My Sick Girlfriend Pt. 01

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One cold late fall day in New England I was relaxing after a long week of work. My girlfriend and I lived together in a two bedroom duplex. I was in my early 20’s and she was in her early 30’s. We were very happy and had an amazing sex life.

She was short, maybe 5’2″ tall with huge 42DDD’s. Her breasts were splendid and I played with them constantly and she adored the attention. She was chubby; but looked great. She had thick, curly shoulder length brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.

We sat on the couch and watched TV and I lazily flipped around. She said her stomach had been upset all day and she felt began to get very nauseous. I felt bad for her because she was not one to complain. She had changed already from her business attire into blue fleecy pajama pants and a grey thermal top with no bra. As you can imagine her massive chest stretched the shirt nicely and her nipples poked through the material.

I asked if she was going to be sick and she said she wished she could because she wanted some relief. She tossed around on the couch and I could see she was very uncomfortable. I suggested she go to the bathroom and make herself sick and get it over with; I said she would feel better.

She slowly headed up a half flight of stairs to the bathroom. She shut the door partially. It remained cracked several inches. I saw the light shinning into the hallway.

Several minutes passed and I walked up to check on her. I asked from outside the door if she was okay. She answered she was, but I could tell she was crying. I pushed the door open. She was standing, but leaning over the toilet. Her blue pajama pants were wet and I asked what was wrong.

She sniffled and said half crying, ” I just can’t throw up! I tried and I peed on myself. Dammit!”

I rubbed her back and assured her it was ok. I said it was not a big deal and she could hop in for a nice hot shower. I pulled her pants down a little and she sniffled and helped sivas escort me remove her pants. I could see a small wet spot on the bathmat she was standing on; she had drips of pee still on her inner thighs.

She was now in only a tight thermal top and white low cut socks. I said to try to puke again; if you pee again it won’t matter. She leaned forward and pushed a finger down her throat.

She began to gag and I rubbed her back. I noticed more pee ran down her leg and wet her socks. I felt so bad for her.

She cried out in frustration, “I just want to fucking puke!”

To be honest I was very aroused. Perhaps it was how helpless she was or that she was half naked. I put my finger in her mouth and she again began to gag. A little more pee ran down her leg and a large amount of clear fluid came out of her mouth. It ran down my arm and onto her shirt. About 50% found the toilet, the rest covered us.

My cock was incredibly hard and was very visible in my gym shorts. I was standing behind her and I know she felt my cock against her ass. A little bit of her pee was on my shorts. I wiped the fluid off of my hand as best I could.

I asked if she felt better and she said she felt she had more to come up. She turned and faced me and I hugged her. My hard cock pressed into she shaved crotch. Clear fluid covered her shirt and now mine from our hug. Pee was on the floor; I reached down and turned on the shower.

The hot stream began to fill the room and warm it quickly. The sound of the water and exhaust fan was relaxing. I hugged her again and she smiled; I told her to kneel in front of the toilet.

She knelt down on the bathmat and looked at me I think expecting me to use my hand to make her vomit again; instead I pulled my rock hard fat cock out of my shorts. She looked up and me slightly confused and I said, ” use this to help you.”

She took my throbbing member gently into her mouth as I stood next to the toilet. I took her by the back of her head and thurst deep into her throat. She gagged, but I held my ground. Her eyes filled with tears and her make up was in shambles. I pulled back in and out of her mouth and suddenly she began to vomit.

This was not clear liquid, but whatever was upsetting her stomach. A large splash of hot puke covered my cock and ran down my balls. She quickly turned her head over the toilet as another stream shot from her mouth. A large puddle of pee formed on the mat beneath her.

I was so horny. The stream from the shower made the room hot. I quickly stripped naked. I wiped most of the puke from my cock and balls. She laid bent over the toilet on her knees with her naked ass up in the air.

I spit on my hand and lubed my cock. I squatted down over her and pushed my cock towards her piss soaked slit. I thrust inside of her quickly and she began to fuck back onto my pole. She moaned and cried. I reached under her and grabbed her tits as I pumped my cock deep into her like a wild animal. I could feel my cum rising in my cock.

I reached up and pulled her hair. I fucked her hard and with one hand reaxhed around to her mouth and forced two fingers to the back of her throat. She began to gag and drool, but I didn’t let up. She suddenly began to vomit again.

As warm vomit erupted from her mouth and down my hand I could feel it running down my arm. When she puked her pussy clamped down hard onto my cock. I felt warm fluid all over my cock. I didn’t know if it was her pee or cum, but I didn’t care.

Her clamping busy was to much for me. I grabbed both of her hips and thrust hard one last time. My right hand was coated in puke and it was now smeared across her ass and hips. My cock exploded and shot load after load of hot cum deep into her pussy.

After a few seconds I pulled out of her. Some of my cum came out with a squish. I stood up and helped her to her feet. Her legs were shaking. She had puke on her face and I attempted to wipe it with my hand. It had little affect and I leaned forward and kissed her. She kissed me back intensely. I pulled her thermal over her head. And she kicked off her socks.

I opened the shower curtain and told her to hop in; I said I would be right in. When she was in the shower I quickly used our clothes to wipe the puke covered floor and toilet. The toilet was full and I flushed it with a little sigh.

I stepped into the shower with her. She was smiling and her makeup still covered her cheeks and ran down her face. In truth, she looked amazing. The warm water felt amazing as we embraced and hugged. We kissed and her breasts looked to good to pass up. I put first one and then the other nipple in my mouth; kissing them back and forth.

She put one foot up on the edge of the tub and my hand found her clit quickly. She moaned and her legs shook. I pushed to fingers inside of her and felt my cum from minutes earlier. My cum began to drip from her tight slit and I passed her the shower wand. She aimed it at her pussy and shuddered as the jets found her clit.

She handed me back the wand and I knelt under her. Her foot still on the edge of the tub and the warm water ran down our bodies. I licked the outside of her pussy then attacked her swollen clit with my tongue. She had one hand on my head and the other on the wall.

Her moaning grew louder and her legs shook violently. I thought she was going to fall. I reached around her and gently began to push one finger into her ass. That must have been to much for her because she fucked her pussy against my face and came hard! Very hard. She shook and shook and fell back against the wall.

We kissed and each soaped each others bodies. She saw me growing hard bent down and sucked my cock for a minute and looked up at me with those large brown eyes. We exited the shower and dried one another. We immediately headed towards the bedroom and I whispered how badly I wanted to fuck her little ass. She smiled at me and jumped on the bed.

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