No More Skipping Pt. 02

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Angela White

Welp, she had gone and done it again. Jericho had skipped school, again, and now she had to answer to her step father. She had promised not to do it again, but she hadn’t been feeling well. Of course, it might have had something to do with being majorly hungover, but meh, she didn’t really want to admit that. But, could you blame her? She sighed, shaking her head as she turned off her car. She looked at her keys with a frown, knowing she was likely going to lose them as part of her punishment. She thought about just running away, but all of her stuff was at home. Nope, running away wasn’t an option. She needed to face the consequences like an adult, whatever that meant.

She definitely wasn’t looking forward to it, but it couldn’t be helped. Her fate rested in Sam’s hands now.

Jericho swallowed hard, getting out of the car and walking inside. She was expecting to find him waiting for her, and she wasn’t disappointed. He usually met her before her mother got home, but right now her mom was out of town on a business trip. She didn’t meet his gaze, but she could tell by the tapping of his foot that he wasn’t happy.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t take your keys away, right now.”

His voice was stern and commanding, almost fierce, in a way. She shrugged. She really didn’t have an answer. “I uh, I don’t have one. I’m sorry.”

Sam sighed, holding out his hand for her keys, surprised when she handed them over without a fuss. It was unlike her to simply follow instructions, though maybe their agreement had been rubbing off on her?

“I’ll tell you what. It’s just the two of us for the rest of the week. Your brother is staying at a friend’s house. If you go to school every day and follow directions here at home, you can earn them back. But it’s not going to be easy.” He looked at her, searching for the rebellion she was known for.

She looked up, a curious look on her face. Follow directions at home? Hadn’t she been doing that already? It didn’t make sense.

“This offer expires in 10 seconds, Jer. Yes or no.”

Jericho quickly nodded. Yes. She would do anything to get her keys back.

“Good. Now, go to the basement, get ready, and wait for me with your hands behind your back.”

The basement? What was in the basement? She didn’t understand, but then he jingled her keys and she sighed, heading there anyway. What did he mean by get ready? The question hung in her head until she reached the bottom of the stairs, and then she understood what he meant. There was an outfit downstairs, just her size. She scoffed when she realized what it was. A school girl uniform, complete with stockings and her black push up bra. He went through her drawers! Perv. kurtköy escort

But still, she was on a mission. She got dressed and freshened her makeup in the basement bathroom before sitting on the bottom step. They had a finished basement, thankfully, so there weren’t cobwebs and dust everywhere. That was a plus, at least. It’s also where the guest bedroom was located, and Jericho had a pretty good idea of how the room was going to be used.

The door at the top of the steps opened, and Sam came downstairs. What was he up to, she wondered, following him to the bedroom. “On the bed, spread eagle.” Came his instruction, and she did as she was told. He would deal with her not following his orders later. It Part of her wanted to bolt again, to call her mom and tell her what was happening. Sam had been fucking her almost daily since they made their little arrangement, but holy fuck did the man know how to fuck, AND he was right brilliant at eating puss, too. Was it really worth it to lose all that? What was she saying, she lived to fuck and he knew it. She was cornered. And so, she found herself on the bed, spread eagle.

“Actually, no, I changed my mind. Get up. Dance for me. Put on a show.”

She groaned, getting off the bed asking if he had any music. He did, actually, and after a moment some hip hop beat with too much bass was playing through the downstairs sound bar. Interesting. It sounded like a strip club, but she guessed that was the point.Slowly, she started to dance, gyrating her hips and moving to the rhythm of the beat. Jericho knew how to dance, that was for sure, and she used this skill to her advantage.

As she danced, she removed the tie and shirt she was wearing, before sliding off the black thong from beneath the skirt. Sam inhaled sharply, feeling the blood rush south as he watched. His dick twitched in his pants, and he found himself rubbing his crotch uncomfortably. Fuck. She was really good at that. He actually almost drooled, she was so sexy.

He let out a shaky breath, grunting as she brushed her ass against his groin. Okay, that was enough of that. “Bed, now.”

Jer smiled, backing up and letting herself fall backwards onto the bed. Sam wasted no time impaling her on his rod. She was so tight, so fucking tight, holy fuck. He wasn’t going to last long if he kept fucking her, not after the show she put on. Damnit. Hmm…

Maybe he’d be up for two rounds today? After a little more foreplay, of course. She needed to be punished, and he knew exactly how he was going to do it.

He came shortly after, grunting as his body tensed and he jackhammered into her. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! He pulled out, already stroking aydıntepe escort his still wet member. “Come on, you know the drill. Make it believable, bitch.”

