Pissed Off

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It was supposed to be her night.

It was her birthday on Friday, and it was a long hard week at work for Rose. All she asked for was a nice dinner, some dancing, and then to be brought home and tended to. She even made arrangement for the kids to go to her sisters, so he could take the entire weekend to please her.

Well, like Meatloaf once sang, “don’t be sad, two out of three ain’t bad!”

John called in some favors to get a reservation at The Prime, which is one of the hardest places to get into in town. Dinner started with shrimp cocktail, raw oysters and steamed clams, because he knew Rose loved seafood. The martini’s were a nice touch too, and Rose started to feel the pressures of the week melt away.

Rose had twin broiled lobster tails and John had a 20-oz Angus porterhouse for their main courses, and of course, they shared a nice bottle of Merlot while they ate.

Rose could feel the wetness building in between her legs, as her birthday night was starting just how she had wanted.

They skipped dessert, since they were both full, and John absolutely despises it when the wait staff comes to the table to sing Happy Birthday, embarrassing the recipient and spoiling the atmosphere of a nice quiet restaurant.

Next stop, Club Savannah, where their favorite local jazz band was playing. The place was packed, but they didn’t mind, since they spent most of the night on the dance floor.

John felt proud as he could see the eyes of the other men checking out his wife. Even after five years of marriage, Rose had maintained her athletic figure from college. He looked at her as she spun in the new black dress she bought for the evening, and knew he was a very lucky man.

A swimmer and runner in college, Rose had a very athletic build for a woman. She was 5-foot-8, with broad shoulders and a strong neck, from years of competing in the butterfly, her favorite stroke. She worked hard to regain her thin waistline after the kids, and the little black dress ended about halfway down her thighs, showing off her tight and muscular legs.

Her breasts were average size, but they were on full display thanks to the plunging neckline of the new dress, and the Victoria’s Secret wonder bra pushing them up from below. John always joked that it’s called a wonder bra because anyone who knows her would take one look and ask “I wonder where those came from!” And when the light caught her just the right way, he could see the thing he loved the most, which were her extremely large and sensitive nipples.

John had never seen a woman with such large nipples until he met Rose. They were almost three-quarters of an inch long when erect, and as big around as his little finger. And there seemed to be a direct connection from her nipples to her clitoris, because any time John pinched, pulled or nipped at them, Rose would immediately become wet and randy. He always thought that if he had enough time, he could make her cum from just touching her nipples and nothing else.

John and Rose always let themselves go wild on the dance floor and tonight was no exception. They let the music move them and they were very good dance partners, anticipating each others movements, as they improvised through the song.

During one rather fast number, John twirled Rose, her black dress flaring out as she spun, treating everyone on the dance floor to a nice view of her black, silk thong, and the globes of her ample bottom. Even with all her postpartum exercise, Rose still carried a little extra weight back there, but being an ass-man, John didn’t mind in the least.

The band played a slow song next, and John pulled Rose close to him, and sang softly in her ear, as he felt her rock hard nipples drilling into his chest.

“This is everything I was hoping for and more.” Rose whispered back in his ear, “I can’t wait to get home to receive the last part of my birthday present.”

John knew she was alluding to the hours of attention she was anticipating to be lavished upon her nipples, cunt and clit, and his cock started to stir thinking about it. He slowly slid his hands down her back, and then up under her dress, and cupped the fullness of her firm globes in his hands.

“MMMMmmmmm” she purred, and nuzzled her head into the nape of his neck. The dance floor was crowded and nobody could see what they were doing, so John continued to gently fondle her bare ass cheeks while they were grinding their crotches into each other, enjoying this slow dance to the fullest.

The band took a break after they finished that song, and Rose suggested they should go home. She noticed that John’s eyes were a little bloodshot from all the drinking, and didn’t want to miss the last part of her birthday present. Since she didn’t have anything to drink at the club, she drove home, and John rested in the passenger seat.

“He’d better just be resting” she thought to herself as she was driving, watching his eyes stay closed for longer and longer periods before they would reopen. Feeling his hands on her bare ass gaziantep escort in public like that had her pussy swollen and leaking, and she was starting to get worried that he would not be able to deliver.

