Poolside Delight

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“God damnit,” I grumbled to myself as I drove out of my driveway. “Of course, had to happen today!!”

My phone had rung right after lunch, and right before kickoff too I might add, with a call about a busted pipe and a bad pump motor. The company I worked for, Elite Pool Management, offered a 24-hour service team and this was my weekend on call. I wrote the address down and headed out on the call, plenty upset that this would be how I would spend my Saturday. My GPS led me to a house in the hills with a gated entrance; I stopped and buzzed up to the house from the gate.

“Hello??” a female voice answered.

“Hi, this is Michael from the pool company,” I said, “I’m here to take a look at your pool repairs today.”

“Wonderful,” the voice replied, “Please, come on up, I’ll open the gate.”

The large, wrought iron gate opened and I drove through, up the long, winding driveway to a massive house, at least 10,000 square feet I estimated, with lush, well-manicured landscaping. The house had a Mediterranean look to it and was very beautiful. Jeez, I thought to myself, wonder who lives here??

I grabbed my note pad and walked up the steps to the large, double front door. As I approached, the doors opened and I was greeted by a beautiful woman in a bikini, probably in her mid-30’s, who I assumed to be the homeowner. “Hello,” I said, extending my hand, “What seems to be the trouble today??”

Frankly, it didn’t really matter what she said at that point, I was completely mesmerized by her beauty. She was tall, probably a shade under 6 feet, and looked like a fitness model. She had long, toned legs; a tight, flat, stomach that showed her abs; and beautiful, pert breasts, probably a mid C, that sat up firmly on her chest. Her platinum blonde hair was short and cropped very close, framing her beautiful face, contrasting nicely against her piercing, deep blue eyes.

“My savior,” she replied, “Thank you for coming out so quickly.”

“No problem ma’am,” I replied, “Just doing our job.”

“Please, call me Tina,” she said, turning and heading into the house, “Follow me, the pool is back here, hopefully you can figure out what’s going on.”

I’ll follow you anywhere Tina, I thought to myself as she turned, giving me my first glimpse of her amazing ass. So fit, so tight, just watching it sway as she walked had my cock stirring in my pants.

“The pump went out this morning,” she said, snapping me from my daze, “and for some reason, the pool won’t hold any water. I just assumed that a pipe busted and was leaking water out.”

“No problem,” I replied, still staring at Tina’s hot little ass, “I’ll take a look.”

Tina led me through the foyer and out into the backyard. The pool was beautiful, as one would expect from a home this large, with two waterfalls, a grotto area, and a large, travertine patio. There were two other women seated outside at one of the tables chit chatting, each with a glass of wine in their hand.

“This is Alexis and Simone,” Tina said, motioning to them, “Michael is here to save us ladies.”

“Thank goodness,” Alexis said, “Tough to have a pool party without a pool.”

“No problem ladies,” I replied, “I’ll get it back up and running in no time.”

I was trying not to stare; however, it was exceedingly difficult given the surroundings. Alexis was stunning, with long, jet black hair and dark, brown eyes. She appeared to be shorter and thicker than Tina, but still in fantastic shape with a smoking hot body. Her skin was dark, almost an olive color, and she had large, full breasts that her tiny bikini top was straining to hold in. Simone too, appeared to be in great shape, with long, toned legs and a sculpted mid-section. She had captivating, pale green eyes that contrasted nicely against her fair skin and her fiery red hair, fashioned nicely in a pixie style haircut. Her breasts were smaller, probably a mid B, but they fit her athletic body well. She had a full sleeve tattoo on her right arm and a small piercing in her nose.

“I’ll show you the pump room,” Tina said, pointing toward the side of the house, “I guess that’s where you’ll want to start, right??”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied.

“Tina,” she said, correctively, “I hate the ma’am thing, it makes me feel old.”

“Aw, you ladies can’t be a day over 23 or 24,” I said, smiling.

“What a sweetheart,” Simone said, “Tina, I really like this one.”

“Well, I’ll let you ladies get back to your conversation,” I said, “It was very nice to meet you both.”

I walked over to the pump house and opened the door, trying to see what I was up against here. As soon as I did, I could hear the pump motor grinding, sounding like a bad gasket or an oil leak. I turned it off to get a better look and discovered that one of the belts had popped, causing the motor to stop. Easy enough fix, I said to myself, knowing I had a belt that would probably work in the truck. I assumed that the discharge line had become overworked since the pump shut off causing the water level to drop since there istanbul escort was no water circulation. I figured once I replaced the belt and started the motor, the water level should return to normal.

