New Management Ch. 04: New Training

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Cook knocked on the door of Pastor Goode’s house, “Ah come in dear lady, Mr. Brown told me all about your pending visit and single predicament.”

It is a huge part of our Christian beliefs that a girl has regular lessons on behaviour and manners, to this end i will take over your education.”

“Please Pastor…”

“Sir, you will always address me in private as Sir. forget at your peril.

“Sorry Sir, i will be a quick learner. Sir, what does lessons in behaviour and manners actually mean?”

“It means child as soon as you cross the Lords threshold your body becomes the Churches property to do with as i feel is to your welfare and benefit.”

Cook thought about it a little, “Sir, does that mean more than being punished if i do wrong?”

“Like you would not believe my girl, so, stay, or go?”

“Stay please Sir.”

The pastor had a check list on a clip board;


“Mary Wilson Sir.”


“32 Sir.”

“Disciplined growing up?”

“Spanked and Belted Sir.”

“By whom?”

“Dad, Mum 2 brothers, older sister, uncles, aunts.”

“Who disciplines now?”

“No one Sir, oh, Mr. Brown if i have done wrong at work and twice by the Master Sir.”

“Married or Single”

“Single Sir”

“Sexual Experience.”

“Not much Sir, the odd fumble here, fingering there, and sucking Sir.”

“So you are a Virgin?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do not worry, we will break you in gently.”

“We Sir, who is we?”

“I have a team of Church elders who deal with such things along with errant boys and girls and single mums.”

“Wow, really Sir?”

“I will dismiss that last remark of you accusing me of telling lies.”

“Oh please Sir i apologise, i am so sorry, it was just a figure of speech.”

“Now strip to your waist, let me see what a 32 year old single virgin looks like up top and let me examine you.”

Mary removed her jumper and blouse and stood in her bra, he walked behind her and pinged the back strap hard.


“What was my instruction.”

“Strip to the waist Sir,” she took off her bra. “Sorry Sir, i am a bit shy.”

“You will lose the shyness tonight when you are passed around naked by myself and the church elders.”

“Yes Sir”

He examined her, “Your tits fall perfect, equal size and weight,” he juggled them and nipped her nipples, she squealed as they rose from her tits, “and perfect nipple reaction.”

“Lean right forward, let me see how they hang when you are still, now jiggle a little so i can see the swing when you are belted and caned.”

She did exactly as she had been told.

He made notes on his pad

“Chest size?”

“34DD Sir”

“They are impressive Mary, but unfortunately for you i am about to whip them?”

“Oh please don’t Sir, they are always very tender.”

He took a thin strap from his cassock belt.

“Lift your right breast, NOW.”

She had done wrong and knows she needed punishing, she pushed the aforementioned tit into the air and Pastor Goode whipped it 10 times nipple too on the belts exit from the tit.

Mary screamed then sobbed but without being told offered her left tit for punishment.

“Put it down Mary, the elders will even things up later.”

“Now strip naked.”

She followed his ordered at once, even shoes and socks.

“Nice flat unmarked tummy,” he added that to his notes.

His hand cupped her mound, “Too much hair, you will be shaved.”

Again he wrote it down.

You will join the elders and the rest of the young girls and single mums in the red room shortly, but as a favour to Mr. Brown i said i would spank you first to make your bottom more receptive to the belts etc. to come.”

“Thank you so much Sir, you are a kind man. May i go over your knee now?”

He sat on the chair and over she went.

She knew she had one hell of a few hours in front of her, sorry for the blaspheme Lord, she crossed herself as his big hard hand came down, SPANK.


My dear cherubs.

PaPa and i would love the pleasure of our two darling girls.

Friday at 9.00 would be delightful.

We will start with breakfast and then PaPa will entertain you.

He has whips, belts, tawses, canes, wooden spoons and the biggest hands, ever.

Love you

MaMa x x

“What do you thing Lee, should we accept?”

“Erm, Yes.”

“Were you done last night Lee?”

“Yes Abi.”

“How many times?”

“Once over the sofa arm, once in the shower and…”

“That’s enough, blimey.”

“Were you Ma-am?”

“You know damn well i wasn’t.”

“Would you like to spank me or me to see to you below Ma-am.”

Abi lifted her skirt and Lee ran to her room and returned with her hand behind her back and went straight under Abi’s skirt.

Abi laid back and opened her legs wide, Lee got to work, licking her pussy lips, top to bottom, bottom to top.

Her fingers opened her lips and she felt something the size of a cock inside her, then it vibrated.

Lee worked it in and out whilst nipping her hood and clit, then biting it.

It was soon all Onwin too much for Abi and she came so powerful she almost passed out.