Jericho rolled her eyes, but was horny enough not to complain. Hopefully he would eat her out again. He was really good at that, that was for sure. But she was also in trouble, and she didn’t know what that meant. Maybe she’d get lucky and he’d forget about her punishment? Unlikely. Sam wasn’t the type to forget about that sort of thing. Ah, shit, what if he fucked her ass? She might fuck a lot, but her ass was off limits.

She had closed her eyes to play with herself, but opened them when she heard him rummaging around for something. He was in the closet, pulling out a medium sized box and looking through it. He pulled out a small wireless wand and tossed it to her. Really? Sex toys? Not that she was complaining. She had always wanted to try a vibrator. She turned it on, raising an eyebrow at the intensity of the vibrations before rubbing it against her cunt. Her body jerked as the wand glanced over her clit.


That was intense.

She did it again, unable to stop the moan from escaping her lips. It was barely a minute before she was cumming, hard. Oh fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fUCK! Her entire body tensed, writhing beneath the wand’s vibrations. This was too much. Too much, too much, too much. She came again, squirting as she cried out.

Sam was loving it. This was so hot. Fuck. He still had more toys to play with. He smiled, grabbing a rubber dildo from the box and walking over to the bed, shoving the cock inside of her as she moaned continuously. Her eyes went wide as the fake dick bottomed out. “OH, FUCK!”

Jericho’s back arched, then twisted as she tried to decide if she had had enough or if she wanted more. He pistoned the dildo in and out of her tight little hole, bringing tears to her eyes as she groaned. She couldn’t take it anymore, and pulled the wand away from her clit only for him to grab her hand and hold it in place. No! She couldn’t take it! She cried out again, her loud moans filling the basement. “S-stop, please, no more! I can’t!”

Sam grinned wickedly, holding the wand in place for a few more seconds before turning it off and withdrawing the rubber shaft. “On your hands and knees – I’m gonna fuck you like an animal, bitch.”

Bitch again? Really? Ah well, she didn’t really mind. In fact, it kind of turned her on.

Jer turned over, her legs shaky and weak. He lubed up his cock, fumbling around for a moment before shoving inside her pussy. She moaned softly, enjoying the new position. He let her savor it for a few minutes before pulling tuzla içmeler escort out, pretending to reposition his dick before she realized what was happening. Without warning, he lined up with her virgin rosebud and impaled her a quarter of the way down his cock. He had both girth and length, and he knew that it would hurt. She yelped, doing her best to get away as he held her hips in place and pushed forward. Sobbing, she begged him to stop as he ignored her pleas. Fuck her ass was tight, hot damn. Finally, he was buried inside her, her ass burning as he started to rock his hips. She continued to cry until he yelled at her to shut up, that this was her punishment and she was gonna take it.

She sniffed, quieting down as he slowly fucked her ass. She would take it, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

After a few minutes, he sped up, fucking her fast and hard. “Grab the wand,” he said, “you don’t have to hate this.”

Nodding, she grabbed the bright pink appendage and turned it on, holding it to her aching clit. The sensations racked her body, causing her to cry out again. It surprised her when she actually started to like what was happening, soft moans escaping her until her next cry was one of pleasure. Wait, what? No. No, she wasn’t liking this. She couldn’t be. Only whores liked anal sex, right?

But then the pleasure was too much to think and she found she didn’t really care anymore.

Sam groaned, shoving his dick into her ass with all the strength he could muster, pulling out to just the tip and slamming back into her with a grunt, over and over again. “Fuck me, Jer, that’s tight.” This was freaking awesome. “You know, I’m gonna have to fuck your ass more often, sweetheart, this is perfect.”

Oh, great. But, well, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Once she got past the burning, it actually felt kinda, I dunno, good?

She couldn’t believe she was thinking that!

With how tight her asshole gripped his cock, it wasn’t long before he found himself panting and getting close. “Fuck, I’m gonna cream in your virgin ass and you’re gonna like it.” He growled, speeding up his thrusts until he grunted and came inside her. He sighed, pulling out, using the tip of his dick to shove his cum back inside her gaping hole. Damn that was a sight, his seed dripping out of her ass. He took a mental picture to jack off to sometime and stood up, going to the bathroom to clean up as Jericho laid there, a quivering mess of sweat and spooge.

He exited the bathroom and threw a towel at her. “Here, clean yourself up and hop in the shower. You have the rest of the week and this weekend to show me why you deserve to keep your privileges. And don’t get me wrong, this is just the beginning of your punishment. Take it all without complaint and you get to keep your keys.”

With that, he went upstairs, leaving her alone for the time being. He had already cum twice, but he had gone more than that before. He was nowhere close to being done with her.

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