Natalie with Ian

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I moved to the bench and sat on the edge and then lay down, getting as comfy as possible. I lifted my legs up and held on to them. I waited, looking up at the roof. I was thinking. I wanted Ian, badly. I knew he wanted me and that thrilled me. I didn’t fancy Ian – there was no sexual attraction at all there but i had a sexual need as Natalie to be fucked by him. It was a definite ache in my belly.

I heard him get up and i relaxed. I enjoyed the moments leading up to him touching my thigh. I sighed and looked at him between my knees. “Come on baby,” I cooed. I was definitely getting the hang of this. My horniness level was way up now.

I liked the way he looked at me: he needed me. He wanted to fuck me and i thrilled in that knowledge.

“Come and fuck me baby,” I said to him and he just nodded, stupidly, and moved closer. I got myself ready by moving my hands onto my buttocks and opening my legs as much as possible.

He pulled my knickers to one side and then i had the most exquisite sensation. He was licking my cunt. God, who i loved that. I was bucking and moaning and squirming at his touch. He was wetting me, running his tongue along my crack, pushing his tongue in to me and fucking me with it.

I was bucking madly to his efforts.

Then he slipped a finger around my cunt entrance and rubbing me, sliding it inside me and finger-fucking me quickly. I groaned anew and continued to move to his finger.

“Oh Kadıköy Fetiş Escort God, baby,” I breathed. “That is fucking lovely,” I all but exploded at him as he continued to fuck me with his finger.

“Glad you like it, Natalie,” he replied, smiling at me.

After a few moments of really turning me on, he pulled his finger out and i had an instant of regret but then felt his hands on my waist and i knew what was coming. I was ready. I was actually looking forward to it too.

“Come on baby, fuck me,” I said huskily. I really wanted him.

He leaned over me and i felt his cock head rub my cunt. The feeling was electric and my eyes rolled.

“Yes baby. Just like that,” I said.

He played with me and I melted to him. He was really good at what he did and i was enjoying it all. Then i felt him push and he slipped around and there was some discomfort. He pulled back and tried again and this time his head just slipped easily into me and he held it there, throbbing in me.

God he was big. He was stretching me beyond what i had taken before. He pushed forwards and more of him eased into me. I was certainly being filled by him. I tried to push my arse back onto him as he thrust and judging by his reaction, i had managed to do the right thing. He was mostly inside me now and the next push brought his swinging balls against my arse cheeks. I arched my back at that.

He was nearly all Kadıköy Gecelik Escort in me.

Then he slewed out of me, pulling his long, swollen cock back. I followed him as much as i could but was stopped by his body on me and his hands on my waist.

He reversed again and i felt him slide himself back into me. My insides melted as he began to jab his cock back and forth in me. It was taking my breathe away and i was breathing heavily. My thighs were moving in time to these little thrusts and i could imagine my arse cheeks rippling to it too. This was so fucking good.

My caged clit was still limp and rolling around on my belly. It was oozing a lot of pre-cum but it was nowhere near erect and i took great delight in that.

I decided to step it up a notch. I moved my hands up to embrace Ian and i held on to him as i whispered “come on baby, fuck your little sissy, Natalie. She wants you.”

I smiled at his reaction: one of a stiffing body as he re-doubled his efforts to fuck me. He was doing a damn fine job of it. He was moving steadily in and out of me, fucking my cunt with his very lovely and large cock. His balls were regularly slapping my arse and i loved that. I was urging him on, moving under him fluidly, not at all bothered by the situation any more. All i wanted was a good fucking from him and i was getting that, so happy days all round!

His breathing was becoming more laboured Kadıköy Genç Escort and he was sweating as he fucked me properly. His large cock had full possession of me and it was perfect. My cunt relaxed for him and he took full advantage of that.

I was just holding on to him, like women have done for thousands of years, under their man. I was part of the one beast that is sex and i was home in this role. My sissy to his man. My cunt to his cock.

I whispered up at him again “that’s it baby. Fuck me. Harder. Oh yes, baby, like that. Now deeper,” I hissed as he responded. “now fuck me like you fucking mean it and cum in me,” I cried.

He growled at me and fucked me as hard as he could before pushing himself and grinding himself into me, balls deep and ejaculating his semen a second time.

“fucking bitch,” he shouted out at that moment and i took it as a compliment.?I lay there under him as he twitched his load into me and slowly relaxed. He was still moving mechanically in me but coming down from his sexual high.

His weight was pressed on me and i was effectively trappped. I loved it, my legs on either side of him, moving, rubbing themselves on him. My bottom was jiggling around his cock and my arms were locked around him. He was my man, my stud. Fuck, he was good!

“Good boy,” I complimented him and he snorted a laugh before pulling out of me. He grabbed my jaw then in a powerful grip and shook my head quickly. “You fucking hot piece of sissy ass,” he growled.

“Well, what a video that is going to be,” said Lewis. I turned to him and he had his phone in his hand. “Fucking hot shit and no messing, as they say,” he gloated, laughing at me.

I closed my eyes and groaned. I will never learn!

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