Negril Ch. 04

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This is Part IV of a surprising evening in Jamaica, where my wife and I met a wealthy – and very sexy mother and daughter.


Daphne took my hand and walked over to the other end of the sofa. She sat down and I walked to the bar and poured myself a large rum.

I walked back to the three women lounging and lying on the sofa, and saw Daphne leaning down between Shelley’s legs, commenting on her vagina.

“My God, these lips are huge! And I’m sure I’ve been fucked by men with smaller dicks than this clit!”

Shelley’s clit could be as big as her nipples — as much as an inch and a half long — when she was truly excited.

“Tastes delicious,” said Diana.

“Let’s find out,” Daphne said, and leaned down to put her lips on Shelley’s labia.

Shelley made a purring moan that I knew all too well. She loves oral sex — giving and getting. I saw her open her knees wide to give Daphne better access and walked around to watch. Daphne had her face buried in Shelley’s crotch, and all I could see was her cheek moving as she moved her jaw and mouth, and the patch of Shelley’s black pubic hair her nose was buried in. Diane was hungrily watching her daughter pleasure my wife and then looked up at me and gestured me over to her. I leaned down and gave her a long kiss. She pulled me closer and grabbed my half-hard cock. She stroked it for a moment, then took me in her mouth.

She was damn good at this. In a moment I was hard as I’d ever been, even though I’d already come three times. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I heard Daphne slurping on Shelley’s pussy and the wet sounds of Diane sliding my cock down her throat. I smelled the musky, sour reek of sex and sweat. I felt like I’d been basted with it, like my life was about nothing other than sexual pleasure at that moment. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock as her daughter buried her tongue in my wife Shelley’s pussy just a few feet away from us. I ran my fingers into Diane’s hair and pressed on her head and just enjoyed the pleasure of it.

Shelly started being vocal.

“Ohhhh. Fffff yes, yes, yes.” In a moment I knew she’d start coming. yenimahalle escort “Fuck, fuck, fuck, OH GOD!!” she shouted. I saw her knees shake in and out for maybe 30 seconds and knew it was a good one. Suddenly my balls were warm then burning as I moved to my own knee-shaking orgasm.

Each pulse of my cock felt like dissolution; like my flesh was dissolving into hot come in Diane’s mouth. My knees shook, I groaned, and I kept coming. I braced myself on Diane’s bare, sweaty shoulders. I was still coming and slow pulse at a time. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from, there was no way my balls could hold that much. It was dripping from the corners of Diane’s mouth, and ran her tongue around the head one last time and slid me out.

Daphne leaned up and they kissed, sharing my come and their tongues.

I watched, riveted.

Daphne took her mother’s face in her hands and licked the come off her face.

Shelley moaned softly and straightened her legs. Diane lifted herself up off of her, and turned and licked one of Shelley’s nipples, and then walked out of the room. Shelley looked at me and softly said “That was awesome.” She was damp with sweat, and her pussy was swollen and bright red, with juices dripping down over her asshole into the crack between her cheeks. She looked like her picture should be in the dictionary next to “Well-fucked.”

I had this overwhelming desire to fuck her right then…but my limp penis wasn’t ready to fulfill my wishes.

She reached down and gently rubbed her lips with her fingers, then brought them to her mouth and smiled at me. I leaned over her and smiled back.

“You OK, baby?” I asked.

“Mmmmmmyesssss,” she answered. “I heard what Daphne said to you. I almost came on the spot.”

Diana walked into the room, and I looked at her…hair a mess, sweaty, sticky marks on her body where drops of come or her juices were drying, her pubes matted and sticky…and she looked like the goddess of sex. She was carrying a canvas shipping bag and my face registered curiosity.

“Oh, just some toys,” she told me.

She set the bag down next ankara escort to the couch, and pulled out an immense pink vibrator with a smaller second prong. Then a blue two-headed Feeldoe, and a small, chrome oval vibrator. Finally, a set of fuzzy restraints. She cuffed Shelley’s hands above her head, then took a line and tied them to the end of the sofa. She strapped each ankle, and tied one up onto the back of the sofa, and then the other down to the floor, anchoring around a leg of the sofa each time.

“You’ve done this before,” said Shelly, starting to rock a little bit with excitement.

“Oh, yes, we have.” Daphne replied. She took the Feeldoe and had Shelley lick one end. Then she slid the wet end into herself, and wagging the blue plastic cock waving in front of her, walked up so she was standing next to Shelley’s face and told her to turn her head and suck it, which she did enthusiastically.

Then Daphne knelt between Shelley’s legs and slid the plastic deep into her as Shelley arched her back and rose to meet Daphne.

Shelley yelled each time Daphne penetrated her “Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Gooood God!” And Daphne began to grunt each time she pushed down and filled both Shelley’s and her swollen pussies with firm plastic.

Diana came over and kissed me, and then went over and straddled Shelley’s head. She delicately lowered herself onto Shelley’s face and then immediately stiffened as Shelley’s tongue visibly ran over her clit and back into her sodden pussy.

I’ll never forget watching the three of them; I saw flashes that will stay with me forever…Daphne’s pendulous breasts just grazing Shelley’s small ones, immense hard nipples on the bottom and smaller, equally hard ones on top. The blue Feeldoe coming out of Daphne’s pussy — juices beginning to run down it — and disappearing into Shelley’s. Looking at Daphne’s smooth round ass driving the plastic cock into Shelley, and watching her mother ride my wife’s face, watching her daughter fuck my wife, Diana biting her lip as her own pleasure began to overtake her.

I walked up behind Daphne and ran my hand down her sweaty back to her ass, then down the crack to the back of her pussy and the firm plastic shaft buried in it. I ran my finger around the junction, and then up an inch to her asshole. I wiped finger in the juices running from her pussy, and then slid it slowly into her asshole. Daphne gasped and drove harder into Shelley — making her moan — as I got the second knuckle into her. I wet a second finger, and slid it in as well, and felt the muscles tighten around my fingers as she built to an orgasm. I finger-fucked her ass as she fucked Shelley and she started grunting out “UhhUhhUhUhUhUhh…” and I felt her ass clench rhythmically as she arched her back and came hard.

Beneath her, Shelley drove her hips up, desperate to get over the edge. I pulled out of Daphne, reached back onto the table for the small silver vibrator and turned it on.

I slid it down beneath the dildo and gently touched it to Shelley’s ass. She started humping upward into Daphne’s dildo, and from the tension I saw on Diane’s face, energetically working on her pussy.

Diane came first. I saw her pinch her nipples, tilt her face down, and give off a deep “Oh, Yeahhh…” as she massaged her breasts and her hips shook as Shelley slurped between her legs.

I slid the egg-shaped vibrator deeper between Shelley’s ass cheeks and then felt her legs tighten, and heard her go “God! Yes! God, God, Ohhhh Gooood!” She shook, moving the double-sided dildo around and causing Daphne to start humping again. I walked behind her and started rubbing my limp cock along her asscrack, hoping to get my erection back.

She reached back and swatted me away. “Not yet…”

Daphne sat up over Shelley and started humping away hard. She braced herself on straight arms and fucked for a moment, then she sat up and started grinding, rocking her hips back and forth and she reached up and kneaded her breasts.

Diane was kneeling on the sofa, and got up and came around behind Daphne, taking her frantically humping daughter in her arms and kissing her neck, and then reaching down and taking Daphne’s breasts in her hands and kneading them while rubbing the nipples between her thumb and finger.

In a moment, Daphne was coming again, shaking her legs and hips and moaning as her mother held her tightly in her arms and gently kissed her shoulder.

…to be continued, if I can get it up again.

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