9:30 a.m. My third day home, on vacation, nowhere to go. Dressed in sweat pants and tee shirt and nothing else. Nearly a month since the last time I fucked and wondering who I could call and see. The doorbell rings. I open it. It’s a girl. Actually, it’s a young woman with a brief case and a clipboard. She’s in her early twenties, I guess. She stands about five-seven. She has a heart-shaped face crowned with glowing reddish-blonde hair in curls all over her head. Her face has a scrubbed look, with shining bright green eyes and a gorgeous smile formed by naturally red lips, no make up at all. She’s wearing a blouse and skirt, and a sweater over the blouse so I don’t get a great look at her body, but I know it’s nice. There’s no sign of fat even though I can’t tell about her curves.

“Yes?” I say clumsily. What a dodo, I think of myself.

“Oh, wow!” she says, her eyes widening as she looks at me. She just stands there, staring. I don’t know why she’s staring at me like that. I’m not a sex idol. I stand six-two and weigh 205 pounds, I’m fit, 27 years old, and I don’t do drugs or anything that will make me look weird.

“Can I help you?” I do better on this second utterance.

“Oh, yes, I’m sure you can!” she says. “I’m taking a survey about recycling, but I think I want to do a survey of a different kind. Maybe I can combine them. My name is Lila Rutherford. May I come in, if you have the time?”

“Uh, sure,” I say, feeling a moment of panic. It quickly subsides. After all, this is my house, and it really isn’t all that bad. “I’m Chuck. The place needs picking up, but I guess it’s okay.”

“I’m sure it will be fine,” she says. “The survey is supposed to take about ten minutes, but in your case it might take a half hour or more. Is that all right?”

“That sounds like a lot of questions,” I smile mischievously.

“Oh, yes, and a demonstration or two,” she breathes. I notice she’s sounding short of breath and her eyes are glazing over. She lays the clipboard on her lap as she sits down on the couch.

“Are you all right?” I ask.

“Oh, I’ll be better a little later, I hope,” she says. “Do you live here by yourself?”

“Yep,” I say.



“Kids? Pets?”


“Girl friend?”

“Not at the moment.”

She glances down at the clipboard. Until then, her eyes have been fixed on me. She’s been ogling my body, kind of like what I do when I see a pretty girl.

“So, let me ask you about recycling, for a start. Do you throw everything in the trash, or do you separate things for reuse?”

“I separate some things,” I say. “Depends on what the trash hauler will take at the moment.”

“Yes, I see. What are you separating now?”

“Well, mainly I keep newspapers separate. I collect household paper, like mail, envelopes, scrap paper, flyers, that kind of stuff, I keep that all separate. I keep plastic bags form the stores. I don’t buy anything in cans so I don’t have that.”

“Do you do anything with worn out clothes?”

“Uh, yeah, if they’re in usable condition I give them to one of the missions or Goodwill.”

“It’s warm in here,” she says. “Would you mind if I took off my sweater?”

“That’s fine,” I respond with interest.

Lila sits up straight and throws her shoulders back. She undoes the sweater and pulls her arms out of it. Her chest is thrown forward, giving me a hint of nicely developed breasts. She holds the sweater up as she folds it and then lays it down on the seat of the sofa next to her. She seems a little flustered, still sort of out of breath. Her arms are now bare, and her blouse has no sleeves. It buttons in the front, and the Bostancı Escort top two buttons are modestly undone. Her arms have a nice shape. So do her legs, what I can see of them. I notice she’s wearing slip-on flats and no stockings.

“Would you like a cup of coffee or tea?” I ask, remembering my manners.

“Oh, thank you!” she exclaims, looking at me brightly. “Tea would be nice, I think.”

I get up and go to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Lila gets up and follows me.

“You keep your place nice,” she remarks. She sounds sincere.

“Yeah, my Mom taught me how to do what’s necessary to keep the place right. I don’t like living in garbage, either.” I get out two cups.

“I have several different kinds of tea, if you’d like to choose,” I say. “You can come over here and look, if you want.”

She comes and stands by me and looks into the cupboard I opened.

“Oh, you do have a pretty good variety,” she says. “Do you use all those yourself?”

“Some are my Mom’s favorites. Some are for when friends come over. The women especially like some of those different teas. I’m pretty much using only black tea or green tea myself.”

“I like green tea,” she says. “It’s supposed to be very healthy.”

