Note: all characters are over 18


Sasha felt an odd anticipation for what Kaitlyn was going to do in the next week. While she enjoyed being the dominant in the two times she’d… raped… Kaitlyn, she couldn’t deny the inkling in the back of her mind that also envied the submissive in the situations she’d watched. She had learned that the submissive was actually supposed to be the one in charge, but of course, that was more with consensual relationships… which she certainly hadn’t had.

She actually felt bad… she still didn’t understand why. The hurt coming from Kaitlyn had actually made her seem… not so bad to Sasha. It was an odd feeling for Sasha. The look on her face made Sasha regret what she had done… at least the raping parts. She wasn’t completely sorry about the bondage since Kaitlyn was obviously into it.

Talking to her, Kaitlyn had opened up more and Sasha was actually interested in partaking in her hobby with her. Sasha had wanted to engage more in this with another person who understood and she knew deep down that she couldn’t pull off secretly dominating Kaitlyn forever. Both of their secrets were out and they began to see each other in a new light, though the old scars still remained. But, the good news was they were trying to become closer.

“Why do you hate me?” Kaitlyn asked at the breakfast table the next day. Sasha, trying to let go of the hate she had fostered (mostly since Kaitlyn’s hurt had made her realize she wasn’t completely an angel and some of Kaitlyn’s actions may have been reactions to her own actions), paused to think about that. She decided to start being honest with Kaitlyn. It was the least she could do. Were it even a month ago, she’d never have done even that, but now she wanted to at least have some sort of relationship with her.

“I… I just do, er, did,” She said, sighing over her coffee. “I’ve started to let it go. I… I guess I understand you a little better. I just didn’t understand you and it irritated me. You were always so secretive… though, I see why now.

“It isn’t as simple as you’re trying to make it,” Kaitlyn said, sitting across from her. “The fact still remains you had enough hatred for me to let yourself ignore actually raping me. While you have apologized, there is something psychologically to blame here.”

“I… I didn’t think it was rape,” Sasha said, a slight tinge of red on her cheeks. “I just watched a bunch of bondage porn and that’s what they were doing.”

“That isn’t real,” Kaitlyn said. “Don’t ever base your ideas of something like that on porn. That’s never the way to go about it. That being said… I didn’t exactly hate what you did. I just… I am into a consensual sort of thing. I would never do something without someone’s consent.”

“I get that now,” Sasha said. “But, I didn’t then. I’m… sorry again for that. You were probably terrified. And… I’m sorry for calling you a freak. No one can choose their feelings.”

“Well, less so scared once I realized it was you.” Kaitlyn looked down, her gaze saddened. “I meant what I said you know… about loving you like that.”

“Why?” Sasha asked. “Why do you?”

“I just do,” Kaitlyn said. “I can’t explain it. Though you hurt me, I still feel it.”

“I’m not going to say I feel the same,” Sasha said. “Because I don’t. But, I suppose we should move on to address the elephant in the room.”

“Elephant?” Kaitlyn asked.

“What are we going to do after you take your revenge?” Sasha asked. “What will we keep doing?”

“Well…” Kaitlyn said. “I was thinking we could keep doing it. Obviously with guidelines set in place and rules and what not, but I wouldn’t mind engaging in this with you further.”

“You… would?” Sasha asked, a strange excitement building in her.

“I would,” Kaitlyn said. “You obviously lack technique and I would rather you know what you’re doing rather than get one or both of us hurt in the process.”

“You were fine both times,” Sasha said.

“You used an armbinder the second time and I was already bound the first,” Kaitlyn said. “You have no idea the precautions to take. If you wish to engage in this, you MUST learn precautions. I’m a professional at this, so I’m certified to teach you.”

“Where the hell did you learn that?” Sasha asked.

“Perhaps I’ll show you someday,” Kaitlyn said. “That would also be how I get the money for all of my equipment if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“That was my next question.” Sasha said. “What exactly do you do in your job?”

“Pretty much I train dominants, explain how various bdsm equipment works, and similar things,” Kaitlyn said. “But, yes, I’m certified to teach and partake in more intense circumstances.”

“Do you do that thing where you make someone bend their arms and legs like an animal?” Sasha asked.

“Pet play?” Kaitlyn ran her fingers through her platinum colored hair. “Yes, I do that, but that’s a bit rarer than you think. Most people aren’t into being “degraded” like that. Besides, the suits for that sort of thing are more expensive than bursa escort even a regular catsuit.”

“Can’t you improvise?” Sasha asked.

“Are you interested in wearing a bitchsuit?” Kaitlyn raised an eyebrow.

