Our Family Sex Club Pt. 04

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Chapter 4 – Daddy Again

Mom gave me a dirty look when I came inside. It was the special kind of dirty look she reserves for when she is going to give me a lecture. I wondered for a second if she knew about Grandpa and his buddies having sex with me at the park and I had broken one of their dumb incest rules, but of course there was no way she would know yet about that. It was about my Daisy Mae costume and it was about wearing it around Daddy who had just got home from his business trip, only she tried to dignify her objection.

“What is the matter with you picking a comic strip character for your history class?”

That was her opening. I won’t bother you with her middle because it was totally predictable, and I didn’t make a very good argument for my side of the question except for pointing out the clothes weren’t for a class but a costume dance. She ended by saying,

“I don’t need to be reminded of your bad judgment. So please do not wear that outfit around the house.”

“Don’t you mean, don’t wear it around Daddy?” I was mad at her.

Her eyes blazed. “Do not take that attitude with me. Who do you think you are? And yes, your father doesn’t need to be reminded he has a slut for a daughter.”

Not needing to be reminded, it seemed, was a new favorite phrase. She retracted it. The blaze went away and her eyes got misty, and she hugged me.

“I’m sorry. That’s not fair. You’re not that at all. You’re a sweet, carefree girl, Elle, and you have a good heart.”

“Plus a hot you know what,” I grinned. The hug was pressing her boobs against mine and we were both conscious of it.

“Well, you can’t help what the Lord gave you. But do be careful, please.” She was looking at our touching tits. Hers are bigger than mine, and beautiful if you like big tits. Her top was a woman’s version of a man’s short sleeve shirt, with a collar and buttons down the front and the top three buttons were open. She twisted a little, making her tits rub against mine.

“Be careful about not wearing my outfit?” I twisted a little, making my tits rub against hers.

“Yes. Not in the house.” She hooked a finger into my scooped blouse and pulled. You could see the tops of my tits.

“Okay, I promise,” I said. I pushed my hand across one of her tits to the fourth button on her shirt. I opened it.

“Mmmmm, you shouldn’t do that,” she said the way you tell someone to keep doing it.

“We slut daughters can’t help ourselves,” I said, softly.

“I know. I used to be one,” she smiled, and kissed me.

We did more things than kissing and pretty soon my panties were off, which is a habit of theirs, and that’s when the fun ended. I hadn’t cleaned up very good in the woods and she noticed.

“Your grandfather!?,” she said, crossly.

I didn’t say anything.

“That was his bowling team in the car.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Oh, good God,” she groaned, and got off the couch where I was sort of spread out with the guilty evidence on display.

Well, after that she was worse than ever. She hardly tuzla escort talked to me. Whenever Daddy and I were both around she watched me like a hawk. And she watched him. I’m pretty sure she had talked to him about me because Daddy kept his distance. She never mentioned my cousin usurping her mother’s place in the marriage bed but you knew that was what was driving her; nothing like that was going to happen to her! I got pretty sick of the whole thing. Then one morning I woke up knowing I had had enough of her crabby jealousy. I think it was three mornings later. I heard them downstairs, in the kitchen. Daddy was leaving on another business trip that day, a week away from home. I wondered if he would like a going away present. I didn’t have a lot of time since my bike was out of commission and I had a school bus to catch.

We have a huge kitchen. It takes up a whole side of the house from front to back and has a stone fireplace at the middle of the inside wall. The windows are very large, like all the downstairs windows, and for privacy there are curtains. You’ll see later on why I’m telling you this.

Since I was still under orders not to wear my Daisy Mae costume around Daddy, and I didn’t want to be a disobedient child, I went through my closet and came up with a tan skirt that had a little more cloth than a handkerchief and a top to match in the sense that the top did for my tits something similar to what the skirt did for my legs. It fit like a glove, you could say. I brushed my hair and put on lipstick. I wasn’t Daisy Mae but I was at least as bad. I would need a bit more modest outfit for school so I picked out a regular short-short skirt and top, got my sandals, and went downstairs, dropping the clothes on the living room sofa.

“Good morning!,” I piped, sashaying into the kitchen.

Daddy was in his striped cotton bathrobe at the table, with a cup of coffee and the newspaper. He reads the New York Times. Mom was at the counter. They looked at me with serious expressions on their faces. Mom’s was very serious. Speaking of being reminded, it was me this time suddenly reminded of the fantasy I had during my “wedding” about Daddy fucking me at breakfast and Mom there jealously watching, and now the fantasy might be coming true.

“You’re going to school like that?,” she barked.

“I don’t know,” I sighed and I stretched like I was yawning from just getting out of bed. I had checked in the mirror the neat effect this had on my tits. “I was thinking about it. Why, don’t you like it?”

“It’s completely inappropriate!”

I wiggled over to the table. “Do you think it’s inappropriate, Daddy?”

Daddy looked up at me. He didn’t have to look up much to see my tits saying hello to him from behind the jersey and that’s where he looked. A glint came into his eyes. The glint told me that maybe he had had enough of Mom’s bitchiness, too.

“What was that, sweetheart?,” he smiled.

“I said do you think my outfit is in appropriate. You know, the way it shows people my boobs and my bottom, and you can almost see my panties. tuzla escort bayan I was wondering about that, actually. Do you want to see them, Daddy?”

“See your panties?”