“Yeah.” The kettle begins to make sounds like it’s nearly ready. I pull down the box with green tea bags, put one in each of the cups, return the box and close the cupboard door just as the whistle on the kettle spout sounds. I reach to turn off the stove. Lila is still standing there, next to me. I like that, but I wonder if something is wrong.

“Are you okay?” I ask again.

“Oh. Oh, yes, I’m fine, it’s just that I like it here. You do have a nice place, and you’re very nice, and besides if I stand here until you pour then you don’t have to carry it to me.”

I laughed.

“It’s okay,” I say. “I don’t mind carrying it in, and I don’t mind you standing here by me, either.”

We each carry a cup of tea to the table. We squeeze the bags when we think they’re ready and then carry the cups back to the living room. Lila sits back down on the sofa and picks up the clipboard. She sets her cup down on the end table. I notice that one more button on her blouse is open. I can’t quite see inside, but it is a tease.

“Now, let’s see,” she says. “Where were we? Oh, do you compost?”

“No I don’t, because I don’t garden,” I say. I keep the yard as simple as possible, mainly grass to mow and a very few bushes and trees. There is a small grove of trees out back that I don’t do anything with.”

“How often is garbage service?” she asks.

“Once a week. I don’t have much, ever. I usually only put the can out every other week.”

Lila lifts the cup of tea to her mouth. I don’t see what happens, but suddenly she has a cascade of tea water in her lap. Her skirt has a huge wet spot on it. She jumps up.

“Ow!” she says. “That’s hot! Oh, look at me, how clumsy I am! Can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course!” I say, feeling some anxiety. “Over here, and let me get you a towel.”

Lila follows me to the bathroom. I get a towel out and then leave her there and return to the living room.

“Can I help you with anything?” I call out.

“No, it’s all right,” she calls back. “I’m not hurt, only a bit embarrassed. Is there someplace where I can hang the skirt and let it dry?”

“Does it need to go in the laundry?” I answer.

“I don’t’ know, I guess I won’t know until it dries some,” she says, reappearing in the living room with the skirt in her hand. She’s wearing panties, one of the briefer bikini kind, about as much fabric as lots of shapely girls wear at the beach. Her Kadıköy Escort backside is very delectable, I can see that easily now.

“Let me get you a robe,” I say.

“Oh, that’s okay, I don’t mind this. You’d probably see more of me if I was in my bathing suit.”

“Are you sure?” I push as I get up to get a hanger for her to put the skirt on. I take the hanger with the skirt to the laundry room where I can hang it. When I return I see her blouse is now open another button, and I can see the swellings of her breasts held by a bra. I also feel the heat between my thighs.

“Are you sure you don’t want a robe?” I ask.

She looks uncertain for a moment.

“Maybe that would be a good idea,” she says, turning a little bit pink. “If someone were to come in they might have questions if they saw me sitting her this way.”

“Let me go get one,” say, rising and heading toward my bedroom. “I don’t have a girls’ robe, of course, but I think mine would at least provide you with some cover even if it doesn’t fit right.”

When I pull open my closet door I realize Lila is right there beside me.

“Oh, your bedroom is nice!” she says. “And you have a queen sized bed! That must be pretty nice!”

“Yes, it is,” I say as I rummage in my closet. I don’t wear a robe, usually, and I haven’t worn the one I have in a long time. I can’t find it.

“I wonder where I put it?” I ask aloud. “I had one, what did I do with it?”

“Can I help look?” she asks.

She comes to the closet next to me. I look down at her and her blouse is now completely open. She reaches to riffle through the hangers and one side of her blouse falls down her arm. Her bra is one of those thin, nearly transparent things and I can see her little pale pink nipples. Her breasts are very nice, just the size I like, big enough to hold in my hands, not big enough to be pillows. I feel my hands aching to hold them. I step back away from the closet.

“I don’t see it, either,” she says, turning to me. Her blouse falls down her arms just then. She lets it drop to the floor.

“It’s okay,” she says. “I really don’t need it. Everything’s okay.”

“Wow!” I say softly. I have the makings of a gorgeous erection. “Are you sure you want to be this way with me? Suppose I misbehave and make a pass at you?”

“You’re a gentleman, I know,” she smiles. She steps to the bed and sits down.

“Your bed is so nice!” she says. “I have a problem. When I see a nice bed I want to take off my clothes and lay down on it. Would you mind?”

