Parents’ Dinner Party

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My best friend, who’s a few months younger than me, was having a whole bunch of us sleep over at her place for her 18th birthday slumber party. We had a great time for a couple of hours – helped a little by the wine coolers one of the girls had brought! We were sitting around, talking about our boyfriends, and about sex, when the trouble started. I had described how I’d lost my virginity a few months before, and what Kenny and I had done since, and the talk had moved over to Jenny, the birthday girl. As she started talking about how she’d gone almost ‘all the way’ with another senior from our school, one of the other girls got really mad – turned out she was also dating the same guy! Well, we tried to cool them down, but a true ‘cat-fight’ broke out, loud enough to bring Jenny’s mother up to see what was going on. When she realized there was a fight, and that several of us were a bit drunk, she declared the slumber party cancelled.

I told her not to bother calling my folks to come and get me, I’d walk the few blocks to my house. I had a reason for this – when I’d asked my mother for permission to sleep over, she’d given it, but said “Just call us if you want to come home early – we’re having some friends over for dinner, and we can use the help cleaning up” – like I wouldn’t rather do anything than help clean up after one of my parents old fogies dinner parties!

I was surprised to see, when I got home, that both sides of the street outside our house, the driveway, and even the RV pad beside our house, were all full of cars. The dinner party must have been a big one, I thought – no wonder Mom wanted help with the cleaning up! I couldn’t believe she’d been silly enough to give me warning! I quietly opened the front door, planning to slip in and up to bed without them hearing me. As I crossed the hall, though, I heard a moan from the open door of Daddy’s den. I glanced through the door, and froze in amazement. A man was sitting in Daddy’s swivel chair, head back and eyes shut. He was stark naked, and a woman – just as naked – was kneeling in front of him sucking his cock!

As she pulled her head back, I could see his cock. It didn’t look anything like Kenny’s! Kenny is about 6″ long, about an inch thick, and very white and smooth. This cock was easily 9″ long, at least a couple of inches thick, and was tanned and wrinkled looking. I watched for a second or two, but I was scared he would open his eyes and see me, so I left quickly. I had sucked Kenny’s cock, but that one was twice the size – though the thought of one that big was a little exciting. I thought I should get into my room as fast as possible – if my parents found out what was happening in their house, there would be one hell of a scene! I doubted my parents had even heard of giving a blowjob – sex for them was probably one Saturday a month, lights off in the missionary position!

When I got to my room, the Godzilla “Trespassers will be eaten” poster on the door had been joined by a handwritten notice – “Off limits to party guests – please KEEP OUT”. Why on earth, I wondered, would my ‘rents feel the need to post a notice keeping their dinner guests out of my room? I let myself in, and undressed. Before I went to bed, I slipped on the oversize tee shirt I use as a nighty, and walked down to the bathroom. As I passed the first spare room, I froze in amazement again! There was a woman on her back on the bed, another woman kneeling in front of her eating her out, and a man behind THAT woman fucking her doggy style! I like doggy style myself – with Kenny not being very big that’s the way that I can get him deepest – but I’d never had my pussy licked. Kenny likes being sucked, but thinks eating pussy is gross. I stumbled on to the bathroom, my mind full of what I’d seen!! I took a pee and cleaned my teeth, my mind full of the sights I’d seen. I realized that my knees were trembling slightly, and my pussy was feeling hot. I slipped my hand up inside my tee shirt and felt myself. I was so wet that it was almost dribbling out of me. I finished up as fast as I could – I wanted to get back to bed and get myself off, as I usually have to do after letting Kenny fuck me.

I left the bathroom and hurried back toward my bedroom. As I passed the open door of Mom and Daddy’s bedroom, I couldn’t help but look in. There was a woman on the bed there too, on her back, her feet toward the door, with a man lying on top of her, his mouth buried between her legs, his cock obviously over her face. I must have gasped, because the guy raised his eyes to the door. He was a partner in Daddies law firm, a distinguished looking man in his late 50’s, that I had seen around a few times, and I saw a look of surprise in his eyes for a second, then he raised his hand and gave me a wink and a little wave. I felt my hand rise as I waved back, standing in the door, my eyes glued to his tongue as it flicked around kartal escort the woman’s pussy. How I wished I knew what that felt like! Then the woman’s voice said “God, Dave, but that’s good! Put a finger in me please!” My heart stopped – even choked off by a cock in her mouth, I recognized my own mothers voice! I left the door and dashed back to my room, slipping inside and lying on the bed. I was SO confused – MY parents up to all this?