“I was curious,” Sasha said. “It’s such a cool new world I’ve discovered… thanks to you… and there’s so many interesting aspects I want to try.”

“If you want to try things out,” Kaitlyn let out a chuckle. “You should be patient. But, to answer the question, yes, you can make a makeshift bitchsuit using belts or ropes or something, but it’s not as neat and it’s too cheap I would say.”

“You’re quite the expert,” Sasha said.

“It’s literally my job.” Kaitlyn said.

“I still don’t fully grasp that,” Sasha said.

“Oh, you will,” Kaitlyn said. “Especially if you continue this with me. Obviously, I won’t charge you for the services, but I’ll give you no other such special treatment… and there will be other stipulations.”

“Can…” Sasha sighed, knowing this was quite out of character for her. “Can we just skip the whole revenge thing and just get to the continuing with this?”

“No,” Kaitlyn said immediately. “You need to understand what it feels like when there is no consent. I was terrified. It’s your turn for the same thing.”

“Look, can you… teach me more about this?” Sasha asked. “I’m sorry. I just… I overreacted and crossed a lot of lines.”

“You need to understand what it feels like.” Kaitlyn said. “If you do that with me and I’m your own flesh and blood, what would you do with someone else?”

“You act as if I’ll join your profession,” Sasha scoffed.

“I know for a fact that even if we never come to be and you get with someone else you’ll still want to do this,” Kaitlyn said with a firm gaze. “This is absolutely not something to take lightly or flippantly. It can mean the difference between life and death in the severe extremes or even other injury. While I certainly wouldn’t want you doing self-bondage, it too has things to worry about.”

“Speaking of self-bondage,” Sasha said. “If you’re a dom, why do you take sub position there?”

“Self-bondage is something I partake in for a bit of a thrill,” Kaitlyn laughed nervously as her cheeks turned red. “I like the rush of trying not to get caught by you… of course, it’s a little different now, but I’m sure we could figure out something there.”

“You wouldn’t mind me playing with you if I catch you?” Sasha raised an eyebrow.

“So long as we discuss it first,” Kaitlyn said. Sasha bit her lip discreetly. She could detect the hurt that crept a little in Kaitlyn’s voice, reminding her once again about how she had gone too far.

“By the way,” Sasha said. “If this is your job, do you have any others you do this with?”

“I do,” Kaitlyn said. “But, there’s a strict clientele confidentiality clause I enforce. If they don’t want others to know, they don’t. Also, you have nothing to do with my practice outside of curiosity, so obviously, you’re not learning names.”

“Do you… have anyone else you’re interested in?” Sasha asked. “Because… as much as I like bondage, I really wouldn’t requite anything romantic.”

“That’s fine,” Kaitlyn said. “And, that’s also my little secret.”

“Speaking of secrets…” Sasha said. “When did you get into bondage in the first place?”

“Several years ago,” Kaitlyn said. “I went to a slumber party and a friend introduced me to it. Well, they introduced me to the tamer version, but it was still fascinating. I was almost like you except I didn’t snoop through their drawers.”

“You knew about that?” Sasha asked.

“Of course I knew,” Sasha said. “I have delicate organizational skills. I also knew you took my credit card.”

“How?” Sasha gulped at being found out.

“Because of the nature of what I buy, the bank always has to confirm that what I’m buying is from me,” Kaitlyn said. “They called me to confirm and I just let it through since I figured you were getting something for something else.”

“Something else?” Sasha asked.

“You do realize latex isn’t just for bdsm, right?” Kaitlyn tilted her head. “But, whatever. We’ll discuss this more after I dominate you.”

“O-Okay,” Sasha felt an odd feeling at the word dominate. It wasn’t romantic, but it wasn’t a fully lustful feeling. After breakfast, she went back to her room, looking at the chastity belt Kaitlyn had left in there after removing it.

She fooled around with looking at it, actually deciding to try it on. She felt the dildoes (clean of her sister’s juices) slip inside of her, causing her to moan a little. It felt so much better than her fingers and her ass felt great as well. She even pretended to lock it on her… until she heard that click.

Her eyes widened in panic as she looked around for the keys that Kaitlyn had. Surely she couldn’t have taken them. They had to be around there somewhere. She looked for a bit, realizing they must be in Kaitlyn’s room. She stood up and walked, moaning as she felt the dildoes move inside of her in a bursa escort bayan very arousing way. She made her way to Kaitlyn’s door, consistently teased to the point of orgasm, but never quite there. On Kaitlyn’s door, however, there was a note and the door was locked.