“You are taking a big risk, Lila,” I say. “If you get naked and lay down on the mattress, I may want to get naked and lay next to you.”

She looks at me and then smiles ever so little.

“That’s okay too,” she says softly.

Lila reaches behind her and undoes the bra quickly. She shakes it off, shakes her tits a little, leans back on the bed and lifts her lets, pushes her panty down, flips it to the floor on the side of the bed, drops her bra on top of it, lays back and stretches out. Nothing is hidden from my sight now. She has very little pubic hair, neatly trimmed and out of the way of anyone who might want to taste between her thighs. This is a vision, a revelation of feminine beauty and innocently seductive sexiness combined with passionate desire.

She pats the bed.

“Come lay here next to me,” she whispers. “With your clothes off, too.”

I shuck out of my sweats and tee shirt and do as she asks. I put my hand over her breast. She sighs and puts a hand there to hold my hand in place. I flick her nipple with my thumb ever so little. She sighs again, looking at me with encouragement but Göztepe Escort saying nothing. I squeeze her breast gently. She pushes my hand down more firmly on it. I lean my head over her chest and take one of her nipples between my lips.

“Oh, yes,” she whispers in obvious pleasure. I feel her chest rise slightly as I start to suck on the nipple. I am still squeezing her other breast as I suck. I slide my free hand down her stomach. Soon I have it covering her slit. I carefully slip my finger in the slit and find her clit. Her hips buck against me.

“Oh, I like that,” she whispers again. She is obviously turned on very much. I slowly press on her clit. She squeaks her pleasure, sounding a little bit like a kitten. I slide my finger in her slit until I find her wet cunt. I run a finger slowly into her and she once more bucks her hips against me.

I kiss her breast and change sides so I can kiss and suck on her other one. She is fumbling between us and somehow finds my cock. She takes it in her hand.

“Oh, this is so beautiful,” she breathes, squeezing me. “This is wonderful!”

She pats me on the shoulder.

“Let’s turn,” she says. “I want to taste you.” I turn on the bed as she directs and the next thing I know I’m eating on her pussy as she’s sucking on my tube. Her mouth around my shaft feels fantastic. Her body is quivering, reflecting her own arousal. We don’t last very long this way. Both of us want to fuck, although neither of us has yet said it aloud.

I flip around again.

“Ready?” I ask.

“Oh, yes, please!” she breathes. I lower my face to hers and kiss her fully on the lips as I position my dick against her cunt opening. “Please, fill me up with this beautiful rod!”

With just the slightest motion I am inside her. I slide all the way into her body, not too fast, not too slow but with fantastic pleasure. Her warm, wet sheath enveloping my dick is extremely satisfying. I know already that this is not going t be the only time I will fuck her. Somehow I will find a way to keep her here, or get her back or whatever it will take to fuck her again. We are now fucking in earnest. Our bodies are writhing around each other, I am sliding in and out of her channel, she is moaning and sighing and squealing her pleasure and I am in sheer ecstasy as my body builds toward its climax. I feel my juices racing through my body. I give a warning cry,

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” and feel her body press hard against mine as I let loose and fill her powerfully. Lila screams with her own pleasure as our bodies stiffen together. I squeeze out all I have. I lock my lips on hers as we kiss again and then it is over. Simultaneously, we collapse and I fall out of her, rolling to one side. I take her in my arms and snuggle with her. She feels like velvet against me.

“I believe I need you to stay with me,” I say quietly, speaking into her ear.

“I need to make a phone call,” she says. I hand her the cordless next to the bed. She punches in a number.

“Marilyn? Look, this is Lila . . . Yes . . . Marilyn, something has come up and I have to take care of it. I won’t be able to finish the route today, but I will return to it first thing tomorrow. If there is any further development that would keep me from doing that I will call you . . . Yes, I will . . . right, no it’s not a death or anything just something I have to take care of immediately . . . thanks, Marilyn, I’ll check in tomorrow morning if not before.”

She disconnects and hands me the hand set.

“Now, Chuck, what shall we do next?”

I put my face to hers and kiss her again.

“What say we shower, then I’ll fix us a snack, and then if it’s all right with you, we can fuck again as often as you want. And you can come around with a survey any day.”

“That sounds great!” Lila whispers, grinning and putting her hand around my cock. “Just the way I want to spend the rest of the day.”

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