Nerdy Nephew , Sexy Aunt Ch. 02

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Brian woke up on his aunt’s bed wondering how he’d gotten there. He sat up and looked around the room and was motionless for a few moments. He eventually made his way out and into the living room. As soon as he caught sight of the sofa he remembered what happened. Then he looked back at the bed. Did he have sex with his aunt? He tried to remember.

“I’m making pancakes.” his aunt said from the kitchen.

Brian just stood there wondering if what he remembered was real or not. What had happened? Did he really… did they really… or was it just a dream?

Brian walked into the kitchen and sat down on a stool by the bar.

“So, today, I was thinking that after the museum we could hit the tower. It looks like nice weather today so we might be able to see all the way over the boarder. Then we could go by the lakes and sit on the beach. You’ll love it there. The university is right there and I bet you’re just dying to get a look at the books they’ve got. And for dinner we could get a deep dish. Nobody makes them like we do.”

She came over and put a plate of pancakes in front of him. “Eat up.”

“Say, aunt Sandy…” Brian began but his aunt stopped him.

“No. None of that. Sandy. Just Sandy. Brian. Sandy.”

“Ok. Sandy. Um Did I do or…”

She reached out and took his hand. “This is a new day. We get a new start. Don’t worry about all that stuff. Let’s just go and enjoy the day. Ok?”

“Yeah. Ok.”

The museum was fun but nothing compared to the tower. Brian was surprised to learn that they treated an elevator ride up to the observation deck like a ride at Disney world. Brian had never been to Disney world but this was exactly what he imagined it would be like. After waiting in line and then having to sit through a promotional video talking about how great the city was they eventually made it to the elevator and Brian’s ears popped as they went up past the 100th floor.

Sandy was so amused with Brian. He was scared of heights. She tried her best to get him to go touch the glass but he really did not want to leave the ‘safety’ of the interior wall. Sandy went and stood in a section of the exterior glass wall that protruded out. She was standing on glass and under her feet she could see all the way down to the street. She wondered if there was some guy down there looking up and getting a peek under her skirt.

After that tower they went to another that wasn’t as high but Sandy said had a better view. There was a restaurant at the top and that’s where they had lunch. Brian thought everything was far too expensive but Sandy just paid it without a worry.

After lunch they went past the university and made it to the beach by the lake. Only after they got there did they both realize that they hadn’t brought anything to wear to the beach. Sandy could have bought something at a store nearby. It might be fun to shop for some more clothes. But if Brian just wanted to admire the view from afar then she was in no hurry.

There was a bit of a park between the university grounds and the beach. The two of them just strolled along the path and for whatever reason just started holding hands as they walked.

“I’m really glad you came to stay with me, Brian.”

“It’s certainly a lot more fun than back home.”

“Later on, do you want to go see a movie?”

“There is this one particular movie I’ve been wanting to see.”

“And don’t let me forget. We have to get you a phone and a computer.”

“I thought the computer was for you.”

“Well, you’re going to need one in college, right?”

“I have scholarship money for that.”

“But why use that when I can just buy you one.”

“That’s too much. You’re spending way too much on me.”

“It’s no problem. Let me.”

“I don’t deserve it.”

“Yes you do.”

“A lot of people go to college.”

“But there aren’t a lot of people who can get a 1570 on their SATs.”

“That was more luck than anything.”

“No it wasn’t. Don’t sell yourself short.”

Beep. Beep.

Sandy got her phone out. “Hello… We missed you. I had a blast. You really should have come out….” Sandy looked at Brian with worry. “Um… Yeah. Why?… well… I don’t know…. I’ll have to ask him…. Hold on.”

Sandy muted the mic on her phone and then got Brian’s attention. “April wants to know if you want to go out with her tonight.”

Brian just shrugged his shoulders.

Say no, Sandy thought. Just say you don’t want to go out with her.

“I guess.”

Mind reading was one technological advancement that Sandy just realized she was very eager to be invented. She’d have to suggest to Brian later to give up on the bicycles and jump on that. If only men could hear what their women were thinking sometimes.

Sandy was a bit agitated at this but followed through. “He said ok…. You better not be late this time…. Fine. What time?… He’ll be there.”

