Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 04

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I’m most grateful for BGMISFUN’s editing. The time and effort is really appreciated, as there is a lot of mistakes to correct 😉 hetup


“Fuck. You’re one lucky son of a bitch,” I thought to myself as I walked behind a naked Carmen into the house, loving how her tight ass looked as she walked in her high-heels slippers. I felt like the king of the world carrying a hot married naked woman in my arms, while my mature Latina soul-mate pranced naked in front of us. It was clear to me that the alcohol consumptions had had a profound effect on these housewives’ inhibitions. They didn’t object to any of my suggestions and I knew it was time to strike. I had fucked Karen minutes ago, but now I had to seduce her, so she would keep being into me throughout the holiday.

“I’ll check on the children,” Carmen giggled and walked to a different place in our house.

I looked down at Karen and noticed she had a dazed look in her eyes. I bent my head down and kissed her moist lips. Her hands caressed my hair as she responded to my tongue invading her mouth. I kept on walking and soon I had placed Karen on the bed in Carmen’s and my bedroom. We just kissed softly for some time, while I in a soft voice over and over told Karen, how beautiful and hot she was. It was definitely not something she was used to hearing and I kept praising her as a way to put her completely under my spell.

She just tried to resist one time, when she stuttered, “Ryan, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Why not? It definitely feels like you want to.” I moved in and kissed my way up her jaw line. “Is it because of Carmen? It sounds like you two have been more than friends, when you lived together in college. I know she wouldn’t mind sharing me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely,” I whispered and continued, “I love your full firm breasts, Karen,” squeezing her tits and cupping them into my hands, while I kissed her lips, cheeks and neck.

Karen smiled shyly, as she moaned softly and pushed a little more up, so her full round breasts squashed firmly into my kneading fingers. I kept on kissing her, and then moved my head down to her tits. Alternating between them I took each of her hard, sensitive nipples into my mouth, biting lightly and sucking each, as I squeezed her 36D breasts. The hot mature married housewife moaned passionately as my tongue flicked across her nipples, and my teeth gently nipped her soft, sexily pliant flesh, and I sucked hard on her swelling, heavy breasts. My mouth’s attention seemed to ignite even more passion within the knockout blond as she moaned and pushed herself up, so more of her tits could get into my mouth. After some time I moved my head back and stared into her lust filled eyes. I looked down and took in the sight of this gorgeous married woman, fully displaying herself before me as if she had forgotten her marriage wows.

I got on my knees between her spread legs and reached out with my hand until my fingers brushed lightly across her sopping wet pussy. I pressed a fingertip over her clit and started rubbing it in circles. Her body responded by gyrating against me. I slipped two fingers inside her steamy cunt. She humped against them as they slid in and out of her juicy pussy. I leaned forward until I was able to flick my tongue across her clit. Then I took my fingers from her cunt and clamped my mouth over her pussy, driving my tongue deep inside her. She started humping my face furiously. The intensity of her muffled moans and groans increased as she became more excited. I was eating her out with a vengeance, but moved her legs up so her hips were raised from the bed, so it was fresh pussy juice I licked up and not a combination of her juices and my sperm from our previous fucking.

“Oh my Gooooooooooooooood, Ryan,” Karen shrieked as her hands were clutching my hair. I looked into her lust filled eyes and simultaneously stuck my tongue out and touched the swollen clit with the tip of my tongue.

“Argggggggggggggggghhh,” Karen moaned and threw her blond head back, while she arched her back pushing her quivering clit into my mouth. My mouth became practically filled with her sweet flesh and I began eating her out, while I simultaneously moved two fingers in and out of her tight pussy. Moments later I could feel the muscles inside her cunt squeezing my fingers as Karen climaxed. I kept my mouth at her pussy and kept on stimulating her until Karen moaned, “Please stop, Ryan, no more…you’re killing me.”

I moved away from Karen’s trembling body and looked towards the door, where Carmen was standing, watching us, “Why are you standing in the doorway, honey? Come in and join us,” I said and continued, “We have missed you.”

I loved the sight of my mature lover walking seductively towards the bed. Karen’s body was still trembling in a post-orgasmic bliss, so I knew, I had time for Carmen, so she wouldn’t feel neglected.

When Carmen was beside the bed I leaned forward and gave her a soulful kiss and whispered, “I love you, and I’m so happy you’ve agreed to this, but now I need my soul-mate for a hard fucking. Are you İstanbul Escort up for it, babe?”

“I’m so hot right now, and I want you so much right now,” Carmen replied and got up onto the bed.

“I want to fuck you doggy style, Carmen. So get in position.”

Carmen quickly turned around and got onto all fours and arched her back downwards, driving her hips up and presenting her open swollen sex to me. I knew my mature lover, and she was clearly in the mood for some hard fucking, showing off for her friend. I grabbed her slender waist and drove my rock hard cock forcefully into her silky hot depths.

“AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh…” Carmen screamed as my cock hit her cervix. I had never been so forceful before, but I was really worked up.

“Oh God, Ryan. You’re so fucking big,” she cried out.

I held her slender waist tight between my hands, as I rammed into her time and time again. Her shimmering black hair writhed over her beautiful back as we fucked.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” she grunted with each thrust. We’re not making gentle love. This was pure lust in action.

I didn’t have to be nervous about hurting Carmen, as she was clearly excited by my manhandling her. Fluid streamed out of her stretched hole and over my testicles as I continued to plunge into her tight pussy. The pressure on my long, thick shaft was growing as her pussy started to clamp hard around it. I knew my sexy lover would orgasm in a matter of seconds.

I leaned forward and grabbed a firm pendulous breast and pulled her up to me. Reaching around with my other hand I grasped her other breast. We knelt together, my hands gripping her full weighty orbs, pinching and rolling the nipples as I jack-hammered my cock hard into her petite body.

I breathed hard in her ear and panted, “Tell me, who’s your man?”

“You’re my man, Ryan,” Carmen shrieked.

“Then take my seed. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my sperm deep into you again.”

Carmen’s head fell back onto my shoulder and a cry broke from her stretched out throat as the climax overtook her.

“Aaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out and her pussy clenched around my cock.

I knew I was seconds away from cumming, but took my time to look towards Karen. She was clearly in awe of my animalistic coupling with her old friend.

Carmen shuddered in my arms, but I didn’t let go. I just kept on fucking my long hard cock deep into her pussy, ramming the bulbous head hard against her cervix. Then I felt a strong sharp contraction deep in my balls and a jet of semen pulsed up my shaft and exploded out of my bursting glans. I kept on thrusting, the primeval instinct taking control, forcing my fluid into her sex organ.

I roared as I climaxed and, with bulging biceps, I held Carmen’s ass hard against my groin. We held like that for a moment and then I let go of Carmen and she slumped forward.

“Oh my. You two looked so fierce, but still so in sync,” Karen blurted out. “I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life.”

I took a deep breath before I replied with a grin, “You’ve not seen anything yet. But come and give me a kiss.”

Karen got up on her knees and moved up against me. I leaned down and kissed her moist lips, while I snaked a hand down between her legs. She was sopping wet. She put her hand over mine and smiled shyly. I once more moved in and kissed her. Soon our tongues were swirling around each other.

After some time I broke the kiss and turned to Carmen, and slapped her on her ass. She got up on her knees and turned around and smiled at me and Karen. Then she said to Karen, “You’ve experienced how tender Ryan can be and you’ve now seen how powerful a man he can be. Do you now get why I’ve fallen completely for this young stud?”

“Oh, yes. I had my doubts before I arrived, but now I completely understand. I’m just so happy you have been willing to share your man with me.”

“We’re not finished by a long shot. Ryan is insatiable,” Carmen said and took Karen’s hand, “I don’t think our boy is going to complain if we share him. I could show you some tricks he likes.”

For a moment Karen had an uncertain look on her face, but evidently my hand on her pussy and Carmen’s words made up her mind and she giggled, “I would love to learn.”

Soon my two mature women were on their knees in front of my semi-hard cock.

“We’ll have to clean his magic wand,” Carmen laughed and continued, “My man really likes it when you clean up his cock after a hard fuck.” As if to prove her point, my Latina lover took me into her mouth and sucked and licked our combined juices of my shaft. My cock had been semi-hard but soon it was back into a full-blown erection. Carmen really went to town on my shaft and soon I was groaning. I ran my fingers through Carmen’s long, black hair. Carmen grabbed one of her friend’s hands and put it on the part of my cock she wasn’t sucking. Instinctively, Karen wrapped her fingers around me and started stroking my cock.

“Here, your turn,” Carmen said, pointing Escort Bayan the thick, saliva-slick cock at Karen.

Karen first looked up at me. I smiled to her and she took a deep breath and placed her mouth on my huge head. Slowly she took the head in her mouth and began to suck on it, while Carmen held it and played with my heavy balls. Karen was not very skillful, but did her best. Soon the two women licked my long pole simultaneously and I was in heaven. I groaned and twisted my fingers in Karen’s blond hair.

“Fuck, what a sight,” I thought to myself as I looked down on my two mature women, who were worshiping my thick cock. Carmen’s olive complexion and black hair was a total contrast to Karen’s milky white complexion and blond hair. Both women had firm pendulous breasts, which swayed and jiggled by their effort.

“Kiss each other,” I ordered and pressed their face towards each other.

Totally into it, Carmen grabbed Karen’s face and kissed her. It was apparent that Karen was taken so off-guard she didn’t know what to do. Carmen pressed her tongue deeply into Karen’s mouth, like she really wanted to kiss her longtime girlfriend. Karen accepted this and began kissing her back. As the kiss ended, both women looked into each other’s eyes.

“Wow,” Carmen giggled and Karen just smiled.

I was in control of the situation and I decided to use it to push the boundaries for those two hot mature babes. “Do it again. It was so hot,” I said.

This time both Carmen and Karen leaned forward, and soon they shared another kiss. This time Carmen moved her arms around Karen. While the gorgeous women kissed, I leaned down and caressed their hard nipples. They were both very aroused. Soon Carmen was kissing her friend’s neck and then worked her way lower. She cupped Karen’s full breasts in both hands and now she was kissing and licking them. I leaned in and kissed Karen, so she couldn’t voice any objection to this. For some time I held the kiss and then I moved away again. Carmen was really doing a good job, as she circled Karen’s nipples with her tongue, bringing them to full puckered hardness before sucking them between her soft lips. As she sucked, Carmen worked with her tongue too and Karen moaned and grasped Carmen’s head and pulled it to her chest.

They had both given in to their lust, and they lay down onto the bed. Karen was on her back and Carmen was beside her, still sucking and teasing her tits. I started to caress Karen’s clit and she moaned and shivered.

“Let’s shift,” I said to Carmen and soon she began to kiss her way down Karen’s flat stomach. I kissed Karen’s gorgeous face and neck, while Carmen started to lick her sopping wet pussy. Carmen was clearly not opposed to licking my cum out of her friend, and soon Karen’s cries were getting louder and her body was trembling all over. It didn’t take long before Karen experienced another climax. While she was in the throes of orgasm I sucked hard on her firm left breast, and shortly after a hickey was formed. I grinned as I had marked this once faithful woman.

As Karen still was in a post-orgasmic bliss, I quickly shifted her body around, so she was sitting on her knees. I got down on my back and moved in between her thighs. Now it was my turn to lick this married woman, while my lover would ride my hard cock. Karen was not registering what was going on, but Carmen quickly got the idea. Soon she also got up, and in a matter of seconds, she was lowering her tight, wet pussy down on my long thick shaft.

“Ride me, baby, ride me hard,” I groaned as Carmen grabbed the base of my long hard pole, bringing it between her legs. Karen was still just sitting with her wet pussy hovering over my head, but didn’t seem to take in what was happening in front of her eyes. Carmen moved my thick cock into position and just rubbed the huge head against her soaking wet cunt. She moved my large cockhead up and down her slit before she slid down onto it. She was so excited that her normally very tight pussy had no problem taking almost my entire length.

Carmen began working her cunt muscles around my cock while sitting completely still on top of me.

I moved my head up and sucked Karen’s clit into my mouth. I surprised her, but soon she was pressing her groin down seeking the contact with my mouth. The room was filled with moans and groans from all three. As Carmen began to ride me she leaned towards Karen, and soon they were kissing and rubbing their breasts together. For some time we all were interested in a slow tempo, but then Carmen began to ride me faster. Now she rode me really hard and her breasts were bouncing while her breathing became fast and shallow. I kept on stimulating Karen’s pussy, and it felt really hot. After some time Carmen reached her climax and she screamed out loud. She collapsed on the bed and my hard cock popped out of her well fucked cunt.

“Now it’s your turn, Karen. Get down and ride my cock,” I growled and pushed her up from my face. I had unloaded my cum so many times this day, so I knew it would take a long time before I would cum Eskort again. I looked towards Carmen, and she just smiled at me. I had showed her, that she was my woman, so now I could really begin to dominate Karen, without thinking about my girlfriend being jealous.

Without hesitations Karen turned around and moved down to my groin. I smiled at this, as I took in the sight of this hot slender married woman naked above me ready to take my hard ten-inch cock. She didn’t know what she was getting into.

“Come on, Karen. Take my cock and put it in. Tell me how much you want my cock,” I grinned at her.

Karen reached beneath her and wrapped her slender fingers around my hard shaft. She positioned it directly beneath her tight wet pussy before she replied, “I want your monster in me, but we’ll have to take it slow. You’ll be stretching me so much.”

With fire in her blue eyes, Karen began to lower herself down. The moment my large cock-head touched her slit, she moaned out loud. The moans changed to shrieks as she pushed herself down onto my hard pole and the large head suddenly pushed into her tight opening.

“So huuuuuuuuuuuge…,” she shrieked, as my thick shaft inch, by inch, slowly slid into her squeezing pussy as Karen lowered herself down, until she had six inches of my thick cock stuffed into her.

She was not moving for some time, gasping for air before she slowly slightly raised her groin up before pushing herself down another inch, forcing her hot pussy to stretch around my huge cock.

“How does it feel, Karen?” I grinned.

“Fuck, I’ve never felt anything like this before. I’ve never been so full. Your cock is reaching places inside me that I’ve never even known existed,” Karen moaned and brushed her blond hair back from her face.

“Oh my God, you’re just an amazing man. You’re hung and have a body like a fucking action hero,” Karen grasped as her fingers were stroking my hard chest.

I smiled and stroked her slender, smooth thighs with my hands, before I flexed my hard cock inside her.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh you’re so big,” Karen moaned again.

“The biggest you’ve ever had?” I asked smugly as Karen placed her hands on her bare, flat stomach as if to measure, how deep into her body my pole had gone.

“By far the largest cock I’ve ever had. I’ve never felt so stuffed. It hurts a bit, but at the same time it feels so goooooooooooooood,” Karen cried as I once again flexed my cock in her tight pussy.

I decided not to bring her husband into the conversation, so I just said, “Glad to hear, but you’ll have to move.”

I slid my hands up from her slender thighs, over her flat stomach, and up onto her full tits, cupping the heavy, round, soft but firm flesh with my hands and squeezing gently.

Karen began to slowly rock her hips back and forth, gently sliding my long, thick shaft almost out of her tight pussy before pushing back down onto my spearing rod, then gently rotating her slender mature hips, working her pussy in a circle, before once more rocking her hips to gently fuck herself with my huge cock. This went on for some time, but then my married lover started to move faster until she was gently bouncing up and down my long pole, as she breathed heavier.

I continued squeezing her pendulous breasts harder as the swayed by her motion. My hickey was in clear view, but Karen had not seen it yet.

“You have a really tight pussy and some amazing breasts,” I said as I took in the sight of her wonderful body, as she leaned back from where she had been resting her hands on my hard chest and ran her hands through her long blond hair. Karen erotically pushed her hair up and back, holding it up sexily as she moaned in absolute pleasure as my large shaft slammed in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

“Come on, Karen, ride my pole harder,” I urged her on and pinched her nipples hard.

Karen screamed and leaned forward, putting her hands once again on my hard chest and rocking her hips back and forth, and bouncing wantonly up and down. I loved the sight of this hot housewife given in to her lust and I urged her on. “That’s it, Karen. I love watching your hot body ride my cock.”

“I’m cuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmming,” Karen screamed as she had an orgasm.

As her pussy muscles contracted around my cock I quickly planted my feet on the bed and ruthlessly began fucking my insanely hard dick up into her hot pussy, literally slamming my cock deep into this mature married woman over and over again with such force that the hot blond housewife experienced orgasm after orgasm. I knew it would take some effort for me to cum, so I quickened my pace even more, and I fucked her cunt with every bit of force that I had.

Karen’s well-manicured nails scratched my chest as she continued to scream out as her body was wracked with pleasure from the severe pounding that her pussy was getting from beneath. I was now really ravishing her and moved my hands to her slender waist. Now I started to slam her pussy up and down on my huge pole as hard as I could, hitting her cervix again and again. Karen was moaning and screaming and I just continued my assault of her tight pussy. I kept on fucking my thick cock up into her as I could sense I would cum in a matter of seconds. I really began to jack-hammering into her with my long, hard shaft.

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Back in the Saddle Ch. 02

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I was laying there with Carol Lansing. She had one arm around me. I still had my shirt on, but my pants were somewhere in that room.

“Do you want me to get you something to eat?” Carol asked.

I looked at my watch and said, “Damn, its 4:30, I gotta see my lawyer.”

I jumped up and went searching for my pants. Carol laid there looking at me. She said, “So are you going to come back?”

I wasn’t really feeling starting something with an older woman, let alone a married woman. I gotta admit though, she really knew what she was doing in the bedroom. I wondered what Joe’s problem was. At any rate, I continued searching for my pants asking ignoring her.

She asked again louder, “So, when are you going to come back.”

I then found my pants. “I don’t know when, but I’ll give you a call.” I said as I slipped my pants on.

“So that’s all this was? A quick screw?” She said.

“Come on, I just found my wife fucking her lawyer and then you started praying before jumping my bones…”

“So it was just me?”

I grabbed a few more things and started walking to the door.

“Why don’t you get the hell out of here,”

I was already headed to the door anyway. I guess I know why Joe is going elsewhere, because this woman is crazy. I went to the door as a shoe flew by my head.

I got out and slammed the front door shut. I heard her yelling in the house as I walked to my car. I looked again over at my house before jumping in the car and driving on to my lawyer’s office.

I don’t know if I was gonna get there in time so I had to really rush. Luckily I got there right when she was turning out the lights and getting ready to leave. It was then 5:30.

Barbara, I’m glad I caught you. Barbara was a fifty-five year old career woman who never married and was always working. I was quite surprised that she was getting ready to leave.

She was dressed as she always is, conservative. A business suit with a skirt that went down to her ankles. Her hair was tight and pulled back in a bun. Her dress was too loose to even tell that she was a woman.

Her makeup was always very minimal. But she was slightly attractive.

“So, I need to talk to you about the case?”

“The case, I thought Escort İstanbul it was over.”

“Well, I think we need to look at the papers again, I saw her and her lawyer screwing in the house and think she might be trying to take me for a ride.”

Barbara laughed, “You are getting a divorce, she is trying to take you for a ride no matter who she is screwing.”

