number he purchased to match my eyes. The top was very tight and showed just enough of my cleavage to tease, but not make me look slutty.

The night began, many guests arrived, and we were all standing around the kitchen talking to each other. My boyfriend told me in advance he would handle the invitations. He had attended university in my town. Ironically, even though I grew up there, he had many more friends who lived there than I did.

I was having such a good time I didn’t notice for awhile. I looked around the room and saw there was a disproportionate number of men to women. In fact everyone I saw was a man. So I took a longer look, yup I was right. I guess their dates were on the way or something.

During the evening random men would approach me to tell me how pretty I looked. This was very flattering. As more and more of them would talk to me I started noticing a trend: I did not know any of them. This is not shocking because I did let my boyfriend invite his friends, but surely I would have seen someone I knew by now.

Whatever I didn’t care I was pleased with the attention I was receiving, and when I had a break from the flattery I would find company with my drink.

Eventually I moved into our living room so I could lounge in more comfort. A few people joined me including my boyfriend, but this room was much smaller and did not fit many bursa escort bayan comfortably.

I was sitting on my man’s lap, he was in his favourite chair. He whispered to me:

“So babe are you ready for the main event?”

I looked at him curiously, “What do you mean honey?”

“Here let me show you.” He stood me up and led me to the basement.

Our basement was a comfortable one, a large carpeted space with a TV and many places to sit. The lights in the room were off making everything pitch black. I could not see anything and allowed him to lead me. He stopped and sat me down on a chair.

I heard some shuffling as I sat there in the darkness but I knew my boyfriend was near. He was such a great guy and made me feel so safe. I knew when he was around nothing bad would happen to me.

Suddenly the lights came on. My eyes had adjusted to the dark and so I could not see much in this brightness. As my pupils began to adjust I noticed I was not alone. Standing around me were many men. I did not recognize them, they must have been friends of my boyfriend. He was also there as I thought he was, so I was not at all worried, just confused.

“I’m sure you are wondering what you are doing here?” He said. “These men are here to help you get comfortable with your new ‘assets’.” He went on. “I’m being a little selfish here and I apologize, but it would really benefit me if you could use those things.”

He was pointing at my chest. “If at anytime you feel uncomfortable just say so and I will stop this.” He reassured me. “I am going to get you out of that dress now.”

Just to clarify the first comment he made. We pretty much shared everything, but in an attempt to not have him think less of me I never told him about my slutty past. I enjoyed situations like these previously, but as far as he was aware I was a newbie to things like this. A girl surrounded by many horny men for the first time would understandably be very nervous.

My man approached me and peeled down my top. I remained clothed from the waist down, but my new tits were now completely bare in front of these strangers. With my boyfriend included there were probably ten guys in the room with me.

“Sarah, honey, the boys and I want to show you how great we think you look, is that OK?” My boyfriend asked.

I knew exactly what was about to happen, but knowing he thought of me as innocent, I made sure my positive response came in my most hesitant tone.

“Great!” He said.

The men all began to undress, my man supervised. I sat there topless with wide eyes at the nine hard cocks in front of me.

“Now there are some rules for you to follow if you’re up for it?” My boyfriend told me. “First you are not allowed to undress anymore than you already are and second if you finish my friends you must let them finish on your new tits.”

I agreed to his rules, my boyfriend was a boob guy, and before my augmentation loved to fuck my tits. I assume he would love to now even more. He was right to expect I would not have the same comfort level with these new ones right away.

“So who wants to go first?” My man asked the crowd.

A man stepped up and presented ‘himself’ to me. Like all the guys in the room, who weren’t my man, I did not know this one at all. He was pretty average looking. I guess the only quality of his that mattered to me was his hygiene. If he had smelt gross or looked dirty pleasing him wouldn’t have been very enjoyable.

His manhood was fairly average in size, but compared to my new breasts he looked puny.

Without a word I wrapped my tits around his pole and began to massage him with them. I bounced them up and down as much as I could, but his length really didn’t give me much to work with. I also used my hand on him, but he seemed to definitely prefer being between my tits.

When he was about to blow, I unwrapped my tits from his cock, and began to stroke him. I jerked him hard and he emptied on my chest. After he was done my boyfriend handed bursa anal yapan escort me a towel to clean myself up.

My next couple experiences were pretty similar, the fourth guy however was my first ‘large’ cock of the night.

The length of this guy was enough to let him pop out of my cleavage while he was wrapped between my breasts. I was able to lick and suck at his head while he fucked my tits. As I’ve admitted in my other stories I love sucking cock, I quite enjoyed playing with this man. He also blew on my chest. I grabbed for my towel only to realize that it was fully caked, rubbing it on me now would only make me messier.

“Do we have another?” I asked my boyfriend.

He turned and entered the bathroom we had in the basement. He returned and handed me a fluffy clean towel. I cleaned myself off with it and thanked both men. My boyfriend for restocking my towel supply and the big poled man for giving me a huge load!

I worked on the other cocks with my tits, they were nothing special in my opinion. However I still gave each my all. They did reward me in the end, but not with much. I didn’t even need a fresh towel again.

My final cock was very different than the others. I mean my boyfriend was yet to go at me tonight. This wasn’t the only man in the room, but the only naked one! I wasn’t just planning on making my man into a husband because he was such a nice guy, the 9th guy had a good ten inches too! I had seen ones like this a million times before, but pretended to be shocked by his size.

“God this is the biggest one I’ve ever seen.” I proclaimed as I stared up at him.

Not only was this guy majorly hung, but he was also black. I instantly remembered my younger days and how great my only other BBC was. I couldn’t help but get wet in anticipation of my second.

