Our Natural Selection Ch. 01

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I walked into my sister’s bedroom confident of the vision that would greet me and, whilst I was not disappointed, it was still a sight that made my twisted libido soar with Dominant lust as if I was seeing it for the first time. As ordered my 18 year old sister was stood erect and naked in the middle of the room she’d grown up in, the happy gleam in her eye partly due to the unexpected opportunity for play that had been given us with our parents’ announcement that they were going out for the evening and partly due to the fact that she was eight months pregnant and her swollen belly matched her swollen breasts in their appeal to me. The fact that I had taken her as my willing submissive slave eight months previously and had been filling her with my incestuous seed at every chance since was no co-incidence to her present delicate condition.

That I was the proud father was also beyond doubt considering I’d taken her virginity shortly after her 18th birthday and, despite her natural wantonness, I was still the only man she’d been fucked by as befitting being her possessive Owner… Her slutty instincts I’d allowed to run free in her bisexual tastes and she seemed content with the arrangement, in fact being so beautiful and flirty with a deviant imagination to match my own she was extremely adept at seducing other girls or older women and bringing out their lascivious sides.

The fact that she now stood expectantly and heavily expectant before me made my heart beat faster and my erection lurch in protest at its confinement in my trousers. Since her pregnancy became obvious our relationship had taken on new heights of depravity. When she first surrendered herself sexually to me all those months ago it felt instantly right to use her as I wanted and she took to being my 3 hole whore with an enthusiasm that made my senses swim… She dedicated herself to her education in deviant sex and the unique pleasures of BDSM with an insatiable zest and was never happier than when my cock was pounding her cervix and filling her womb with heavy loads of cum. Thoughts of contraception never entered either of our minds since the relationship of Master and slave felt so natural… and so nature followed its course and my sweet angelic slut sister was soon impregnated.

She rose to this unplanned development wonderfully, tearfully spinning a convincing story of an unknown boy at a student party being the father; a tale performed so well that our parents’ shock and disapproval was wiped away instantly and her caring big brother entrusted to protect her virtue in future. Since I was her Owner and intended to continue to ensure that the only cock she enjoyed was mine I accepted my responsibilities easily, especially since it meant that the unusual amount of time we spent in each others’ company went unquestioned by our mother and stepfather, who hardly expected that we could barely contain our perverse lust for each other.

My sister had been an eager debauchee since that magical weekend I first took her as my possession, but pregnancy had intensified her need for hard physical sexual gratification that was bordering upon nymphomania; the hormones and other natural chemicals pounding round her young body had her radiant in more ways than usually associated with the delicate condition and I had been doing everything possible to defile the purity of motherhood-to-be. So when the opportunity to have the house to ourselves arose every minute was to be savoured….

Hence the instant the parental car pulled out of the drive I’d produced her collar, fastened it round her slender neck, and ordered my sibling slave slut to go to her room and prepare herself. Such was the conditioning that she’d surrendered herself to that the very act of putting her in harness began her descent into her aroused sub-state and now running an approving eye over my sister’s pale nakedness, still slim except for the rounded swell of her smooth belly, I was delighted to see the glistening torrent of female fuck juices already leaking from her engorged cunt….exposed and shaved clean as it was on a daily basis.

This lewd appraisal of my precious pain whore had my erection stirring, painfully trapped inside my trousers and I wanted to sink it deep between her soaking thighs where I belonged, but I held my rising lust in… The truth was that my sister was just too delicious to not tease and torment into a deranged passion. I raised my eyes up from the intoxicating folds of her freely flowing cunt and with a smile observed that her breasts were following suit… My clever sister just couldn’t wait until the birth to start expressing her mothers milk and had joyfully induced the lactation early by using suction cups on her sensitive tuzla escort nipples… Now, in her perversity, sexual arousal started them leaking in the way that a baby’s crying would normally

The hours of dedicated playing with her tits was paying dividends in a way that excited us and had proven an unexpected attraction amongst her more bold girlfriends. If we’d had more notice of our free run of the house I’d have instructed my slave girl to invite a couple of her female lovers over; the look of bliss on her face when she breastfed them was only beaten by the inevitable straying of their hands to her splayed thighs and the orgasms they forced upon her without relinquishing the enlarged teats they feverishly suckled upon.

However, tonight she was mine to enjoy alone and her clear blue eyes sparkled at the prospect. Keeping that beautiful fresh face staring expectantly into mine, I strolled provocatively close to her body until her protruding belly was touching the strained yet concealed by pants erection that had placed her in this condition. I pushed my groin forward slightly so she could feel my hardness against her curved stomach and she groaned appreciatively and shifted her body weight artfully to rub the incestuous fruit of our unnatural relationship against her Master.

She certainly knew how to ignite my lust and I grabbed her flame-coloured tangled locks at the nape of her neck and forced her lips to mine roughly for a long overdue passionate kiss that soon had our tongues dancing against each others’ in an imitation of my hands gliding forcefully down her spine and kneading her pert buttocks in a way that had her thrusting her pelvis towards me in a vain effort to crush her rigid clit against my clothed body for relief.