I angrily looked at her and said, “Are you going to look at my paper or not?”

“Not, I’m on my way out the door of this god-forsaken place. She then fought back a tear. I knew something wasn’t right.

She then began walking out the door when she totally broke down and started crying. I thought “what the hell?”

I then began to back away when she said, “These assholes, I have worked here for 25 years as the most productive associate and now when it is time for partner they passed over me again.”

“Hmmm…” I said looking for an exit.

“First they give it to someone’s kid. Then they give it to a black guy form the outside. Then a hot woman who slept her way to the top. And now they tell me that I am too old.”

I then asked her, “So what are you doing?”

“I quit, today is my last day, so I don’t want to see any other law paper, brief, or any other thing. I am done.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Hell if I know, but right now, I am about to go get drunk. Would you like to join me?”

Well, it wasn’t like I had anything else to do. I even thought I might be able to get her to look at the papers after a few drinks.

“Where are we going?” I said.

“Right downstairs, there is a bar a block over.”

We walked to the bar. It was one of those bars near corporate buildings. Clean, folks in business suits there.

Barbara started drinking from the time we got in there. It wasn’t long before she got a bit tipsy, but not too drunk.

She let her blond hair out of the bun and shook it. It really brought out her blue eye color. She also took off her jacket. At that point, I realized that Barbara had some pretty full breasts.

I couldn’t help myself as I stared at them. “What are you looking at?” She asked.

“I uh…I apologize.”

“I uh…I apologize”…she mocked, “You didn’t İstanbul Escort Bayan know I had breasts like this did you?” She asked as the alcohol was lowering her inhibitions.

“I bet you didn’t know I had legs like this either.” She said as she pulled up her skirt to show a pretty nice pair of legs. They were smooth and hairless.

“I just shaved to be ready for the pictures.” She continued. “I even shaved other places.” She laughed and then said, “Like anyone is gonna see that, it’s been years since anyone has even wanted to go up in there.” She said.

I was sitting there quickly realizing where this was going when I felt her rubbing my leg beneath the table.

I looked down and then I looked at her. She smiled and said, “Oops, sorry, is that your leg?”

My erection then was growing. I couldn’t help myself. She was a bit on the older side. I mean she had at least ten years on Carol Lansing, but she also had a much different body type. I continued to debate what I was going to do when a black guy and a white guy walked into the bar. They both had on business suits.

I saw the white guy touch the black guy and point over at Barbara, then he thew up his hands. They both turned around like they were hoping to not be seen.

Barbara then saw them and started yelling towards them. “There are those assholes now. Skip and Larry.”

They attempted to ignore her and continue out of the bar.

“Hey asshole.”

They ignored her outburst.

“Skipper, yeah you asshole.”

The two began to walk out the bar when she ran over to them, “Hold on, tell me now what you been saying behind my back.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” The black guy said.

“You said something to keep me from becoming partner, and I want to know what you said.”

The white guy said, “You are embarrassing yourself Barb, please, you don’t want to do this.”

“Skip, I just have a question, I want to know what you said to kill my name.”

“Nobody said anything.” The black guy said.

“Come on Larry, you know somebody said something.”

“Your time is up, you are an old has been, its over, you need to forget becoming partner.”

Barbara’s head dropped, I Anadolu Yakası Escort ran over to her and put my arm around her in an attempt to comfort her.

The two men laughed as they continued out the door. Then I heard the white guy say, “The old hag…”

I don’t know why it mattered to me, but I snapped. I ran over and punched the guy in his face. He hit the ground like a bag of bricks. The black guy went to help the guy up.

“Imma sue you, you don’t know who you messing with.”

I turned around and Barbara was standing there with admiration in her eyes. She walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips. Right there in that bar. The sparks flew almost immediately.

I said, “We need to go.”

She said, “I know where.”

We walked out of the bar arm in arm. Every few seconds she was kissing me again. I had to admit that my erection was making it hard to walk. We got to her car. It was a luxury sedan with tinted windows. She hit a button and the door opened. She said, “Get in.”

I got in the back seat and she came in right after and shut the door. I was laying on the back seat and she was on top of me kissing me deeply. I said, “Anyone can see us.”

She said, “The windows are tinted, we can see out, no one can see in.”

I could feel her full body at that point. Her breasts were full. Her body was stacked. Not skinny, but not really fat. Although you could tell that age was starting to win in its battle wither her as wrinkles were showing.

My hands traversed the full extent of her backside and legs as my tongue deeply explored her mouth.

She skillfully fished my manhood out of my pants and whispered, “I want you in me.”

I pulled her skirt up and pulled her pantie down just enough to make room for my entrance. She purred as I entered her. She was surprisingly tight for someone her age.

She continued to kiss me as I entered and pumped. We were like teenagers in the backseat of that car. It was a bit confining in that car, but the more confining the more alluring.

She stood up and rode me. I then yelled, “I’m coming.”

She stopped and took me into her mouth. She then totally and completely ingested the whole of my climax. I moaned as she sucked up every last drop.

I looked at my watch and it was now 8:00PM. I said, “Damn Girl, you wore a brother out.”

She laughed, “I really needed to let off some steam.”

“So what plans do you have for tonight?” She asked.

I smiled and said, “OK, so where are we going?”

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Awakening on Titwhistle Lane Ch. 02

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Stephanie Sizemore stood just outside her son’s room, her hands trembling and held tightly against her chest. My heavens, that boy is packing half his weight between his legs. Damian’s mom had obviously seen him naked on more than one occasion but not recently. He’d apparently had a growth spurt, of which she was unaware. Her breathing was raspy and she was proud of herself for getting out of there without lingering and staring at his impressive equipment. I had no idea, she thought, smiling to herself. It’s a good thing he’s shy or I’d have half the girls in the neighbourhood over here.

As she readied herself to walk away, she remembered why it was important for Damian to get up and going. “Hey, Damian!” she called from the hallway. “Don’t forget…you have to mow Mrs. Wentworth’s lawn before their graduation pool party, which starts at noon.” She waited patiently for a reply and pictured her son frantically trying to put himself together and get dressed. “Hey, you…”

“Yeah, Mom. I heard you. I’ll be out in a sec.”

“Good. I’ll have your breakfast ready so you can eat before you head out.” Saying the words ‘head out’ made her grin – the image of his bulbous glans still very fresh in her mind. Taking a step, she almost went down, not realizing how the incident had so affected her. “My, my,” she said. “Get a grip, Steph.” The middle-aged woman closed her eyes to compose herself before calling out one last time, “Oh, and Damian, are you going to the party? I know Maggie would want you to attend.”

“I’ll think about it, but I’ve got a lot to do today.” What Damian said was true. Over the past two years he’d built up quite a profitable yard-care service that catered to the well-to-do along Titwhistle Lane. It was a job that kept him busy, well-tanned, and fit. He loved being outdoors, with lots of time to himself and not having to answer to anyone, except perhaps the men and women who hired him. He had his favorites; Mrs. Bustle, who was rumored to have been a Playboy bunny in her day, Old Lady Pearl, a widow who tipped very well, Mrs. Maggie Wentworth, of course, the hottest MILF on the block, and Mrs. Bottomley, a fitness instructor in her fifties that looked 35. Yes, the lane was packed with beautiful ladies, enough to fill a young man’s mind with steamy images and fanciful dreams.

Damian finally stepped from his room to find the hallway empty. The sound of his mother banging around in the kitchen eased his mind as he headed to the bathroom for a much needed pee. Dressed for a day’s work, the handsome young man wore his favorite Marvel tank top and a pair of denim shorts that were frayed around the bottom. He was careful to toss the birthday boxers in the hamper, choosing to wear tightly fitting briefs to keep his junk from showing while he worked. Once finished in the bathroom, he hustled to the kitchen where his mother was going about her business as if nothing had happened. A bowl of cereal sat on the table surrounded by toast, juice and a banana.

“Wow…thanks, Mom. You didn’t need to go to so much trouble.”

“I know, but I feel bad about putting you in such an awkward position this morning. I wasn’t spying. I just wanted to make sure you had time to get your work done before the party. I hope you’re not embarrassed.”

Damian smiled, his face turning a light shade of pink. “Well, how can I not be. It’s not every day your mom catches you with a…a…”

“A morning woody?” his mother chimed in.

The words caught the boy by surprise, but they also made him laugh. “Exactly,” he replied. “I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to look you in the face again.”

“Oh, come on, İstanbul Escort Dear. It’s not the first erection I’ve seen.”

“Yeah, I know, but it’s the first time you’ve seen mine, and…it kinda creeps me out.”

His mother smiled and took two quick steps to close the distance between them. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. “Damian, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud of your physique and…and…your thing…you know, your penis. You’ll, one day, make some young woman very happy.”

With his mother’s arms around him and the smell of her perfume wafting over him, Damian sensed a renewed blood flow to his groin, especially after she referred to his penis. The reaction was somewhat surprising but then again he hadn’t actually ejaculated that morning and his pump was still primed. “Um…Mom,” he stuttered.

“What’s that, Dear?” she replied, releasing him.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked shyly.

“Sure. Anything.”

Unsure how he might phrase his question, but determined to find out, Damian sucked up the courage and asked, “My…my penis, it’s grown some lately and I’m kind of worried something is wrong with me. Is it freakish or something?”

“Good heavens, Damian. Are you joking?”

“No, it’s something that bothers me…a lot.”

Stephanie ran her hand through her son’s hair. “Damian, please don’t take this wrong, but you have a magnificent co…, I mean member. You just happen to be well endowed and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. It looked to me like it was working just fine and it’s the perfect size,” Mrs. Sizemore replied, flashing back to the images she now had burned into her memory.

“Are you angry about this morning?” Damian asked.

“No,” she answered quickly. I’m not worried about what happened and you shouldn’t be either. In a few years we’ll look back about this and have a good laugh.”

“Yeah, right,” he quipped sarcastically. “Anyway, I’m sorry and thanks for being so understanding.”

“No problem. Go on and eat your breakfast so you can get that yard-work done. Have you decided on the party?” she asked, changing the subject and stepping away to clean up the kitchen counter.

“I don’t know. I’d kinda feel out of place.” As he replied he considered the party carefully. There would be some really cute girls who had just graduated, but an equal number of guys that would be vying for their attention. Damian didn’t like crowds but would hate to pass up the opportunity to see some of the hottest girls from school in their swimsuits.

“Well, I for one, think you should go. Maggie will be disappointed if you don’t attend.”

“Yeah, I know. Will there be other mom’s there too?” he asked, coyly.

“I would imagine so. I’m going to drop by and I believe a number of the ladies from the block are planning on being there as well.”

Damian weighed the event even more carefully now, conjuring up a host of sexual charged images in his mind. “Are you going to swim?”

“I might. I’ll at least want to catch some rays to start working on my summer tan. I was thinking of wearing that yellow two piece.”

“Really?” Damian asked. “Isn’t that too revealing to wear to a neighborhood social? I mean, it really shows off your…your…”

“My what?” she interrupted, thinking she already knew the answer.

“You know…your figure.”

“My figure? You mean my boobs. Isn’t that what you’re trying to say?”

Blushing a new shade of red, Damian choked his reply, “Well, yes. They really stand out when you wear Bayan Escort that.”

“And that worries you?”

“Shouldn’t it? My friends won’t give me a minute’s peace if they see you in that suit.” Damian could tell the conversation was headed down a trail he didn’t want to traverse.

“Your friends, huh? What have they said?” she replied, suddenly aware the room was getting very warm or she was flushed.

“You know…just boy stuff.”

“Like what? I hope they were being kind,” she said, winking at her son.

“Oh yeah, they wouldn’t dare say anything mean. They just think you’re pretty hot for a mom.”

Mrs. Sizemore smiled and continued about her improvised chores. “For a mom? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Mom, do we have to have this conversation? It’s pretty awkward for me.”

“I’m just curious. Really…what have they said?” Steph moved to the opposite side of the table where she could gaze directly into Damian’s eyes. For a few seconds Damian tried to ignore her stare, feigning an unusual interest in his breakfast.

“This juice is great,” he began, before his mother pushed for an answer.

“Come on, what have your friends been saying?”

“You really want to know?”

Stephanie shifted her weight from one heal to the next, put her hands on her hips and slightly thrust her bust forward. “I’m curious. Do they find me attractive?”

Damian began slowly and then picked up speed, hoping the faster he talked the easier it would be. “They think you’re hot, like I said, and…and they can’t take their eyes off your breasts and butt when they’re here. It’s downright embarrassing. They don’t even like to come over here anymore unless you’re home.” Damian paused for a few seconds and then asked, “Haven’t you noticed?”

“You mean the bulges?” she asked, teasingly.

“What?” her son exclaimed. “No, not the bulges. I mean just the interest they show in you when they’re here.”

“Oh yeah, that. Of course. I can tell they like being here.” She secretly knew they liked being in their home, as she’d noted on more than one occasion the obvious sexual impact she was having on the boys. It was pretty hard for them to hide their discomfort once their cocks were stiff and screaming for release beneath their jeans. She knew this but remained mum.

Damian continued his explanation, being careful to stay within an acceptable dialogue. “They say a lot of stuff but mostly that you’re a ‘real’ MILF.”

“A MILF?” Stephanie asked, pretending she didn’t already know. “What’s that? I don’t get it.”

“Oh, come on, surely you’ve heard that.”

“No, I don’t believe so. What is it, some kind of acronym or something?” Steph asked, suddenly very aware that her nipples were hardening beneath her sheer top and apron.

“Sort of. It means a Mother I’d Like to F…” he said, slowly.

“F? Friendship? Find?” she questioned, stupidly.

“No, not quite,” Damian replied.

“Oh…Oh…Ooooo, you mean Fuck!” she said, laughing.

“Mom!” the boy whined. “That’s right but it doesn’t seem right coming out of your mouth.”

“Oh, Damian, don’t be such a prude. You’re eighteen now and I’m sure you hear worse at school and certainly your friends don’t seem afraid to use it, at least when they call me a MILF.”

Damian’s eyes dropped from his mother’s face to the tight expanse of fabric covering her breasts. They were impressive and he couldn’t help but agree with his friends. She was hot and the sudden stirring in his pants confirmed it. “Okay, I’ve got to go,” he grunted, standing abruptly to leave the room. As he did, Eskort the conspicuous bulge in his shorts let his mother know that their discussion had aroused the young man.

“Well, you haven’t finished your breakfast but I understand. Be sure you let me know if you’ll be attending the party. I’ll find something other than the yellow suit if it will make you happy. Maybe I’ll just go au’ naturel,” she beckoned, with a hearty laugh.

Hearing the front door slam and the sound of Damian hauling the mower from their garage, Stephanie returned to cleaning the kitchen. She cleared the table, setting the cereal bowl in the sink along with the juice glass and partially eaten toast. She rinsed a washcloth and began wiping the table where the items had been. The large, uneaten banana stared up at her from where she had originally sat it. It was long and phallic…and oddly tempting. What’s wrong with me? she thought. This has been such a crazy morning. As the words flashed through her mind, she reached for the banana bringing the mound of her covered, shaved pussy into direct contact with the table’s edge. “Oooo,” she cooed, “that’s what I need.”

In a flash, the ‘hungry’ woman stripped off her apron and positioned herself at a corner of the table, paying special attention to straddle the angle carefully between her spread legs. Leaning over, she placed her palms flat on the table to steady her frame while she ground her groin against the table’s smooth, rounded edge. “Mmmm,” she moaned, shifting her feet just enough to apply the right angle and pressure. She rolled her hips up and down and side to side, feeling an odd trickle run down both her legs. “What the hell?” she whispered between throaty gasps. “So close…so close…but yet so…”

It was then that she remembered the banana. Stretching for it she continued to gyrate her hips lustily. The fruit filled her hand perfectly, her thumb and fingertip just touching as they encircled the objects girth. Nice and thick, she thought, but not at thick as…no…no…don’t think it, Steph. Her eyes closed, battling the images that now flooded her mind. So big…so thick…

Bearing down, her clit was taking her full weight grinding against the table. “I’m so close…need something…something…” Quickly pulling her shirt above her tits, a tight fitting demi bra displayed her breasts like trophies in a display case. They were beautiful, milky white and full. For a second she laid the banana on the table and pulled her breasts from the bra’s embrace, leaving them smashed together – the nipples thick with lust. She flicked and pulled at the rubbery nubs, engorging them further. Returning her attention to the banana, she briefly sucked the end of it before slipping it under the front clasp of her bra and between her heaving tits. The sensation and mental imagery was enough to send her over the edge into a cascading orgasm. Moaning loudly, Stephanie dropped her chin and licked the tip of the banana, causing her to hump the table top for all she was worth. Spasms overtook her, beginning at her toes and spreading upward through her groin before making her swollen tits and shoulders quake.

Mrs. Sizemore bucked a dozen times before the intensity of her orgasm began to subside and the reality of her situation came into view. “Oh Mama, you’re such a slut, but that was good…so good,” she gushed. Slipping the banana from beneath the bra, she peeled it and slipped as much of it as she could to the back of her throat. She slid it back and forth for a moment with her eyes closed before removing it far enough to bite off the end. As she chewed it, she playfully thought to herself, I guess I am a MILF. Who would have guessed?

Happy, and feeling a wonderful glow, Stephanie went in search of something equally fun and entertaining. Smiling she mused to herself, “Now, where’s that yellow swimsuit?”

To be continued…

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Aunt Kim

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His Aunt Kim was present at his eighteenth birthday party. Sid was not the least bit embarrassed when she found a private moment in the hallway between the kitchen and the bathroom to pat him on the ass and make the remark that convinced him that this woman whom he had fantasized about since he was 15 really thought he was sexually attractive.

“You’re a cutie.” Was all she had said.

He did not agree with his moms opinion that she wore her clothes too tight for a 40 year old woman. Hell, she used to make a living as a dancer and now, as an aerobics teacher, she was looking everything like her students wish they did.

Aunt Kim was his stepfathers sister. When his mom had divorced Sid’s alcoholic dad sixteen years ago her best friend Kim fixed her up with her brother.

Now at eighteen, Sid was the man of the family. He remembered his step father as his only father. The tragic car crash that took his life two years ago would always loom over any family get-together. Everybody had loved him. His generosity and sense of humor was mentioned and talked about still. Happily, these remembrances of his step dad were always jovial and peppered with laughter.

The evening did not wear on. It slid gracefully from joking around to tender moments with Sid’s friends and gift giving. Relatives filtering in and cake eating.

Blowing out the candles was interesting. Sid made his wish with closed eyes.

At the moment he blew at the candles someone turned off the lights and he felt his second pat on the ass that night. One of his wishes had just come true.

A memory flashed back to him before the lights were switched on. He was fifteen and snooping in his mothers bottom dresser drawer. He could not remember why he was in there in the first place but can still recalled the pleasant feeling of silk on the fronts and backs of his hands at the same time. Way at the bottom of the drawer he discovered a magazine. It was an old men’s soft core porn mag from the mid 80’s. It was beyond Sid why his mother had this hidden in her bottom drawer until he saw the woman pictured three quarters of the way through. The title said it was Juicy Lucy but it was Aunt Kim. Twenty years younger and as fit as she is today. Her dark brown hair was longer and straight. It poured over her bare shoulders and breasts in poses from front and rear.