She no sooner pulled the van into the garage, than John’s eyes shot open and he yelled “Race ya upstairs!” He knew how competitive she was, as she threw off her seat belt and jumped out of the car. They came crashing through the door to the house, and were pushing and pulling on each other on the way up the stairs, jockeying for position.

They burst through the bedroom door like a bag of hand grenades, and started stripping off their clothes. Rose won (of course) as John was having trouble maintain his balance while hopping around trying to get his pants off.

Rose hopped on the bed, totally naked, and giggled at John as he wrestled to get his pants and sock off. She was lazily stroking her pussy and rubbing her right tit, waiting for him to join her on the bed.

Finally naked, John dove on the bed, landing between Rose’s stretched legs, and started kissing, sucking and nibbling at her breast.

“Ahhhhhhhh” a long, low sigh came from Roses lips, as she was settling in for the third part of her present. She felt the head of John’s hard cock poking at her pussy, and it slipped right in. She was already wet on the ride home, but the attention that he was paying to her nipples had her flooding her crotch with her sweet cream.

John’s head was spinning as he started fucking her slowly. “How many martini’s did I have” he was thinking to himself, as he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open, and frankly a little exhausted from running up the stairs.

He was trying to rally, knowing how much Rose looks forward to hours of sexual pleasure on her birthday, but the effects of all the alcohol were taking their toll on him.

“OH NO!” he thought to himself, as he felt his cock start to spasm, and fill Rose’s cunt with his spunk. He was so drunk that he didn’t even feel his orgasm building up within him.

“Sorry babe, I’ll have to give you a rain check for tomorrow” he slurred, and rolled off of her onto his pillow.

Before Rose could even get out the words “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”, she heard him snoring on the other side of the bed.

“SON OF A BITCH!” she said to nobody in particular, and rubbed herself to an orgasm to get herself to sleep.

As he was emerging from his slumbers, the first thing John felt was the pounding in his head from all the drinks last night. The second thing he felt was the velvety smooth lips that were moving up and down over his morning wood. The events of the previous night were running through his head as he struggled to open his eyes, and he couldn’t believe that Rose wasn’t pissed at him.

He blinked several times before his eyes could open and focus, and smiled down at Rose as she slowly sucked his cock.

“Do you like the way this feels?” she asked, smiling back up at him.

“You know I do” he said, and he tried to reach down to run his hand through her hair. However, he could only move his hand about 6 inches, before he felt the restraint around his wrist. He tried to move his other hand, and found that was restrained too. His eyes looked down past Rose, and saw the silk scarves that had his ankles tied to the lower bed posts as well.

He looked into Rose’s eyes with an express that said “what the fuck?”

“You owe me, you bastard” Rose said with a mischievous smile, and removed her lips from his cock.

“I’m sorry baby”, John pleaded, “but I guess I had too much to drink last night.” “Untie me and I’ll make it up to you.”

“Not a chance cowboy”, she replied, “you had your shot and you blew it, and so today I’m going to take what you were supposed to give me last night.”

“But wait…you can’t be serious.” John protested.

“I’m dead serious”, Rose retorted, as she pulled out the black sleep mask from under her pillow, and placed it over his eyes, slipping the elastic band around the back of his head.

Tied up and now blindfolded, John knew that he was now totally at her mercy. Yes, she certainly was competitive, and wouldn’t be denied the pleasure that she had coming to her.

Rose crawled up his body, one knee on each side of his legs, and felt the tickle of her first pubic hair that came into contact with his penis. He couldn’t believe the heightened sensations that the blindfold was providing. He actually smelled the scent of her pussy before he felt the wetness, as she dropped herself down on the underside of his cock, her swollen labia hanging down over each side of his shaft.

He wasn’t inside her. Instead, his cock was laying straight up and flat against his lower stomach, with Rose sitting down upon it. He felt her start to shift her hips forward and back, and her wet pussy was rubbing up and down the underside of his shaft. She tilted her pelvis a little forward, and he then felt the hard nubbin of her clit rubbing back and forth, from the hatay escort base of his balls to the ridge of the helmet of his cock head.

