New Job at the Village Store Ch. 04

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Paula ran to her house hoping that no one got to see her. Her big breasts jiggled as she ran,they were extremely sore from the beating they had just received from John. When she got into her house, she immediately removed her soaking wet blouse and crinkled her nose up at the smell of her own cold wet urine that soaked through it and chucked it in the washing machine.

She remembered that John had forbade her to wash her pussy until just before Derek returned but he didn’t say anything about the rest of her body. Paula went to the bathroom and ran a sink full of very hot water and put some nice smelling bath salts in the water.

Paula went through to her bedroom and removed her bra and threw it into the laundry basket. She walked back through to the bathroom gingerly holding her tender breasts and biting her lower lip began using her soft flannel on her tender swollen boobs. Feeling comfort from the hot water she decided to immerse both of her big boobs in the extremely hot water to relieve the pain.

Whilst the heat was soaking in, she closed her eyes and thought back to John beating her big boobs and watch them bounce all over the place. The extremely sharp stinging and the shame of wetting herself in front of him. She remembered through the pain, how sexually excited she was and how wet her pussy was. Then she remembered John inspecting her and putting his fingers inside her and tormenting her because of the size of her pussy, the humiliation exciting her even more. She would never forget for the rest of her life when he put his big cock straight up her dripping wet pussy and when he bit and twisted her battered nipples.

Throughout her day dreaming her pussy was getting wet once again and the aroma of freshly fucked pussy reached her nostrils.

Paula straightened her back taking her sore boobs out of the hot water. Taking a soft white towel, she dried herself off gingerly and put her boobs in her most supportive bra and covered herself with a very soft jumper. Paula was very conscious of the smell of sex from her pussy and was sure that Derek would notice it too.

After enjoying a large glass of wine, Paula heard her phone announce a text message come in.

“I hope your big tits aren’t too sore slut, but you must do as I instruct. Tomorrow we’re going out. Arrange a taxi for 2pm, we’re going to Hexham. Tell Derek you’re meeting some girlfriends and will be very late or may stay over.”

Paula started to wonder what would happen and what John would do to her, would he humiliate her, would he have sex with her again, would he spank her sensitive boobs or big arse?

Throughout these thoughts her pussy was reacting and her stomach was tightening at the thought of what he might do. Paula slipped her hand inside her big knickers and started to stroke her bald pussy, running a finger through her pussy and over her big wet sensitive clit. She was rubbing herself faster and faster and started to moan out loud.

“Fuck me John, fill up my big bald cunt with your spunk, smack my fat arse” she shouted as she came once again and proceeded to fall asleep in the chair.

At the same time that Paula was rubbing her wet pussy, John went round to Shona’s to have a chat following this afternoons fun. John rang the doorbell and Shona answered, wearing a pair of blue jeans, white t-shirt and wore her long blond hair tied back.

“Er, hello John, what can I do for you?” Shona tentatively asked.

“I think it would be best if we went inside, unless you’re anxious for me to discuss this afternoons events on your doorstep?”

John and Shona went inside and sat in her living room. Shona was obviously nervous and fidgeted in her seat, her eyes moving all round the room except in John’s direction. Shona was 38 and lived alone after her divorce. Her ex-husband had had an affair, which was common knowledge in the village, the divorce was swift.

“Did you enjoy the show earlier? I assume you did when I saw you rubbing your cunt and saw how quickly you came when I was spanking Paula big tits?”

Shona stared at John in shock and embarrassment and simply nodded her head before John went on.

“Tell me Shona, your obviously a horny slut, with some kinky needs, why did you divorce your husband?” John had heard some rumours but wanted to hear the full story from Shona. She lowered her eyes as painful memories came flooding back to her

“I found him with another woman in our bed, she was in her early 20s, very slim and attractive. I was extremely shocked and ran out of the house. When I came back later she was still there. I asked him what she had that I didn’t and he said that she had a slim body and firm tits. I begged him not to end our relationship and even offered him to continue with her and do anything but it wasn’t enough for him”

Shona started to weep and sob “he told me in front of her that I had let myself go and I was a too fat for him, that I was disgusting and he didn’t want to put his dick in my fat smelly pussy. His new girl Joanne, looked a little shocked initially at what she was hearing so he told me to remove all my clothes and show her what he meant. To my eternal shame I did as he said. I stood there completely naked and Joanne was laughing at me and calling me names but I was getting excited, my pussy was getting wet and my nipples hard. She noticed how hard my nipples were and started to laugh saying how I was getting myself off on the names she was calling me!”

“What names was she calling you Shona?”

Shona closed her eyes, lowered her voice and said “She was calling me a fat slag and big titted cow”.

“Tell me Shona, are you a fat slag, are you a big titted cow?”

Shona kept her eyes closed and just nodded her head.

“What happened next Shona?”

“She told me to get on all fours, spread my legs and told me to start wanking myself off, I was so humiliated by this young girl but so turned on at the same time. Whilst I was rubbing my pussy, she started slapping my arse and started calling me names again and telling me that she was taking my husband from me. I came so hard.” Shona was shaking now and sobbing from embarrassment and shame of her memories. After she calmed down a bit John carried on.