Blood was flowing in a rush through his body in waves of embarrassment and bliss. When he heard his mother coming in the front door downstairs he desperately wanted to steal the magazine and hide it in his room. Something inside told him he would surely be found out so he hurriedly stuffed it back below the silky underwear and stockings. As much as he tried to seem nonchalant when he ran into his mom coming up the stairs he knew she noticed that something was up.

The next chance he had to sneak a peek of his aunt in that magazine came a week later.

It was gone.

Now at eighteen the sexy woman in that mag was standing by his side grinning from ear to ear begging him to open the present that she had brought for him. He hesitated a little hoping that she had not planned some sort of gag gift. He looked at his mother for some hint about what to do. She was grinning too and said he should go ahead and open it.

As it turned out he was both embarrassed and delighted by the contents of the small package. All balled up and feeling as silky as the soft things in his mothers drawer was the tiniest males Speedo swimsuit. It was fluorescent blue. He unfurled it in front of the guests who let out a great hurrah. Sid was the fastest swimmer at his school. His plan was to try out for the swim team at the college he would attend next fall. Aunt Kim grabbed it from his hands and held it in front of her jeans as if she was sizing it up for herself. “I know I should have kept this for myself.” she joked.

Sid’s mom was gathering up wrapping paper and clearing the table when Kim suggested İstanbul Escort she spend time with the guests before it got too late. Soon she would have to go to work at the hospital where she was a nurse. She would not return home till after sun up the next day. Kim was slated to stay at the house and act as chaperone for Sid and two of his buddies. That was an inside joke because she actually was going to stay over due to the distance she would have to drive home. She stayed often.

After Sid’s mother left for work he and his friends settled by the TV to watch a recent DVD about a spy caper with considerable R-rated nudity. It was only 20 minuets into the movie when one of his two friends started complaining of nausea. Kim checked his forehead and announced that he was burning up with a fever and probably was coming down with flu. Sid’s other friend had ridden with him so the two of them left.

Sid sat at the far end of the couch while Kim lay with her head on the arm at the opposite end. She shifted her position occasionally as they watched the movie. Her toes came into contact with Sid’s outer thigh every time she moved. Eventually her toes were tucked under Sid’s leg. He desperately wanted to reach down and stroke her feet. The male and female leads of the movie had gotten into bed in one of the sexiest scenes he had ever witnessed. Kim mentioned that she had read in a gossip column that they were rumored to have actually had sex during the filming of this particular scene. At one point the actress reared up on top of her lover fully exposing her perfect breasts in the throws of orgasm. Her hero massaged her hips with firm grips thrusting her forward and back against his groin. Sid thought he heard Kim let out a moan. Kim did speak not long after this action sequence. She said she was going to the bathroom. Sid paused the movie and watched Kim rise from the couch and disappear into the hallway.

When she got back she sat on the couch but more in the middle. “Do you want to watch the rest of the movie?” she asked.

“Sure, if you do.” was Sid’s reply.

Kim reclined on the couch and put her arm up on the back. “Actually I had something else in mind.” “I would really like to see if the birthday present I gave you fits.” She had a slight smile on her face and Sid sensed that same heat building up inside.

He agreed to put it on but told her he was not coming out of his room if he thought it was too small or didn’t fit right. He padded off in his stocking feet with his heart beating a mile a minute.

Once in his room he stretched the suit over his feet and up across his thighs in front of his full length mirror. There was full contact with the expanding spandex as soon as it passed his knees. He knew it would be tight, but it was supposed to be. Standing there in front of the mirror he looked first at himself from the side and then turned to see the view from over his shoulder. It was defiantly very tight. He noted the muscles in his thighs and how he could still see them through the fabric and how they reappeared again above where they tied in with his stomach muscles. He reached down to note the silkiness of the cloth and how it bulged in front. Below, his balls were cupped snuggly. He put on his robe and took a deep breath before heading back to where Kim was waiting.

He entered the room and Kim laughed. He wondered if he looked silly. “You left your socks on.” she giggled, “that’s cute.” She stood up from the couch and faced him from about 3 feet away. Sid reached down and undid the tie of his robe and opened it up.

Kim looked straight down at the suit. “Is it comfortable?”

Sid nodded that it was. Kim did not take her eyes away. “I always liked the way spandex felt against my skin.” She reached across with her right hand to lightly place the back of her knuckles against his right hip. She moved the inch or two that was needed to travel from Sid’s hip to the beginning Anadolu Yakası Escort of his muscled buttock.

It was hard for Sid to form words as he felt the firmness of his cock increasing.

“Thank you very much for the suit.” he breathed, barely audible.

Kim stepped towards him and reached around his bare waist below his robe. It was similar to the hug of a loving aunt except after Kim kissed him slightly on his cheek she moved her face down the side of his neck and took a tiny bite.

Sid was fighting against the urge to grab Kim and pull her to the floor. He leaned into her and let her lead him. She brought her arms to her sides and moved her hands up his sides to his armpits. Her mouth met his and she introduced her tongue to his with a single darting motion. He leaned more into her but she pulled back and looking him in the eyes told him that she wanted to go to the guest room.

They passed through the kitchen hand in hand and entered the long dark hall way. They both stopped and embraced again but this time Sid roamed his hands over Kim’s body in an attempt to cover every inch of her in as little time as possible. She did not stop him but instead proceeded to unbutton and unzip till Sid had full access to her lean toned body. As soon as her top was pulled up over her head he buried his face between her firm breasts licking and sucking them hungrily. She in turn was again experiencing the feeling of his new swim suit but concentrating on his full erection. Sid reached down to free it from its confines but Kim stopped him. “Not yet, that’s my present. I want to unwrap it.”

Leaving a heap of clothes and Sid’s robe in the hallway they entered the guest room where Kim had stowed her overnight bag. She instructed him to get on the bed but not lay down. He stood there on his knees as Kim joined him face to face. She reached for his suit and pealed it down below his scrotum. His cock pointed straight at her flat stomach with his balls lifted up and exposed. Next she reached around behind him and pulled the tight spandex together till it formed a single strand that she slid between his ass cheeks like a thong. Kim nudged him slightly to sit down on his heels as she stroked his cock and balls. She reached a taste of pre cum up to her face and closed her eyes tight while she licked it off by extending her tongue out instead of placing it in her mouth.

She again kissed his mouth but only in passing on her way down his form to put his helmet into her hot mouth. Sid’s cumming was held off by her expert technique and the restriction of the suit that almost cut into the tender skin below his sack. Kim teased and taunted Sid till his load could be held back no longer. She took his long shaft in her hand and pumped it sensually. She used long strokes and would pause often with her face close to his. She finally concentrated on just the head of his cock tickling then gripping in a rotating motion with one hand while her other hand clutched his balls that now felt like splitting. His juice shot up her arm coating patches of her bicep and hanging breasts. He fell back onto his elbow arching his spine. Kim lowered her mouth for the final spurts which were enough to coat the interior of her mouth and ooze from the corners and down her chin.

Sid leaned shaking onto his side trapping one arm below himself but with his other he reached for Kim’s left nipple which he gently tweaked and caressed into a firm mound. Kim looked down at his young angelic face with great satisfaction.

“Happy Birthday baby.”

They lay side by side. The night waited as they whispered and nuzzled. Sid stretched himself out as long as he could. He was aware of Kim’s fingers twisting and burrowing in her sparse pubic hair. Her breathing stayed at a fairly rapid pace. She placed her free hand on Sid’s cock which was laying nearly half erect on her stomach. She tipped her head to the side. “Sid, I want you Kartal Escort to sit on your heals like you were before.” Sid did as she asked but wondered why she wanted him to. Once he was in the position she again started her sensual touching of his body and returned his tight suit to the under balls and up his crack configuration. But her actions changed at that point as she laid down in front of him with her legs spread far apart, her knees raised up. She told him to touch himself. “I want to see how you do yourself, baby.”

As he took his shaft in hand she reached between her legs and separated her pussy lips. She rhythmically circled and dipped into herself at first shallowly then deeply. At times with one finger and then with four. As they both manipulated their sex she inched her hips so her ass approached his knees. Soon she lifted her hips up so she was on his lap with her wet pussy creeping closer and closer to Sid’s erection. She stopped touching herself completely. “Whack me with your dick, Sid.” She was looking at his face wildly, almost panting. “Smack my pussy with it.” Sid felt the sting of his cock landing on Kim’s wet pussy over and over again. It felt like nothing he had felt before. She let him start to enter her hole once but made him pull it out because she sensed his mounting orgasm.

She reached over the side of the bed to her overnight bag and removed some bottled water. She concealed something in her other hand. She inched her hips up so far that her ass was at the base of Sid’s stomach. Her pussy was aimed straight up at the ceiling.

“You want to put your cock in my pussy don’t you?”

Sid’s mouth was dry, he nodded that he did. Kim handed him the water which he drank from gratefully. When he handed it back she told him to take another drink but not swallow. He followed these instructions and all that followed.

Kim’s other hand concealed a foil packet. She opened it and removed two alka seltzer tablets. Kim’s cunt was pointing straight up at Sid’s face. He opened his lips ever so slightly to let a narrow stream of the water shower down on Kim’s slit. Kim groaned at the sensation. She reached down and inserted one of the tablets inside of herself and Sid once again let go a slight stream. Her hips started to fidget on Sid’s lap. Her face took on a look of anguish and tortured pleasure. Sid could hear the fizzing coming from between her legs. She lay quivering below his gaze. He reached for the other tablet and after letting another dose of water flow onto her he placed it directly on top of her clitoris which was swollen and pushing through the folds of Kim’s lips.

More water. It began to foam instantly. He needed to hold Kim’s hips so she would not buck off the side of the bed. He pulled his knees out from under her and quickly slid his cock into her foaming pussy. They each experienced the opposite sexes version of the same sensation. His first deep entry into the hole of his Aunt Kim was a burn of pure pleasure.

Kim’s cumming started the instant Sid entered her. Now they rocked on the bed, Sid on Kim, Kim on Sid till there was no strength remaining in either of their athletic bodies.

Their muscles rubbed while their faces contorted.

Kim’s body floated above Sid’s. The sunrise filtered into the window behind Sid and through her hair. She did not let her whole body weight rest on Sid even when she lifted her hands off the bed and straitened her back to grip and kneed her breasts. He looked between her legs and watched her talent of seductive movement that worked his erection and lowered slightly then rose almost letting his tip breath then trapping it again with a clutching of inner muscles. Sid confessed his viewing of her pictures as Kim fucked him in this almost casual way. She leaned forward while still expertly plunging him into herself ever so close to the edge of another orgasm for them both.

She kissed him on the mouth in the last moments of his ultimate birthday before they both came for the last time. She whispered while probing his ear with her tongue.

“I let them take those pictures because I needed the money real bad for school. It was actually a huge turn on for me. Did you know your mom was a photographer back then?”

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At Last We Meet Ch. 1

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Kimmerz had finally finished getting ready for work and reached to open the apartment door, picking up her keys, when there was a knock at the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone and wondered who it could be. Maybe it was her roomie who’d been locked out again. No, couldn’t be. She opened the door, and there he was, grinning as usual, clutching a bunch of flowers.

“Hey there Kimmerz…” he said, standing in the doorway, holding the flowers out to her. She stood there, wide-eyed in shock for a moment, then grinned and leapt forward, grabbing him and squeezing him tight. “Ringo!! Baby!”

With Kimmerz still clutching him, he pushed inside, dropping the flowers on a table and pinning her against the wall, looking into her eyes seductively with his cobalt, blue gaze.

“I’ve had a long flight babe… I’m tired, I’m weary, no time to talk right now…” he said. But before the ‘oh’ left her lips, he grinned again, sliding his hands up inside her skirt quickly, and grasping the waist band of her panties, tugging them down her thighs.

“But I’m Pendik Escort going to fuck you anyway… right here.”

“Ohhh Ringo…” she moaned, her eyes fixed on him as she leaned back against the wall. With a quick pull, he ripped her panties from her thighs, leaving them hanging in pieces about her legs, and pushed his pants down, taking out his hard cock, and holding the thick shaft in his hand as he looked into her eyes.

“See this… I’m gonna fuck you with it until you scream and scream and can scream no more…” he said with a smirk, placing two fingers on either side of her cunt lips and spreading them, opening her further as she squirmed with lust, moaning his name.

With a loud bang against the wall, he thrust his cock up into her hard, moaning loudly with the entrance into her, and grinning as he listened to her scream, which echoed through the apartment and down the hall through the still open door. He stood with her beside the door, holding her hips firmly as he swung his hips in fast, upward arcs, battering her Kurtköy Escort cunt like she had never known.

Even with the contracting muscles within her fully relaxed, his cock still spread her wider, like some kind of almighty battering ram pounding into her body, sending shockwaves of pain through her, making her scream in agony as he fucked her mercilessly.

“Oh gods, Ringo! Your cock….it’s hurting me!”

“Want me to stop?” he asked, still pounding her just as hard, but more slowly.

“N…noooo…. ” she whimpered. “Fuck me, Ringo… hurt me… make me screeeeam….”

He rewarded her as he kept slamming his cock into her tight cunt, battering against her g-spot and fucking her raw. But as she was pinned against the wall, holding onto his shoulders as he banged into her painfully hard, she was screaming with lust; the pain only pleasure to her as she screamed his name louder and louder; not caring any more about the open door next to them.

As the biggest orgasm she had ever known hit her, her juices Maltepe Escort spurted all around his throbbing cock that had speared her deeply. She writhed and screamed as she cummed again and again, his own cum gushing into her cunt like a steaming hot flame. He held her there as she screamed with lust, stars appearing before her eyes as she drifted in and out of unconsciousness, his own ecstasy flooding his body like the cum that flooded her raw fucked cunt.

Kicking the door shut, he carried her into the apartment and shoved her down on her bed, spreading her legs and burying his face in her soaking, quivering cunt, and licking her hungrily as she orgasmed all over his face again and again; her body shaking as the bed sheets became soaked in the stream of cum.

She was still screaming a full five minutes later, as he licked and sucked the cum out of her, before she collapsed back into her bed, soaked with sweat, cum, and tears of joy. She felt like she had just been fucked ten times in a row as her young lover lay upon her.

Looking down at her and kissing her passionately, he whispered, “You’re late for work… but you know what? Now that I’m here…you’re not going back…”

He grinned down at her as she began to recover, thinking of what else this night would have in store for them both…

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Antique shopping

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I was shopping for an antique cabinet on Saturday; I’d already been to three different Antique stores but found nothing. Fortunately, I had put a bit of thought into the process and had driven to the furthest store first and progressively made my way back home visiting the other stores. So far I’d found nothing that was vaguely suitable. As I wandered into the final antique shop, I saw a cabinet that was perfect for what I wanted. So much for all that planning I thought, if only I’d come here in the first place I could have saved half a day.

I pulled out my tap-measure and noted down all the dimensions, length, width and height. It was going to be a tight fit, but with a bit of luck it should fit perfectly. I looked at the price $2,000, not a bargain, but if it fitted it would be perfect. Before I decided to haggle I thought I’d to go home a check the measurements against the space in the bedroom I had planned for it.

Having checked the measurements I got back to the antique shop and did a final measure – sure enough it would fit, as I was going through my final deliberations a female voice came from behind me.

“Hello, can I help you?

“Yes” I responded as I turned around to face the sales assistant, “I’m very interested in this cabinet, but it’s probably a little outside my price range.”

“It’s in fantastic condition for its age, I don’t think you’ll find a better example. When were you thinking of buying?” she asked.

“Right now, if we can come to some agreement on the price.” I countered.

We both stepped back from the cabinet and began the ancient art of haggling. I studied my opponent; she was obviously not some dizzy sales assistant, more likely the owner of the antique store. She was in her late fifties or early sixties, with fine features and a long elegant neck. Her hair was straight, brunette in colour and it hung a couple of inches past her shoulders, she wore a short string of pearls around her neck and matching pearl earrings. It all accentuated the elegance of her features. She wore a loose fitting V-neck red top and matching red skirt that was pulled tight across her womanly hips and thighs.

“When would you be able to deliver it?” I asked.

“How far are you from the shop?” she responded.

“Probably ten minutes, is it possible to have it delivered today?”

“Well the shop closes in an hour, I can call my delivery man to see if he can fit it in at this late hour – let me give him a call.”

As she walked away I took the opportunity to study my bartering adversary more, her skirt came to just below the knee, she was slim waisted, but it was difficult to tell more as her loose fitting top gave nothing away as to what lay beneath. Her hips moved deliciously as she headed towards the counter, I focused more intently on her solid thighs and started thinking thoughts that had nothing to do with the price of the cabinet or her age, which was at least twenty years more than mine. As I looked back up to her flowing hair I realised that with all the antique mirrors on display, she had actually been watching me watching her. I blushed.

I turned my attention back to the cabinet, looking for any obvious imperfections that would give me a negotiating edge. I then looked up again to the sales women who was in an animated conversation on the phone, again she caught me looking and smiled at me as she continued her conversation with the delivery driver, her left hand flicking her hair off her shoulders. Finishing the conversation, she walked back towards me. I looked at her as she walked towards me with an enticing smile on her face. Even though the V-neck top was loose fitting I couldn’t help but notice a telltale movement of her chest as she took each step.

“We have five minutes to come to an agreement if you want it delivered today.” She said abruptly.

“Well, if we can deliver it today, I’m prepared to pay $1,500 cash.” I offered.

She looked at me, her left arm crossing her waist and her right hand reaching for her pearl necklace that lay at the very base of her neck, as she considered my offer.

After a few moments consideration she responded. “$1,750 is the best I can do, plus $50 for delivery.”

Immediately, I shot back “$1,750 including delivery.”

“You have a deal young man.” Her right hand reached out to seal the deal with a handshake.

I took her hand to complete the agreement and felt an instant connection. Her hand was slim, cool and soft to the touch. I probably held her hand a moment too long as she pulled away from me saying she had to call the delivery driver.

I followed behind her to the sales counter and waited for her to make the call to the driver. He was obviously pissed about having to make a delivery this late in the day, but she just smiled at me through his obvious ranting.

“You are not far from here at all are you?” She said after she gave the driver the address. “Is there anything else I can interest you in?”

I’m sure I blushed, as I responded, “No, you’ve Ataşehir Escort been very accommodating, thank you.”

“I’m sure your wife is going to love it.” She offered.

“No, it’s just me.”

“Oh really.” She said as she flashed a warm smile.

I looked back towards the antique cabinet, saying, “I much prefer things aged, they have so much more character than the new.” I then looked her straight in the eye. “I had better get home and prepare the space, thank you so much for your help and I hope to see you again soon.” I said as I left the antique shop.

Driving home my cock started to tingle thinking about the sales woman, her hair, her soft skin, that tiny waist, those solid thighs, her elegant fine features and the hint of something very interesting under her top.

The delivery driver arrived with his off-sider about 45 minutes later. I directed them to where the cabinet was to go. The guys made light work of the heavy antique and as I was guiding them through the house, trying to ensure that neither the walls nor the cabinet got damaged I heard a female voice call out.