Lee stopped and came out from under Abi’s skirt.

They heard MaMa coming down the corridor, Lee pushed her vibrator under the settee cushion.

She knocked and came in, with the junior cane.

“Bottoms up girls, i need to cane you, its either stripping you two or having my pussy closed with PaPa’s thin belt on Friday.

“Naked MaMa?”

“Yes please my dears.”

“MaMa, can we have a spanking first please.”

“Yes of course.”

Lee of course was first over and given a nice warm up.

She stood watching as Abi got the same.

They both chose a place on the table and got 10 steady stripes then 5 extra hard to make them scream.

MaMa rubbed them gently, then spanked them both again, a little harder this time.

“There, they should last till Friday, but i will check on Wednesday to make sure.”

The girls stayed over the table and MaMa kissed their bottoms.

“Looks like your pussy could do with a wash Abi, have you just just climaxed?”

“Sorry MaMa, yes, just before you came, will you cane me again?”

“Smiles, no room on your bottom, now go freshen up.”


The day after, Joe rang Lee to see if she could do lunch + she had something for her.

She checked with Abi who said Alan was coming over to their house for coffee so she would be fine.

She arrived at Joe’s and just before she walked in she heard a slapping.


“Ah, come in Lee, i invited Bill and Linda for lunch too but as you can see Linda is being spanking.”

“Yes Sir i can, but why she whispered?”

“Because she had been rude to someone in a shop, and every action has a consequence.”

“Lower your knickers he will spank you next.”

“Yes Sir.”

She never questioned his instruction.

“Knickers off or naked Sir?”


“Well Linda will be naked for the belt, so naked.”

Lee stripped naked, Joe cuddled her and perked her nipples as she waited her turn.

They had all seen each other naked at the party and he was the one with the cock as big as Toms.

She hoped her Sir would put him to her during the course of the after noon to suck and be f u c k e d , she spelt it out in her mind.

“Next,” Linda stood and stripped naked.

“Can you give Linda a seeing to please Joe?”

“Belt or cock Bill.”

“Either or both Joe,”

Joe removed his belt and put Linda over the island counter, he kicked her legs wide apart.

As Lee went over Bill’s knee she could see Linda’s magnificent pussy flaps hanging down, the flaps she was biting and sucking a short time before.

As her Sir belted her he bum cheeks nipped together and her flaps moved.

Lee was spanked and stood up, she put on a few tears so next time he may not spank as hard.

Bill dropped his pants and underpants an gave his cock a rub, “Lee will do that for you Bill.”

Lee moved to him and wanked him stiff with both hands.

he walked towards Linda, Lee still rubbing.

“Sot me in Lee.”

“Pardon Sir.”

“Put my cock in Linda’s slit, do you want another trip over my knee?”

“No Sir.”

Joe herd what was being said and turned his belt onto Lees bottom as she stood wanking Bill.

She screamed and pulled Bill’s cock to Linda’s lips and helped push it in.

“Over the counter Lee.”

She took the fucking position she knew Joe liked, tits off the counter so he could pull her back to his thrust.

They both had their girls cum a few times.

“Swap Joe?”

Linda held Lee’s hand tight, how lovely was that Lee thought.

Joe pulled out and pushed his cock into Linda.

His length hit her G spot bang on and she cum with a tremble, as she trembled Joe gripped her nipples and pumped her hard.

Bill did not want to split the diminutive Lee in half with his cock so eased in, bit by bit.

He was well lubricated from Linda and slid in without much trouble and as he was not as long as Joe she managed to hump him back to everyone of his thrusts.

She took his hands off her thigh and squeezed them on her tits, he nipped and pulled them hard.

Both were ready to cum and swapped back.

Bill smacked Linda’s bottom and she knelt down and cleaned him.

Lee did it automatically, as trained.

They all cleaned up and had lunch.

“I have a surprise for you Lee.”

“Oh thank you Sir.”

“You will be going home with Bill and Linda for a few days.”


“They also have a surprise when you get there.”

Linda knew nothing about what was happening but Bill smiled.


Alan arrived for coffee and respectfully popped in to say hi to her parents first so it was 11.15, and not 11.00 he got to Abi.

“And where have you been, look at the time?”

“I beg your pardon young lady?”

“Sorry Sir, how have you….”

“Lesson time young lady,” he lifted hiS jumper and tapped his belt.

Abi screwed up her face, “Aww Sir i’m sorry, please don’t belt me, i have not even Onwin Giriş kissed you.”

He lent forward and kissed her, put his hands under her skirt and pulled down her knickers.