She looked at her nephew. “I got you a date.”

“Great.” he said.

Yeah. Really fucking great. Could he not see pendik escort that this was upsetting her? She couldn’t let it upset her. She was his aunt. He was her nephew. She should be happy he was going on a date. But she wasn’t.

“Alright. Let’s get you home and get you ready.”

“What are you doing?”

“Just trying to delete all the bloatware off my phone.”

“You can do that later. Put the phone down and come here. Boys with toys. I should have waited until after the date to get you that thing. Now, I think you should wear the blue one but the beige one is nice too.”

“What about the red one?”

She looked. “I don’t know. You better stick with the beige one, just to be safe.”

Ok. He was going to take the shirt and put it on in the bathroom but she got in his way. She started getting him undressed… you know… so she could get him ready for his date. That was all. She looked at his chest. He really did need to grow some hair. She ran her fingers over his body.

Then she woke up from her little daydream and turned her back to him.

“Or, we could go in a whole new direction.” she said; trying to play it off. “A white shirt and tie.”

Brian stood still as Sandy dressed him in the shirt and then buttoned it up.

“Do you know how to tie a tie?”

He shook his head in the negative. She looked at three different ties she had bought for him. “I think the simple one would be best.” She popped up the flaps of his collar and wrapped the tie around his neck.

Brian looked at her as she tied the tie. He was looking at her lips. He remembered well what it was like to kiss them. He really wanted to kiss them again. But he didn’t know how to initiate that sort of thing. All he ever knew was not to offend. He played it safe. He never went over the line. He had to be in control. He hated it. Sometimes he felt like he would burst if he couldn’t just please, for once be able to…

“There. Is it too tight?”

“No. It’s ok.”

She held his tie. In essence she was holding him. She imagined it like a little leash. He couldn’t get away. He couldn’t leave her as long as she held onto it.

“And you’ve never been with a girl?”


“Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Just once. Not that long ago.”

“Right. Ok. So you might need some pointers. I guess the main thing is… be confident. Girls love confidence. Why do girls go for jerks when nice guys are everywhere? Confidence.”

“Ok, confidence.”

“And don’t think about it too much. This is a first date. That sort of thing can happen on a first date but usually not. So don’t go thinking that it’s going to happen. Just be cool and confident. Pretend like you don’t need her at all but treat her like she’s special.”

“I don’t understand.”

“What I mean is. Pretend like you don’t need any woman but since she’s somehow special enough to be on a date with you that makes her special. More special than any other woman. So you treat her like she’s special but make it clear that you are perfectly happy just being single and that you don’t need a woman to be happy. I guess what I’m saying is. You are rolling into the future and if she wants to be the one special girl that can get on your bandwagon then that’s great but if not you are perfectly capable of leaving her behind.”

“Ok” Brian did not understand what she was talking about. “I guess I’ll try to do that.”

“And don’t let her get to you. Ok. You do your thinking. Don’t let the little guy do it for you.”

“Little guy?”

“Well, in your case not so little… guy. But just don’t do anything stupid just because you’re attracted to her. You don’t want to get whipped.”


“It’s just an expression. Anyway. Are you all set? Let me look at you.”

As she looked at him she could feel heat coming up from her blouse. One hand was gliding over his shoulder and down his arm while the other held firm to his tie to keep him from going anywhere. She pulled him to her. She looked down at his lips. She looked at his eyes. He was looking at her lips. Was he thinking the same thing?

For a few moments it was a stalemate. Neither of them wanted to make a move but both of them clearly wanted to.

Sandy tried to rationalize it in her head. Clearly she could not just kiss her nephew just because she wanted to. That would be wrong. Right? But what if she didn’t really want to? What if she wasn’t doing it because of her own desire but just to help him. He needed more experience with girls. He needed more experience kissing girls. If this date was going to be a success then he needed practice.

That was all bullshit and deep down she knew it but as long as she could hold onto that rationalization at the surface she could let herself do it and it would be ok.

She kissed him and tasted again what his lips were like. The kiss gave him permission to put his hands on her but he was still ever cautious about going too far. She brought her hand down to his waist. Past his waist she pendik escort felt the outline of his cock under the fabric of his pants. He had that huge monster in there.