I lay there for a few minutes, slowly becoming aware of the noises coming from outside my window. I got up and slid the curtain aside slightly. From my room, I could look down onto the patio, with the Jacuzzi at the far end of it, and the pool off to my right. Even after what I had already seen tonight, the sight down below took my breath away. There must have been two dozen people in the spa and the pool, or just standing around on the patio – and every single one was completely naked! I saw my Daddy, standing by his barbeque, a drink in one hand. There was a woman riding a mans cock on the lounger next to him, and he was almost disinterestedly squeezing one of her breasts as he talked to a really good looking man I recognized as the weatherman from one of the network TV stations. I watched the action for several minutes, getting more and more hot at the various sex acts I was seeing. I saw the classy looking Oriental anchorwoman from the same TV station getting fucked by two men at once, one in her pussy and one in her butt. I had let Kenny put it in my butt once – it had felt pretty good, but he came almost as soon as he got it in, so I hadn’t had much chance to enjoy it.

I had shed my tee shirt while watching, and was fingering myself as I stood there, my other hand holding the curtain a few inches open. I saw my Mom come out of the back door, and walk over to my Dad. She whispered something in his ear, and he reached down and shoved a finger into her pussy. He pulled it out, and raised it to her lips. He slid it into her mouth, and I realized she was sucking it clean. My knees were trembling furiously as I fingered myself, and I reluctantly let go of the curtain and turned away to lie on the bed and make myself cum. I stopped short as I turned though, as my room door was open, and Dads partner Dave, that I’d seen eating my Mom’s pussy, was standing there watching me, his cock hanging, thick, wet and glistening between his thighs. I realized that I’d seen Mom come out of the house, but not him. “I, er, Dave, er, I didn’t know you were here,” I gasped, “I didn’t hear the door!”

“You looked like you were enjoying watching the party too much”, he said, gesturing toward the curtained window with a smile.

“I’ve never seen anything like this”, I stuttered, my face going red.

“Can I help you get off?” he asked, “I’d love to lick that lovely little pussy for you!” I couldn’t! I’d never let anyone but Kenny even touch me, let alone lick me! Though, of course, Kenny wouldn’t do that anyway, and now Dave’s hand was on my back, guiding me to the bed, and I couldn’t seem to find the words to tell him no!

Dave sat me on the edge of my bed and knelt in front of me. He gently pushed me backwards, and knelt in front of me. I closed my eyes in embarrassment as he put a hand under each of my knees and lifted them up and apart. For a moment I felt his warm breath on my skin, then suddenly an electric shock ran through me as his tongue touched me by my butt and slid slowly up my pussy. I gasped loudly as it touched my clit, and then even more loudly as he sucked it into his mouth. I lifted my head from the pillow and looked at his head, the silky gray hair and tanned skin in such contrast to my pale skin and the thin dusting of blonde hairs just above my pussy. He slid a finger into me, and I moaned in pleasure and fell back again, letting my eyes close in pleasure. As he licked and sucked at my pussy, I felt the pleasure building and building – I was going to have my biggest orgasm ever any second now, and I knew it! I felt his hands on my nipples, then felt one of them replaced with his mouth. Suddenly, it hit me; his mouth was still on my pussy, so whose mouth was on my nipple?