He sat down on a dining chair, lifted her skirt onto her back and spanked her, “And the cane marks Abi?”

“Please Sir,” spank, spank, spank,spank, MaMa was told by PaPa she is not firm enough with us, spank, spank, spank, spank, and if he does not see cane stripes when we have our maintenance she will be made uncomfortable,” below Sir, spank, spank, spank, spank. “Owwwwwww Sirrrrr, Owwwwwwww.”


Silence, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, “Owwwwww, he will belt her pussy lips and clit Sir, so it hurts her to even pee Sir.”

He stopped, and she stood and stripped naked.

He stood and she unbuckled his belt, pulled it through his pant loops, bent it double, kissed it and placed it in his hands.

She folded her hands behind her as he liked and stuck the whole of her 32B tits out.

He put her back over his knee and belted her.

It was her first ever over the knee belting, and it hurtttttt.

He stopped and she slipped between his legs and removed his cock, “Thank you Sir, snifff, i feel it’s what i am lacking lately, snifffff, Love you so much.”

He pushed her head onto his cock before she could say more.

She did a good job too, her cheek muscles were getting stronger as she sucked him to a cum, but not before taking him down her throat for the first time, ok she gagged, but she did it.

“That was wonderful Abi, you did so well to throat me.”

“Thank you Sir, Lee taught me, we both practice with bananas.”

“Really, can i ask why?”

“So we will be complete and dutiful wife’s to serve you and Joe Sir.”

“Talking about complete and dutiful, when i leave this afternoon you will be taken to Linda and Bill’s home for a few days.”

“Yes Sir,”

“What, no questions.”

“No Sir, not one, Gods honour Sir.”

Alan let her stand and lowered her over his knee again.

She got a loving spanking and bottom rubbing, she moved her hand under her bobby and wanked HER cock hard again.

Sir stopped spanking and lifted her with her back to him and she rode his cock, facing away made her pussy tighter for him and stimulated her.

He pulled and squeezed her nipples and tits.

A knock and MaMa came in, “Oh sorry, let me turn my back.”

“That’s ok MaMa, we don’t mind, we have no secrets.”

“You are such a darling girl Abi, i will miss you so when you go.” She began to weep.

Abi got off Alan’s cock and he covered with her skirt.

She hugged MaMa.

“Excuse me MaMa.”

“Oh Alan, how kind and loving to call me that, yes love.”

“Abi and Lee will be away till Wednesday, could you let all know who need to know please?”

“No problems at all and in future i will knock and wait to be invited in.”

“No need MaMa, we have nothing to hide you have not seen before, Alan stood and she saw he was the size of Her cock.”

“She smiled, brave boy, very true.”

Abi went back and sucked Sir hard again and bent over, hands on knees whilst he has his satisfaction, she knelt cleaned him and went to shower.


Alan drove up the long drive of Bill and Linda’s home, a large red bricked double fronted country mansion set in 50 acres of grass land.

They had 5 inside staff, housekeeper, cook, 2 maid’s and a porter.

Outdoor, a gardener and odd job boy.

“How lovely Alan, wonder if you and i would ever aspire to this.”

As the car pulled up at the main door Lee ran out to meet them.

“Oh Abi i had no idea you were coming too, in fact i had no idea i was coming.” they both laughed.

Alan took her overnight case from the back seat and said Hi and Bye to Bill, Linda, Lee and big kiss for Abi, and he drove away.

Abi thought she heard clapping as they went in, they all went to the patio as it was such a warm sunny day.

The maid brought the tea and coffee, her eyes puffy.

“Was that you feeling the housekeeper’s belt earlier?”

“Yes Sir,”

“Show and tell.”

She stepped out of her dress and stood before them all naked, bend over, she showed her newly striped red bottom. “Please Sir, not sure.”

“Then find out and after dinner you can come to the main room, tell us all and we will decide on how i shall punish you.”

She cried as she acknowledged him.

I will not have you crying in front of our guest, let me give you something to cry about, pass me your sandal Linda.

WACK, WACK, WACK, WACK, WACK, Owwwwwwww Sir and all so sorry.

“Anyone else want to spank her.”

Abi could not resist, she pulled up her skirt a little and patted her knee.

Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, She gave her a good spanking, “You are quite right Bill, such behaviour needs nipping in the bud.”


“No i am happy she has been dealt with Sir.” She remembered the times it was her back at home and at Calder House over someones knee.

Dinner was served and cleared and the maid arrived.

Bill raised his eyes at her to speak.

“I asked Sir Onwin Güncel Giriş and she said every girl needs a regular spanking, and that was mine Sir,” all the girls nodded.