She felt him reach around and grab her ass. Yes, grab my ass; she thought. She raised up her knee to give him access to the parts of her that were even more private. Go for it. Come on. His finger tips were so close. Her damn skirt was in the way. Her mind oscillated between wanting to take her skirt off and loving the taste of his tongue as she explored the inside of his mouth.

Brian was loving this moment. He didn’t know how far he’d dare to go but he was here and he could enjoy this for what it was. He did a quick experiment in his head. Siblings were usually only 50% related to each other. They could be more of course and in super rare cases it was possible for them not to be related at all. But 50% represented the vast majority of siblings. So how much was he related to Sandy? If she were a clone of his mother, which she was not, then he’d only be at most 50% related to her. However, if she was only 50% related to his mom then she was only 25% related to him. That was the same as a half sibling. It could be more of course, but it could be less. How close was too close? On some level, he didn’t care. This was a woman and not only was she letting him touch her, she was the one who initiated it.

But Brian knew it wasn’t just because of the fact that she was a woman. There was something special about the way it felt when Sandy touched him. There was something there that put her in a different league than anyone else. Maybe he didn’t really understand what he was thinking about. Maybe any woman that did this with him would elicit the same response. But for whatever reason he just didn’t think so.

They kissed until they both got to the point where kissing would not be enough. Their bodies demanded that they move to the next stage and do something more. There was one last pause and then Sandy pushed away from him.

“Good. So.” She took in a deep breath and pushed it out through the small gap between her lips. “That’s how you kiss a girl. Ok. So, do that with April and you’ll have no problem. Lesson over.”

He didn’t move. He was just standing there looking at her. Why was he looking at her? Look away or she wouldn’t be able to do this. Look away. Go away. She felt her body rebel against her better judgment. She had to force herself not to throw herself at him.

Then she realized, she was holding his tie. She was going to have to let go if she wanted him to go. It was difficult but she did it. She raised her chin and looked up at her ceiling. Without even looking at the clock she said, “It’s almost time. Are you ready?”

“I… I think so.”

“Ok. I’ll call the taxi.”

They met up with April at a fancy little place. Everything seemed cordial at first but then April wanted to talk with Sandy alone.

“Don’t you think he’s a little young?”

“No. He’s an adult. He just hasn’t filled out yet?”

“You know I like my men a little older. Maybe with a bit of salt and pepper.”

This was music to Sandy’s ears. “Well, ok then. I’ll call it off.”

“No, you don’t have to do that. I’m already here.”

“If he’s too young for you then…”

“Yeah, but he is kind of cute. Where did he get a haircut like that though?”

Sandy did not like the way it sounded like April was judging him. She had no right to judge him. If she was going to try to make it sound like he wasn’t good enough for her then Sandy was going to have to say something. Really, it was April who wasn’t good enough for Brian. That’s how it really was. Sandy thought about the fact that April probably couldn’t even remember the names of the last five guys she’d slept with. She was a slutty cow that didn’t deserve a guy like her nephew.

“How’d you meet this guy anyway?”

“Oh, he’s a friend of the family.”

“So you owed his mom a favor or something.”

“No. I just happen to think he’s a really great guy.”

“Then why aren’t you dating him?”

“If you don’t want to go on the date then I will.”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t go on the date.”

Brian sat at the table looking at the ladies talking and he wondered what they were saying. He looked at the menu for a bit. The cheapest steak was $150. He wondered how much his aunt made. It wouldn’t be polite to ask but she obviously made more money than his mother did. He had already known that but he had not expected the difference to be so vast.

The ladies came back to the table and there was a bit of polite chat and then April dropped the hint that she wanted Sandy to leave. Sandy didn’t really want to go but she knew the situation. As she waited for the elevator she was so conflicted. She wanted April to like Brian because of course she’d have to like him. Brian was a great guy. But she didn’t want Brian to like her. She really didn’t want Brian to like her. She thought about sending Brian a text with some really nasty details of April’s past pendik escort that would make him not like her.

The night was wearing on and the waiter came by their table to fill April’s glass. April asked if Brian wanted some but he declined.