“Sasha,” It read. “I’m gone to work. I locked the room so you can’t mess with my things and get hurt. As an extra precaution, I also took all my keys so you can’t open anything. P.S. I think I left my chastity belt in your room. Don’t play around with it unless you want to be stuck like that all day (and possibly all night depending on how late I stay out tonight). With love, Kaitlyn.

Sasha gulped. She knew this would be torture for her, but at least she could… wait, she couldn’t masturbate and she was constantly teased. This had to be a joke… but no one was laughing.

She went to her room and curled up, trying to ignore the dildoes that stretched and teased her holes. She was surprised she took it as easily as she did, since it was her first time (she hadn’t used any of Kaitlyn’s others because she was at first paranoid as to their sanitary state).

The seconds turned into minutes, the minutes to hours, and the hours to more hours. At about midnight, she tried to actually get some sleep, trying to avoid the teasing. She was truly glad she hadn’t turned the vibrations on or else she’d have been driven insane by them.

She tried to reach under the belt, but it was tight to her crotch area. Something Kaitlyn had mentioned was that she had a little wider of a crotch area than Kaitlyn did. That might be why it was much tighter to her. Sasha was panting hard at the arousal that was being forcibly increased. The helpless feeling she had while being aroused was nearly intoxicating to her. It made her wonder which position she would like more in the long run, especially if Kaitlyn was teaching her the ways of both. She knew that she might be back soon, but she wasn’t sure when.

Eventually, however, Kaitlyn did show up, dressed in jeans and a tank top, seeing a very sweaty and very aroused Sasha trying to reach under the belt. There was a slight odor of sex, but it wasn’t that much. Kaitlyn had to cover her mouth to hide the giggles that had escaped her so as not to make Sasha feel worse.

“I take it you didn’t read the note until after,” She said with a laugh. “Well, I suppose I better let you out of there.”

She went for the keys, pausing as she looked at them.

“On second thought,” She said. “This will be part of my payback. But, so you don’t go completely insane, I’ll push it up to the day after tomorrow.”

“Don’t you have to prepare?” Sasha, her voice driven by lust, asked.

“No, I’ve been ready the whole time,” Kaitlyn said. “I just wanted enough time to make sure I’ve calmed down and to make you a little uneasy at what I have planned for you. But, since I’m leaving you like this, I’ll move it up. Now *giggle* enjoy your rest.”

Kaitlyn left the room, leaving a very sexually frustrated Sasha to go to sleep after a good deal of time.

The next day was almost utter torture for Sasha as she tried to go to practice with the belt. Once she made it back home, she was grabbed at the door by Kaitlyn, who pulled Sasha and pulled her to Kaitlyn’s room.

Once there, Kaitlyn held a rag up to Sasha’s mouth.

“This is only so you can get bound nice and easy,” Kaitlyn said to the struggling Sasha. “I have no ill will, but if you fight, this may hurt you.”

Sasha felt sleep overtake her as she passed out.

When she awoke sometime later, she couldn’t see anything. Her vision was completely obscured and she could only hear the sound of her heartbeat in her eardrums. Of course, she could tell she wasn’t wearing a hood just yet, but she still was a little uneasy. She could also tell her mouth was tightly packed as well.

“Comfy?” Kaitlyn’s voice came from nearby. “Well, it doesn’t matter. Welcome to your torture, dear sister. I hope you’re prepared. But, if you’re not, well, I don’t care right now.”

At Kaitlyn’s tone, Sasha began to get a little more uneasy. It had just occurred to her that Kaitlyn was a professional at this and probably knew many ways to drive her insane with lust.

The blindfold came off and Sasha blinked at the brightness. She noticed she was facing a mirror that displayed her fully naked body. Ropes wrapped themselves around her, accentuating her breasts and holding her fast. She was held in a kneeling position with her legs bound immovably. Her arms were held behind her back in a box tie, which held her hands to her elbows. She noticed duct tape wrapped completely around her hands, tightly holding them into fists and preventing them from moving whatsoever.

The most devilish of all however was the rope that fed from the ropes around her chest and through her crotch. It was thinner than the rest and double looped. There were knots in it over her clit and pussy, rubbing up against them with each and every move. It was tied off to her hands and it was nearly invisible in escort bursa her ass, threaded through it.

Over her mouth was some duct tape and she could guess that she was also feeling a sock or two in there. Immediately, Sasha blushed at the lust she felt over her look. She looked great and she was definitely aroused at this point.

Kaitlyn moved into frame of the mirror, dressed in a leotard of latex with gloves and ‘socks’ of latex. She took off the leotard, leaving the gloves and socks.

