One More Time Ch. 02

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When you are still in high school and living at home, the technical legal status of being 18 or 19 years old doesn’t mean a great deal. Just because the law considers you an adult, rarely means the ‘rents do. Really, really rarely!

That not only creates some additional tensions as a teenager, but almost guarantees you will be hearing ‘So long as you are under MY roof…’ as the final judgment handed down to almost any attempt of invoking your age as some kind of defense. You eventually learn, you certainly have better odds of simply ‘pleading the fifth’ than ever having ‘But I am 18…’ getting past the jury. ‘But, I’m an adult…’ is only slightly less insane, the few times you bother to ASK permission to do something first. I quickly learned the futility of trying it either way, and just accepted the ‘their house – their rules’ mandate.

So had Derek. Very suddenly.

His big ‘This *IS* the way it’s gonna be’ lecture after trying to use the lame ‘But I’m 19’ line, came only 36 or so hours after our ‘helping out a buddy’ mutual hand jobs in my bed. He was caught fucking one of the easiest cheerleaders in his usually safe, well secluded, basement bedroom in the middle of Saturday afternoon.

I look back now, and think a lot of the reason for banging her, was not because he was 19 and always sniffing for tail. It was just typical Derek to be hornier than a 65 year old man at a strip joint; with the cash from his first social security check, and a freshly filled Viagra prescription; both in his pocket and ready to really celebrate retirement. Nah…it had to be more about trying to prove to himself that he WAS totally straight, in spite of what had happened between us two nights previous.

Anyway…it wasn’t the first time together for them in his bedroom; but it sure was the first time they had gotten busted. His mom showed back up at home a whole lot sooner than expected from her shopping trip, and Mrs. Austin had quietly wandered down to his room to ask for help unloading all the groceries in the mini van.

Instead of finding her normally helpful, ‘little boy’ watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on his television; she was treated to her very adult son, uttering male porno movie star moans; ‘Fuck me harder jock stud’ female demands mixed in; and his fully naked body slamming his hips hard into the also totally nude girl under him on his bed.

Now Annie Austin was no prude, but was definitely less than thrilled when Derek pulled out and rolled over in shock at the sound of her voice. According to him, his mom being ‘180 degrees from happy’ didn’t even come close to describing her next reactions…when he came all over himself and his latest, regular trollop…right as his mom’s eyes had glued themselves to his pulsing seven inch soldier. Mothers do tend to freak some when seeing their little boys with grown up equipment at full attention the first time. Saluting AND spitting out white bullets only makes it worse.

I had nearly laughed myself sick when he told me the story and the resulting ‘You just can’t DO shit like that son’ sermon his dad gave him after dinner, when we met up to play pool later that night at the mall game room.

Course, I had always followed the guideline about ‘no messing around in your bedroom,’ my ‘rents had laid down. Since ‘with girls’ had always been at the end of that oft mentioned dictate, it was an easy one to obey. Now if my mom or dad had any clue I might be gay, and made it no sex at all, period; I would still have joined the ranks of ‘felony level, house rule breaker’ two nights earlier…and happily done even more than just whack Derek’s pretty cock while he whipped mine.

* * * * *

I don’t know if it was due to getting caught screwing, or just the extra time we started spending together again the next week; but Derek didn’t even bother to ask anyone to the Christmas dance. He had suggested we both go stag, and see who we could get lucky with; but I attempted to beg off by using the excuse I would rather just sit at home and play Nintendo, than have to make out with the skanks or zit-faced freshman wall flowers that would be there by themselves.

I really didn’t want to go to a dance with Derek, only to be left hanging around the refreshment table, abandoned by my best friend. Shoveling stale Oreos in my mouth and drinking lukewarm eggnog punch; while his easily distracted cock had him in the back seat of his Camaro with any chick that showed enough interest by the end of the first set the band played; wasn’t my idea of a Christmas date.

I really, really liked my best friend; but damn; he was such a male whore. But Derek; being typical Derek; managed to use his charms and charisma, and finally convinced me over the next week to show up at the dance. The final offer he made to sway me, was: “If you go with me, you can stay at my place and we’ll order a pizza and play Nintendo in my room all night, afterwards.” Since the dance was being held on a Wednesday night, and winter break began beyliikdüzü escort on Thursday, I knew my ‘rents wouldn’t have a problem with me sleeping over in the middle of the week.

