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He first saw her in a small restaurant, he was surprised he hadn’t noticed her around town before, that meant she had probably just moved here. Perhaps to attend the college campus in town, there was a large flux every year of new students. Most of them got local jobs in restaurants like this, Random adjusted the front of his pants casually before approaching the girl. She had long inky black hair, her skin was a dusky honey, proclaiming her eastern ancestry. She had the darkest liquid brown eyes, they almost swallowed the light Random noticed she only met his eyes once before properly lowering them to the floor, where she belonged. That first day he didn’t tease her to much, he let her wait on him, fetch his coffee and even tipped her well. Random made sure the restaurant became a regular stop on his way home from work.

Her name was Jane. Curiously, she trembled every time their eyes met, as though she knew in her bones, how he would claim her. Random’s cruel grin stretched across his face. Jane’s eyes widened when she caught his leer and he watched her pupils constrict in the flood pheromones, oh yes, Random knew his affect on women of her kind. Her will would bend to his, he could practically taste her in his mouth. Random made sure to take things slowly savoring every moment, letting her think she was getting to know him. On his third or fourth visit Random finally broke the glass window of polite conversation. Following her vague comment on some kind of local market, he leaned forward suddenly and inhaled her scent deeply before stating in a calm voice.

“I believe, I shall be driving you home from work after your shift today, my pet.” Jane’s nostrils flared slightly in fear and she leaned back a flush creeping up from her exposed cleavage, but finally she quelled under his commanding stare and meekly replied.

“At two my shift ends, I can be waiting out front”

Wanting to know how far he could push this born slave, Random gestured for her to lean down to him. His breathe hot on her neck, he let his tongue slip out and wet her lobe before saying “I will make this easier for you if you bring me your panties in the next 5 minutes. Now this isn’t an order or a demand my dear, just a pleasant suggestion on how to gain my better side.” Random felt the energy of her as she stood up, darting a wondering glance at him, before retreating to the back of the restaurant in the kitchen. He was curious if she would bring him her panties. Random leaned back to watch the clock in a show of casualness, sipping his coffee in silence.

Five minutes came and went with no return from his pretty little find. He smiled and leaned back, glad she had chosen this way, it would be more fun if he played dirty. Throwing more bills on the table than was necessary to pay with, Random stood and went out to his car to prepare it for Jane.

Because of his proclivities and growing desire for Jane he kept his truck well stocked for such an occasion. Not wanting to draw attention to himself as his worked on his plan, Random pulled up into a mostly empty parking garage nearby. He stepped out of his vehicle and opened the back hatch, retrieving a small box from the passenger seat before closing up the front. When he purchased the truck Random had had several modifications done, extra d-rings were added in various places about the truck. Straps and cuffs dangled off some of the rings, one in each of the four corners of the hatch back forming a square on the floor of the trunk. He looked down at the remaining two straps in his hands and decided he would have to use them for something else.

At precisely 2 pm Random pulled his grey SUV to the front of the building, waiting there, eyes downcast and face flushed, stood Jane. He could tell she was nervous and glancing around fitfully under her lowered lashes. As she opened the door and slid into the leather seat beside him, Random didn’t even acknowledge her presence. Once she stilled, he threw the vehicle into gear and locked the doors. Jane didn’t mention a destination and Random didn’t ask.

Random drove for awhile in silence, once he had merged onto the expressway he finally turned to his passenger.

“You should have listened to my advice earlier, pet. Now this is going to coffeedonutfest.com be hard going for you.” Jane whimpered a little before he continued. “Now you WILL remove the rest of your clothes, but keep on those precious panties that mean so much to you”

As he said this Random’s hand reached over to cup her breast, his finger found the hardened nub of her confined nipple, Jane leaned wantonly into his hand Random laughed and gave it a hard pinch, pulling a soft cry from her closed lips, before returning to the wheel. Jane silently removed her clothing in the small area she was allotted, making sure not to brush Random. Struggling a couple of times, but when she was through, Random’s breath caught in desire as he glimpsed the creamy skin he would soon defile.

Her medium sized breasts were natural and dusky tan, her nipples were painfully hard in the cool a/c of the interior. They were a dark ruddy color about the size of his pinky nail surrounded by a quarter sized areola. A smooth expanse of stomach, dotted by the occasional freckle, led down to narrow hips encased in girlish pink cotton under shorts. Once she completed her ordered stripping, Random casually changed lanes so he was driving past the semi-trucks at a regular interval.

“Spread your legs.” Jane complied silently, her thighs sliding across the leather seats. “Now, pleasure yourself.” At this point Random turned his attention back to the road.