“Hello, It’s Patricia from the Antique store, how are you guys going?”

Somewhat surprised I went to meet her as she was walking in the open front door. “Patricia, lovely to see you again, the guys are just placing it now, come in.”

As we walked through the house Patricia commented how lovely the house was. She then strode into the bedroom and spoke to the delivery driver, suggesting he move the cabinet a couple of inches this way and then a couple of inches that way. She looked to me for approval.

“Thank you, that looks perfect.” I said. I could tell the driver had just about had it with her micro directions. I offered them a cool drink, but the driver, the older of the two, politely declined saying he needed to get the truck back.

I then turned to Patricia and before I could say anything she said “I forgot to give you the certificate of authenticity, I’ll go and get it out of the car.”

She followed the two delivery men outside and said her farewells; she then came back to the house knocking at the open front door.

“Come in.” I shouted from the bedroom. I heard the front door close as I stood admiring my purchase. As Patricia entered the bedroom I smiled saying how good it looked.

“It really does suit the house, I’m so glad this piece has gone to a nice home – here’s your certificate of authenticity.” She said as she handed me the certificate.

“Thanks, would you care for a drink? I feel a little post purchase celebration is in order.” I offered.

“That would be lovely, thank you.” She said as we walked towards the kitchen. “Champagne?” I offered. “Absolutely.” She smiled.

Taking our drinks I gave her a quick tour of the house, as we chatted I took the opportunity to study her shape; she had an incredibly slim waist and wide hips with solid thighs and backside. Her shoulders were not particularly broad, I guess in proportion to her fine features. Her face and hands showed her age, but she was not unattractive by any means. In fact I was really enjoying having her in my home and I wasn’t making any moves for her to leave soon.

We moved back into the lounge room and I refilled our glasses. While Patricia sat on the lounge I noticed her legs were very shapely and there was definitely something happening beneath her top. As she sat with a slight twist at her waist the fabric of her top pulled tighter across her chest, highlighting a solid curve that peaked at the hint of a nipple pushing against the confines of a bra and the red top. Blame it on the champagne, but I’d obviously been studying her far to intently. Patricia brought me out of my gaze.

“So, you live here alone?” she asked.

“Yes.” I smiled.

“You really have a good eye for antiques, your house is lovely, and it’s a surprise that a young man like you has such tastes.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked as we both continued to sip the champagne.

“Well you’re much younger than my usual buyer and your house has much more character than most I’ve been into – I usually try to sneak a peak at the houses to whom I’ve sold large pieces such as yours. You really do have lovely taste.” She said as she started playing with a lock of her hair.

“Thank you.” I said. “Coming from someone who has as much knowledge as you that’s a real compliment. I guess I’ve always been drawn to the sophistication and style of older things. I mean I love my iphone and LCD TV, but they just don’t have the warmth of something that has aged, something that can tell it’s own story, if you know what I mean?”

Patricia smiled at me as she continued to play with her hair. I noticed her second glass of champagne was almost finished.

“Another glass?” I offered.

As I rose to get the bottle from the kitchen, Patricia called out. “Do you mind if I have one final look at the cabinet? “No, no, go right ahead” I called back, “I’ll bring your glass to you.”

I Kadıköy Escort walked into the bedroom and looked at Patricia, she was running her hands along the wood grain of the cabinet. She turned as I walked in.

“I’m sure this could tell a few stories, imagine all the things it has seen over the years.” She said as she continued to caress the carcass of the cabinet.

I smiled back at her; the atmosphere in the room was getting hotter by the second. “Well, in that case I hope I will add a story or two while I remain its current owner.” I said handing her the champagne.

“Cheers.” I offered as we clinked our glasses. “Thank you for being such a pleasure to deal with.” Patricia turned to face the cabinet, as she did I took in her shapely backside. “It really does look good in this room.” She said. I replied without taking my eyes off her “It’s fabulous.”

She turned to me and asked a simple question “The cabinet?”

“No.” was all I said as I moved towards Patricia. I ran my free hand around her tiny waist and pulled her closer to me. We remained only inches apart, my eyes never leaving hers and I waited. It felt like an eternity, I wondered had I totally misread the situation and then her lips reached for mine and we became locked in a deep French kiss, our tongues eagerly searching each others mouth. I started to feel her solid backside, squeezing the flesh and pushing my hard cock against her hips. With a light bite of my bottom lip Patricia pulled away.

“Ooh, I think we’ve both had too much champagne.”

I took her hand, feeling its aged elegance and led her back to the lounge room. “Well we can’t let the last of the champagne go to waste, now can we?” I said as I offered to top up her glass.

“Anymore and anything could happen.” She said, as I started to refill her glass. As I put the empty bottle down I offered a toast to unexpected pleasures. Patricia looked over the top of the glass as she went to take another sip and countered the toast saying almost in a whisper “may they continue.”

Patricia sat back on the edge of the lounge, her legs tucked under and again her torso slightly twisted at the waist. At this level her head was at the same height of my hard cock, which was clearly obvious through my jeans. I put my glass on the coffee table and then held Patricia’s head in my hands. Leaning forward I kissed the very top of her head, feeling the silky softness of her hair against my lips and running my hands through her hair and then down her long elegant neck. I ran my fingers under her chin; I could feel both the softness and the age of her skin. I’d never been with someone this old before and the unique feeling excited me more. I tilted her head to face me and again we began kissing intensely. Her lips lacked the fullness of a thirty year old yet she kissed with as much passion. The age lines that radiating from her eyes and across her face told of experience.

I dropped my hand to cup her breast through her soft top; I was amazed at the sponginess of her breast flesh. As I squeezed harder she moaned and pushed her tongue deeper into my mouth. Her hand began massaging my cock through my jeans, neither one of us wanting to break the kiss. I pushed, pulled and tweaked her breasts amazed at how compliant the flesh beneath my fingers was, as I did so Patricia moaned and pushed her tongue deeper into my mouth and began squeezing my cock. I pushed my hips against her hand as I broke the kiss.

“Oh my god, Patricia, you are amazing.”

She just looked at me and smiled as she reached for my belt and undid my jeans, she pulled my boxer shorts down and my cock pulsed as she wrapped her soft cool hand around the shaft.

“It’s been too long since I had a cock this nice.” She said as her lips wrapped around the head, and her tongue swirled along the underside. I ran my hands back through her hair and pulled her face closer, without hesitating Patricia totally engulfed my cock with her mouth and swallowed to the very base. I had never had any woman deep throat me before and the feeling was sensational. As she pulled her mouth away from my cock to take a breath, her right hand began to wank my cock into her mouth. She then began a coordinated movement between her mouth and her hand. The rhythmic motion of her mouth and hand had me close to orgasm in minutes.

As my orgasm built I ran one hand across her cheeks and the other through her hair. “I’m going to cum.” I told her as my cock spewed into her wet mouth. Instead of pulling away, Patricia pushed her mouth further along my cock and began milking my cock with her hand. Totally drained, I dropped next to her on the lounge. She leaned towards me and kissed me deeply, the after taste of my own cum still fresh in her mouth.

As we kissed my hands went instinctively to her spongy breasts, I started pulling her top up but immediately Patricia tried to stop me by saying “you don’t want to see this old body.” I quickly responded, “oh yes I do, I want to see every inch of you, I Bostancı Escort want to feel every inch of you.” I held Patricia’s hand and placed it on my still hard cock. “Feel how much I want you.”

I stood, with my pants at my feet and led Patricia to the bedroom; I took my shirt off and stood in front of her totally naked. “Now your turn.” I said lustfully.

Almost reluctantly Patricia slipped her skirt off, at last I could take in her white, thick, firm thighs that were highlighted by black lace underwear. I peeled her panties off revealing a neatly trimmed pussy that was the same colour as her hair. Her waist was so slim compared to her solid thighs and backside; the stark contrast just accentuated her womanly form.

Slowly, Patricia pulled the v-neck top over her head. I looked in amazement, the black matching lace bra sat low on her torso, the underwire supporting the bulk of her breasts. I couldn’t wait any longer so I pulled the bra over the top of her breasts; her long pendulous breasts fell heavily against her torso. I had never seen anything like it before, her breasts hung down at least five inches, they looked like they had been extruded from high on her chest. But the most striking feature was her nipples and areola. It was as if she had dropped her pendulous breast an inch into dipping chocolate. Her nipple and areola on each breasts had to be the size of a CD.

I sat mesmerised by the sight. Patricia started to pull her bra back over her long breasts saying, “I’m sorry, I’m not what you are used to.” I reached out, stopping her; I cupped the long spongy breast and felt the considerable weight in my hand. My lips locked on to the huge areola and between kissing and licking her pendulous breast I said, “I’ve never seen anything so amazing.”

I fell back onto the bed pulling Patricia on top of me, my mouth still suckling on the dark ends of her breasts. I was so taken by her breasts I’d almost forgotten about her pussy, until I felt her hips moving back and forth locating my cock at the entrance to her cunt. With one movement Patricia pushed down on my cock and I felt her pussy suck my cock deep within her.

Reaching behind I held her large arse as she bounced up and down on my cock, her fleshy backside felt delicious to touch, I squeezed and groped the soft flesh. My eyes were locked on the amazing sight of her long pendulous breasts, with their huge chocolate coloured areola swinging every which way. With her head thrust back she grabbed both tits and twisted them in her hands, she then dropped her head and sucked the enormous ends dark ends as she continued to bounce up and down on my cock.

I pulled out and turned Patricia over and stood at the end of the bed, I almost pleaded with her to let me fuck her from behind. With that she pulled both pillows from the head of the bed and placed them under her waist – lifting her glorious arse into the air. She then lent forward and took her weight on her elbows and forearms. The sight before me was spectacular. The two large globes of her arse sitting on top of pillar like thighs and a very pink and very wet pussy looking back at me. I gently slapped her arse and watched the ripples radiate across her arse and down her thighs.

I pushed my cock into her pussy and within seconds our rhythm was locked in sync. With each push of my cock Patricia rocked her arse back against my forward thrust, the wobble of her large arse cheeks adding to the excitement. I leant forward and held her tiny waist, which defied the size of her arse, and pushed deeper into her soaking pussy. In response, Patricia began swivelling her hips countering my deep thrusts; I lent forward and held her long hanging breast in my hand.

The whole time Patricia kept uttering “Push it deep in me. Oh, yes fuck me. I need this so bad; I want you to fuck me. Yes, yes. Keep going lover, fuck me.”

Hearing the oldest lover I had ever had talking so erotically as I fucked her was pushing me to the edge. I grabbed her tiny waist with both hands and increased the power and speed of my fucking.

I surprised myself with my own words. “Yeah, you wanted a good hard fuck all day, can you feel how hard I’m fucking you? You wanted me to fuck you the moment you saw me didn’t you?”

“Yes baby fuck me hard, yes I wanted it, harder baby harder.” She shouted.

I was getting close to blowing my cum in her, so I pulled out.

“No, keep fucking me.” She pleaded.

“Turn over I want to see those big tits of yours and I want to suck those enormous nipples.”

“Oh, yeah, fuck me deep and squeeze my big tits.” She said as she rolled onto her back.

Patricia pulled her legs wide apart as I pushed my cock into her pussy again. She the lifted her ankles onto my shoulders saying, “Now fuck me nice and deep.” I lifted my weight onto my arms and started pounding my cock into her pussy like a pile driver. Patricia then grabbed both of her spongy breasts and held them together, the huge dark nipples swelling as she began to orgasm. Her voice almost trembling “Oh, fuck yes don’t stop I’m cumming.” As she continued to massage and maul her own breasts my cock started shooting cum deep into her pussy. I lent forward and locked my mouth onto one of her huge areolas as my orgasm continued and finally subsided.

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Arnold Augustus Cabot College

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Big Dicks

You’re relived when the car finally comes to a stop. You’ve spent the last three hours in the backseat of cab that’s been driving on some very windy mountain road. You feel nauseous when you step out of the car. When you manage to pull yourself together you take look around. You see a grey sky, green mountains, tall fir trees, perfectly manicured Kentucky blue grass and the gothic looking campus of Arnold Augustus Cabot College.

The cab drives off and you pick up your bags. You swipe ayour student issued key card through a scanner located at the main entrance and the college’s imposing wrought iron main gates slowly open for you. The first thing you see when you step onto the campus grounds is a large grey granite boulder with a bronze map of the campus attached to it. The next thing you do is walk over to the Dean Of Students’ office.

The Dean Of Students’ office is located in the college’s main office building. It is a large brick Queen Anne style building located in the center of the campus. When you open the buildings heavy oak doors you see a long hallway with checkered marble floors, a red English runner rug, Georgian style paneling, red flocked velvet wallpaper on the walls, brass art nouveau wall lamps, oak baroque paneling on the ceiling and speakers hidden behind plastic Boston ferns in brass Italian vases pumping out Romantic era German classical music. While your walking through the building you also notice that all of the staff is female.

The Dean Of Students’ office would look like it had came out of Agatha Christie novel if it wasn’t for the Computer sitting on top of Dean Of Students’ secretary’s desk. The Dean Of Students’ secretary is a five foot three, one hundred and thirty-five pound, twenty two year old bubbly Filipina with long silky black hair, copper skin, a round face, big dark brown almond eyes, chipmunk cheeks, a pug nose, full lips, a small chin, a juicy curvy body, size 36D pear shaped breasts, a round soft belly, a big perky bottom and a pair of thick shapely legs. She is wearing pearl earrings, a short pearl necklace, a white short-sleeved ruffle blouse, a black pencil skirt and pair of shiny black patent leather stiletto pumps. The nameplate on her desk has “Emiliana Marcos” written on it.

“Hi. I missed orientation because of a death in the family and the woman in the student services office I spoke to on the phone said that I was to report directly to the Dean Of Students’ office when I arrived on campus.”

“Give me your key card.”

You hand Emiliana the key card and she swipes it through a scanner connected to her computer. She looks surprised when she sees your information come up on the monitor. Emiliana then hands you back your key card.

“I’m going to need to see some photo id now.”

You hand her your driver’s license. Emiliana looks at it and then hands it back to you. Then she picks up the phone on her desk and tells the Dean Of Students that there is a student who missed orientation who is waiting to see her. When Emiliana gets off the phone she tells you that Dean Of Students will see you now.

The Dean Of Students name is Georgina Rockwell. She is a five foot five, one hundred and fourteen pound, fourty-three year old stern looking WASP from Bloomington, Indiana who has wavy light auburn hair down up in a loose bun, a deep bronze tan, a oval face, a pair of deep set indigo eyes, a straight nose, thin lips, a heart shaped chin, a thin tight body, size 34C orange shaped breasts, a tight flat stomach, a small tight bottom and a pair of long sculpted legs. Georgina is wearing a pair of GI glasses, small black pearl studs in her ears, a black army style skirt suit, a white dress shirt, a red silk tie, beige panty hose, and a pair of black puppy heels.

“I heard you could not attend orientation due to a death in your family.”

“Yes my paternal grandfather died of a heart attack two weeks ago.”

“That is unfortunate. Your grandfather was a very wealthy and generous man who helped raise millions of dollars for this institution. In fact your grandfather’s wishes are the only reason why you are enrolled at Arnold Augustus Cabot College right now. You are the only public high school graduate Ümraniye Escort who has ever attended this institution. I am sure that you know that Arnold Augustus Cabot College is the most exclusive men’s college in the United States and all of the students who are enrolled here right now have graduated from some of the top prep schools in the country. Normally to gain admittance a student needs to be a legacy or have letters of recommendation from three graduates. Now we here at Arnold Augustus Cabot College are not snobs but we do believe that public school students do not have the discipline and education necessary to complete this college’s rigid academic and athletic curriculum. We here at Arnold Augustus Cabot College also believe that public school graduates do not have the self-control that would allow them to comply with this college’s strict rules. Now if you do manage to graduate you will be able to get your master’s degree at the Ivy League school of your choice. Also here at Arnold Augustus Cabot College academic and athletic achievement is not rewarded with good grades alone. If you do good in this school you will be rewarded with extra phone calls home, you will be able to go on off campus trips, you be allowed to access to “special” areas of the campus and you will have sexual privileges with the campus staff.”


“While Arnold Augustus Cabot was working on Wall St. he observed that his worst employees were either young and sexually inexperienced or old and sexually frustrated. He also noticed that most of his employees frequented brothels on a regular basis These observations led Arnold Cabot to believe that sex is the driving force behind all of mankind’s achievements. So when he founded this college he hired some prostitutes and set up an on campus brothel. The way the system worked was that good grades would be rewarded with sex. This system lasted for fifteen years until Arnold Cabot discovered that male members of the campus staff were having more sex with the prostitutes then the students. So he fired the prostitutes and all of the male staff and came up with a new system. The first thing he did was to acquire an all female staff. Then he came up with a sexual merit system. The system works like this F and -D average students do not get any sexual privileges. D average students will be able to have privileges with the staff in the dormitory building they are staying at. C average students are able to have sexual privileges with all dormitory, custodial, maintenance and kitchen staff. B average students will get sexual privileges with all dormitory, custodial, maintenance, kitchen, security and teaching staff. A average students will be able to have sexual privileges with all dormitory, custodial, maintenance, kitchen, security, teaching, athletic, and administrative staff and if you manage to make it to on honor roll lets just say that your in for a surprise. Now all sexual encounters must be made by appointment at the Pleasure Department inside the Venus building. However some members of the staff do give out sexual favors in return for winning academic or athletic competitions or for completing certain tasks that they might assign you. Now do you have any other questions that you want to ask me?”


“Good. Pick up your and go over to the Eustace Priest Dormitory Building. Your dorm mother will show you to your room.”

You say goodbye and walk over to the Eustace Priest Dormitory. It’s a four story first wave Chicago school style brick building located on the far north east side of campus with the other dorm buildings.

The first thing you see when you open the building’s front door is your dorm mother. She is a five foot one, one hundred ninety-six pound, fifty-year old Utahan who has long straight sunflower blonde hair, ruddy skin, an oblong face, a pair of dark blue eyes, crows feet, a bulbous nose, sagging cheeks, a double chin and a big fat sagging body. She is wearing variscite earrings, a silver puffed heart necklace, a white v-neck stretch cotton cardigan a long denim jumper dress, white ankle socks and a pair of black rubber work clogs.

“Hello there. I’m Mrs. Jeffs and I’ll be your dorm İstanbul Escort mother. Now if you follow me I can show you up to your room. “

You follow Mrs. Jeffs up to the second floor. Your room number is 213. When you open the door you see a big single occupant dorm room that has a private bathroom, a small closet oak floors, a big red Edwardian rug, a steam radiator, dark green damask wallpaper, a queen size bed with a brass art-nouveau headboard, a oak Chippendale dresser with an internet radio sitting on top of it, a green leather swivel chair, and a oak pedestal desk with a brand new flat screen computer sitting on top of it.

“It’s five thirty serving dinner in the mess hall right now so why don’t go down to the mess hall and get something to eat. I’m sure your hungry after the long ride you had up here. When you get back from dinner I’m going to have questionnaire for you that I’m going to need you to answer for me. So when dinner is over I’ll be waiting here for you okay.”