I walked back out to the patio to tell Tina what the issue was but was stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw. Tina was lying in one of the lounge chairs, topless, sunbathing by the pool. Her tits were magnificent, with large, dark nipples, that were hard from being exposed to the air. Her skin was practically radiant, the sun glistening off of her toned stomach and naked breasts. She had her eyes closed, obviously enjoying the feeling of the sun on her skin. Not knowing what to do, I cleared my throat, trying to alert her to my presence without scaring her. Startled, she looked over at me, but didn’t cover herself up.

“Did you figure it out Michael??” she asked, looking over at me.

“Yes, you need a new belt on your pump motor,” I said, “I have one in the truck, should have you back up in a jiffy.”

“Wonderful,” she said.

“Be right back,” I said, walking past her and back through the house, doing my best not to stare.

I hurried to my truck, grabbed the belt and my tools, and headed back out to the pump house. Tina was still topless, not a care in the world, when I returned, but I didn’t see the other two ladies. I popped the old belt off, replaced it, then primed and started the motor. Once I was pretty sure it was running fine, I walked back out to the patio, staring at Tina the entire time.

“You should be good to go,” I said, “The belt is fixed, just give it an hour or so to catch up and the water should go back to the right level.”

“Thank you so much,” Tina said, sitting up on the chair in front of me, “What do I owe you??”

“Nothing ma’am,” I said, “I’ll turn in the ticket and you’ll get an invoice in the mail in a few days.”

“I told you to call me Tina,” she said, peering at me.

“Sorry, Tina,” I said, “Hopefully you ladies can enjoy your Saturday now.”

“Wait,” she said, looking up at me, mischievously, “Can I at least give you a tip?? I mean, you did have to come out on a Saturday after all.”

“That’s not necessary Tina,” I said, “Thank you though.”

“Oh, I insist,” she said, reaching her hand up and rubbing my crotch, “Just relax, I promise you’ll enjoy this.”

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my rapidly hardening cock, stroking me in her hand before plunging down and taking me in her mouth. Fuck, her mouth felt amazing, so warm, completely enveloping me as she sucked, bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

“Ahhhhhh,” I moaned, enjoying having my dick sucked by this goddess. Without thinking, I reached down and grabbed her tits, rubbing her nipples between my fingers as she blew me, causing them to harden even further.

“Oh, I like that,” she said, taking her mouth from my cock for a moment before sucking me back into her throat.

I could feel my orgasm building, welling up in my balls as Tina sucked me. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum Tina,” I said.

Without missing a beat, Tina sucked me as far into her throat as she could, holding my cock in her mouth, as she started fondling my balls. I felt my cock twitch and then unload, pumping my cum into Tina’s waiting mouth, coating her throat. She continued kneading my balls, coaxing the cum from them, as she swallowed, taking my load, emptying their contents. As my orgasm subsided and my cock started to deflate, Tina stood up, and began kissing me, her tongue darting into my mouth. She put her hands on my shoulders, gently guiding me down onto the lounge chair in front of her.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said, as she seductively untied her bikini bottoms, “I hope you are ready for me.”

I watched as she tugged the thin material away from her body revealing her cock to me. Wait, what?? Tina had a cock?? And not just a cock, a gorgeous cock!! It was at least 9″ long, cut, and completely shaved. I looked up at Tina, past her firm stomach and gorgeous tits, lust filling her eyes as she looked down at me, her cock inches from my face. She began rubbing her tip against my lips, teasing me, wanting me to taste her. I was confused, yes, but I was also insanely turned on. At that moment, all I wanted to do was please her so I parted my lips, taking her erect cock into my mouth.

“Mmmmmm, so good,” she purred, as I plunged down on her cock.

I ran my tongue along her shaft, from her tip to her base, as I sucked, taking as much of her dick into my throat as I could without gagging. I flicked my tongue at her head and into her cock slit, tasting her pre-cum. I licked my way down and took her smooth, hairless balls into my mouth, gently kneading them with my tongue, as I stroked her massive erection with my hand. Using my saliva as lube, I pumped my fist up and down her swollen rod as I sucked on her balls, eliciting several gasps from Tina as I continued working, wanting to make her cum. I took her dick back into my mouth, locking my lips around escort bayan her length, and began bobbing up and down.