Jane slid her hand into her underwear, her fingers finding the nub of her clit with practiced ease. Her other hand rose to her breast lightly catching the nipple between her fingers to twist and pinch. Aware of the man next to her and the eyes of the passing truckers feasting on her body, Jane’s reaction was hot. Her lips moistened quickly as she panted and rubbed at her clit, every so often sliding a finger into her sopping pussy. Her eyes unfocused and her attention elsewhere, Jane didn’t notice when they pulled off the Highway.

The exit they had taken was a country road out into a wooded area. Random found the service drive he was looking for and headed deeper into the woods. After another minute or so he pulled into a clearing and threw the SUV into park. Glancing over to Jane for the first time since he’d told her to play with herself, Random was delighted.

Her legs were spread to their fullest extent, each resting on a side to her seat, Jane’s pink panties were dark and soaked with the juice from her dripping hole, and her hand was working furiously on her clitoris and pussy. The other hand was pulling and twisting her nipple, violently he noted with interest, her face was a mask of coming pleasure. Not wanting her to get overly excited, Random grabbed her other breast roughly and twisted her nipple extremely hard until the pain registered on her face. None to gently, he brushed aside her wet hand, then he took two of his finger and placed them on the fabric directly over her hole. Locking his eyes with hers, he applied pressure until he felt the cotton give under his fingers and her panties slid up into her wet hole. Jane moaned and rocked under his hand desperately. Random felt the panties get even wetter around his fingers and his cock hardened in his pants. abruptly he pulled his fingers from her cunt and stepped out of the truck.

Jane sat there confused for a moment before her door was also opened and he grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her out. Random roughly pulled the panty clad girl to the back of the vehicle and opened the hatch. Firmly he walked her forward and bent her over the tail gate to the waiting straps.

He laid her in the trunk and stretched her arms above her head, fastening the cuffs around her wrists, sliding his grip to around her waist he kicked her feet apart. After locking the thigh straps down, Random stood back to survey his work. Flushed and trembling Jane lay securely on her stomach, legs spread, in the back of his SUV. Her pink panties still clung wetly to her ass and the leather creaked as her body heaved for breath.

Random twitched aside her underwear to reveal her wetly gleaming pussy, his little whore shaved herself, his cock swelled in his pants. He would have to reward her for that pleasant surprise. Random reached down and undid his zipper freeing his overly long rod from it’s confines. His cock was of average width, but the length was his favorite weapon, he loved to push in as far as he could go then brutally pound those tight pussies until the little whore begged for his pleasure. Random reached out and spread the lips of her cunt a little before pressing the throbbing head of his cock into her slit.

Jane’s moans of pleasure turned quickly to cries of pain when he kept going deeper and deeper, upon finding the wall of her uterus, Random reached out and grabbed Jane’s long black mane, pulling all the way out he shoved back in, brutally repeating this over and over, Jane’s back was arched as far as her bonds would let her go. Her hair acting a reins for Random’s wild violent ride on her. The cries Jane was making bounced off the empty trees and Random luxuriated in the velvet feel of her cunt.

As her channel swelled and tightened around him from the violent intrusion, Random slowed his pace but his thrust was still hard and deep. At one point, pulling out to rest for a moment, Random replaced his cock with three of his long supple fingers. Feeling her swollen hot sex dripping with their juices, Random couldn’t help but to slide in a fourth digit to the sound of her agonized cries. She started wiggling and bouncing up and down, Random slapped her ass as hard as he could pulling another cry from her, but Jane stopped moving. Stretching her pussy even farther he slid his thumb in, working back and forth he felt her insides giving under the pressure, Jane was once again bucking and whimpering trying to get her pussy out of his reach, but to no avail as this managed to only excited him more. Finally freeing his hand with a wet squelching sound, Random stood and removed his belt.

Placing his hand soothingly on Jane’s lower back he waited until she calmed before continuing.

“Now little one, you get to keep you panties on but, because of the fabric there I’m afraid I’m going to have to swing quite a bit harder and more often.” Jane whimpered and started to fidget ” Shh, now listen, surprisingly you shave your cunt like good little whore does, so I’ll only give you an even dozen lashes for your lack of cooperation earlier.”

Random stepped back to his place behind Jane’s naked form. He swung his belt experimentally before landing a stinging blow across her ass. “Now Jane I need you to keep a good loud count for me, let’s start again” Random swung hard and Jane’s body jerked at the contact”

“One” came the soft tear choked voice






“Puh-Please Sir I’m sorry, please I’ll listen”


“Now whore, we have to begin again, I only want to hear you counting, if I wanted something else I would have given it to you, understand”

Jane nodded and they began once more.