You nod your head and head over to the mess hall. The mess hall is a long grey stone collegiate gothic style located in the north part of the campus. When you get in their serving turkey breast gravy and roasted vegetables. When you sit down you look around you. Your fellow classmates are an assortment of preppy scumbags, overachieving assholes, narcissistic nerds, snobby pricks and spoiled meatheads. Their the type of people you hated I high school. Looking at this collection of dicks you can understand why your father rebelled against your grandfather by going to a state college, getting a job in the public sector and sending his son to public schools. Its going to be you against the world this time but at least it will be better then the jockocracy you lived under back in high school. This time it looks like your going to be getting laid.

When dinner is over you head back to your dorm room and open the door you see Mrs. Jeffs is sitting on your swivel chair. You notice that she has a clipboard and a pen her hand.

“Sit down on the bed. I have a few questions I have to ask you now.”

“Did you read the student rule book yet?”

“No. I couldn’t make it to orientation due to a death in my family so I didn’t get one.”

“I’ll get you a copy of the rule book tomorrow morning. It’s very important that you learn the rules around here. The rules here are very strict and it’s very easy to get expelled. The important rules to remember is that you can’t have any drugs, alcohol, tobacco, internet, video games, girlfriends, unauthorized sexual encounters, and unauthorized phone calls. Also you can’t gamble, cheat plagiarize or leave campus without permission but the most important rule to know is that you do not talk about what happens on campus with anyone who has never attended Arnold Augustus Cabot College. If you do break that rule there will be some very serious consequences. Now do you understand the rules?”


“Good.” Mrs. Jeffs checks off a box on the questionnaire and asks you another question.

“Do you belong to any churches or any religious groups?”


“Do you belong to any clubs, organizations, or orders?”


“I hear you went to public schools.”

“Yes I did.”

“I’ve worked here for fifteen years and you’re the only public school student that I’ve ever heard of being enrolled here. I used to teach kindergarten at a public school in a small town in Utah and I also taught Sunday school at the local LDS temple until some recruiters from Arnold Augustus Cabot College showed up at my front door and gave me a job offer that I couldn’t refuse.”


“Yes. Now a lot of boys find the next question to be embarrassing so prepare your self.”


“Are you a virgin?”

You hesitate for a little bit but eventually you say yes.

Mrs. Jeffs puts the clipboard down on your desk and says, “Well then lets just take care of that now.”

Mrs. Jeffs stands up, takes off her cardigan, pulls off her denim jumper dress and kicks off her rubber clogs.

“We here at Arnold Augustus College believe that young man cannot reach full emotional and intellectual Anadolu Yakası Escort maturity until he has lost his virginity. It is also preferable that a student should lose his virginity before classes begin. Now I know your probably feeling tense right now so I want you to take a deep breath and relax okay.”

You never thought you’d end up loosing your virginity to a five foot one, one hundred ninety-six pound, fifty year old Mormon kindergarten teacher with ruddy skin, long straight sunflower blonde hair, a kind motherly face, flabby arms, size 42DD flat empty breasts, pink nipples, a large sagging stomach, a plump vagina, grey pubic hair, a large sagging behind, cottage cheese thighs, thick chunky legs and small feet but then again the world is full of surprises.

“Now I’m gonna turn on some soothing music to help you relax and then I’m going to help you take your clothes off okay.”

Mrs. Jeffs waddles over to your radio and turns on a Native American music station. Peaceful, soothing, gentle sounding Navajo flute music comes out of the radio’s speakers. Mrs. Jeffs then walks back to you and kneels down in front of you. She starts untying your shoes. When she’s done untying your shoes she slowly takes them off your feet, pulls of your socks, unbuckles your belt, untucks your dress shirt, unbuttons your cuffs, unties your necktie, unbuttons your shirt, pulls your shirt off your arms, unbuttons your pants, unzips your fly and pulls your pants off. Then she grabs the waistband of your boxer shorts and looks up at you.

“Now don’t be shy. I’ve seen hundreds of penises in my lifetime.” Mrs. Jeffs slowly pulls off your boxers. When you look down you see that you’re half hard. “There, there you have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not small. It’s the average size for boy your age.” Then she holds the head of your penis in her hand and starts rubbing your frenular delta. When your fully erect Mrs. Jeffs stops messaging your penis and stands up.

Mrs. Jeffs walks over to the head of your bed. You stand up and watch her. She lies down on your bed and spreads her legs. You get a good look at Mrs. Jeffs’ hairy wrinkled pussy and gaping anus. You’re starting to feel a little apprehensive. Mrs. Jeffs sees the apprehension on your face and gives you a big warm non-threatening kindergarten teacher smile and says in her gentle kindergarten teacher voice “Don’t be shy now. Come down here and hold me.” You kneel down onto the bed and lie down on top of her big, warm, soft, fat, flabby body. She smells like lilac body spray and you can hear her breathing gently. You lie motionless on top of Mrs. Jeffs until she says; “Okay its time to stick your penis inside of me now. Come on now. Don’t be scared. Trust me, your going to enjoy this.” You do what she says and you insert your hard prick into Mrs. Jeffs’ hairy wet vagina. You’re in classic missionary position now. Your inexperienced so your thrusts are hard and fast. Mrs. Jeffs starts moaning. She also starts to sweat profusely. Your thrusts gradually become faster and harder. Mrs. Jeffs is starts to grown. You start to feel the pressure building up in the tip of your penis. You stop thrusting and your penis shoots your semen deep inside of Mrs. Jeffs’ uterus. When your done cumming you pull out and collapse on top of Mrs. Jeffs’. Mrs. Jeffs is breathing heavily now but you can’t tell if you made her to orgasm. So you ask her,

“How did I do?”

“Oh don’t worry about that dear. It’s your first time. You’ll get better at it eventually.”

You roll off of her and onto your back. Mrs. Jeffs gets off the bed and slowly starts putting her cloths back on. Her hair is disheveled and she’s still sweating a lot. When Mrs. Jeffs is done getting dressed she says,

“I’m going now honey. I’ll make sure you get a copy of the rulebook tomorrow and if you ever want to talk to me about something just knock on my door okay.


“Good night now.”

“Good night.”

When Mrs. Jeffs leaves the room and closes the door behind you get up and turn on a bebop station on the radio. Then you take a long hot shower. You didn’t expect that your first time would be anything like this but it wasn’t bad. You had a good time. Then you start to think about Tuesday and you start to feel anxious. Classes begin on Tuesday and you have five hard classes that day. And your classmates are a bunch of assholes. It’s still better then High School though. At least your getting laid this time around.

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Anne , Paul’s Story Ch. 04

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Paul parked the car and he and Anne walked into the lobby of the apartment block. They took the lift to the sixth floor and Paul used the key to let themselves into the flat Anne had borrowed for the evening from their very close friend Jane.

As the front door closed behind them, Anne gave a quiet laugh and reminded Paul of the last time they had been alone in Jane’s flat and how they had put the kitchen table to such good use!

Although both married to other partners, they had formed a close relationship and found delight in each other’s company and intense satisfaction from a sexual intimacy based upon mutual trust and respect.

For this evening, however, Anne had agreed to be Paul’s ‘sex slave’ and to do anything he demanded of her.

Paul reached for Anne’s hand to lead her into the bedroom, but Anne held up her hand. “First” she said “I’ve a little surprise for you. Just sit on the couch and watch the TV.” Anne walked over to the VCR and put on a video.

Paul gazed in amazement as the video showed him and Anne in the kitchen and their exploits from the last time they had meet in the apartment. “I didn’t know you had a hidden camera. This is going to be fun!” he said as with quiet contentment he sat back to watch the video.

As they watched the video together, Anne unzipped Paul’s trousers and pulled out his erect penis. She started to give him a slow hand-job, careful not to excite him to much. Paul settled back in the couch giving little moans of pleasure as Anne masturbated him.

When the video showed Anne bent face down over the kitchen table with her arms outstretched and Paul taking her roughly from behind, Anne laughed and bent down to take Paul’s penis in her mouth. She ran her tongue around the end of his knob and then slowly sucked, flicking her tongue over the tip.

Once the video had finished Paul gently took Anne by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. There, he slowly undressed her and laid her back on the bed.

Taking two silk scarves, he lifted Anne’s arms above her head and tied her wrists to the bed-head. “Remember, you’re my sex slave for the evening. You must do everything I tell you to.” Paul said with a wicked grin. Anne felt a warmth grow in her belly at Paul’s words!!

Her excitement {and apprehension} grew as Paul produced a blindfold and proceeded to put it on her.

Anne jumped and moaned as Paul poured some baby oil on her breasts and gently started to massage them. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and pulled them mischievously. Suddenly, Anne felt Paul’s mouth close over her right nipple and he sucked at it like a starving baby. Anne felt her sexual arousal deepen as Paul gave the same treatment to the other breast.

While he suckled on her breasts, Paul slid his hand down her belly and between her legs. Anne gave a groan of delight and opened her legs to grant access to Paul’s Maltepe Escort probing fingers.

Paul rubbed his hand up and down the lips of Anne’s vagina, feeling her wetness. Anne gasped as Paul inserted his finger into her cunt and began a slow circular motion. “That’s wonderful Paul, don’t stop.” she begged “Keep finger-fucking me ~ I love what its doing to me!”. Paul grinned to himself and inserted a second finger. Anne laughed with delight and wriggled down to get his fingers deeper inside her. “That’s enough of that ,Slave. I need servicing now” Paul said firmly.

Anne made a sound of displeasure and struggled against her bonds as Paul took his fingers out and knelt beside her head. Still blindfolded, Anne felt Paul’s prick against her lips and she knew what was expected of her! She turned her head towards Paul. “Use me as you will Master” she said resignedly and opened her mouth like a good sex slave should. Paul slid his throbbing knob into Anne’s open mouth. Anne sucked eagerly as she heard Paul groan with pure delight at her expert blow-job.

After a while, Paul pulled out his penis and slid down the bed to take Anne’s legs over his shoulders and began to probe his tongue into Anne’s cunt. Anne moaned with pleasure as she felt Paul’s tongue inside her. Suddenly, Paul’s tongue found and sucked on her clitoris. “Don’t stop! Eat me, Eat me!” Anne demanded as she felt her orgasm wash over her. Paul kept up the tonguing until he knew Anne was satisfied.

“Now for your first surprise of the evening.” Paul said with a laugh as keeping Anne’s legs over his shoulders he began again to drive his tongue into her sopping wet cunt. As Anne gave into the pleasure of Paul’s cunnilingus she was suddenly horrified to feel another person’s mouth close over her right nipple and begin to suck on it! She struggled urgently against her bonds but Paul had tied her up well and as he also kept a tight grip of her legs. Anne knew that she had no option but to give into the stranger sucking on her breasts. She lay back and gave in to the feeling of intense pleasure washing over her.

“Would you like to meet our guest for the evening Anne?” Paul said as he removed Anne’s blindfold. Anne blinked against the flood of light, then to her surprise, and somewhat embarrassment, saw her friend Jane kneeling beside her!

Jane was naked and Anne saw her full large breasts with their dark nipples swinging over her. Further down, Anne could see the dark triangle of Jane’s pubic hair and she wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman.

“When Paul hinted of your plans for this evening, I asked him if he would mind two sex slaves!!!” Jane said with a grin. “He seemed quite taken with the idea!!” Anne smiled at Paul “I think we are all going to have a great evening. Let the fun begin.”

Paul untied Anne’s hands and kneeling between her legs rubbed İstanbul Escort his penis up and down her vagina. Anne groaned in anticipation and wrapped her legs around Paul’s back. She tensed in surprise as Jane knelt over her face and positioned herself so her womanhood was poised over her mouth. Anne could smell the unfamiliar scent of Jane’s cunt in her nostrils. “Suck me out NOW Anne.” Jane demanded and lowered herself. Anne’s tongue reached into Jane’s wet cunt and for the first time in her life Anne tasted the musky flavour of a woman’s pussy!

Anne placed her hands on Jane’s hips and frantically tongue-lashed her cunt as Jane moaned and rubbed her vagina on Anne’s face. In her enthusiasm for the task in hand {more correctly the task in mouth!} Anne had forgotten about Paul kneeling between her legs. Without warning he pushed forward and his prick slid deep inside Anne’s pussy!

Anne nearly fainted with pleasure as Paul began to fuck her like he’d never done before. She could hear Jane screaming “I’m cumming” as she rocked backwards and forwards and she felt Jane’s juices flow onto her face. At the same time her own orgasm washed over her and the walls of her vagina gripped tightly on Paul’s knob still buried deep inside her. Paul knew Anne was using the muscles of her vagina to ‘milk’ his penis and he could hold back no more as his own orgasm shuddered through him.

After a while they all untangled themselves and lay back on the bed laughing with delight. Following a brief rest, Paul opened a bedside cupboard. “Here’s the second surprise of the evening.” he exclaimed, holding up a strap-on penis. “Which of you ladies would like to try it on for size?” After much giggling, it was Jane who was ‘volunteered’ and she duly strapped it on.

“I think I need a blow-job to get me going again” Paul hinted lying back on the bed with his hands behind his head. Anne sighed in mock resignation and kneeling on all fours between his legs took his limp penis, still tasting of her, in her mouth.

She began to suck gently and could feel his erection swell and stiffen in response. Suddenly, she could feel Jane’s finger inserting itself into her exposed pussy and she pushed back to help it penetrate deeper. Soon a second finger joined the first one and Anne juices flowed in response to the stimulation.

Jane could feel that Anne was more than ready, so kneeling behind her, Jane positioned the strap-on penis at the entrance to her vagina and gently pushed the first inch or so of it in. Anne wriggled her bottom in frustration and, taking this as a signal, Jane pushed forward hard and watched the full length of the penis disappear inside Anne’s pussy.

Anne stopped sucking Paul’s knob and gasped: “That’s fantastic. Fuck me hard Jane. Give it all you’ve got!!” Jane laughed and began to slowly push her hips forward and backwards letting the false Anadolu Yakası Escort penis slide its full length in and out of Anne’s cunt. As the penis did its work, Jane reached under Anne and let her fingers play with Anne’s clitoris.

Anne was going crazy with lust as Jane’s fingers rubbed her clitoris and the false penis moved in and out of her. Orgasm after orgasm swept over her and she collapsed with a groan on top of Paul.

They all lay still for some time taking a well earned respite from the evening’s activities. Paul was the first to stir. “Right Anne, its your turn to try the strap-on.” he ordered. Jane took it off and handed it to Anne: “I don’t know what Paul’s got in mind now.” she said with a grin “but good luck!”

As Anne strapped on the penis, Paul told Jane to lay back on the bed with her legs wide apart. He then ordered Anne to kneel between Jane’s legs. “I want a show now!” he demanded. “Anne; shag the life out of Jane until she begs for mercy!” In response to his command, Anne positioned the penis at the entrance to Jane’s cunt and pushed it deep inside Jane. Jane gave a moan of pure pleasure and wrapped her legs tightly around Anne’s thighs pulling her into her. Anne started to ride Jane enthusiastically in response to Jane’s thrusting.

What Anne had not realised until she strapped on the penis was that there was a small extension inside the crotch that fitted inside her own cunt and rested against her clitoris. Every time she pushed the penis inside Jane her own pussy was assaulted with a tremendous feeling of pleasure!! She knew she could not hold out against this sexual onslaught for very long!

As Paul watched Jane & Anne servicing each other, Paul could not contain his excitement at the sight before his eyes. He started to wank slowly. Then an intense desire overcame him and he knelt beside the two girls. Jane instinctively knew what he wanted and turning her head towards Paul took his throbbing knob in her mouth.

She sucked his knob eagerly and ran her tongue around the tip. Paul groaned with animal pleasure as he came and his limp dick slipped from Jane’s mouth.

Anne had stopped her thrusting whilst Jane had given Paul a blow-job, but now she started again with renewed vigour! Jane clasped Anne to her as she felt her climax coming upon her and she returned Anne’s thrusts enthusiastically. “God I’m cumming. Don’t stop Anne whatever you do.” Jane screamed. “I’m cumming too!” Anne exclaimed and both collapsed as their mutual orgasm swept over them.


When the evening’s activities were finally over, Paul left first. His head was reeling from the pleasures he had enjoyed and he felt he could die a happy man!!! His balls ached a lot but he considered that a small price to pay!

Anne and Jane sat on the sofa drinking coffee and watching the video Anne had taken of her and Paul in the kitchen on their last visit.

When the video was over, Jane turned to face Anne. “I’m really horny again Anne! Paul’s left the strap-on penis here. Let’s you and I give it a thorough work out?”

Author’s Note: Did Anne agree to Jane’s suggestion? That, as they say, is another story!!!

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Anger Management Blues Ch. 03

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-I apologize that this one has been so long coming. I had most of it written a week or two after the last chapter but got writer’s block going into the date. I have had this finished for a few months, but life got in the way of editing this one. Thank you to all my readers and their patience. I hope to be wrapping this one up in another chapter or two.-


Without any groceries in the house, Oscar made the wise choice to go to Mel’s Diner the next morning. It was his favorite place to eat and a staple of everyone in town. Mel’s was family-owned for two generations, and someday soon, it would probably be three. Melvin Clark Jr. had taken over from Melvin Sr. who ran the place when Oscar was a kid. Oscars ties to Mel’s went back is rookie days as a patrolman. His first patrol included this area, so he usually started and stopped his shift here with a cup of coffee. In fact, that was how he met his late wife Wanda, she waited tables here and worked the morning shift.

As soon as Oscar walked through the door, Hanna, Mel’s oldest daughter, who was hostess, shouted out back to her father.

“Dad,” she hollered behind her with a massive grin beaming at Oscar. “We got an escaped jailbird here! Better call the cops!”

“Haha,” Oscar barked at her as he hung his coat on the hooks in the entranceway. “I was let out on good behavior.”

“Oh, we know,” Hanna said. “Dad and I saw that weird press conference. The rumor was that you got a beating in there from an orderly.”

“No beat down for me. Just good beating on an orderly that didn’t understand the meaning of the word “No.”

Hanna was Melvin’s oldest daughter of his four. At forty, she definitely looked it and never tried to hide it. She was the spitting image of her mother with blond hair dark rim glasses. They both had pointy noses with dark brown eyes. In all honesty, Hanna was not a looker but had all her father’s ambitions. She planned to take over for her dad when he retired. Oscar knew from prior talks with Melvin, he was ok with that but not the idea of retirement.

The diner was still empty on a Sunday because it was still way before the local churches let out. Oscar knew the routine well. If he got here before seven, he could always get his favorite booth in the back. Old cop habits died hard, and training always taught him to put his back against a wall with a clear sight of all the exits.

Oscar didn’t wait for Hanna to seat him. He just walked down to the booth at the far end and sat down. A few minutes later, Hanna dropped a cup of coffee in front of him just the way he liked it.

“You in a rush to order, or can you wait a bit for Rene to come in?” she asked, watching as a few new patrons walked in.

“No rush at all, hun,” Oscar replied. “I could use the paper if you got one. Don’t hurry, though.”

“I’ll have dad bring it out, he has a present for you,” she told him and then walked up to take care of the new customers. “Glad to have you back.”