“That’s so good,” she moaned, “You’re gonna make me cum, do you want to taste me??”

God did I. Since my mouth was completely filled with Tina’s dick, I couldn’t really answer, so I continued sucking, slurping on her erection as quickly as I could. I felt her hands grasp the back of my head and pull me further onto her dick as she began to thrust her hips forward, pumping her cock further and further into my throat. I could feel her cock pulsing in rhythm with her heartbeat and I knew she was getting close, about to deposit her load into my eager mouth. I felt her cock twitch and then erupt, her seed spewing forth and filling my mouth. Pump after pump I gulped, swallowing her sperm just as fast as she could give it to me, filling my stomach with her seed. As her orgasm subsided, she pulled her softening cock from my mouth, a single string of her cum stretching from my lips to the tip of her dick, and lifted me back to my feet.

“Get undressed and follow me,” she said, that sly smile returning, as she turned and headed into the grotto in the pool. I stripped off my clothes and followed her, mesmerized watching her ass again. As we waded into the grotto, I saw Alexis and Simone, sitting inside, both already naked, making out and stroking each other’s erect cocks.

“I think they enjoyed watching us,” Tina whispered into my ear, “Look how hard both of them are. Maybe they’d like to join us, what do you think??”

I walked over to the bench where Simone and Alexis were sitting, taking a spot between them as they slid over, allowing me room to sit. I took both of their cocks into my hands and began stroking them as we all started kissing, our tongues dancing around in each other’s mouths. Simone’s cock was long, probably 9″, and thin, with a slight upward curve. She had a small triangle patch of red pubic hair above her cock and a small rose tattoo on her left hip. Alexis’ cock was shorter, probably 7″, but much thicker than the other two. She too was shaved and her cock had a large mushroom head on top. I pumped my fists up and down both girl’s cocks, working them into a frenzy as Tina watched, slowly stroking her own cock, bringing it back to life in her hand. I leaned down and started sucking on Alexis’ massive tits, flicking my tongue against her hard nipple, as I continued to stroke both ladies’ dicks.

“Well, what do you think ladies??” Tina asked, toying with her cock as she watched us.

“I certainly enjoyed watching him suck you off, but I’d really like to fuck him,” Alexis replied, her tit still in my mouth, “He’s got such a tight little ass.”

“I think we’d all like to,” Tina said, watching us intently, “How does that sound to you Michael?? You up for that??”

Not in a million years did I ever think I’d be sitting in a grotto with three, drop dead gorgeous TS women who all wanted to fuck me, but I didn’t care, at this point I was horny as fuck and down for anything. Without prompting, I leaned down and took Simone’s cock into my mouth and started sucking.

“Ohhhh, I guess that’s a yes then,” Tina said, chuckling, watching me slurping on Simone’s dick.

Simone turned her body so that she was facing me, spreading her thighs, as I bobbed up and down on her massive erection. I felt Alexis move in behind me and lift me up onto my knees, my ass coming out of the water as I was now on all fours on the bench. She started rubbing her fat cock against my ass, teasing my hole as she lined up at my entrance, preparing to fuck me. Simone held my head as she thrust her hips forward, shoving her cock into my throat as Alexis popped her head through my ring, her cock easing inside of me.

“Fuck, he’s so tight,” she groaned as she continued sliding her dick inside of my ass.

I could feel her girth stretching me, my ass expanding to accept her prick as she slowly inched forward, pressing her cock inside of me. Simone was busy thrusting her cock into my mouth, fucking my face as Alexis prepared to take my ass. She grabbed my hips and pulled me onto her dick, bottoming out her girl cock inside of me, as I felt her groin press against my ass, completely filling me up. She rocked her hips back, pulling her cock out to the tip, then rocked forward, filling me up once again before repeating this motion, slowly fucking me, her massive tits pressing against my back. As my ass got used to her size, I could feel her increase her pace, thrusting her fat cock in and out of my ass, her balls slapping against my own as she fucked me. Simone was still pumping her cock into my mouth as I was being spit roasted by these two gorgeous women, both my holes filled with their dicks, our moans and the sounds of sex filling the grotto.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Simone said, her breathing becoming ragged as her orgasm approached.