“Mmmmmmmmm”, he heard her long, throaty groan, and knew she must be tugging and pinching her own nipples as she used him as a human vibrator.

“If you untie me, I could pinch those nipples for you”, he said smugly, showing off that he could tell what she was doing from the sounds of her moans.

“Don’t make me gag you too.” she said, as she reached down and pinched his nipples hard, feeling his cock twitch as he yelled out in pain.

“OWWWWWW” he yelped, and she jammed her fingers into his open mouth to quiet him down. John tasted the tell tale flavor of her pussy on her fingers, so he knew she’d been up and busy for awhile. At this point he decided to sit back and enjoy the ride, as he slowly licked and sucked her cream off of her hand.

Rose’s other hand was pulling on her nipple, and the feeling of John’s tongue swirling around her fingers was sending her closer to climax. She started rubbing herself faster over John’s cock, and he could hear her breath coming in shorter bursts, knowing she was about to come.

“Yes, YES, YESSSSSSS” she screamed, as the first wave of orgasm took over her body. He felt her cum dripping over his cock and was trying to buck his hips, as he was close to cumming too.

A few stroked later, as Rose’s climax was subsiding, she lifted herself up, and giggled as she saw John’s cock spring up off his belly and twitch and jerk, almost begging to be brought to climax.

“Oh no you don’t” she warned, “this is MY day, remember?”

John felt her get up off the bed and start walking toward the bedroom door, and he started to panic. “Where you going?” his voice almost cracking.

“Downstairs to get a bite to eat.” she replied, continuing toward the door.

“WAIT! You can’t leave me like this.” he pleaded.

“Why not?” she teased, “that’s how you left me last night.”

“But I got to take a piss” he begged, “just let me up to go to the bathroom, and you can tie me right back up when I’m done”

“You should have thought about that last night!” was all she said, and he heard her footsteps heading down the hall, and then down the stairs.

John’s mind went from worrying about cumming, to worrying about pissing. He couldn’t help but start taking mental inventory of how much he drank last night. Was it two martinis? No three. Half a bottle of wine. And how many beers at the club? It was hot and we were working up a sweat dancing…three? four?


All this thought about liquid beverages was not helping the urgent feeling in his groin. He and Rose had tried wet sex once, but that was back when they were dating, and in the shower. Now he’s left here to either burst his bladder, or piss on himself in his own bedroom.

Still blindfolded, he had no idea what time of day it was or how long she had been out of the room. He was concentrating so much on the pressure in his bladder, that he didn’t hear her sneak back into the room.

She was getting quite a kick out of watching him squirm on the bed, tugging at his restraints. Then she saw it. The first dribble of yellow spilled out of the top of his cock, dripping down the shaft and over his balls.

“OH NO” John said to the empty room, knowing that the dam had been cracked, and the flood would soon follow. His cock twitched a couple of times, and then the thick stream of yellow burst from his dick shooting all the way up to his chest. He felt the warm piss spreading up over his chest, and could smell its pungent odor the closer it got to his face. The release of his bladder felt great, but he could not see or control where his stream was being directed, and the more he let himself go, the higher up his body it would reach.

Rose was choking back her laughter as she watched John piss on himself. She was really turned on the first time they experimented with golden showers, but thought it might ruin the relationship if she let on how much she liked it while they were just dating. She was looking for a way to introduce it back into their married sex life, and was proud of herself for finding the perfect way.

When his piss stream rose to the level of hitting him square in the face, it sent an electric charge directly to her clit, and she moaned involuntarily.

“ROSE!” John pleaded, piss falling into his open mouth as he yelled her name.

“Shhhhh, honey” she whispered from across the room. “It is so fucking hot watching you piss yourself, be quiet and enjoy it.”

And enjoying it he was. Rose thought she saw him swallow the accidental mouthful of piss.

He did.

John too was really turned on by wet sex. Rose didn’t know that when she was out of town, or went to bed early, he would regularly piss himself while reading golden showers stories online and jerking off. He too wanted to make this part of their regular love making, but was always afraid that Rose would think he was weird.