“I know what you need and I know what you want me to do. Now remove your clothes you fat slag, I want to see those big tits that Joanne saw”. Shona felt the same feelings she felt when her ex-husband and his new girl called her names and her pussy tingled with anticipation. Shona stood up and removed her jeans, t-shirt and bra and stood there in just a thong.

John admired her full figure and said “as much as I like a fat arse in a thong, I told you to take your clothes off. Now get them all off you big titted slag and show me your wet cunt!”.

Shona pulled the thong down over her hips, to her shame the wet crotch was snagged in her pussy as she pulled it down. John instructed her to sit back down in her arm chair and drape her legs over each arm and he got up to inspect her body. He ran his hands all over her, tweaking her big thick nipples, over her belly and her hairy blond pussy hairs. He reached into his pocket and took out his mobile phone and took several pictures of her and said that Paula would look forward to seeing her like this, which elicited a gasp from her.

“It’s only fair, after all you saw her in a much worse situation” John explained.

Then he then took a cucumber out of his pocket and told her to give it a good licking, like it was her ex-husbands cock that had just come out of his girlfriend’s pussy.

Shona thought that the cucumber had a funny taste and after she had been sucking it for a minute or so John announced “Do you like the flavour? Paula was ramming that very cucumber up her cunt yesterday! Now it’s your turn you fat slag, get that cucumber up your hairy cunt and hurry up about it!”

Shona was open mouthed in shock, but quickly took the cucumber and started to push it up her pussy. John was taking several photos of her and asking what she thought her ex-husband and Joanne would think of her now and asking if she would have licked Joanne out if her ex had told her to in order to save their marriage. To her complete embarrassment she just cried out

“yes, please let me lick her tight pussy!” and started to pump the cucumber into her pussy harder and harder. John turned his phone into video mode and started to record.

“Come on you fat slag, fuck that big hairy cunt of yours with Paula’s cucumber. Make that big cunt come!” It was a much as Shona could manage, she started to come and come hard. She hadn’t had any type of sexual relationship since her husband’s lover had made her make herself come. She was completely overcome by the whole experience and lay back completely exhausted, with the cucumber buried deep inside her.

After Shona had come down from her orgasm, John carried on with more questions. “How tall are you and how much do you weigh?”

Shona was a little puzzled by the question “Er, I’m about 5 feet 4 and weigh around 16 stones I think, but have been trying to weight so may be a little less than that now” Shona replied quite proud of herself.

“Get your big arse into the kitchen now and bring back one of those chocolate fudge cakes, you’re going on a special diet for me”

Shona waddled through to the kitchen with the cucumber still in her pussy and came back through with the 12 inch cake. It was one of the leading sellers and full of calories, you only needed a thin slice as too much made you feel sick.

“Right, I’m off now. If you want me to come back in the future to visit, then start eating and don’t stop till its all in your big belly. When you’re done send me a photo of the empty plate. In fact every day you will eat a whole cake for dinner and send me a picture of the empty plate. Then you will weigh yourself and keep me informed of your progress. When you get to over sixteen and a half stones you will take a picture of yourself on the scales and send it to me begging me to come round to humiliate you. Between now and that point, you can only touch your cunt when you wash or take a piss and you will not make yourself come, do you understand all that you stupid fat slag?”

Shona simply nodded as John walked out of the door. Shona using three fingers as a make shift spoon started to feed herself the chocolate cake.

John was very pleased with how everything was going with Shona. He didn’t really find her all that attractive but he did enjoy humiliating her and looked forward to her getting to her new target weight quickly. His thoughts quickly returned to Paula and he couldn’t wait to take her out on the town tomorrow night.

Meanwhile at Paula’s, Derek had come home to find Paula fast asleep in the chair with her hand inside her big knickers. Derek put his hand on her shoulder and gently shook her

“Hello sleepy, did you miss me?” Derek said mischievously. Paula woke with a start and remembered what she had been doing and caught sight of her hand still in her knickers.

With a red face, she said “erm, hello darling. I’ve had terrible stomach pain, I think I’m due my period. I must have had too many tablets and fell to sleep. If you don’t mind I’m going to get a hot water bottle and go to bed early. Oh, by the way if your okay with it I’ve been invited out to for dinner with the girls tomorrow in Hexham, I’ll be leaving in the afternoon and it will be quite late when we get back, or thinking about it I might stay over”.

“Okay Paula, that’s fine. I’m out at the pub tomorrow night for a darts match so you’d only be in on your own. I’ll be up to bed shortly, I just need to get some grub”

Now that Derek was home, Paula went upstairs and took a quick shower, put a fresh set of underwear on along with clean pair of soft PJs and flopped into bed. Paula fell asleep thinking about what John would make her do tomorrow….

Even though she had had no instruction Paula packed an overnight bag for her stay away, packing everything she thought she might need. At 1.30pm she received a text from John. “I hope you’re ready my big titted slut, pick me up in the taxi at ten past two outside the pub, J”

The taxi arrived at exactly 2pm, she kissed Derek good bye and got into the taxi and directed him to the pub. She had deliberately chosen a taxi company from Hexham to pick them up as it was extremely unlikely that she would know the driver and would ever meet the driver again. The taxi was the kind that had security glass between the driver and the passengers and an intercom that could be turned on and off.