The only downside would be that I was pretty sure any bed sharing we did, would only be that: ‘bed sharing.’ Any chance of a Thanksgiving night rerun, would most likely be previously satisfied by his normal school dance goal of fucking in the back seat or getting blown in the front one, before the last song played. Little did my always over-active, but still somewhat naive, mind know!

The dance was even worse than as I had predicted to myself. Derek was boffing his brains out in the car before I had even gotten the chance to say ‘No, but thanks,’ to the second pudgy, sophomore girl…probably treasurer of the Latin club, or the only female member of the chess team…that asked if I wanted to dance.

One advantage; if it could even be called that, for me at least; of having a best friend like Derek, and hanging out together; was that he was a fantastic babe magnet. It was like being Richie Cunningham and him being ‘The Fonz.’ Just the dregs and overflow of willing high school tits & ass that would schmooze up to him was huge. When they would shift their attention other directions when he politely brushed them off, meant you were the closest next option. Had my biggest desire still been wanting to pop my male cherry with a female, it wouldn’t have been all that hard.

That night though, he had disappeared so quickly that the normal gaggle of cute; or at least passable; girls that would corral him when he was someplace without an official date, never materialized. Instead of being on the short list of second choices, I became a male wall flower and also a target for the youngest and either homeliest or chunkiest girls trolling the dance.

Derek and his conquest for that night, finally strolled back into the room 30 minutes later and still adjusting their clothes. The cheesy grin and the wink he shot me…and the way she was hanging on him, like she was rightfully staking claim…said both had gotten what they wanted. It only took about two slow dances, and 15 minutes of her acting like he had proposed to her in the Camaro; for Derek for head straight for me when she went to the bathroom. He begged for me to act sick or something, so he would have to take me home and he could ditch her.

I laughed, but my brain agreed that I would rather be anyplace else too right now. Just so long as it was with him. Even if it meant having to listen to him recount every kiss and cock thrust that had just happened in his back seat, while we waited for a pizza to show up back at his parents’ house.

* * * * *

By the time we were finishing the last two slices of the large, double pepperoni, double cheese pie; Derek had just kicked my ass at Mario, for the fourth straight time and I was ready to call it a night. We had already ditched our top clothes for comfort when we first got to his room; and now all that was left for sack time, was to lose the socks and wife beaters we still had on and be down to our boxers. Even though I was petty certain that we both slept nude at other times, we always wore our undies on our sleepovers.

He was already stripped down to his and was flat on his back in the large bed, while I was removing my sleeveless tee and looked at him. Damn his package always looked so good jammed inside the pouch of a tight pair of square cut, Tommy brand boxer trunks. I quickly half shifted my own cock in my loose and baggy, more traditional, Walmart cheapie shorts. It twitched again though, when I crawled in beside him. Derek rolled right; killed the light on the night stand; and rolled back left to the same position. I shifted a couple times while we talked in the dark, and ended up on my side facing him.

It didn’t take long for Derek to steer the conversation back to his success with Jessica yet again; and it only took a few details and a few minutes for me to be rubbing my bone thru my cotton undies. Fuck it! He had gotten off that night, but I hadn’t…yet!

I couldn’t see his hand in the darkness, but when he stopped talking for a moment, the total silence allowed my ears to catch the distinct noise that sounded mysteriously like finger nails being scraped back and forth in extra thick pubic hair. When he didn’t speak and the sound continued, I decided to duplicate it and see what response I got. My hand had only been in my boxers lightly scraping my own crotch fuzz for maybe five or six seconds, when the same coming from his groin region intensified. I took the big chance and moved my lower leg up against his and itched at mine a little louder and longer too.

Our thighs were just close enough together that when the pube scratching code game from him stopped, I felt his hand push his underwear down to his knees. The only words I would hear from him for the next five minutes were, “Thinking about her tight bodrum escort pussy has me all hard again buddy.” The very gentle, but so tell-tale movements of the mattress, said Derek had a good grip on himself with his right hand and was slowly masturbating. I had just started to push my own full boxers off, when I felt his left hand tug at a leg bottom and a couple of fingers wiggle against my upper thigh.