Unfortunately, her occupied womb wouldn’t allow freedoms she’d enjoyed in previous months. As I lost myself in the smoldering effects of the kiss, I realized how wrong it was for me to still be dressed and be denying myself the sensuality of holding her naked against me, so returning my grip to the convenientleash that was her hair I eased her head backwards and broke the spell that locking lips with my sister always inspired.

“Undress me, slave,” I said, these words breaking the silence that had been maintained throughout apart from the heavy breathing.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered demurely and without hesitation reached down to unbuckle my belt and unfasten my trousers….she had her priorities fixed in her mind as usual. I allowed her to unzip them so they were free to fall to my ankles and, ignoring the blatant bulge in my underwear, I lifted my arms in indication that she should lift my T-shirt over my head next… a hint that she complied with. Once my upper torso was as naked as hers I stepped out of my trousers and took her tiny hand and placed it over the erection shaped tent pole straining for release… I guided her fingers along the cloth-covered shaft and made it linger at the end of the protrusion so she could see the effect she had on her brother. As usual when she got me this hard she inspired a flow of pre-cum which whilst modest compared by her production was still enough to have made a spreading dark circle in my underwear. Her fluttering fingers sent electric thrills across my sensitive cockhead as she swirled the slippery cloth against its swollen bulb, then unbidden she dropped to her knees and lapped at the sticky mess… Well she’d made the mess; it seemed fair that she cleaned it in the best way available.

I felt the warmth of her saliva soak back through the material as her tongue swirled as best it could at the concealed length of prick meat and I could resist no longer… I pulled my underwear down and my rock solid erection sprang up triumphant at its final liberation…

Grabbing her hair once more, I pushed her face into me and was rewarded by the unique feeling of my slave’s soft, wet, and welcoming mouth encasing my bobbing knob end, her well practiced lips dragging my foreskin clear of my bulbous purple cock-end in the process. The familiar tingling warmth spread down my shaft and throughout my whole body as my orally inclined sister worked her dedicated devotion upon me, recklessly driving my erection into her throat without regard for her own modesty. She was eager to please her Owner and knew how to fuck me with her mouth, but as usual having my pregnant slut naked on her knees below me had my more fierce lusts raging and I wanted harder gratification.

“Enough, slave,” I barked and she instantly withdrew her angelic face from my groin and looked up at me expectantly. If she didn’t recognize the wild look in my eyes she certainly knew that tone in my voice and what would be in store… pendik escort She wouldn’t be allowed to make me cum until I’d extracted my fill of perverse pleasure from her still slender and extremely fuckable impregnated body.

My enslaved sister rose to her feet without being told to do so and stood upright once more, her poise to compensate for her extended belly meaning she unconsciously arched her back and thrust her lactating chest out proudly. Spontaneity was always the secret to keeping Domination fresh and seeing those unusually full breasts displayed so innocently, all rounded and firm and tempting decided me on how I wanted to warm my pain whore up. I glanced over to my darling sister’s dressing table; obediently she’d laid out all our favourite instruments carefully once she’d been given the order to make herself ready in her room. With slow deliberation I walked over to the ever expanding collection of contact play implements and picked up the smallest flogger… with what I had in mind I wanted to be able to stand in close proximity to my abused sub.

Her eyes glistened with undisguised licentiousness as I showed her my choice—the flogger was her personal favourite dispenser of chastisement, as she’d once breathlessly confessed after a particularly energetic punishment session, its stinging caress was like having her whole body fucked at once. I gave the flail a test flick into thin air and her gaze traveled to her Master’s face expectantly; maintaining eye contract I moved back to stand in front of her.

My slutty slave really was irresistible and I allowed myself the luxury of another long lingering kiss, in doing so taking hold of her collar with my flogger still gripped in my fist and pulling it backwards to ensure she remained at the correct ramrod posture. Our tongues danced madly against each others’ as my rampant erection poked up against the belly bulge it had created, the heavy stream of my pre-cum making its contact slick and surprisingly arousing on my sensitive cock-end as my free hand naturally found itself straying to her literally overflowing breast to take a jutting nipple, wet with precious mother’s milk and pinched it firmly to enjoy the effect it had on the urgency of my sister’s mouth locked against mine.

Without warning I let loose the hold on her collar and in the same action swung down with the short handled flogger ensuring its tails stuck hard across her tight buttocks; the unexpected contrast in caresses made her squeal and break off the kiss without permission. Recovering her submissive composure instantly she realized her transgression without me having to say a word.

“Please forgive me, Sir, I wasn’t ready for the blow,” she said meekly, which was perfectly true but I wouldn’t be any kind of Dom if I let such things go unpunished and, besides, I knew my pain whore was aching for harsher treatment.

“You’re my good slave, but you must learn respect,” I taunted her and the contrite expression on her lovely teenage face almost moved me to forgiveness… if only I wasn’t so primed with vicious Domineering lust and the knowledge that my incestuous slave was aching for painful indulgence.