“I can’t wait to fuck those big white titties.” The man said.

Oh my, it spoke. I mean none of the other guys even spoke to me. The man reached out and took my hand, he kissed the back of my palm and introduced himself as Dave. What a nice guy, and what a great cock!

I had plenty of practice thanks to my boyfriends love of oral and went straight at this beast with my mouth. Yes I had the new tits, and he did want to sample them, but screw him I wanted to taste that. I did give into him a bit and wrapped my boobs around his meat, but 90% of the time his dick was down my throat.

As I was nice and practised (thanks again to my man) I was easily able to deep throat him despite his massive girth. I smoothly slid him in and out of my throat as my boyfriend starred in awe at my skills. I was an excellent cock sucker and he knew it, but nonetheless every time he acted like my abilities were a surprise. He was lucky to have this mouth on a nightly basis and he knew it.

“Honey, is it OK with you if I bend the rules a bit, just for this last one.” I asked him as I caught my breath.

“Sure, but how so?” He asked me.

It was only us three in the room by now.

“Well I’ve been a good girl and took care of all your friends.” I reminded him. “…And I was wondering, if you would be OK…if…Dave took care of me?”

I could not believe I asked my boyfriend this, but I was so wet from sucking. I was a little surprised by my words, but what came out of my boyfriends mouth next absolutely floored me.

“I was hoping you’d feel this way too, that’s why Dave agreed to wait till the end.” He said.

My scheming boyfriend planned this all along! He wanted to see me with this BBC, I mean he knew I would like it too, but obviously he wanted to watch it happen.

Dave stood me up and removed the rest of my clothing. My pussy was absolutely sopping with anticipation. It had left a dark spot on my chair and was now working on a patch of carpet.

Dave tilted my head up (like everyone else it seemed, he was way taller than me), he gave me a deep kiss. His thick lips munched on mine as his tongue shot down my throat.

I bursa rus escort melted with this kiss right into his awaiting hands. His fingers waited for me at my crotch as I fell on to him. As if I needed to be any warmer, the gentleman readied me with his hand. It was more of a tease tactic on his part I guess. He and I both knew I couldn’t wait for that big cock of his and he loved keeping it from me.

After countless orgasms, and kisses (some of mine came merely from the touch of this beautiful man’s lips) he finally let me have some dick.

He lay my back down on a nearby table and spread my legs. He positioned himself between them and rested my ankles on his shoulders.

Like me he was completely nude, he stroked his big meat rubbing it on my hole. I couldn’t wait, but ever the tease he stayed stroking it there for a while, making my mind go crazy wondering when he would finally dive in.

When he did I came HARD at his first entrance. My man seemed to enjoy my pleasure so much.

“More!” My man shouted at Dave. He couldn’t contain himself.

“Yo I know it’s your pussy, but still don’t tell me how to fuck it.” Dave reminded my man.

“Yea babe he is doing an excellent job on his own.” I purred.

With that my man sat down and shut up. He just starred at the huge black cock of his friend slamming into his busty blonde girlfriend,

Dave to my pleasure, picked up the pace. He pushed in and out of my pussy with tremendous force. I seriously thought I might split in two.

As much as my man loved oral I loved to get fucked and he obliged me on a regular basis. All the dick I took from him I guess removed any discomfort from Dave going so hard at me. Thanks again honey!

Dave lasted so freaking long I began to wonder if he was indeed human? Many orgasms later, he removed his member. I felt so empty without it and grabbed him to try to put it back in. He just pushed away my hands away though, he was much stronger than me.

“Flip over, get on your tummy.” He told me.

I did as instructed and poked my ass out at him.

“She got a phat ass to go along with those huge titties. I’m going to enjoy tearing this up.” Dave said smiling at the gift my man had given him.

I felt his huge member rub on my pussy again.

“Yes! Let me have it again!” I screamed.

“Remember what I said to your guy?” He went on, “That goes double for you, I don’t need a little white girl telling me how to fuck.” He told me.

“Sorry sir.” I apologized.

After scolding me he did do what I asked! He just wanted me to know he was in charge, but we wanted to same things so it didn’t really matter.

“Yes!” I screamed over and over making sure to leave out the “Fuck me harder”s. He ploughed my little pussy from behind, he was no longer the polite man I met earlier. He pushed my face down into the table with so much force I almost bit my tongue.

Even with my face squashed I still managed to yell my affirmatives, although they became more of a muffled moan.

Dave then pulled out his cock, a huge gush of juices from my pussy followed. He started to stroke himself rubbing his fat head on my ass.

“The best part!” My man finally spoke.

I wanted Dave’s dick back in me, but I knew I was being selfish, it was his turn. I just stayed there, it’s not like I had a choice though, Dave had a hand in my back holding me down.

“Here I come!” He part screamed/moaned/whatever other sound.

It felt like it was raining, but we were inside, and it was warm droplets. I guess the only similarity was the quantity. He fired at least ten ropes onto my ass before he was done.

When he was finished moaning he gave my butt a spank. I wiggled it back at him and peered over my shoulder.

“Thanks.” I said to Dave. I looked at my man “…And thanks to you too!”

The next morning I was standing in our kitchen drinking a cup of coffee when my boyfriend entered the room.

“Well someone is looking much more cherry.” He said.

“Babe thank you so much, my ego really needed that boast.” I replied.

We sat at the kitchen table and had breakfast together, we both smiled at each other the whole time. I had a feeling I’d be wearing that smile for quite a while.

I knew if my glow ever ceased I could ask my man to call Dave again!

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