John was waiting outside the pub as agreed. He got in the taxi beside Paula and told the driver to head to the Station Hotel, where he had reserved a room. He then turned off the intercom and spoke to Paula.

“I hope that you’ve brought your credit card you fat slut, it’s going to be an expensive day for you?” Paula said that she had before he went on.

“How are your saggy tits today fatty, sore?”

Paula would have been highly embarrassed that John was asking her the question if they were on their own, but even though she knew the driver couldn’t hear them she was mortified. That being said her pussy was starting to get wet at the way he was treating her.

“A little, but they’ll be okay, thanks for asking John” she replied.

“Next time I’ll just have to beat them for longer then won’t I slut, after all we both know how sloppy it makes that big bald cunt of yours don’t we and that’s even before you pissed yourself. Oh and from now on I think it best that you call me sir, understand fatty?”

Paula was taken back by the slight change in John, but replied “Yes, sir” lowering her head submissively.

“I need to tell you when I was beating your big tits yesterday, we had a spectator. Actually I had told her to come round at a certain time.” John informed her.

Paula was mortified all over again but didn’t forget her manners “What did she see, who was she, sir?”

“She saw me whacking you big saggy tits with your spatula and she saw you piss all over the floor.”

Paula looked like she was going to cry when John continued. “She’s another fat slut just like you, she couldn’t help put her hand in her knickers and wank herself off looking at what I was doing to you. I think you know her, here look at these pictures and video I took of her later”.

Paula gasped as she saw the pictures of her best friend naked with her legs spread over the arms of the very chair Paula would usually sit in when they met up. Paula closed her eyes and shook her head before watching the video clip. She saw Shona pushing something in and out of one of the hairiest pussies Paula had ever seen and then heard John’s voice telling Shona to ‘fuck that big hairy cunt of yours with Paula’s cucumber’.

“You, you, you…….. I can’t believe that you made her do that with that cucumber and I can’t believe that you thought it was okay to bring her into the shop and watch what we were do…..”.

John interrupted, his face bright red “now you listen here, you fat slut. If you want me to rip your top open and start slapping your sore tits in front of the taxi driver till they are black and blue and the tears are streaming down your pretty face then you’re going the right way about it. How dare you question what I do and who I do it with. If I want to humiliate Shona then I will and that’s that. And another thing we weren’t doing anything, I was beating your big tits and punishing you for being late, just because I put my cock in your cavernous cunt doesn’t mean we were doing anything, I was doing everything. Are we clear?”

“Yes sir, sorry sir” Paula replied meekly.

The rest of the journey passed without a word, the taxi pulled up at the hotel which could be said to be a bit seedy to say the very least.

After they got out the cab, Paula asked if they could not find somewhere a little more luxurious. John just told her to go in and register, the room was in her name and to quit moaning. After two minutes she came back out to find John.

“Sir, there is no room booked in my name. I think we’ll have to go elsewhere, I do know that there are a few nice hotels in the centre of town”

“What, come with me” John replied and stormed into the hotel.

John walked up to the bar, with its thread bear carpets and broken furniture and asked for the barman to check once again for their reservation.

“I rang this morning and put made the reservation, it must be in there. We’ve travelled quite a long way to get here you know!” John explained.

“Sorry mate, but there’s nothing in here under Paula Johnson, it doesn’t matter how many times I check!”

John’s mouth broke into a slight smile “ah, I now know why you couldn’t find her reservation. I made it under her new name, Big Titted Slut”

Paula’s mouth just dropped as she gasped turning bright red. The bar attendant smiled, his eyes dropped on Paula’s large cleavage and chuckled “well they do look like a big pair of tits!”

John’s next comment sent Paula all light headed as she gripped the counter “Do you want a closer look?”

When the bartender replied that he did, John said “well come on fatty, undo that blouse we haven’t got all day and this man wants to see your saggy tits!”

Paula couldn’t believe that John was making her do this. She started to feed the buttons through the holes, she felt her nipples harden and knew that her pussy was dribbling into her clean knickers. After undoing her blouse she opened it and undid her bra at the back allowing her big tits to be free.

“Pull on her big thick nipples if you want, it really gets the old slut off, but don’t be too rough I was slapping them with a plastic spatula yesterday trying to teach the fat cunt right from wrong!” The barman didn’t take telling twice, however he was far from gentle and was cruelly pinching, pulling, tugging and twisting Paula’s sore nipples although through the pain her pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

John brought this to an end shortly “right that’s enough, I’ll take the room key thanks. Come on you dirty slut, don’t bother putting your tits away just grab your bag and lead the way”

Paula was completely shell shocked and panting after the barman pulled on her sensitive nipples but simply said “yes sir”. She bent over allowing her big tits to dangle down, picked up the bag and walked toward the bedrooms with her ample boobs swinging side to side, it was going to be a long night.

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