Taking a step back and losing the delightful sensation of warm impregnated flesh against my cock (although a sticky thread of my pre-cum kept us connected briefly I was amused to notice….a perverse umbilical cord from her pronounced stomach to my bobbing erection), I let the fact that harsh chastisement was imminent sink in, allowing the tension to build as my wanton sister let her demented imagination run wild. What she anticipated I’ll never know, but I certainly caught her off-guard with the sudden strike I made with the flogger aimed at her maternally prepared breasts, the leather straps hitting firm tit flesh with an obscene smack. My sister flinched under the assault upon those most taboo of targets, but held her position well. I placed the flogger’s handle under her chin and gently pushed her head back with it.

“Chest out and stand up straight,” I ordered kindly and without warning took a second brutal swipe at her already reddening chest, the flail’s cruel caress catching hard nipples and tender aureoles this time as I’d found my range. A shudder of excruciating pleasure seemed to ripple through my masochistic sibling’s lithe except for the midriff frame and she bit her lip as if to stifle any moans that I might judge disobedient. However, the bright wildness shining her eyes and the way her parted thighs were running with viscous fuck juice left me in no doubt at her increasing state of arousal. The third embrace of the flogger across her tortured tits actually brought a small spurt of breast milk squirting forth, a development aydınlı escort I had not expected but which obviously delighted us both. I had watched and participated in my sister’s determined exercise to induce lactation prematurely but this was the first time that I’d witnessed such a deviant display… It was as if I’d managed to corrupt and defile her most natural bodily reactions, a living testament to my complete Ownership of her.

I repressed the compulsion to bend my head down and suckle upon those leaking hard knots; my deliciously depraved sibling was absorbing her cruel punishment too well to discontinue it so soon and I’d have to be some kind of a sadist to deny her this painful treatment. However, there was a powerful surge of twisted lust rising in me… I was regretting my haste in choosing my sister’s bedroom for this rendezvous—I should have used the basement. I knew from past happy training sessions how useful the low ceiling beams down there were; my pain whore would have looked stunning strung up arms above head and fully exposing her tight supple pregnant body to the flagellation she was now enjoying.

Still faint Dom never won fair sub and I must take full advantage of the current situation. Besides, we should have enough time tonight before the parents returned for me to lead her on all fours down the stairs for further debauchery… Being impregnated had increased my sister’s sex drive to insatiable levels and her cravings were not so mundane as wanting to eat unusual foods.

With the thought of a subterranean second round later, I quickly snatched up an ever-present length of black rope that we kept within reach and ordered my slave to put her arms behind her; she’d looked too comfortable with them hanging by her side and I suspected that a few more blows and she wouldn’t be able to keep her active fingers from straying to her aching, rigid clit. I wanted her to feel the reassuring security of being bound and helpless under my chastisements so I tied her wrists together in the small of her back with practiced ease, then took a couple of slaps at her irresistible rounded buttocks for good luck. I then stood in close proximity to her back so I could reach round and fondly capture a breast in each hand; they normally were the perfect size to hold fully in my cupped hands but I enjoyed their increased mass also, so firm and perfect with the added sensation of warm mother’s milk dribbling over my tweaking fingers as I pulled her against me.

As I massaged her tortured teats with the familiarity of Owning her I lent forward enough to nuzzle and bite upon her slender neck and this double stimulation obviously had its desired effect for she brazenly began to stir her bound hands and desperately reach out her fingers with some difficultly to stroke at my rock hard erection that was smearing sticky pre-cum against her back. I allowed this pleasant interlude to continue a little while then relinquished my milking grip on her leaking tits and move once more to face her.

My teenage sister looked even more adorable in the prone bound position, the reddened breasts streaming white seepage that had cascaded down onto the smooth curve of her protruding stomach and was dripping to her pretty toes in a mirror of the copious flow of girlie fuck juice flowing freely from the engorged folds of her pouting cunt. I was struck with the sudden urge to coat her entire beautiful body with a concoction of bodily fluids: Milk, cum, saliva, sweat and female lube… Make her glow and shine with a wet sheen of lustful outpourings. To that end, I reached between her flawless thighs and scooped up a sticky load of her natural nectar, smearing her fascinating tits with the precious liquid and mixing it firmly into her milky nipples until her chest shone with perverse moisture, a concoction that I would not deny either of us tasting. I thrust my fingers into my sub slut’s mouth and felt her tongue eagerly lap away and I caught a bobbing nipple between my teeth and chewed at it whilst enjoying the tangy, heady flavour.

As I suckled and bit at my lactating slut’s breasts I cursed myself for being distracted so easily, but my slave didn’t seem to be complaining. I, however, was getting aroused beyond self control, which is not healthy for a Dom to allow himself, so I drew my teeth along the fat, stiff nipple and disengaged my oral grip. Retrieving the flogger I consoled myself that the weakness I’d displayed had at least soaked the swollen target; resuming the flagellation I knew the wet flesh would sting even more and the crack of the leather tails as they made contact confirmed this. My slave sister was fully surrendered to her sub-state of mind by this point and the sharp contract between my mouth’s embrace of her tender tits and that of the flogger produced a dreamy smile of ecstasy across her angelic face that increased my resolve to make the events of the evening memorable in the depth of their depravity.

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