“10 with my belt on your nipples girl,” she gasped Would you like holding to avoid stepping back and getting 20?”

“Please Sir, Sir i don’t know what you mean.”


She got naked.

“Fold your arms behind your back, head up, back arched and stick yout ample tits out.”

Ample they were too, Lee reckoned at least 34DD if not 36.

“I will hit your tit and nipple in turn as hard as i can, here is a tester,” Whoosh Crack, “Owwwwwwwwwww”

“Please can i be held Sir.”

“Linda, hold her, if she moves you get 50.”

“Yes Sir.”

She took all 10 well, Bill was not as harsh as he said he would be.

“You will get a bedtime spanking girl.”

She sighed, “But it can wait until tomorrow night.” He smiled at her and she left.

Now, Abi and Lee, are you both wondering why you are here?”

Lee put her hand up, “Me Sir because Joe sent me.”

They all smiled.

“Let me rephrase that, the reason you are both here for one or two nights is for us to open up your bottoms to make you accessible 24/7 to your husbands.”

Lee rubbed her pussy, “Do you want a pee Lee.”

“No Sir, just scared.”

Bill nodded.

“Right Abi and Lee, please go to your rooms and undress into your nightwear, no nickers. Then come back and we will go into the dining room.”

As they went upstairs Lee began to cry, Abi did not want to be lenient, she needed to be strong.

“Don’t tell me you want something to cry about?”

Sniff, “No Ma-am, but will you wait for me please?”

“Yes of course love.”

They arrived back in the lounge and Bill and Linda stood up and they all went back into the dinning room.

Two young men stood naked by the end of the table.

Lee gave each one a good looking at, one had the smallest willy she had ever seen, and she had 4 brothers and 3 boy cousins, the other the longest thinnest ever.

“Ladies, let me show you what i have on the table, butt plugs, butt plug’ with a tail attached, lubricating cream and a but stretchers.”

Linda walked to the 2 boys and wanked them stiff.

“Bend over the table girls.”

They did as they were told and Bill lubricated their bummy holes, pushing his finger in, “Do you want a spanking Lee?”

“No Sir,”

Then relax, tighten again and you will be spanked,

“Sorry Sir.”

He had no such problem with Abi, she was relaxed and loose when he fingered her bottom to lubricate.

He nodded to Linda, she grabbed the balls of small cock and stood him behind Abi.

Bill added lubrication to the boys cock and they gently eased him in with no dramas, Abi took him straight in, thrusts a little boy to my rhythm, the rhythm turned out to be spanks on his bottom.

Lee began to cry, Bill fingered her bottom as much as he could, the then grabbed the small cock boy by his balls and pulled him out, moved him to Lee and he and Linda gently pushed him in, Abi held Lee’s hand tight.

“Owowowowowowow.”Bill whispered to Linda and she took off her knickers, got on the table in front of Lee and lifter her head onto her pussy, she pushed it down and Lee ate.

The boy was in and pumping.

He went to collect long cock and held him against Abi’s rose as he lubricated the shaft.

He held the shaft and moved it forward, a slight wince from Abi and he pulled it back out, he gave the boy a swift stood up spanking, “not so rough boy, take it easy.”

They tried again and she took a good half as he thrust the boy backwards and forwards.

Then the small cock was put back in to Abi and he was allowed to fuck her, as hard as he could.

He eased long cock passed Lee’s rose, Linda bucked and cum for Lee to drink up as Bill pushed him further in.

“Lee, may i have a taste of Linda?” Lee lifted her head and Linda moved along.

Both boys were banging away till Bill pulled them out.

“Do you want these girls to wank you off lads?”

“Yes please sir?”

Bill put a plug in each bottom.

“Girls finish the boys off please, we will use them again in the morning.”

No sooner said than done, the small cock spurted to almost the other end of the table, Lee could not help but say well done, thin cock got now here near.

The boys left, “All 3 of you back over the table, legs wide for my cock, he fucked all three but shot his cock full into Linda.

All went up to bed, a good job almost complete.


“Yes love.”

“Please may i sleep in your bed with you tonight.”

“Yes sweet girl you may but you will have a chore to do before we sleep and when i wake up.”

Lee slid below the sheets, she knew her true place.

Breakfast cleared and thin cock was back, same as before, naked bummy holes lubricated and long cocks shaft and he slid straight in to them both, no trouble.

“You may shower and pack, you will not be required to stay another night. I will drive you both home this morning, “Linda, strip, its a belting for you girl.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Bill sent them off with some lubricant and a long thickish vibrator to use twice a day for a couple of weeks.

Abi and Lee heard the whoosh cracks as they were going to their rooms, Abi followed Lee in to her room.

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