My eyes flew open, and I looked up at a younger guy, maybe 25, kneeling beside me on the bed, his mouth over my tit. I started to protest, but then, irresistibly, I felt myself starting to cum, and I couldn’t speak anymore. As my body started to buck against Dave’s mouth, the guy next to me took his mouth from my nipple. I reached out for him, wanting it back, and felt his rock hard cock beside my head. He leant forward, offering it to my mouth, and, almost against my conscious will, I opened my mouth and took it in. As I started to come down from my orgasm, I felt Dave pull his face back from my pussy. I kept sucking at the younger guys cock, regretting that my fun was over. Then, as the thought hit me, I felt kartal otele gelen escort something else pressing against me. I opened my eyes again. Dave was still kneeling between my legs, but now it was his cock that was pressing against the entrance to my sopping wet and still throbbing pussy, not just his mouth. I gasped in pleasure as it slid in easily; I was so wet from my orgasm. Then another thought hit me – his cock was wet too – and it was with my own Mom’s pussy juice! He slid it all the way in, feeling so much fatter than Kenny’s ever had, and started to ram it in and out of me, as I licked and sucked at the cock in my mouth. I opened my eyes wide, wanting to see what I was doing before I started losing it again into my next orgasm, and, over Dave’s shoulder, I saw the two women who’d been in the spare room earlier, leaning against the door frame watching us, their hands at each others pussies. Embarrassment – and also excitement – flooded through me. Here I was, a teen with only one sex partner before, and these two good looking experienced swingers were getting off on watching ME!

I felt the pleasure starting to build up in my pussy again as Dave continued fucking me, his hands holding my legs wide apart and up in the air. The cock in my mouth was smooth and throbbing, the salty pre-cum leaking out of the tip, as I hungrily gobbled it. He gripped my hair in his hands, and started bucking his hips, fucking my mouth as Dave fucked my pussy. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, gasping for breath as I heard him start to moan and grunt. All of a sudden, he thrust his cock hard into my throat, and I felt it jerking and throbbing as the cum poured out, making me gag. He dropped back, and I let his cock fall out of my mouth. I looked down at Dave, and he grinned at me as he continued pumping. I looked over his shoulder at the women by the door. They had gone, but there were four or five other people, all strangers to me, standing watching.

The guy who had just cum down my throat wiped his cock off with my discarded tee shirt and walked off without a backward glance. Strangely, to be just, I don’t know, ‘used’ like that, just added to the pleasure I was feeling, and I dropped back onto the bed again. Dave pulled his cock out of me, and jumped up onto the bed next to me. He flipped me over onto my tummy, and lifted my butt into the air. I arched my back, thrusting my pussy into the air ready for him. I looked back over my shoulder, and watched him lining himself up. He slammed it in with one solid, hard thrust, and I groaned again in pleasure. He pulled back, and slammed home, driving it in and out as I bucked my hips up to meet him. I’d liked it this way with Kenny, but this was unbelievable – I had never felt so full in my life!

I felt the bed moving, and realized someone else was joining us. I looked to the side, and saw a woman coming over to me. She passed me, and turned on the bed, lying on her back on the bed above my head and sliding her pussy down toward my face. I remembered this exact scene from the spare room earlier, and knew what to do. I’d never even suspected that I might like to do anything with another woman, but now I couldn’t wait to taste that pussy! I dropped my mouth onto the wet target in front of me, and started licking, doing everything that I had enjoyed so much when Dave was eating me. Behind me, Dave was thrusting faster and faster, and I could actually feel his cock getting bigger and harder. I was bucking my butt back into him, feeling my own orgasm getting closer and closer, as he started moaning as he fucked me. I felt myself start to let go in another orgasm, moaning into the pussy in my mouth, my own pussy muscles rippling around Dave’s cock. That was too much for him, and I felt the cum jet out of his cock, deep into my cunt! I was still bucking my hips in orgasm as he stepped back away from me. I slid my tongue as deep as I could into the pussy in front of me, and then felt another cock pressing against me from behind. I looked back, and saw the weatherman standing there, pressing his cock into me. It slid in, and then he too started slamming in and out.

Things got kind of fuzzy then – the pussy in my face was replaced with a cock, which came in my mouth again, then with another pussy, and another cock – or was it another pussy after that one, while all the time a sequence of cocks came and went from my pussy, and I came over and over again. I snapped suddenly into reality at one point though – I was face down again – I’d been flipped more often than a burger – with my face buried in a pussy, and two guys kneeling either side of my head wanting their cocks sucked. A guy had just cum in me from behind, and I was wiggling my butt, trying to attract another cock, when I heard a voice from the door.

“Hey, people”, I heard my Daddy say, “There is a kartal eve gelen escort sign on this door saying ‘Keep Out’, you know!”

There was a muttered chorus of “Sorry”, and I tried to bury deeper into the pussy in front of me and draw the two guys closer on either side – hopefully, Daddy wouldn’t connect the cum-dripping pussy in front of him with his darling daughter, and since he was telling people to leave, I could sneak out after he left. Then to my horror, he spoke again.

