Newly Married Sister

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My nineteen year old sister Rachel told the family she was getting married. My parents tried to talk her out of it. Rachel wouldn’t listen to anyone. I kept quiet. Jake was the guy she was going to marry. He was basically a loudmouthed hothead. I just kept my mouth shut. I figured my sister was old enough. If it didn’t work out, it was all on her.

Sure enough, seven months in and things were going bad. Jake was the jealous type. He would accuse my sister of looking at other men. I was the one person my sister could turn to. One day she arrived at my apartment. She and Jake had been fighting. Rachel wanted my advice on what she should do.

I hated to get in the middle of my sister’s problems. I asked her if she thought she could turn Jake around. She said he was a lost cause.

“You know what you have to do then.”

One day I drove Rachel to see a lawyer. He said he could start drawing up the divorce papers. Rachel also asked about a restraining order. The lawyer said to go to the court house. We went down and filed the papers. The next part wasn’t so pleasant. Rachel told Jake she was divorcing him. He didn’t take it well. The next thing I knew my sister was ringing my doorbell.

“Can I stay with you awhile?” she asked.

I took her bags and put them in my spare bedroom. Rachel said she made the right move. Jake had yelled at her, accusing my sister of cheating on him. I knew we would be hearing from Jake in short order. Everything was going okay except for one thing. Rachel did like to show off her body.

She would walk around the apartment wearing tight pants and she never wore a bra. My sister was well endowed. I know I shouldn’t stare but I kept looking at her boobs. I think Rachel liked the idea of getting me turned on. One night we were drinking some wine. Rachel was sitting next to me on the couch. Her nipples were showing.

To escort bayan be honest, I wanted to reach over and feel them but I managed to control myself. Rachel thanked me for letting her stay. I said it was no problem.

“You’re my favorite family member. I wanted you to know that.”

Rachel put down her glass. She leaned over and wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed me hard on the lips. I hadn’t been expecting that. Rachel said she wished she had married someone like me. I was so kind and understanding. All I could think of right then is that I wanted my sister. She was getting me wound up.

Rachel didn’t stop kissing me. She was tight against my body. I felt her hard nipples pressing into my chest. My sister stood up. She pulled her shirt up over her head. Then she took off her pants and panties. She turned around to let me see her naked body.

My sister’s pubic hair was shaved down to a small patch. Her tits were large and firm.

“I’ll be back in the bedroom.”

She turned and walked down the hallway. I thought my dick would explode right there. She was inviting me to join her. I sat there for some minutes. I knew if I went back to her bed I would be making a big mistake. I got up and walked back to her bedroom. Rachel was on all fours, waiting for me.

“I knew you would come back,” she said.

She was right. I stripped out of my clothes. Rachel was wiggling her ass and moaning.”

“I need you Chris,” she pleaded with me.

I got onto the bed. Rachel had her legs spread wide. I could see her fleshy folds. They looked like a flower that had just opened up. I got in behind her. I began to rub my dick up and down her crack. My cock head was touching her opening.

“Please Chris, don’t tease me like that,” she said.

I fitted my cock to her gash and I pushed in. Damn, my sister’s tuzla genç escort pussy was tight. I guess I lost control. I started to feed my sister with my long shaft.

“You feel so fucking big!” She said to me.

I was ramming my sister’s pussy. I placed my hands on her hips. Rachel started pushing back against me. She felt so damn good. Jake was an asshole for letting my sister slip away. Rachel was begging me to fuck her hard. She told me to use her any way I wanted. Here I was taking my sister with my bare cock. I only hoped she was on the pill.

I soon put my hands on Rachel’s shoulders. I pulled her back onto my dick. Rachel was screaming to be fucked. I must have really gotten her wound up. Rachel began to squirt. I felt her juices coating my cock. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold out for much longer.

“I want you to cum in me Chris. I need your hot seed in me,” she pleaded.

We both exploded together. I sent hot streams of my batter deep into her belly. Rachel tensed up and gripped my cock harder. That made me give her even more of my white cream. I surprised myself with all the cum I gave my sister. I finished her off and held my cock inside her quivering pussy.

When I did pull out I could see my cum dripping out of Rachel’s spent hole. She flipped over onto her back. I was on my knees when Rachel crawled underneath me. She took my cock in her mouth and cleaned me off. I did shoot more cum down her throat.

“I’m going to need more of your cock,” she told me.

Rachel was right about that part. I took her again the next morning. She was on her back when I pushed her legs to her chest. I pumped my dick deep into her passage. I didn’t have much cum left in me. It didn’t matter. Rachel had numerous orgasms. Our pubic mounds hit as I gave her every hard inch I had. I did end up tuzla kendi evi olan escort giving her a little more of my cum.

“I could get used to that,” she told me.

Everything wasn’t perfect. Jake paid us a visit one evening.

“I want to see my wife. “

Jake tried to barge past me. I pushed him back into the hallway. Jake took a swing at me but missed. I gave him a shot in the gut. Jake fell to his knees.

“You have one minute before I call the police,” I said.

Jake was a coward at heart. I did call the police and explained there was a restraining order against Jake. It didn’t take long before they tracked him down. Jake didn’t fare well. He had to go before a judge and he began mouthing off. The judge wasn’t in a good mood that day. He sentenced Jake to a few months in jail.

I knew that Rachel couldn’t hang around much longer. We discussed it and decided we needed to move out of the area. We ended up in a town about a hundred miles away. We told our parents it was for the best right now. Our parents agreed. We didn’t tell anyone where we moved to. We called my parents only to let them know we were okay.

We were finally away from prying eyes. I was able to get a job in my field, so that worked out for us. We now live in a house in a rural setting. We are fucking like crazy. One night when I had my cock buried inside my sister she screamed that she wanted me to breed her. That kind of talk makes me lose control.

I gave Rachel a large dose of my cum. She squeezed me dry.

“I meant what I said,” she told me.

“You want me to impregnate you?” I could barely believe what I was hearing.

“I want to have your baby Chris.”

It’s hard to think how these past few months have played out. My divorced sister is now my lover. Rachel has quit taking her birth control pills. If anything, the sex has become more intense. Rachel will plead with me when we are making love. She tells me to coat her fertile eggs with my baby cum.

I know it won’t be long until Rachel tells me she is pregnant. I will keep you informed as to how it all works out for us. Until then, my sister is insatiable for my cock.

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