Rose hatay escort was getting extremely hot watching this little show, and moved herself to the side of the bed. As John’s stream was slowing down, she leaned forward and stuck her tongue into his yellow fountain. John could feel her hot breath on his cock, so he knew she was near.

The next sensation blew his mind, as he felt her soft, plump lips close around his cock while he was still pissing. Her spasms from her throat rippled up through his cock and he knew she was swallowing his golden nectar.

When he finally stopped pissing, he felt her lips leave his cock again, and then was shocked when her lips pressed on his, and she shared the last mouthful of piss with him. She watched his cock jerk and spasm as their tongues explored each others mouths, and she knew she had herself a piss buddy.

“You made quite a mess John, let me dry off your face” she said, and John looked forward to the soft feeling of a dry towel. Instead, he felt the downy touch of her moist pubic hair, as she dropped herself down and started rubbing her mound all over his face.

Her cunt was already sopping with her juices, and she was getting even more excited lewdly rubbing herself on his head, feeling his piss soaking into her pubes. His tongue was darting out trying to find her pussy or clit, but she kept wiggling herself away from it every time it would get close. She appreciated the gesture, but she was really getting off being in total control.

With another wiggle, she got herself in perfect position, and started fucking her clit up and down the bridge of his nose now. Her hands returned to her tits and she started bucking up and down on his face using his nose as a tiny dildo. Every now and then her bucking would lift the blindfold, and John would find himself looking directly into her chocolate brown asshole.

John started wiggling his head back and forth, rubbing his nose side to side over her clit as she bucked up and down, which sent her into another mind blowing orgasm. Hearing her cum again, his cock started twitching, hoping that it would finally get some attention.

Still sitting on his face like a pillow, he felt her reach out and take his neglected member into her hands. She stared rubbing it up and down, and then he felt an unknown tightness.

While still trying to figure out what was causing that tightness, Rose returned her lips to his cock and started sucking him.

A few minutes in, her lips again left his cock. “You still got more work to do mister” she said, and he realized she just rolled a cock ring down to the base of his shaft, and he couldn’t cum now even if she wanted him to.

Rose went back to sucking John’s cock, while raising her hips up off his face. John breathed deep, with his nose finally free of her snatch. He was just starting to relax, enjoying the electric feeling of her lips on his cock, when he felt it.

The hot jet of her piss splashed over his forehead, drenching his hair and running down over his face. Rose had released her bladder, which took him by surprise, still being blindfolded. She started rocking her hips, covering the entire upper half of his body with her warm yellow offering.

Then she relaxed her knees and dropped her pissing cunt directly on his mouth. Self defense kicked in and he started drinking and swallowing as fast as he could, trying not to drown, but enjoying each mouthful as it went down.

John felt her pussy clench and her stream stopped abruptly, as she lifted her head off his cock and stood up on her knees. She pulled the blindfold off his eyes, and kissed him deeply again on the lips.

“I want you to watch this” she said, as she crawled back down the bed, and squatted just above his crotch, his pleading member sticking straight up in the air.

Rose closed her eyes and started pissing again, this time aiming her spray at his cock and balls. John was craning his neck to watch this beautiful scene, and her piss almost seemed hotter now that he could watch it leaving the folds of her cunt.

Rose lifted herself up high, grabbing his rigid cock with her right hand, and then dropping her ass straight down on it, burying it deep within her asshole, thanks to the warm lubrication of her piss.

Flexing her knees, she started fucking her ass up and down on his steel hard cock, still pissing over his crotch and stomach. She knew she could keep up like this for as long as she wanted, the cock ring keeping him from cumming, but the look in his eyes was telling her that it was time to let him in on this game.

Pulling herself up, she heard his cock leave her tight asshole with a pop, and she reached down and took off the cock ring slowly, taking care not to make him cum from the sensation of removing it.

She then dropped herself back down on him, this time impaling her cunt on his emancipated penis. With the sudden rush of blood back to his cock, the feeling of being in her pussy was magnified, and he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

While finally fucking herself on his cock, Rose leaned forward to grab the pair of scissors off the end table. With two quick snips she cut the scarves from the bed posts and his hands immediately went to her sensitive tits and nipples.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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