Mom was fuming. I’m not sure why but she wasn’t butting in so far. I think maybe she was afraid Daddy would tell her to butt out and she was trying to come up with a way to deal with the situation.

“Yes, see my panties.”

“What color are they?”

“Hmmm. Let me check.”

I pulled up the tiny skirt. “They’re purple, Daddy. At least the bottom part where my cunt is is purple. Should I check the top part?”

“Let’s check the back part, where your other fuckhole is?”

“Oh, okay. That’s an important part of a person, isn’t it, Daddy?” I turned around and bent over, showing Daddy my bottom in the purple panties.

“It’s an important part of you, sweetie, that’s for sure. Yup, purple there as well.”

“She’s going to her miss bus, Arnold!,” Mom shouted. “It will be here any second for God’s sake!”

“Be quiet, Sally,” Dad said.

“Hmmm, these panties are itchy. Would you mind if I take them off, Daddy?”

“On one condition,” he said.


He opened his bathrobe. His pajamas were cotton, like the robe, light for summer sleeping, and his fly was a pup tent that had a pole that was too big for it. He slid his hand inside and brought out his cock.

“That after you take off your itchy, purple panties, you sit right here.”

“Is that so you can fuck me, Daddy?”

“It is.”

“Hmmmm, is Mom going to stay?”

“Sally, if you want to stay here, do the dishes,” Daddy told her. I would have laughed if I wasn’t so excited.

Mom was red as a beet. She whirled around and slammed a cabinet door that had been open. I took off my panties.

“Should I take my top off, in case you want to see my tits while you fuck me, Daddy?”

“Good idea. Take it off.”

I pulled off the jersey and it joined my skirt and panties on the tile floor. I could tell that Daddy wanted to look at me a little so I backed up a step to give him a good view and I posed there, turning this way and that way, showing him all of me, but mainly the front of me. And then I went and climbed up on him and put my legs around his legs and braced my hands on his shoulders and let myself down on his cock until it went inside me. It went in the whole way. His scraggley hairs were doing the itching job I had kidded about my panties doing but that wasn’t the only feeling I was having. There was a better one.

Daddy put his hands at my waist. He lifted me and let me down, lifted me and let me down.

Over and over he did that. When I opened my eyes it was like the kitchen moving except it was me moving and there was Mom, at the sink, watching. I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to see her but I was getting an extra pleasure out of her seeing me. Daddy gave me my big pleasure. I came quickly, which is par for my course. Daddy took longer. He was taking longer on purpose, fucking me slowly, and stopping me both times that I tried escort tuzla to help by moving myself up and down at a faster pace. Daddy wasn’t worried about me missing my bus.

Mmmm, neither was I worried about it. I closed my eyes and let him ride me up and down the riding pole, hoping I might have another orgasm before he had his and was done with me.

But then he did cum. My personal volcano.

I lay against him with my head over his shoulder when he finished in me. Mom was watching again with those jealous eyes, watching her daughter getting her breath back, seeing her daughter’s face flushed from the fucking her husband had given her, hearing her daughter’s happy panting from having been fucked good and hard. A horn beeped. The bus was at the driveway.

“Oh gosh!” I jumped off Daddy, put my panties back on and ran to the living room. I got dressed as fast as I could in the skirt and top and sandals I had left there and hurried back into the kitchen on my way to the door. I knew the bus would wait for me at least a couple of minutes. It honked again. Mr. Buckely, the senior citizen driver, thought I was cute and sometimes I joked with him. Probably Mr. Buckely wanted to fuck me, I thought, feeling grateful to him. He could have not waited for me at all. I gave Daddy a quick kiss on the cheek and told him to have a good trip and then I felt something. There was cum dripping down both of my thighs.

“Good grief,” I said. I grabbed a piece of Scott toweling and ran out off the house, wiping my legs as I ran.

I was the third kid on the bus route. The two kids already on the bus were a couple of boys and they were at the back of the bus. Mr. Buckley shut the door and told me to sit down in the seat behind him. His tone of voice worried me.

“Look out the window at your house,” he said.

I looked. “Why?”

“You see your kitchen window?”

Now I was really worried. “Yes.”

“You can’t see it but the view through your window is about where the kitchen table is. You’ll notice the curtain isn’t closed all the way. When I stopped the bus I wondered if you were taking your bicycle again. I was going to honk for you but then I saw your head in the window. I thought you were doing exercises. Your head was going up and down.”

“It was?”

“You know it was. I didn’t honk. Not then. I got out of the bus and walked up to the window. What do you think I saw?”

It was one of those questions you don’t have to answer.

“Do you have enough toweling there, Elleann?”

“Oh, yes. Thank you, Mr. Buckely.”

“You know, an old gent like me still has strong desires, Elleann.”

“Uh huh.”

“You’re a girl who makes those strong desires swim in a fellow’s head.”

“I am?”

“You are.”

“Mr. Buckely are you saying you want to fuck me and that if I let you, you will forget about what you saw in the window.”

“And not report it to the authorities. That’s right, Elleann.”

“Hmmmm. Well, that sounds fair to me, Mr. Buckely. When?”

“This minute, dear, but we’ll have to wait til it’s practical. I’m a-thinking. You take the bus again tomorrow and I’ll let you know then.”

“Sure enough, Mr. Buckley. Thanks.” I gave him a smile and settled back in the seat for the ride to school.

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