By the Fourth strike Jane was sobbing, but she dutifully continued the count. By the end of eight her voice was choking and hard to understand. Random paused to give her a chance to catch her breath. His hand roughly fondling the welts on her ass and diddling occasionally with her wet pussy. Once her sobs had faded to whimpers Random resumed his pleasure.







Random wanted to make sure this one was memorable, so he pulled her panties to one side and delivered a sharp blow to her bald little cunt.

“Tw-Twelve” Jane choked out finally.

By this point Random’s cock was almost leaping with the need to cum. Keeping the garment pulled aside Random placed the head of his dick against her tight ass. Feeling Jane tense up he eased his cock in slowly. He could feel the muscles clutching him stretching around his engorged dick. Finally bottoming out in her painfully tight hole, Random started gently rocking back and forth, knowing the truck fame would be pinching beautiful Jane’s skin he rested his weight on her completely. Feeling her begin to writhe beneath him in pleasure he increased his pace a little. The channel of her anus was quick become slick with his pre-cum and Random decided it wasn’t quite painful enough for pretty Jane. Once again he reached out and grabbed up a handful of her hair and shoved his cock deep inside her wiggling ass, moaning in delight he ignored the cries from underneath him. Random leaned forward and freed the catch holding her wrist cuffs together. He straightened up and pulled Jane up until she was flush against his chest, cock still buried deep.

“I’m going to push your face back into the floor where it will remain, until you clean me. However I want the pretty little hands of yours holding your ass open for me, I want to best view possible you understand.” Random whispered wetly in her ear, jerking her head back sharply before roughly pushing her back down on her stomach.

Jane dutifully reached her hand behind her back and gripped her cheeks, pulling them wide. Random let out his breath and drew his sharp nail down Jane’s welted back causing her to cry and writhe beneath him. He took his violent pleasure on her body. Pulling her hair and pounding his cock into her ass, it wasn’t long until his balls tightened and his shaft grew with his release. And the little whore, it seemed was almost waiting for him to cum until her ass tightened down on his cock in a huge orgasm. Random staggered from the pleasure of her milking hole. When he finally finished shooting cum into her ass he pulled his cock out and stepped back. Taking note of her position Random climbed around her into the back of the SUV trunk, settling himself at her head, he gestured for her to wrap her arms around him. He grabbed the clasp for the cuffs and hooked them together behind his back. Jane’s face was now firmly planted in his lap, strings of filthy cum from his dick already clinging to her face and hair. Random reached down and grabbed Jane by the back of her head forcing her mouth open with his other hand. He shoved his cock all the way in and growled out,

“Clean Bitch”, before relaxing backwards slightly. Jane struggled at her task and probably did her best, but Random remained unimpressed, he made a mental note to train her more extensively on the “hands-free” blow job, besides she did whimper and gag so adorably. His cock quickly hardened again under her passionate ministrations. Jane was having an even harder time raising up all the way and was gagging a lot more often now. Random occasionally aggravated this by pushing down on her head and fucking her face and the back of her throat roughly.

“Look at me pet, I want to watch your eyes while you suck my cock” Jane looked up at him her dark eyes were red-rimmed and bloodshot, leaking tears. Random’s cock only got harder, he leaned forward and ran his nails up Jane’s back, while her cries were muffled by the dick lodged in her throat. He felt her jaw start to clamp down in pain and knew that if he hadn’t been so deep in her throat that probably would have left a mark on him. Random let his desire overwhelm him and came violently, thick cum choking and gagging Jane. Random recovered quickly, releasing Jane’s wrists almost before she knew what was going on. He climbed out of the truck and released the cuffs holding her thighs in place as well. Random grabbed Jane by the hair and threw her to the ground at his feet.

“Stand up, you good for nothing bitch” Jane rose, shaking and scared. “I don’t care if I am branding that pretty little ass of yours, if my cock is in you mouth you never bite down..” To emphasize this statement Random stepped forward and backhanded Jane across the face, twice.

After swiftly straightening his clothing Random fetched her outfit from the front seat. While she watched , he placed her clothes onto the ground and lit them on fire. Jane shrank back in confusion as he turned to face her.

“The next time I instruct you to remove anything, anytime, anywhere, you had better obey or today’s punishment will seem like child’s play. You are mine now to do with as I wish and I dislike disobedience.”

Having said this Random motioned for Jane to return to the passenger seat of the vehicle. The only other words that were spoken was Random inquiring after Jane’s address and issuing final instructions. There he dropped her off, and watched her retreating naked and pale into the night. He made sure she did as was instructed and didn’t try to cover herself on the way to the front door. Random pulled away into the night and paid her no mind until his next urging.

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