I was so horny for him that I didn’t need any more hints. My undies went straight to my ankles. My left ran hand up the inside of his fuzzy calf and thigh, and to cupping his nuts in one continuous smooth motion. I heard the slight ‘mmmm’ as I massaged them and right before feeling one of his paws wrapping around my shaft. I stopped palming his sac and moved my hand to his slender rod and helped him work it for a few minutes…slowly and methodically. His hand abandoned himself and used both of his to began to make similar motions to mine. He thumbed the pre seeping from my piss slit and spread it all over my large helmet, while playing with my groaning balls even more than he had the night of my birthday. I was so wanting to make this last, but I think we were both so worked up it might be fruitless to even try.

Derek found his voice again just as my free hand had pinched one of his manboy nipples and made him shiver. When he whispered, I almost came at the options the words offered.

Even though he had stopped stroking me, his hand still held tight to my thick dick. “One funny thing about that bitch…she will fuck like a bunny rabbit at the drop of the hat…but she won’t suck cock,” came from his side of the bed and was all I needed to hear.

My fist locked tight on Derek as I whispered back, “You really like getting head don’t ya, bro?”

The only thing that came for an answer was an excited ‘UHH HUH!’ and his tool throbbing extra strong in my hand suddenly. His hand had a immediate, slightly tighter grip of its own on my bone, too.

I asked quickly, “She didn’t even suck it a little for you?”

That got my cock another hard squeeze and an obviously sad ‘unnt uhhh,’ that was almost a begging moan.

I inhaled deep; found every ounce of bravado I had in me; extorted continued concession from him with my hands; and totally risked our friendship with my next and last comment. “Well…when your best buddy is in need…”

My lips were quickly swallowing their first mushroom not on a pizza or in my grandma’s homemade spaghetti sauce. Never could stand the damn things otherwise…at least not until THIS moment. My tongue began experiencing the erotically strange silkiness of the sides of a hard penis, as it also made its maiden voyage. As my mouth was continuing to fill itself as it never had been before; Derek stopped pulling on my cock, but kept hold of it as his hips bumped up slightly to encourage me to keep going.

And I did!

It may have been my first attempt at sucking dick, but I used my mouth and lips and tongue and hands like it may be the only blow job I would ever get to give. I might have been a complete virgin on either side of this type of sex, but knew enough to just do anything and everything that I would have wanted done to me. Girls just never ‘get that’ about sucking cock. How could they? They don’t HAVE one! Compare a clit to a penis all you want…it is NOT the same thing! Married guys don’t cruise glory holes at rest area bathrooms, because they just want a quick blow job. It’s because they want a GOOD one for a change!

But back to Derek and me and my first time giving head.

I held his balls in one hand while my other one made his pole keep standing straight up for me. The heel of my hand was planted firmly where his substantial, light brown happy trail met his extra furry, blond and brown, crotch bush. My thumb and index finger were circled and clutching the base of his perfect-for-sucking, slender erection. My desire allowed me to be able to finally take all of his shaft and my tonsils got bumped. As I kept my lips pinched tight around him, and used my mouth on him like a vibrating shop vac; the rest of his body begin to respond too.

The hips were faintly humping along with my gulps; my elbow was pinned to his abs and felt them heave and contract, more and more; and his long legs began to slide back and forth in mini-spasms of some type. Finally, even his own lips joined in when they jumped back to life to let out: “I’m…I’mma…I’mma gonna…I’m…I’m gonna cum, Brad!”

They went silent again until he doubled humped hard up into my still suctioning mouth, and they oozed out a long “MMMmmmMMMMmmmm” as his cock spewed inside me. I let his entire fresh ball load empty over my tongue and drain into my throat. I had tasted my own cum a few times, but his juice was much sweeter than mine and I couldn’t get enough of it.

I finally let loose of the lock jaw grip my mouth had on him when my still licking tongue felt his tool start to soften. bolu escort I rolled to my back and licked my lips a few seconds, to enjoy the jis left on them, and then began to work my own shaft. The weight shift I felt thru the mattress before I had taken more than 3 or 4 quick strokes, was Derek rolling up on his elbow and whispering only, “Your turn.”