Mel’s Diner was you’re traditional all chrome fifties-style diner. They were famous for the best hash browns in the county, and as per usual, Oscar would likely place two orders. The hash browns were just as good the next morning if he heated them in the microwave. That was no easy feat.

Oscar sipped at his coffee and watch the few cars out on the road this early. The Diner was right at the edge of town, making it a commonplace for everyone in the whole area.

“Oscar,” said a big heavyset man with Santa Claus style beard. “Good to have you back, man.”

Melvin, the owner, took a seat opposite Oscar and slid him the newspaper. It wasn’t just the newspaper though, underneath the paper he carried was something framed.

Oscar lifted the paper and laughed at the sight. Melvin had cutout last week’s news headline about Oscar saving a nurse. It was framed for Oscar and everything. Melvin pointed at a hook on the wall behind Oscar.

“Figured you might want to hang that up over your booth,” Melvin joked.

“Thanks, but I didn’t do anything,” Oscar said, holding his hands up.

“Yeah, yeah,” Melvin said mockingly. “Just like back in ninety-five when you were off duty, and that guy came in with a knife to rob me. I swore that kid shit bricks when you pulled your gun.”

“Right place, right time Mel,” Oscar said modestly. “Doesn’t always work that way.”

“True, but I thought my old friend deserved a bit of recognition.”

“Well then, I thank you,” Oscar said, extending his hand to the big man.

They shook hands, and Mel replied, “Your welcome, and I am sorry I missed your welcome home party yesterday. Nat swung by to invite us, but I couldn’t leave the diner.”

“No biggie,” Oscar said, placing the frame on the wall. “How long have we known each other? I know the drill, my friend. The only time I see you is here or if your wife invites me to dinner.”

“I am a workaholic. You know that. You’re going to have to tell me later about how they treat the patients up at Winterbrook. I have heard some horror stories.”

“I will. For now, let’s just say it isn’t so bad except Kartal Escort for the strictness. Us, old fogies are hard to break from bad habits.”

Mel tapped Oscar on the shoulder, “They took your cigars away, didn’t they?”

“You know it,” Oscar remarked, smirking.

The bell on the main door rang as more people began coming in. It Looked like it was going to be a busy Sunday at Mel’s.

“I think that is my cue,” Mel said, getting up from the table. “Rene should be here any minute.”

“Did someone say my name?” echoed from a tiny voice in the kitchen.

“Nevermind,” remarked Mel as he shuffled off to the kitchen. He waved goodbye to Oscar and shook his head as he walked away.

“I heard my favorite customer is here!” chirped a tiny blonde girl as she tied her apron over her jeans and t-shirt. Then walked over to Oscar’s booth, almost skipping with bubbliness.

Renee was the youngest daughter of Mel’s, and let’s just say, she was very much a surprise to the family when she was born. At four foot eight, she was a bubbly bundle of energy that never stopped. She looked nothing like any of her older sisters except her blonde hair. No pointy nose, not tall and lanky. Mel used to joke that she was the mailman’s kid, but there was no way she wasn’t his. Her eyes were the spitting image of Melvin Jr.’s baby blues. Natalie had babysat her most of her life, so Oscar was like her uncle. The girl wasn’t more than twenty and going to college for psychology. She only worked for her dad on the weekends.

“Hey, Tiny,” Oscar said to her.

“Hey, grumpy pants,” she quipped back. “The usual?”

“You know it.”

“DAD! OSCAR WANT HIS USUAL!” she screamed to the kitchen.

“Rene! No screaming!” jabbed Hanna from the front area, shaking her head in embarrassment.

The petite girl rolled her eyes and looked back at Oscar. She snickered at Hanna and pointed her finger.

“Some people, am I right?” she joked with Oscar.

“How’s school?” Oscar asked, trying to change the subject. He did on want to get in the middle a sister squabble. Those never ended well.

“Meh,” she said, leaning in closer to Oscar. “Why don’t you tell me about the big house?” she whispered to him.

“I was not in the big house,” Oscar stated dryly. “Just a mental health facility.”

“Stage any prison breaks, or get electroshock, or or…”

“No, ” Oscar said, interrupting her. “Nothing like that. It was pretty boring until I took out that orderly.”

“Didja karate chop him like in the movies?” Rene teased make a swinging gesture with her arms.

“No, just tripped him with my cane,” he told her. “It was pretty unremarkable. He was just a dumbass.”

“Did it make ya miss being a cop?” she asked, being more serious.


Hanna walked up to them with a pissed look on her face. Her hands were crossed, and her eyes were daggers. The diner behind looked like it was filling up quickly even for a Sunday.

“Leave poor Oscar alone, shrimp,” Hanna said. “I got you four more booths while you were over here bull shiting. So get to work.”

“Sure thing dear wonderful great much much much older sister of mine,” Rene replied with a salute. “Bet they don’t tip nearly as good as you,” she said to Oscar while fluttering eyes mocking innocence at him and then vanished.

“Seriously, Oscar,” Hanna said, smiling. “I don’t know why you encourage her.”

“She reminds me of what it was like to be young again. Also, I wish I could bottle her energy and sell it,” Oscar joked.

“Don’t we all,” Hanna said, going back to the front. “Dad says food will be a few more minutes.”

Oscar nodded and went back to his paper. The coffee here was sludge, but Mel kept the fancy stuff outback for himself. It was also the stuff he gave Oscar too. Over thirty years of friendship had to mean something.

Mel and Oscar went way back. Mel was only just shy of retirement, making him a bit younger than Oscar. Mel’s wife Joan and Wanda had been longtime friends going back to elementary school. Besides Oscar being here in on patrol, Wanda worked the register and helped hostess when the busy seasons came in. Renee had been born just after Wanda had passed, which was heartbreaking. Natalie and Tom were teenagers then so Natalie took a shine to the new baby. In her grieving, she helped Joan out with the baby in hopes it would brighten everyone’s sadness. That was why Renee and Oscar were so close. Renee spent many a day at Oscar’s house over the years while Joan helped her husband with the diner.

The newspaper didn’t inform Oscar of anything even close to new. Even after months away, nothing had changed in the headlines. Politicians were still fighting like children, and the economy was on edge to hit the shitter. Oscar sipped his coffee, not reading as he flipped pages in search of the crossword puzzle.

“Ehem!” coughed a familiar voice. “You look lonely in this booth. Mind if we join you?”

Oscar lowered the paper to see Daphne and her son standing there. He fought back his urge to scoop her up right there and Pendik Escort kiss her. This was a pleasant surprise. She wore a pair of dark blue denim jean cut-offs and a light gray tank top. Not as sexy as her dress from the previous day, but she still filled it out nicely.

“If I didn’t know any better, my dear, I would say I have a stalker,” Oscar kidded her.

“Of course you do,” Daphne replied, winking at him.

All the while, Peter stood there, confused by their exchange. Oscar put down the paper and gestured to the seat in front of him. Daphne slid into the booth first, and Peter slid in after her.

“So Peter, this is Oscar. And Oscar, this is Peter.” Daphne said, picking up a menu. “Oscar is the man who saved me last week.”

Oscar shook Peters, and they exchanged pleasantries. Peter was a decent looking kid but seemed a bit awkward socially. Oscar could relate, his nephew had been much the same way. It took time, but Oscar did his best to get Tom out of his shell.

“Thank you,” Peter told Oscar.

“For what?” Oscar asked a bit confused.

“For saving Mum,” Peter stated. “I wish I could have been there to help.”

Oscar just nodded in acceptance of Peter’s comment. The boy was protective of his mom, and Oscar was charmed by it. His nephew and niece had been much the same to him as they grew up.

“So, what brings you two out so early on a Sunday?” Oscar asked, sipping at his coffee.

“Peter here needs to buy his first car,” Daphne said, putting down the menu.

“Mooommm,” Peter chimed with embarrassment.

“How old are you, Pete?” Oscar asked.

“Eighteen next month. Going to be a senior this year,” Peter told Oscar.

“Good to own a car at your age,” Oscar told him.

“Yeah, most of my friends have had their cars for a year now.” He said bashfully.

“Ehhh,” Oscar remarked. “Don’t let that bother you. My nephew didn’t learn to drive until late in college. He got his first in his late twenties. Better freedom when you have one, he couldn’t believe it.”

Peter smiled at Oscar’s comment, and his mom interrupted. “That what I have been telling him. It would also be nice not to have to chauffeur him around town or let him take my car.”

“Yeah, but you put too much pressure on me,” Peter quipped.

As Daphne went to speak, they were all pleasantly interrupted. “Oh, we have guests today, Oscar! Should I be jealous?” Remarked Renee as she appeared with Oscar’s food.

“Nah, just some new friends,” Oscar said, smiling.

“Hey Peter,” Renee said, looking down at the young man. “Didn’t know you were friends with the old man over here.”

“Hey Renee,” Peter said back, turning red. “He is a friend of moms. We just got introduced.”

“Hey, Daph,” Renee said. “Coffee?”

“Sure. Two cream and one sugar,” Daphne replied.

“Tea for me,” Peter managed to get out.

“Be back in just a sec,” Renee said and disappeared in a flash.

“Ahhh,” Oscar said. “So you know Renee.”

“Yeah,” Peter said. “I tutored her in calculus the last year before she graduated. How do you know her?”

“I have been coming here since before she was born. Her mom was best friends with my late wife. I am her Godfather.” Oscar said, then pointed at his food. “Mind if I eat? Don’t want to be rude, but it is getting cold.”

Both replied, “no,” and the three sat there chatting and eventually all eating. Peter, who seemed a shy kid at first, opened up for Oscar right away. Oscar assumed it was because the kid had a massive crush on Renee. Knowing Oscar knew her and her whole family made the kid pretty chatty. Oscar was good and didn’t point out the crush, but it was pretty obvious. Peter blushed every time Renee looked at him. It was pretty adorable as far as puppy love goes, Oscar thought.

Just as they were wrapping up their meal, Peter excused himself to the bathroom. This left Daphne and Oscar alone. Oscar’s heart skipped a few beats in excitement to be alone with her. Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

“So I can’t wait for tomorrow,” she said as soon as Peter was out of earshot.

“Me too,” Oscar said. “I was thrilled to run into you today.”

“Well, I did hear from someone. This was your favorite hangout,” Daphne told Oscar with a wink. “Also, in case you couldn’t tell Peter has a thing for Renee. You should have seen his face when I said where we were going for breakfast. She came to our house about a dozen times last year for tutoring, and I didn’t know the boy knew what cologne was before her first visit.”

“I see him and his mother have a few things in common,” Oscar said with a smirk.

“Such as?”

“You have a thing for older men, and he apparently has a thing older women.”

“Oh, stop,” Daphne said with a small snot. “Renee is not that much older than him.”

“No, but I know a few old ladies that might love to get their hands on him,” Oscar joked.

“Not funny, Oscar,” Daphne said with less humor in her voice.

“Ok, ok. I am sorry,” Oscar said earnestly then quickly change the subject. “Tomorrow, did Göztepe Escort you have any particular place you wanted to eat or go? I haven’t taken a woman out on a date in over a decade, and I want to make sure of my success. Especially with one as lovely as yourself.”

“To be honest, Oscar,” she said frankly. “We could order pizza and stay in your bed for all I care.”

“Ooooh tempting,” Oscar said. “But I would like to show off someone as beautiful as you on my arm. If you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Daphne said, turning slightly red.

“Nothing fancy,” Oscar told her. “You can get away with casual attire but not too casual.”

“I have just the outfit. What time did you plan?”

“Three ish if that is not a problem?” he said as the plans for their date began forming in his head.

“No problem. Peter has been gone a while,” Daphne remarked, looking around.

“He is not gone,” Oscar remarked, nodding his head at the counter. Peter was there chatting with Renee, and she was giggling at something he said.

“Wow,” Daphne said. “I am shocked he worked up the courage to talk to her.”

“Me too,” Oscar said. “Seems like a good kid.”

“He is,” Daphne stated. “Though not usually this much of an extrovert. I usually have to nag him to talk to people.”

“Pretty girls make the world go around,” Oscar said, holding Daphne’s hand.

“I am beginning to see that,” she told him, squeezing his hand.

Both of them let go of each other’s hands as they realized Peter was returning. The boy was grinning like a pig in shit. Oscar assumed his little chat with Renee had gone well. Or at least well enough that he felt good about himself.

When Peter returned to the table, his mother excused herself to the ladies’ room. She left, stating, “If Peter was to drive her around all afternoon looking at cars. It was a good idea to make sure she didn’t piss herself scared of his driving.” Peter looked annoyed at this, but Daphne kissed him on the head and told him she was only teasing.

This left the two guys alone at the table. Oscar took a sip of his coffee, trying to think about what to say or ask Peter. Before he could, Peter broke the silence with a statement.

“So Mom seems pretty fond of you,” he said to Oscar.

Oscar just nodded in agreement.

“You seem pretty fond of her,” he said again.

“I am,” Oscar said, knowing the boy looked like he was about to make a point.

“I approve,” he said, extending his hand again to Oscar. They shook, and Oscar fought the urge to laugh.

Peter leaned in and whispered to Oscar so that no one could hear them.

“You hurt her, and I will break your legs,” he said with a big smile.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Oscar said, now belly laughing. “I like you, kid. You got balls.”

“When it comes to protecting Mom, I do,” He told Oscar. “She has dated some pretty big losers since Dad died. I feel like it is my job to protect her.”

“Goodman,” Oscar told him. “I wouldn’t dream of hurting her. She is a wonderful woman.”

Peter nodded.

“So Oscar, that was a pretty nice car you dropped her off in last night. What was that?”

And with that, the two guys bonded. Peter didn’t have a fixation on cars, but everyone seems to admire classic muscle cars. Oscar told him about the car and how long he had it. Daphne seemed pretty surprised when she came back. They were both laughing about some wacky tale Oscar was telling about him letting his nephew Tom taking the car out for a date. Oscar had arranged for an officer, who was a friend of his, to pull him over right after Tom had picked up his date. It was a mean joke, but Tom kept his composure with the officer. Tom and Oscar laughed about it now, but back then, Tom was so pissed.

Shortly after Daphne came back, everyone went their separate ways. Oscar, feeling the need to always be a gentleman, picked up the bill despite Daphne getting upset over the idea. What she didn’t know was that Oscar ate at Mel’s for almost free. All he did was pay for Daphne and Peter’s meals and leave Renee a considerable tip.

On the way out the door, Renee grabbed him and pulled him aside where no one could hear. They were standing in the small foyer at the entrance.

“Hey Oscar,” she said. “Don’t mess this up.”

“What hon?” he asked, confused by what she said.

“You heard me, you dirty old man,” she said with a smirk. “I saw how you and Peter’s mom were looking at each other. Don’t mess it up. She has the hots for you.”

Oscar blushed for the first time in what felt like years as Renee kissed him on the cheek. She then bounced back into the restaurant. Oscar was left deep in thought as he went back to the car. It had been so long since he had been delighted that all these feelings left him feeling like he could walk on air.

The rest of the day, Oscar made his plans for his date with Daphne. He picked up groceries, ran to the pharmacy for his meds (including the new blue pills he got the Dr to call in), and called in a few favors.

For the date, Oscar didn’t get super dressed up. He went with semi-dressed up, wearing a lightweight blue polo and pair of khakis shorts. Summer was ending, but the heat was still pretty high. He also wore sandals, but they were the hiking kind. Oscar loved the air on his feet, but the sneaker-like feel of them.

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And Boogie They Will

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After obtaining a prescription for a miracle of modern medicine, Tracy and I started finding reasons to see each other two or three times a week. Sometimes it would be just for company while shopping for everyday items, other times it would be a “date” for dinner or a movie. On one of our shopping trips, she insisted we stop in Victoria’s Secret and she brought a couple of sheer negligee’s and two pair of sexy panties. Needless to say, when we got back to her house I demanded a fashion show to show off her new purchases and neither the negligee or panties stayed on for long. One night she popped in as I was cooking dinner for the express purpose of giving me a blow job before she went to a work related meeting.

The next night, I decided to return the favor before I went to volunteer at the local movie theater re-purposed into a concert venue. I had decided after my wife passed that I needed to find something to occupy my time in the evenings and volunteering there was a good way to occasionally hear some good music, meet new people and generally pass the time I would have otherwise wasted watching TV or surfing the net. Some nights I’d sell or take tickets, other nights tend bar and even got to be the emcee once or twice.

After knocking, I let myself in and found Tracy in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. Moving behind her, I slipped my arms around her waist and leaned down to nuzzle her neck. My right hand moved lower and worked between her thighs to cup her mound. “MMMmmmm…” she cooed as my hand worked back and forth. Quickly I unbuttoned her jeans and worked the zipper down before

pushing her jeans down to her knees. Turning her around I pressed my lips hard to hers as I lifted her up and set her on the kitchen counter. Tracy kicked off her jeans as I leaned down and caught the waistband of her panties between my teeth. Stretching the elastic I hooked my fingers beneath it and, as she lifted her ass off the counter, I worked her panties down her legs and off her ankles. I started biting her inner thighs, turning my head to alternate sides with each bite a little higher. When I reached the top, I spread her legs wide and bit the tendon connecting her hip to her thigh. My fingers spread her labia exposing her clit which was swollen to almost twice it’s normal size. I blew a couple of puffs of air on it which caused her to shudder excitedly before slipping my tongue into her tunnel and letting my mustache tickle her clit. After probing her for a couple of minutes, I slid my tongue out and flicked her clit repeatedly. Her breathing and groaning told me she was close to her release so I caught her clit between my teeth and rubbed the tip of my tongue rapidly back and forth across her sensitive nub. Her thighs squeezed my head as I felt her body spasm and I quickly released her clit to lap up as much of her flow as possible. Straightening up, I smiled and bent down to kiss her quickly. As I turned to go she pleaded “Aren’t you going to stay and fuck me properly?”

“I can’t tonight…gotta go or I’ll be late”

“You bastard, you get me all worked up and you’re just going to leave me like this?”

I smiled “Yep. Next time I’ll ravish you in ways you’ve only ever dreamed about but I just needed a bite to eat before I go to collect tickets.”

“You’ll be lucky if there ever is a next time” she snapped in feigned indignation before I blew her a kiss and quickly retreated out the kitchen door.

That night the music was good, the crowd a good mix of young and old and my spirits high after teasing Tracy enough to get her off, but not enough to satisfy her. My phone buzzed with a text just before the band took a set break “Hav ur ass at my house at 7 tomorrow. Make sure ur dog is set 4 d night becuz u gonna b l8…and maybe you’d better take 2 of them pills.” I grinned as I put my phone away.

The next night, after the dog went for a long walk, had a full bowl Göztepe Escort of food and a few treats scattered around, I walked down to Tracy’s and at 6:59 I knocked on the door. When she answered the door my jaw dropped. She was standing there in a dark green see-through negligee with no bra and the skimpiest thong I had ever seen. For a 62 year old woman, she was scalding hot. Her nipples were erect with excitement and the dark green netting was perfectly complimented by her reddish brown hair. I stepped closer and wrapped my arms around her, leaned down and caught her ear lobe between my teeth and tugged it to the edge of pain before whispering hoarsely “You look fucking beautiful.”

“I’d better look beautiful enough to fuck, mister… batteries got a workout last night after you so cruelly left and I don’t have any more.” she growled.