She shoved her dick as far down my throat as it would reach, her head popping into my windpipe, and held me there, impaled on her massive Kurtköy escort organ. I felt her cock spasm as she began to ejaculate, firing shot after shot of her sperm down my throat and into my stomach. Rope after rope, she continued to blast, filling my stomach with her seed, as Alexis continued to pump away at my ass. After Simone’s balls were drained, her cock began to soften, slowly deflating and popping from my throat, leaving the last few drops of her jizz in my mouth. Seeing this must have set Alexis off as I felt her cock twitch and then erupt, coating my bowels with her seed, painting my insides white with her cum. She shoved her cock into my ass as far as it would go and held me there, cumming inside of me, filling me with her sperm as she unloaded into my ass, blast after blast. As her orgasm subsided, she withdrew her cock, her cum leaking out of my ass and dripping into the pool.

“That was pretty fucking hot,” Tina said, still watching intently, her cock now fully erect in her hand, “I think I want a turn now!!” She took me by the hand and led me out of the pool and back up onto the patio, motioning for me to sit in the lounger.

“Lie on your back,” she said, “I want you to watch me fuck you.”

I leaned the backrest down so that I was lying flat, Tina standing over me, her erect cock jutting out from her rock-hard stomach. She stroked herself a few times, making sure she was nice and hard, before kneeling down at the base of the lounger, spreading my legs around her waist and draped over her thighs. I could feel her tip, probing for entrance at my ass, as she pushed her hips forward, sliding her cock inside of me. Since Alexis had just finished fucking me with her fat cock, Tina slid in easily, my ring already stretched out. She was longer than Alexis so I could really feel her dick massaging my prostate, making my cock hard once again.

“I think you like that, don’t you??” Tina asked, slowly pumping her dick inside of me, “Being taken by a gorgeous woman with a big cock??”

“Absolutely,” I replied, enjoying every minute so far.

The other two ladies had joined us up on the patio, both of them standing over me, watching Tina fuck me. Simone started stroking her cock and brought it to my mouth, pushing her tip back inside. I licked at her cock slit, extracting the remnants of the jizz she had just fed to me. Alexis was hard again too so I took her cock in my hand and began stroking her, rubbing my fingers over her tip, teasing her.

Tina was pounding away at me now, fucking me like a wild animal. She put my legs up onto her shoulders, spreading my thighs wide and giving her an unimpeded access to fuck me. I could see the sweat beading up on her chest and running down between her tits as she worked herself into a lather, hammering her massive girl cock into my hole, her balls slapping against my ass as she fucked me. I had both Simone and Alexis’s cocks in my mouth now, sucking them both at the same time.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” Tina panted, “I’m gonna fill your ass up.”

She shoved her massive prick as far into my ass as she could, impaling me on her root, and held me there, her body almost parallel to the ground. I could feel her dick twitch and then erupt, flooding my ass with her sperm, adding to the load that was already there from Alexis’ cock. She began pumping again, thrusting her dick harder and harder as she continued to cum, filling my insides with her seed, until it began to spill out of my ass, leaking onto the chair below me. As her orgasm subsided, she withdrew her cock, more of her cum leaking from my ass, and stood up, before collapsing back into a chair at the table behind her, her cock slowly softening, cum leaking from her tip. Simone, who was still fucking my face, took the opportunity and slipped her cock from my mouth and knelt down between my legs, her cock replacing Tina’s inside my ass.

“Ohhhhh,” she purred, “Nice and warmed up for me. You like us breeding you baby, taking our big girl cocks in your ass??”

At this point I was so dizzy with lust and desire that I couldn’t mouth any intelligible answer. I was a fuck toy for three beautiful women and I didn’t want to be anywhere else. Simone was thrusting her cock into my ass, probing my prostate at the same time, and driving me wild. Alexis was still pumping her fat cock down my throat, fucking my face, her balls slapping against my forehead as she hammered away. Simone put her hands behind my knees and propped herself up, almost bending me in half, as she fucked me, pistoning her rock-hard erection into my asshole, taking me as hers. I grabbed her hips, almost pulling myself forward, wanting all of her cock inside of me. I could feel my eyes roll back in my head as my own cock started to swell, obviously stimulated by Tina and Simone fucking my prostate, and start to leak cum out onto my stomach.

“That’s it,” Simone panted, thrusting her massive erection inside of me repeatedly, “I love it when I can make a man cum just by fucking him, it drives me wild.”

With that, she began pounding me harder and harder, driving her cock as far into my ass as it would go, her balls slapping against my ass as she fucked me. I felt my cock spasm and erupt, blasting my cum out onto my chest and stomach, covering me, until my balls were drained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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