“Great butt, though, who is she?” he asked. “I don’t know”, someone replied, “I think she came with Dave.”

“Guess we don’t need to leave ‘quite’ yet”, he said, and I felt another cock pressing against my pussy.

“No!” I thought to myself, “That’s not him, it’s someone else! He’s just watching, he’ll leave in a moment!” Inside though, I knew I was kidding myself, and it was confirmed when, after a couple of thrusts, I heard his voice again.

“Man, she’s too wet and loose! I’ve a better idea!” The cock slid back out of my pussy, and I concentrated on eating the girl in front of me, and using my hands on the two guys cocks to keep them close each side of my head.

I felt a hand – Daddy’s hand! – Scooping cum and pussy juice from my pussy, and wondered for a second what his ‘better idea’ was. Then I realized, as he started working the slick wet mixture into my asshole! After a second, I felt the tip of the cock pressing against my ring! I wanted to yell no, to stop it, but if I spoke, Daddy would know it was me. My only chance was to take it without speaking, and hope he came, and left the – really pretty dark – room, without ever knowing he was fucking his own daughter! I tried to relax my butt muscle as much as I could, and with an almost audible ‘pop’, the head of his cock suddenly slid into the well-wetted hole. He paused a minute, then slid it in further, out a little bit, in further, out a little bit. After a dozen or so thrusts like that, he was all the way inside my ass. I was moaning in pain and pleasure, my tongue going crazy on the pussy in front of me, my hands working the two cocks, my ass jerking back against the cock in my butt.

I told myself that that wasn’t for the pleasure of it, I just wanted him to cum as fast as he could and leave, but I knew I was kidding myself. I guess Daddy must have had several fucks already that evening, because he seemed to last forever, fucking me to at least two or three more orgasms without even seeming to slow down. The girl in front of me writhed and moaned to an orgasm, and, despite my best efforts, wriggled out from below me and left. I slipped one of the cocks into my mouth, but he must have been close already, because he immediately came, and I was left with just one guy to hide my face in! I felt Daddy’s thrusts get faster and deeper, and knew he was getting close – maybe I was going to keep my secret after all!

Then the guy in front of me pulled his cock from my mouth, and with a quick couple of jerks of his wrist shot his cum all over my face, I heard Daddy moan “I’m Cumming – let me see that cum soaked face!” and, as his cock started jetting cum up my ass, he wrapped his hand in my hair and turned my head to face him. As he did, the cum on my face and Daddy’s deep cum strokes into my ass pushed me over the edge, and I writhed and moaned into another orgasm, jerking my butt backwards into Daddy’s hips as I lost control. I saw the look of shock and horror on his face as he realized who I was, but he was cumming too, and there was nothing either of us could do but let our bodies finish their spasms. I fell forward onto the bed, and he fell with me, lying on my back.

“Oh, God, Cassie, I didn’t know it was you”, he whispered into my ear, “Why didn’t you say something?”

“I hoped you’d cum and leave without realizing it was me”, I sobbed. “Well,” he said, “it’s done now”. I felt his cock pop out of my ass.

“Can I get a turn now?” a voice said behind me.

“I need a rest”, I answered quickly, and I heard the guy leave. We were alone now, and Daddy got up, closed the door and came and sat next to me on the bed.

“How long have you been here?” he asked me.

“I don’t know”, I told him, “Since about 10, I guess”.

“That’s about two hours”, he said, “Have you been partying the whole time?”

“Yes”, I stammered, and he gave a little laugh.

“No wonder you were so wet!” I was falling asleep as I lay there, and he got up and pulled the cover over me. “Get a good nights sleep”, he told me, “And we’ll have a chat in the morning.” As he left, he turned to me one last time. “Have you enjoyed yourself?”

“Oh, Yes!” I replied, and he smiled again.

“Good, because your Mom and I just love to swing too, and you’re a natural – not to mention a REALLY hot fuck!” He grinned, and left me to sleep with a sore body, but some great memories!

The next morning, I had a long chat about swinging with both my parents, though we didn’t mention to my Mom that Daddy had fucked me in the ass. Since then, we’ve had some more great parties, and Daddy and I have had lots of fun just between the two of us – but that’s for another time.

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