My hand moved up and pinched her nipple hard as I felt the chemical assistance kick in and my cock stiffened immediately. My other hand dropped to her ass…..squeezing each still firm mound and pressing her close so my bulge pressed hard against her belly. “Ohhhhh…………yes” she moaned “I want that inside me….NOW.”

I backed her against the wall and stooped down to claw at her thong, almost ripping it down her legs. While she stepped out of the thong, I stood and tore open my belt buckle, the button of my jeans and ripped the zipper down. Moving my hips as I rubbed my head along her swollen lower lips caused my jeans to slide down my legs. Placing my hands against Tracy’s ass, I lifted her up and lowered her down to impale her on my cock. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I repeatedly drove into her with hard thrusts. This was not tender lovemaking or sympathy sex, this was full on battle of unbridled lust.

After a few minutes, age caught up with me and I had to set her down. “On your knees, slut…….ass in the air.”

Calling her a slut seemed to take her to another level. “You like it when I talk dirty to you don’t you?”

“Yes, I want to be your slut to use and I want you to be my stud to use as I see fit. Now stick your cock in me before I turn around and bite it off.”

Not wanting to see just how serious she might be, I gripped her hips and shoved roughly into her again. My hips drove against her ass as she completely engulfed me. I reached up and grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled it as I pistoned in and out. Tracy hit her peak and let out a stifled scream as her vaginal muscles clamped down around my cock sending me into a frenzy and what felt like a massive explosion.

I collapsed against her back, kissed her neck and then slipped my cock from her as her pussy dripped a bit of our mixed cum. Stretching out on the floor, unable to move, I held her close. She kissed me tenderly and sighed “Thank you, that was just what I needed and how I needed it.”

After a few minutes rest, Tracy’s hand found my cock and slowly stroked it. “You’re still hard, even after an orgasm.”

“Yeah, I guess the pharmaceutical company figures us old guys may not get it often so they’d better make it so we could go more than once.”

“Well, you fucked me so hard my pussy is going to need a while before it wants any more visitors. But I want to ask a question.”

Eyeing her a bit suspiciously, I replied “Go ahead, but the last question you asked got us into this predicament.”

“Remember the first time when you stuck your finger in my ass and caused me to cum? Did you used to do that with Mary when she was alive?”

“Yes, although she was not as excited by it as you seemed to be, I did occasionally do that to her as well”

“Did you ever fuck her in the ass?”

“Yes, she seemed to like that even less than my finger, but we did do it a couple of times.”

“Would you do that with me?” she asked a bit shyly. “I’ve never had a guy back there, and after your finger, İstanbul Escort I’ve thought about almost nothing else.”

“If you want, I’d love to. I’ll take it slow and if it ever hurts too much, I’ll stop and not be upset with you.”

She flopped her leg over me and turned to give me a long tongue filled kiss. We kissed some more as she rubbed my still stiff cock with her leg. “Let’s go to bed”, I said as we broke our kiss, “this floor is too hard and too cold for these old bones.”

She rolled off of me and I stood and helped her up before following her down the hall, my eyes glued on that prize that would soon be mine.

“Do you have any lubricant? The last thing I want is for this to hurt you and cause you distress.”

She pointed at the dresser. “I got some today” she smiled mischievously.

“Pretty sure of yourself, weren’t you, my little slut”

“No, not really sure of myself at all, but I know I want to experience it….and I want to experience it with you.”

I grabbed the tube of KY and laid on the bed, pulling Tracy onto the bed so she straddled my face. Holding the tube in one had to warm it up a bit, I used my other hand to stroke lightly along her lower lips and across her perineum. The tip of my tongue worked under her hood and teased and circled her clit. Popping open the tube, I squeezed a bit of lube along the cleft of her ass and moved my finger along her crevice to get my finger sufficiently coated. As my tongue worked up into her pussy, I pressed my finger against her tight pucker. Slowly I worked it into her, stopping at the first knuckle until I felt her ring of muscle relax and accept my presence. Tracy groaned and rocked on my tongue as I pushed deeper until the second knuckle was buried. I wiggled my finger which caused her to jump. “Ohh, lord, that feels fucking amazing.”, she moaned.

After pushing in as far as my finger could reach, I slowly withdrew until it was almost fully out before pushing it back in deep again. I stroked her for a few minutes as I feasted on her tasty pussy and then moved out from under her and knelt behind her. I put some lube in my palm and started to stroke my cock to cover it and then smacked her ass with my cock head a few times. Her anus was still open from it’s massage and I positioned myself against it and slowly pushed my head inside. Tracy gasped and I stopped for a moment, lingering just inside to let her get used to the feel.

Starting again I pushed steadily until my pubic hair was mashed against her ass. Tracy moaned , whimpered and sighed as wave after wave of new feelings careened through her. I reached around and brushed my fingers across her clit which caused her to tense up. “No, leave my clit alone. I want you to fuck my ass until I come.”

Knowing what she wanted, and that she wanted it from me, I complied immediately. Slow and steady for the first couple of minutes, and then increasing the speed and need. Each time my hips hit her ass, Tracy grunted and pushed back against me. I gripped her hip with my right hand while my left reached out for a fistful of her hair. Pulling against her hair for leverage I sent my cock repeatedly into her. Tracy’s moans ran together into one long guttural sound before she started bucking and thrashing like a banshee. Her orgasm lasted a full thirty seconds before she moved forward, ejecting my cock with a pop, and collapsed on the bed.

I held her tight until she stopped trembling and then brushed her hair from her face before kissing her eyelids, the tip of her nose and finally her lips. In a very sleepy voice, I heard her say “I know this is supposed to be a friends thing, but I think I love you.”

It took me a moment to process what I had just heard and by the time I replied, she was softly snoring. “I’m pretty sure I love you, too” I said as I drifted off to join her in dreamland.

The next morning I opened Anadolu Yakası Escort my eyes to see Tracy looking down at me as she ran her fingernail lightly along the underside of my cock. “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to walk today after getting fucked that hard in both my pussy and my ass. But you didn’t get to cum in my ass, did you? I was really hoping you would.”

I crooked my fingers and brushed it lightly along her cheek “No, modern science can help me get hard and stay hard, but it doesn’t help me recover any quicker.” I smiled a bit wickedly and continued “After a few hours sleep though….”

She laughed and squeezed my cock playfully “Come on, I need a shower and I need you to wash my……back.” She got up and started walking, or should I say gimping, toward the bathroom “Oh, God, I’m so fucking sore you bastard.”

Chuckling, I got up and joined her in the bathroom as she was running the shower to get the water warm. We stepped inside and closed the door. I took her shower gel and squeezed some onto my one palm and, after rubbing my hands together to spread the gel, placed my hands flat on her breasts and cleaned and massaged them. Her nipples hardened against my palms and my fingers slid down her skin and I caught each nipple between my thumbs and forefingers. I pinched each and then rolled them back and forth as Tracy stood there, eyes closed, totally enjoying the sensations as the warm water cascaded over us. I pinched each nipple hard again before squeezing more gel into my hand and lathering up her stomach and moving my hand lower when I suddenly stopped. Tracy’s bush had been fairly thick and unkempt, with enough gray in it to verify her age, but now it was trimmed into a thin landing strip and it was the same reddish brown as her hair. “You like it?” she asked.

“It looks fantastic,” I replied, “When did you do that?”

“After you left me worked up the other night, I decided you weren’t going to leave me in need again, so I decided to give my crotch a makeover. But now, leave my pussy alone, it’s my turn to wash you.”

Stooping down she took the gel and placed a dollop on my tip. She rubbed her thumb across the tip and then wrapped her hand around my head. Working hand up and down, she stroked me slowly. My pharmaceutical aid must not have completely left my system as I felt my cock lengthen and stiffen. “I want that thing clean, I know where it’s been.” Tracy giggled.

“And it will be there again” I groaned.

Tracy looked up and me “You bet your ass it will, and it’s going to cum in me, too. But not today, if you do, I won’t walk for a week.”

I smiled as she applied more gel to her hand and reached around to clean my ass. Her fingers moved slowly up and down my cleft as she leaned in closer and kissed the tip of my cock. Opening her mouth, she descended on my shaft until her nose was tight to my pubes. As she worked her lips and tongue along my shaft, I felt her press her finger against my tight pucker. I groaned loudly as her finger wiggled into my ass. The feeling was amazing and unique for me since no woman had ever done that before. Tracy massaged my prostrate as her mouth attacked my cock like a woman possessed. I let her continue a few minutes before grabbing her hair and starting to fuck her mouth violently. My swollen head tickled her tonsils repeatedly as I felt my release building rapidly. Pulling her head tight to my hips, my head entered her throat and my body jerked madly as wave after wave of cum slid down her throat. As my orgasm subsided, she kissed lightly along my sensitive shaft causing it to jerk and wave in the air. I helped her up and kissed her long and deep, the taste of my cum coating her tongue. Breaking our kiss, I smiled at her “You really are one sexy old broad.”

“You’re not so bad yourself. I’ve had more orgasms and better sex with you in the last couple of months than I did in twenty two years of marriage.”

We dried each other off and each put on our jeans but no shirts and headed for the kitchen. “I need some coffee and something to eat before we decide how we’re going to spend the rest of the day.” she said with a devilish smile on her lips.

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An Old Man Remembers

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Big Tits

An old man remembers.

This is a true story, based on my life.

I was 17 and bored. I worked in a Perfume factory as a line porter. I filled the machines with various creams, nail polish and big slabs of lipstick. There were 100 women and 5 men on the shop floor. Most of the women delighted in embarrassing and teasing me as I was by far the youngest.

The exception to the rule was Rose,I think she was in her mid 30’s, attractive and friendly. As my 18th approached I decided that I wanted to join the Royal Marines and filled out a form from the Daily Mirror. A few days later an information pack arrived, the covering letter invited me for interview and medical at Cambridge. Passing the Interview and Medical it was agreed that I would join the next induction in 5 months on November 5th. My parent’s talk of a leaving party made returning to the factory just about bearable. As news of my leaving to become a Marine circulated, the teasing and torment stopped, some of the women started calling me Mike instead of “Boy or Sprog.”

My 18th Birthday was on a Friday. Rose and some of the other women invited me to the local pub to celebrate my 18th. The beer flowed freely, soon I was pissed and in no state to drive home or return to work. Saying they would cover for me, the women went back to work as I finished my beer. Staggering out to the car park I saw Rose leaning against my car.

“Hello Mike, wanted to make sure you were all right and didn’t drive.”

“Thanks, am just going to curl up on back seat and go to sleep.”

“Well give me your keys and I will take you back to my place. Coffee and a sleep on settee will sober you up.”

Handing my keys over, I fell into the passenger seat and passed out. Shaking me awake, Rose helped me into her home.

As she leaned in to get me out of the car I had a clear view of her large, bra clad tits. Feeling my cock start to stir I erupted into a fit of drunken giggles. Looking puzzled

“What is so funny.”

“I just seen your tits.”

“Hmm did you like what you saw?”

“Oh yeah, very nice, can I feel?”

My brain was telling me to shut up, but my beer mouth kept on.

“You got lovely tits and a great arse.”

Rose looked quite shocked, “maybe later” I heard her say as I fell asleep on her couch. Waking about an hour later i was busting for a piss, I think I pissed about 3 gallons. Feeling much better I walked back to the lounge where Rose was holding a cup of black coffee.

As I drank my coffee I noticed that her hair was wet and she had changed into a short dressing gown. The gown was showing glimpses of her upper thighs and the swell of her arse cheeks as she bent slightly to put stuff in the bin.

“Very nice” was all my drunken mouth could manage.

“Was beginning to think you were gay,” she giggled as I tried to make my raging cock more comfortable in my very tight jeans.

“Have you seen a women nude before?”

“Of course,” I blustered as my alcohol fogged brain started to clear and my cock threatened to burst the buttons of my bell bottom jeans. I had seen a women nude, spied on my sister a couple of times and mums towel had slipped a little as she left the bathroom!

“Would you like more coffee” Rose said, as she walked towards me.

Nodding dumbly, I watched as her dressing gown parted at the top exposing her milky white tits and large nipples, as she bent to collect my cup. Taking the opportunity I grabbed a handful and marvelled at the softness of her skin. Moving my hands over her ample tits I was surprised at how her nipples poked into my palm.

Groaning, Rose shrugged off her gown and pushed herself onto my hands. I was transfixed as I played.

Pulling my head forward she encouraged me to suckle her left nipple and moved my hand down her body. Taking her large nipple into my mouth I soon discovered that swirling my tongue around and flicking it caused Rose to groan with pleasure. As I experimented on her tits Rose undid my belt and eventually the buttons on my jeans. Dropping to her knees, I was disappointed as her nipples were taken away, but elated as she started to kiss and lick my bell end.

After just a few minutes, I could feel my balls start to boil as she sucked and licked me. Sensing that I was about to come, Rose stood up and straddled me on the armchair.

“Sorry but I need this”

I was a little confused as she reached between our belly’s and grabbed my cock. All became very clear as she moved slightly and I penetrated her wet softness. The feeling of her heat and wetness as her pussy gripped my cock was unbelievable. As I felt her pubes hit mine I shot my load, Rose groaned in disappointment, but I was in heaven. Taking me by the hand she lead me upstairs to the bathroom.

Walking in front of me on the stairs, I could clearly see the pink of her pussy with my spunk bubbling from her hole. After we had cleaned up she took me to bed, as we kissed and cuddled I ran my fingers between her legs and feasted on her tits. Guiding my fingers to her pussy Rose spread her legs wide, with a little more guidance she started to breathe Anadolu Yakası Escort heavily. Concentrating hard on the spot she had directed me too I Varied the pressure and frequency as I rubbed her pinkness. Her squeals of pleasure, told me I was on right track. As she threw her head back and her whole body trembled and shook, I felt a surge of wetness on my fingers as I witnessed a women cumming for the 1st time.

Her orgasm seemed to last some time as she shook and shivered, unsure of what to do I kissed and stroked her thigh. My cock was raging hard again, pulling me onto her she guided me into her sopping hole. Slowly pushing my length into her,I felt her pussy grip me as she erupted into another orgasm. Wrapping her legs around my waist she pulled me deep inside her, moving her hips she ground herself against me. The feeling as her pussy worked on my sensitive bell end were and still are indescribable.

As I felt myself starting to cum I wanted to ram in and out of her. Rose kept her legs locked around my waist and as I erupted deep inside her she launched into her 3rd orgasm. Collapsing in a sweaty heap we slept. Feeling Rose struggling to get out from underneath me, I flopped on to the bed beside her.

“Happy 18th, did you like your present?”

“Oh yeah, can I have some more?”

“Well it’s nearly 5pm and my husband will be home shortly, maybe another day.”

Following her into the bathroom, we shared a shower. As I soaped her body I vowed I would have her again and learn more about the strange tangle of pink flesh between her legs. I hardly remember the 15 mile drive home as I thought about the world of pleasure Rose had exposed me too. Rose and I fucked each other at every opportunity over the following weeks and with her patient guidance I became a skilled lover.

The factory was put on short time, finishing at 2pm each day. Although the loss of wages in were painful, Rose and I were able to have sex every afternoon. Coming into work one morning I found the gates locked. The maintenance staff were on strike, telling us all to go home the manager said we should phone later. Giving 3 of the women lifts home Rose and I headed for her house. As normal I parked the car around the corner, Rose walked home and I went round the back, jumped the fence so the neighbours didn’t see me going into her home.

Having discovered that pussy tasted as good as it felt I loved licking her until her pussy poured girl cum. Knowing that we had the whole day together we were locked into 69 when the sound of a lorry pulling up outside had Rose running to the window.

“Oh fuck, that’s Brian my husband, you have to go, he will kill you.”

Not needing to be told twice I gathered my clothes. Getting out of the back bedroom window, I dropped onto the extensions roof, climbed over the fence and walked back to my car. As I drove off my heart was hammering and my cock was painfully stiff. Calling the factory later I was told the engineers had agreed to go back to work. Because nothing had been done over the weekend it would be Wednesday before the line would be running.

I was late getting up for work as some mates and I had been on a bit of a pub crawl the previous night. Arriving at work I was sure I was still pissed, running my little Wolsey Hornet into the gate post, confirmed my fears. Reversing off the post I settled down for a snooze, sometime later I woke to find a very angry looking manager banging on my car window.

Dragging me into his office he issued

“A verbal warning a written warning and a final written warning.”

I had no fucking idea what his problem was or how he could warn me 3 times about the same thing on the same day. Telling him to “go fuck himself” I screwed it up and wiped the warning across the arse of my jeans.

“Go home, sober up and come back tomorrow.”

Fully expecting to be sacked, I was in work early the next morning and by 8.30 I had loaded all the hoppers, filled the various other stations on the lines and sheepishly walked into his office at 9am.

“Feeling better this morning?”

“Yes, I am so sorry about yesterday.”

“Ok, I was young once”.

A large smile spread across his weathered face as he told me to sit down.

“I hear you will be leaving in October, joining the Marines” he exclaimed. Seeing a chance of keeping my job I relaxed. As we chatted, John said that he had been a paratrooper in WW2 and would be happy to help me prepare for military life. Tearing up my written warnings he smiled as he looked at me,

“Fair enough?

Thanking him I left his office, returning to the line I noticed that Rose wasn’t at work. The morning flew by as 5 lines were running. I was kept busy topping up the hoppers with, face cream, hand cream and nail polish. Part of the nail polish line required small ball bearings to be put into nail polish removal fluid and a single ball bearing to be dropped in the bottle, to agitate the polish when shaken. The removal fluid made the bearings cold. I used to take great pleasure in scooping up a few and trying to lob them down the front of the girls shirts. Bostancı Escort It still makes me laugh remembering the squeals of shock as a cold ball of steel found its way inside their bras.

It was a stunning day so I bought a can of coke and sandwich from the canteen and sat on the grass by the car park. As I finished my lunch, Rose waked across the car park. She looked stunning, she was wearing a short red and white summer dress. As she walked towards me I admired her long shapely legs. The thin fabric of her dress clung to her curves, as she got closer I could clearly see her nipples straining against the fabric of her dress. Hidden by some trees she reached up for a kiss, as we kissed my hand dropped to her arse. The smoothness of her arse confirmed she wasn’t wearing panties either! Dropping my hand to the hem of her skirt my fingers soon found their way between her legs.

Rose was obviously very horny, she was absolutely drenched. Reaching between us, Rose unzipped my trousers and fished my rapidly hardening cock out of my pants. A few strokes of her hand on my cock as I twiddled her clit and we were both ready to go. Turning away from me she put her hands on the tree spread her legs and pushed her arse out. Getting behind her my cock found her sopping wet hole. I bottomed out in her soaking wet pussy with one stroke. After a frantic fuck we laid on the grass, Rose suddenly looked serious.

“I have been to the doctors this morning.”

“Wondered why you weren’t at work, you ok?”

“Yes, never felt better.”

After a few minutes of silence I felt that she wanted to tell me something.

“So what’s up.”

“Nothing, well except I am pregnant!”

She quickly added, “Don’t worry, its what I wanted, Brian will be over the moon.”