“I’m only 18.”

“They don’t care here. If I tell them to give you a drink they’ll give you a drink.”

“I don’t drink though.”

“Fine. So anyway…” she went back into her boring ass story about the time she went to the cinema with her friends and the projector broke but instead of giving everyone a refund they only gave them a voucher to go see another film. “You know what I mean?” She asked.

“Totally.” He had no idea what she was talking about.

“So, what’s your favorite movie?”

“Um… Well, let me think.”

“Mine is Casablanca. I just love that movie so much. It’s so romantic.”

“Romantic? How so?”

“You didn’t think it was romantic?”

“No. It was contrived.”

“But you know at the end when they want to be together but they can’t. It’s so sad.”

“She was married.”

“I know but she loved Rick so much.”

“And he was a Nazi sympathizer.”

“No he wasn’t.”

“And even if you say he had no choice but to work with the Nazis that doesn’t explain why he supplied weapons to the Spanish nationalist. You can say what you want about Franco but he didn’t end up at Nuremburg and some of the Nationalists did.”

“I thought they were the good guys.”

“No. Not by a long shot. Really, really, not by a long shot.”

“Well, the movie wasn’t about all that. It was about love and loss.”

“And adultery.”

“She thought her husband was dead.”

“I don’t care how they tried to justify it, adultery is adultery. How long was her husband missing before she decided to go gallivanting off to Paris so she could have a whirlwind romance with the first stranger she bumped into?”

“You just didn’t understand it.”

“When you make a promise you should keep it. She was married. And at the end she was all ready to just ditch her husband for this other guy. I don’t care that her husband was some dweeb who didn’t know how to pronounce his words correctly. He was still her husband. She made a promise. She was married.”

“So I take it you’re a conservative?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“So, which movie did you think was romantic?”

“I really liked Heung Joh Chow, Heung Yau Chow.”

“Excuse me.”

“It’s a Chinese film. It’s about…”

“American film. Which American film that I might have seen did you think was romantic?”

“Well, I really liked the chemistry between the leads in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

April’s eyes flashed shock. “Isn’t that the one with the black guy in it.”

“Sidney Poitier. He plays John and…”

“Yeah but you know that’s… well… My friend dated a black guy once and he ended up stealing all her money.”

“What does that have to do with the film?”

“So you know.” She tried to pass him a non verbal hint. “You know.”

“No. I don’t know.”

“A lot of those black guys are just… I mean… You can get diseases from them.”

“Am I hearing what I think I’m hearing.”

“Oh, I mean, they should totally have their civil rights and everything. There’s no question on that. But personally I would never date one of those.”

Brian felt his stomach turn sour. This date was over. He didn’t know how to get out of it or end it but for him, it was over.

Sandy jumped to her feet when she heard her door open and Brian entered the apartment.

“You’re home early.”

“It sort of feels late to me.”

“How did it go?”

“Did you know your friend is a… not very nice person.”

“You didn’t like her?”

“Not really.”

In Sandy’s head she was giving herself a high five. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. She was pretty and all but our personalities just didn’t mesh or something.”

Brian took a shower and got into something more comfortable for sleeping in.

His aunt was watching TV. Brian went over and sat next to her. She smiled at him but didn’t say anything. Brian started to feel those feelings coming up again. He thought about what they had done earlier. She had called it a lesson and then sent him off on a date with another girl. He was having a hard time understanding why she’d do that.

It just wasn’t in him to be the aggressive one. He thought that maybe she liked him. He hoped that maybe she liked him. He understood why she might not want to act on it but he really wished she would. He looked over at her in the dim light of the tv. Her left hand was resting on the sofa not that far from him. He couldn’t just grab it. He put his hand down very close to hers and after a few subtle movements he came into contact with her.

Even with just that little bit of skin to skin connection he started to feel funny inside. Was this Ok? Would she be mad if she knew he was sort of getting off by touching her? Was this wrong?

The old programming started to kick in. If it was selfish and one sided then it was wrong. If it was just for him then it was wrong. He felt ashamed by the fact that he was getting to enjoy something. He pulled his hand away.

She turned to him. “Are you ok?”

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