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My girlfriend is amazing. Ever since the night I met her I have been completely obsessed with her, emotionally and physically. I have always been the type to let things happen, I am not pro-active. I couldn’t even come to terms with the fact that she actually liked me, much less ask her to be my girlfriend. But, to my surprise and amazement her feelings for me were true, and she asked me to be hers.

In the beginning, or relationship was bumpy, but it felt so right. We had some bad times, but the good times made me believe that without the bad, this relationship couldn’t exist because it was too perfect. Sadly, I was unable to take advantage of my girlfriend’s beauty. I didn’t understand that she wanted a physical relationship. It took a matter of weeks for her to kiss me, a kiss that I will remember for the rest of my existence.

We are high school students, and I didn’t seem to understand that high school students are supposed to fool around. I missed all the signs she threw at me. But, she didn’t forget me; she proclaimed her love and held on to me. With time, I realized that she wanted me to get her in the back seat of my car. When I finally porno izle did come to terms with that fact, I was overcome with joy. I was obsessed with disrobing my beautiful girlfriend. The rush of heat to my face when the sight of her completely perfect, beautifully perky breasts was so much, I couldn’t think of what to do. All I knew is that this girl was perfect, and that I wanted her.

Over time our relationship progressed. We we’re madly in love. We went on beautiful Sunday evening dates and on walks around the lake. I was madly in love, and live was a living nirvana.

The topic of sex came up in our conversations. We we’re both ready, but we both knew that it should be perfect. We were in love and we wanted to have our first time to be something completely unforgettable.

The opportunity to devirginize had passed us by many times, but whenever the chance was there, something was wrong. It never felt right, it had to be perfect. And then, perfection materialized.

A group of our close friends was at a party, and everyone was happy. The hot tub seemed to be the hot spot, so many people that it was overflowing. My beautiful porno girlfriend was there, and we were both having a great time. As we sat there an opportunity came that I actually seized. My hand slowly worked its way down to my beautiful girlfriends vagina. I always believed that water ridded the natural lubrication, but I was wrong. As I positioned my hand so that I could penetrate her opening, I could feel her arousal. She was wet, and she was definitely horny. I slowly worked my fingers inside of her wonderful vagina, moving them back and fourth. Her speech became disoriented, and she seemed to be in a trance. Trying to avoid being caught by all the people around, she stopped me and turned around and began to kiss me, sending disabling chills down my spine. It was the most passionate kiss we have ever had, and it felt so perfect. We continued kissing, noticing that everyone was leaving.

And then it happened, we were alone. It was truly perfect.

Looking into my eyes, my beautiful girlfriend said, “Should we?” while pressing her covered vagina onto my erect penis. The twinkle that I love in her eyes was so beautiful this night, I rokettube was in paradise.

Replying to her question, I nodded and somehow answered, although the delight of the situation put me in a daze, by saying, “Can we?”

With that, moved her hand down my body and undid my drawstring. She pulled my pants down and took my penis into her fingers. She positioned herself on top of me and moved my penis to the opening I love so much. Slowly, she pulled herself down, moving her vagina down the shaft of my penis. The sensation was beyond words. In each other’s arms, we slowly began to move up and down. Her tight vagina fit perfectly around my penis, it was meant to be. We continued to rock, back and fourth, pumping up and down. I was in bliss; I had never felt anything even on the same scale of amazement as this experience. I was deep inside of my beautiful girlfriend, I was as physically and emotionally close to her as I ever had been in my life, and everything was perfect.

As we thrusted into each other, we both moaned and simultaneously orgasmed. The complete bliss I felt at that moment overwhelmed me. As I slowly exited her, we fell into each other’s arms. Kissing me tenderly, she looked into my eyes and told me that she loved me. I knew at that moment that life couldn’t get any better. I was living a dream, and I was in love with the most beautiful woman in the world.

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