“How far gone.” Was all I could think to say.

“12 weeks, due on 17 December.”

“I have wanted a baby for so long, it wasn’t working with Brian. Obviously I have been having sex with both you and Brian, so cant be sure who is the father. Don’t really care to be honest, as I love you both. I thought it was best to tell you, I don’t want anything from you, maybe one day you will come to see us and realise how complete and happy you have made us.”

As she talked I felt my cock stiffening, in a strange way knowing that her pregnancy was my child turned me on.

“Best I have some more cunt then before your belly gets to big!”

As I entered her with long powerful thrusts, sex took on a whole new meaning, as I shot my load into her steaming pussy I almost cried with joy and pleasure. That was the last time I saw Rose, she wiped herself with some tissues and headed for Johns office. She wasn’t on the line in the afternoon and her friend, Brenda, handed me a note as we got in our cars that evening.

” Darling Mike, I am so sorry that I didn’t have the courage to tell you earlier. We cannot be together as I don’t want anything to screw, what I now have, up. I hope you can understand my reasons, I am nearly twice your age, and love Brian. Please don’t come to the house or phone me, it really is the best solution.”

“Good luck in the Marines. Rose.”

Feeling slightly crushed I drove home in silence, by the end of my 15 mile drive I was wondering where I was gonna get regular sex now.

A couple of years later I heard Rose had died. Unsure if she died in child birth, apparently a piece detached from her lung and found its way to her heart, killing her and the baby.

Since Rose had introduced me to the pleasures of sex, I viewed women differently. Imagining how they looked when cumming, wondering how they tasted and smelt. After a few flings with girls my age in the village,I decided I needed an older women as none of them really satisfied me. I fucked most of them, hated having to wear a Durex and their inexperience frustrated me. I did enjoy putting Roses teachings to good use though, more than once they asked me,

“What the fuck are you doing too me.” As they crashed into their 3rd or 4th orgasm.

My chance came as mum asked me to go help out at the local jumble sale. It was run by a lady called Patricia and was in aid of the village hall. Patricia was a slim, elegant lady in her late 40’s. Explaining to me what she needed, we set to work sorting out the various bundles of clothes, toys and household items. On this particular day, Patricia was dressed in a unflattering plaid skirt that stopped just above her knee and a cream blouse. As I worked I watched her, trying to imagine what was underneath her boring clothes.turning her back to me she stooped and bent to pick up a heavy bundle of clothes.

The effort required her to bend a little more and as she spread her feet a little her skirt rode up a few inches, exposing her lower thighs to my greedy eyes. Rushing over to help, I was rewarded with a flashing smile, grabbing an end each we easily lifted the bundle onto the table. Returning to my table I watched as she bent and twisted trying to cut the string holding the bundle. As she lent across the package her skirt rode up and I was sure I could see the top of a Stocking.

I Erenköy Escort had seen pictures of stockings in magazines, as I imagined her garter belt and suspenders my cock was rock hard. After a few minutes she asked if I would like a cup of tea and a biscuit, following her into the kitchen I had to adjust my cock as I watched her hips sway. The kitchen was quite small and narrow so I waited by the door as she put the kettle on. As she waited for the kettle to boil she opened a cupboard and reached for a tin on the top shelf.

As she stretched to reach the tin her blouse pulled taut, giving me a great view of the outline of her fairly small pert tits. Moving to one side she asked me to get the tin down. As I squeezed by her I took the opportunity to feel her arse, putting my hand flat I let my fingers drop into the curve between her legs. Hoping that if she objected I could say it was accidental. As I got the tin down she turned to face me, her face seemed flushed and she was smiling.

“Thanks Mike I…..”

Her words were cut off as I squeezed by her again and placed my hand between her legs. Expecting the worst I prepared for a torrent of abuse, instead her legs parted slightly as she pushed her hips forward. Going for broke I leaned in and kissed her, wondering how I was going to explain myself if I had read her wrong. Kissing me back her tongue darted into my mouth as my hand caressed her tits. As the kiss continued I ran my hand up her thigh, confirming that she was wearing stockings.

When my finger reached her crotch she parted her legs, rubbing my finger along the slot of her pussy I was surprised at how wet her panties were. Moving her panties to the side I plunged 2 fingers into her dripping hole, then moved up to her clit. As I flicked her little nub with the tip of my finger her legs buckled as she let out a wail. Suddenly standing up, she pulled my hand from her snatch.

“We, I…cant do this, I am old enough to be your mother!”

“It doesn’t matter, I wont tell if you don’t,” I joked.

As she practically ran out of the kitchen I thought I had blown it, seeing her stop at the door and lock it my cock jumped in anticipation.

“Maybe we could just make each other cum, I cant have full sex with you”

Walking back towards me she stopped at her table, seeing the look of uncertainty on her face I kissed her as I laid her on the table. Moving down her body I lifted her skirt, exposing her hairy twat with her panties still pulled to one side. Unlike Rose her pussy was lipless and her bush was sparse, I could see the nectar running out of her open hole, lowering my head I ran my tongue the length of her pussy, loving the taste and musky scent of her gaping cunt. As my tongue worked on her clit I released my straining cock, as she started to cum her head flopped back as she moaned and hissed.

Taking a chance I straightened up, grabbed my cock, ramming it deep into her pussy was just what she needed, as my cock forced her folds apart she howled and thrashed about as she came again and again. Waiting until she came down I gently pushed in and out of her. Moving her arse to the edge of the table and sitting up she kissed me.

“It’s ok, I want to feel you to come deep inside me.”

As she started to come again my cock expanded and shot my load deep into her body.

“Thank you, that was amazing,

It has been so long since my husband bothered”

Looking particularly embarrassed and shy Patricia pulled her panties over her sodden hole, tugging her skirt down as she headed for the ladies. Washing my cock in the kitchen sink I shoved it back in my boxers and waited for her to come out of the ladies.

It was a full 15 minutes before she returned, her eyes were lowered and she looked really embarrassed.

“Why did you do that? I suppose it was just a one off, a good looking lad like you shouldn’t be interested in an old women like me”

“Nonsense, that was the best fuck of my life…..and your not old. You have a hot body, great legs and a pretty face.”

Patricia started to relax, my words were just what she needed to hear.

“So you would like to do it again?”

“Of course, come here, let me at you”

Giggling like a school girl her flashing smile returned.

“I didn’t mean now, I meant……would you like to spend time with me next week?”

As we finished sorting the bundles of clothes, Patricia explained that she had lots of spare time and would love to see me again when I had time. Later in the week I phoned her from work, she sounded genuinely happy to hear from me. Arranging to meet in a pub on Friday night, her parting comment “Don’t forget your toothbrush.” Made my cock throb.

The Three Tuns was about 30 miles away, obviously she didn’t want any of the locals seeing us together. It was a big old country pub, with a small hotel out the back. Looking at my watch I saw I was about 15 minutes early, so decided to wait in the car. About 30 minutes later her Rover P5B swept into the car park and parked opposite my car. The sight of Patricia as she got out of her car took my breath away. Her red hair was swept into a bun, gone was the heavy plaid skirt and dreary blouse. Her short dress was about 4″ above her knee and fitted her form perfectly, accenting her small breasts and the swell of her hips. Her long shapely legs were bare and she wore shoes with a 3″ heel.

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An Erotic Grotesque

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What made having her an absolute necessity to him was the unselfconsciousness with which this woman of advanced age was dressed as a seventeen year old slut intent on sin. It was the utter incongruence of her that made her irresistible.

He had seen her at a table in the corner as he walked through the door of the café. There was no need for him to look around to see if there were any other women around; younger, more obviously attractive or conventionally desirable. It did not matter. It was impossible that he might prefer any of them, so he went and sat at a table quite close to her, though not right next to her. He did not want to be too obvious, even in approaching a woman as obvious as her; nor did he want to her to see how obvious it was that he wanted her and how much he assumed that he was obviously going to have her.

She had been there for fifteen minutes or so before he had arrived and she had eyed all of the men older than sixteen and younger than forty and seen that none of them were adventurers and her eye had fixed on the door in the hope that an adventurer might come. When he arrived she saw him, knew instinctively that what she had been hoping for had arrived and looked away as though she had not noticed him. But he had seen her notice him and she had seen him notice her. He sat down and the game of surreptitious, yet indiscreet looking and looking away began between them.

He was a man of thirty one and an erotic adventurer. He was notably good looking and slim and tall with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes a fine jaw line and good taste in clothes. He pursued the unlikely, the bizarre and the grotesque. He did not seek some ideal woman, or pursue the essence of femininity through a string of beautiful women through whom he might reach some imaginary ideal. He wanted to have every different kind of woman there was and he wanted them for what they were and not what they could represent to him.

She was a woman of sixty-two, but her manner of dress made her appear younger, though not as young as seventeen. A generous observer would have said fifty or so. She was heavy, though not fat and her long peroxide blonde hair was pulled up and tied tight on the top of her head, with a pony tail hanging down the back to her neck and beyond. Her make up was garish and thickly applied. Her lips were painted with the brightest red lipstick and she wore a deep powder blue eye shadow that you could have left fingerprints in. Her eyes were brown and the tones of her skin coffee dark. She was wearing a very tight leopard skin print top that clung to every roll of her torso. The neckline ventured as far south as it could without allowing her very generous boobs to tumble out, though tumbling was only a possibility because they were being pushed up by a bra, their natural bias being to hang.

The bra, as he was later to discover, was red with a decorative lacy pattern around its edges, and entirely see-through, and its outline pressed now against the material of her leopard skin print top. Below she had favoured the tightest of jeans, which clung to her very ample behind and, were she to open her legs a little, would display a very well defined cameltoe, and from the back of which rose the string thin strap of a red thong, the waistband of which had got itself nestled between two of those sumptuous rolls. On her feet were black patent leather four inch heeled stilettos, out of the end of which poked toes whose nails were painted crimson, as were her long fingernails. The excessive quantity of jewellery: a great many bracelets on both wrists, rings on every finger and both thumbs, long dangling earrings that clinked when she moved her head, and an anklet; all over her silver and gold side by side, and they were of expensive type.

She smoked a long, thin cigarette held in a long, thin black and gold cigarette holder. She was drinking a coffee and Maltepe Escort had a glass of liqueur on the side. The semi-circles of lipstick on the rim of each grew larger with every sip she took.

This was how she always dressed. She had long abandoned the fight that we all fight in the battle against nature, which we cannot win, and accepted defeat and continued to live and dress as though she had won. She gloried in the grotesque spectacle that she was and she knew that every now and then she would meet a young man who had a taste for the grotesque and very mature. She had accepted her body’s journey toward decay and had learned that there were young men who liked such bodies and she sought chance meetings with them and sometimes found them. She went out always with hope, but not with expectation, and she was never disappointed when she did not get lucky and she was always very pleased when she did. She had accepted life.

He looked over at her and as he did, she stopped looking at him and turned her head away and pretended to be looking out of the window. A few seconds later she looked back and he looked away. Then a minute or so was allowed to pass and she looked at him again and feeling her eyes eating him, he looked back and this time she did not look away immediately, but allowed her eyes to continue their meal for a second or two before turning aside. He crossed his legs to hide the bulge that his erect cock had pushed up in the crotch of his trousers.

They were locked onto each other, but he would have to approach her soon, before the game became a parody of itself and the moment lost. Timing was of the greatest importance and the time it would take for his erection to go down would be enough time to wait before getting up and going to her table.

That brief time passed and he rose and walked to her table. She knew that he was going to come. His pretext was to ask her for a light. It was vaguely plausible that he did not have a lighter or matches with him, but transparent in that there were other people sitting at tables closer to him who were smoking. In the circumstances it was perfect.

He arrived at her table and asked her for a light. She looked at him feigning disinterest and said yes and picked up the overly ornate gold lighter that was placed on top of a black leather cigarette box cover and handed it to him. The cover had a heart shaped in little gold sequins on it. The sequins were made of real gold.

He light his cigarette and as he handed the lighter back to her asked

‘May I sit here?’

She nodded assent.

He sat down opposite her and before he could speak she saved him from a line, as none could have caught the moment, by saying ‘are you trying to pick me up young man?’

‘That depends on whether you want to be picked up.’ He replied.

‘I do’ she said.

‘Then I am.’

‘Good. Let’s go.’

She called to the waiter and settled her bill. She refused his offer to pay and paid his too.

Their departure together did not go unnoticed and was sniggered over by some other customers. They did not care, because they understood and the sniggerers did not.

‘My car is parked around the corner’ she said, as they emerged onto the street.

They got into her car. It was a year old top of the range black convertible BMW. As she slid the key into the ignition he asked her

‘Where are we going?’

‘My house.’

Neither of them spoke during the fifteen minute drive. They arrived at a large villa and pulled into the driveway.

‘My husband is away and my children are married with children and homes of their own’ she said as she stopped the car.

Once inside the house, the interior of which was expensively and gaudily decorated, they sat in leopard skin covered armchairs.

‘I won’t offer you a drink. We will not waste time on preliminaries.’

He Ümraniye Escort just sat and lusted for her.

‘How old are you?’


‘How old do you think I am?’

‘Fifty or so.’

‘Thank you for not being ridiculous by saying late thirties and thank you for pretending that you believe that I am at least ten years younger than you must know I am. I am sixty two.’

‘You are very direct.’

‘I am.’

He sat silently and waited.

‘I know myself and I know others. It is a gift of mine. I like younger men. But not so many younger men like a woman of my age. When one who does enters a café I am sitting in, I know him immediately. I let him see that I am available and if he makes a move I let him pick me up.

‘You are here’ she said ‘because you are an adventurer. You are not desperate for a fuck. You are a very good looking young man and you know that you could have a great many of the young women around you, and I am sure that you do. But when you entered that café I knew that I had a chance of having today what I always look for.

She paused for a moment to light a cigarette. While she had been talking her nipples had stiffened and their outline was visible through her clothes. She was also now sitting with one leg slung over the other at a right angle to it, and two parallel little rolls protruded voluptuously and a line was drawn straight and clear, where her jeans covered her pussy. His eyes shifted alternately between the unsubtle hints of her pussy and her nipples. His cock was fully erect and he did nothing to hide it. He sat waiting for her to continue.

‘You are here’ she said ‘because you want to find out what it is like to fuck a sixty-two year old woman who dresses like a teenage whore. So let’s do it. Come here and fuck me.’

He stood and walked over to her and as he was about to lean forward to kiss her, he heard her say ‘I love big cocks’ and felt her fingers squeezing the bulge in his crotch. There was a slight tug and the light buzz of his zip descending and finally he felt the wet warmth of her mouth as she began sucking his knob.

He expected her to stop after a couple of minutes and undress him and undress herself, but she continued to suck his cock and began to make greedy and contented sighing sounds and gobble him off more and more fiercely. As he felt his orgasm coming he began to buck towards her and his hand grabbed the back of her head, but there was no need. This cock greedy old slut was not going to do anything other than suck all of the spunk out of his cock and drink it.

He looked down at her bobbing head and saw the grey roots of her peroxide hair. The sight finished him and his spunk spurted into her mouth. She knew exactly when it was coming and stopped sucking and held his cockhead mid way between the back of her teeth and the back of her throat, sucked in her cheeks and took the blast without bracing for it, and felt with delight the cum jets hit her throat. She gulped them down.

She held his cock in her mouth as it grew flaccid and finally shrank and slithered out between her lips.

‘Go and sit down’ she said.

He obeyed. He sat back in the chair. She came over to him and kissed him on the lips and took his shirt and pulled it over his head. Then she undid his trousers and took them off. He was naked and his slimy cock rested over his thigh and she leant down and gave it a lingering kiss.

‘I’m going to strip for you’ she told him.

Clothed, she was one thing. Naked she was going to be something else. He was not going to get fresh seventeen. He was not going to get ripe fifty-two. He was going to get worn and sagging sixty-two. Every second of it.

Standing before him, she pulled her top over her head and peeled off her jeans. The rolls of her torso descended and the flesh around her bra and İstanbul Escort thong bulged. She stood for a moment to be admired and then leaned towards him and told him to undo her bra. Her heavy tits poised above his face and straining, he reached around her and unclipped her bra. Her tits fell into his face, and rested on his cheeks. She let them sit there for a long moment and then moved a little back, offering her large nipples for him to suck.

As he sucked her nipples and felt them like little thumbs in his mouth his hand reached between her legs and he pushed three fingers past the thin red string into her wet, waiting cunt. She sighed as her cunt stretched open as the three fingers penetrated it and then shrank a little around them. He pushed them in and out of her vigorously. She ground her mons veneris against his wrist and with a series of gasps came into his hand, coating it with a layer of gleaming cunt slime.

She moved away and returned to her chair and sat back in it with each of her legs over its arms, her arse parked at the chair’s edge, her great tits hanging over her stomach, the rolls of which swelled outwards and downwards. Her worn and tarnished bronze skin shone in the sunlight that streamed through the window, and the thin red string of her thong embedded itself between the wet lips of her shaved and glistening 1945 vintage cunt.

He went to her and knelt between her open legs and began to lick and suck her delicious and nearly antique twat. He had been expecting that fucking her was going to be an extravaganza of KY and resemble a medical examination, but her cunt oozed its own natural juices in copious quantities in anticipation at the sucking and fucking it was about to receive (and for which it would be truly thankful).

He brought her to orgasm again with his mouth and then stood up and said

‘I’m going to rub my cock over every inch of you.’

In a swoon ‘do it, polish me,’ she said.

He began by brushing it over her left tit, concentrating on rubbing his helmet around and over her nipple. Then he lifted her arm and threw it over the top of the chair and began to rub it in her armpit. She opened her eyes and looked at him and said

‘I thought I had done everything. You kinky bastard.’

She brought her arm down so that his cock was clamped in her sweaty pit and said ‘go on baby, fuck mamma’s armpit.’

Her other hand slipped down over her stomach and shamelessly wanked her pussy.

He pulled his cock out from between her hanging tit and her tensed arm and went around to her other side and rubbed his cock over her other tit and fucked her other armpit. Then he set about rubbing his cock all over her, until he reached her cunt. But he was not going to fuck her just yet.

He admired her gaping cunt and decided that it could take it. This was something that he had never done before. It was as if she had read his thought.

‘Do it’ she said ‘fist fuck me.’

One, two, three, four fingers, and then his thumb slid in, and then he pushed his whole hand up her. He watched her face as she winced and then relaxed into joy. She was stretched open as wide as she would go and he wished that her cunt would suck all of him into her. But now, knowing how truly to reach into the depths of her, it was time to fuck her, so he pulled out his fist and watched as her cunt slowly retracted to its natural size and positioned himself, gripped his cock and guided it into her without need to open her twat with the fingers of his other hand.

His cock was indeed big, as she had said when she had seen the bulge in his trousers coming towards her, and he slid it all the way up her. Her cunt took easily and without resistance the whole eight inches of it. He was in her up to her cervix and she gasped and groaned and sighed with pleasure and contentment as he went at her fiercely for a full twenty minutes without pause and she came four times and then a fifth when he pulled his cock out of her and shot his spunk over her heaving over ripe tits and her wrinkly and make up smeared face.

She was fresh and seventeen in this moment of her ecstasy.

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