I held my breath, wondering what the chances were? My ultimate hope of the same favor being returned, was quickly dashed; but I was still satisfied by Derek just as quickly.

He propped his head up on his left hand, while his right one briskly and firmly yanked on me until my cock gave up its biggest and most forceful load ever. My super tight nut sac emptied it mostly on me; but at least the first two wads of the ‘Old Faithful’ geyser-like eruption, flew past my eyes and peppered his headboard. The cushy mattress moved some more again in the darkness, after my final hip thrust to his fist and the last spooge slobbered out of me. Instead of a kiss or even a hug that I would have so dearly welcomed coming from Derek’s movement; he only released his grip, and in few quick seconds; a dozen or more Kleenexes were placed on my stomach from the box that always sat on his night table. The additional movements above my head as I cleaned myself up, was Derek wiping the splatters from the headboard with a few of them. All of the sticky wet tissues were added to the small plastic trash can next to the bed. I giggled when I saw how full of similar wadded up nose wipers it already was; knowing full well, that nobody had that much snot to get rid of.

The only thing that was said before we quickly shifted to some inane talking before sleeping, was: “Damn dude! You always shoot off like a rocket, don’t you?” I didn’t care that our second time had been far more about him than me. Just the fact he came down my throat as much as he had, and still got me off afterwards too; said whatever guilt or worries or whatever, he might have; he was just gay enough…or at least curious enough…to mess around the second time and not freak out about the direction our friendship seemed to be maturing towards.

* * * * *

When Derek told me he had no plans at all for New Year’s eve, I immediately suggested he come to my place to party some and sleep over so we could watch the football games together the next day. I might have become a cock sucker recently, but I was still all male and got into a good football game, too. I knew his dad still had him on a really short leash at the house thanks to him getting caught fucking in his bedroom, and that there wasn’t any way he be allowed a single beer that night or even chance smoking a joint near the place. My ‘rents were a lot less strict cause I was ‘such a good boy’ in their eyes, and they liked and trusted Derek too. Even though just one beer was even technically illegal at 19; having a couple on a special occasion or major holiday was cool with them…so long as no driving would be involved afterwards. Since neither Derek; nor I; had ever tried any other drugs…and only smoked pot so infrequently that a couple hits had us buzzing…they didn’t think either of us even knew how to spell marijuana.

Well…maybe they got a SLIGHT clue after the two us came back from a trip to grandpa’s old barn around 11:30 that December 31st night.

We stumbled over each other a little walking thru the back door, and were snickering and grinning and laughing at almost anything while we raided the refrigerator like a special forces team attacking a small country to handle the munchies we had already developed. I laughed so hard and literally slid down to the kitchen floor holding my sides, when I heard my dad tell my mom in the adjoining family room: “Think the boys have had enough beer for tonight.” Derek managed to stay on his feet, but also broke up so bad, that he actually shot snot out of his nostrils.

“Oh yeah…don’t dare let us have a third one! We will just ring in the New Year with a major bake from the half of the pencil joint of Maui Wowie we just split!” I thought it but I sure didn’t say it out loud.

Derek had gotten the intense smoke from a soccer team buddy as a Christmas present, and I felt really special that he had decided to save it to share with me. I sure didn’t know the long-lasting, super buzz would have an extra benefit until after we had crawled in my bed; still stoned; an hour after the big ball hit bottom in Times Square on TV.

We were both feeling so good; but also so ready to stretch out and relax; that Derek quickly stripped to his boxer briefs and was on his back before I had my jeans off my feet. I was already into the mellowing phase of the high, and took my time getting the American Eagle polo he had given me for Christmas up and over my head. Part of the reason was, the boxers he had on, was one of the two pairs from the Calvin Klein twin pack I had gotten him and they were full. Yeah…a guy buying another guy underwear for a Christmas present probably seemed a lil gay…but Derek had acted really pleased that I picked out something so personal for him. My eyes were closed and my mind had shifted to fantasizing, and caused me to start to do without thinking, what I always did when shucking my clothes for bed: peel my boxers off.

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