“I figured I’d torture you a bit with something without latex.” She smirked down. “This is payback, not sexual arousal. So, I figured I’d have my fun like this.”

She grabbed Sasha’s breasts roughly grabbing them and kneading them. She even licked them, licking Sasha’s cheek, which caused her to shudder with more than one emotion. She leaned in and kissed Sasha’s lips on the tape, giving some amount of passion.

“I’m sure you’re anxious to know what happens next.” She said, picking up a flogger in plain sight of Sasha. Without warning, she whipped Sasha’s breasts hard. Sasha yelped into her gag, jumping back and almost falling over, but Kaitlyn grabbed her and held her still. She flogged Sasha’s ass and breasts until red marks appeared in several places and Sasha was in tears. She wasn’t bleeding, but there was a stinging pain in her breasts and ass.

Once that was done, Kaitlyn yanked up hard on the crotch rope, giving Sasha both arousal and pain at the same time. Sasha struggled to escape, her arousal turning to fear, now truly beginning to understand what Kaitlyn was talking about when she described how she had felt. However, Kaitlyn continued, rubbing Sasha’s pussy a bit raw.

“Shut up, slut.” Kaitlyn commanded in a voice that caused Sasha to freeze. There was no love in it, no emotion. Just a command.

Kaitlyn walked over to her closet, pulling out a medium sized dildo and walking back over to Sasha. Sasha’s eyes widened when she saw it had ‘spikes’ of latex in it. She assumed it wasn’t going to be painful, but she hoped it wouldn’t actually be used in her pussy.

She tried to beg to Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn gave her a cold look that made her tremble a little in fear.

“I said shut up.” Kaitlyn said, using the flogger twice on Sasha’s stomach, which made Sasha curl over. However, that pulled the crotch rope, sending an arousing signal to her brain, which caused her to moan.

“You are quite loud,” Kaitlyn said in a harsh voice. “I see that you clearly feel this position better. Know your place, slut.”

Sasha couldn’t even look at Kaitlyn at this point, knowing that she probably deserved this. Kaitlyn roughly pushed her onto her stomach, Sasha’s chin hitting the ground roughly, but not too hard.

Kaitlyn walked over to the closet grabbing a larger dildo than the other one, this one with a wire hanging from it. Sasha looked at it in shock and confusion.

“This one’s for your pussy, slut,” Kaitlyn said. Sasha then began to wonder what the smaller one was used for… until she felt something ram into her ass between the rope. She screamed in pain into her gag, her rectum not used to such intrusion despite her teasing it herself. She felt herself spread forcibly at the intruder’s entrance, her tears once again beginning to cascade down her face.

She begged through her gag for Kaitlyn to stop, but her older sister ignored her, forcing the dildo all the way inside of her. Once it was completely inside of her except for the small part of the base that was wide enough to get one’s finders around, Kaitlyn flipped Sasha over roughly and put on a strapon belt. She attached the larger dildo to it, spreading Kaitlyn’s pussy as she lined up the dildo for entry into her hole.

Tears were streaming down Sasha’s face as she begged Kaitlyn to stop through the tape and socks. Kaitlyn ignored this once again, though, she wasn’t looking at Sasha’s face. She thrust into Sasha, though, not as hard as Sasha figured she could. Sasha’s eyes widened in shock and pain as the dildo rammed into her, spreading her wider than she’d expected she could spread. She screamed again at each thrust, Kaitlyn bringing her to an unwanted climax. Sasha was a sobbing wreck as she shuddered and spasmed from her orgasm that followed. After that, she went limp, not unconscious, but having completely lost her will to fight and beg.

Immediately, Kaitlyn (gently) pulled the strapon from Sasha’s soaking pussy and removed the one from her ass. She carefully and intricately undid the bindings on her, leaving them on the floor and removed the tape from her hands. She pulled the tape from her mouth and pulled the socks out of her mouth. Sasha still remained limp, pain coming from her whipped parts as well as her ass and pussy. She was fortunately not bleeding, but she certainly wasn’t going to be sitting easily for a bit.

Kaitlyn carried her limp body to the bed and it was here that Sasha saw her face. Tears were in Kaitlyn’s eyes, some having made their way down her face. Sasha, her head fuzzy from the shuddering orgasm and rape, realized that this had hurt Kaitlyn as well. It certainly wasn’t physically, but she could tell that on an emotional level, she was hurt. She also had a small inkling of a thought to note that Kaitlyn was actually pretty strong, carrying her like a child.

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