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I focused on work after my debauchery with Anna, imagining our next time together. In the meantime, my sexual energy was being replenished. I was working when Simone called me early one afternoon. We hadn’t chatted for a few days, so we spent the first several minutes catching up on day to day life and family. But she was hemming and hawing around, so I figured she wanted something.

“So, what do you want, Simone? I asked.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty obvious.”

“Well, I need your help again. Alex has set me up with a new client for tomorrow night, and he has a special request for his first call. He wants me to describe giving him a sensuous massage. With something called a ‘happy ending,’ which I think means the masseuse gets him off by masturbating him or something. Anyway, I looked through Anna’s porn collection and watched a movie called ‘The Masseuse.’ It got me hot, but Alex suggested that I do more research. Got any ideas?”

I gave it a quick thought, and my mind quickly focused on Sharon, a sensuous masseuse I had visited a couple of times. Sharon was in her mid 30’s, a slender redhead with nice sized 36C pendulous breasts and sensitive nipples. I smiled remembering her ‘happy endings.’ “I’ve got an idea. Can you be available for a couple of hours this evening?”

Simone checked her commitments, and verified she could be available at about 10PM. While that time made my plans run a bit late in the evening, I told her to hold the time open and I’d see if I could work it. We hung up, and I called Sharon instantly. I left her a voice mail when she didn’t answer, and she called me back about fifteen minutes later. I explained the situation to her, and she quickly agreed to see us at about 10:15PM. We chatted a few more minutes establishing a shared plan to titillate Simone and prepare her for her phone call. I promised to pay her enough to keep her for two hours in case it worked out as well as I hoped. I knew that Sharon was bi, and very easily aroused. My mind was already imagining the scene of Sharon giving Simone a sensual massage.

I picked up Simone at 10 on the way to Sharon’s. Simone was wearing a too tight t-shirt with no bra, and a pair of cutoffs, cut so short, that barely a strip of cloth held them together in her crotch. They were so low slung that I saw the bright red strap of her thong across her lower back as she got in the car.

Sharon opened the door as soon as we knocked and her eyes immediately travelled the full length of Simone’s body. Sharon was wearing a sheer peignoir that barely clung to her breasts above her nipples. The peignoir draped to her mid thighs, but did nothing to hide our view of a very thin black thong between her shaven pussy lips, which bulged out on each side of the too small panties. Sharon gave me a very friendly hug, grinding her breasts into my chest as she kissed me on the cheek whispering, “God, she’s adorable. I want to fuck her tonight!” My cock twitched upon hearing her words.

I introduced Simone to Sharon. After a few minutes of chit chat getting to know the basics about what was going on, Sharon suggested that she demonstrate a massage on me while Simone asked her questions. Sharon showed Simone the various oils and lotions she used in the massage as I undressed. I climbed up on her massage table laying face down and closed my eyes, awaiting the sensual massage I was about to receive. It excited me to know that Simone would be watching as Sharon gave me her full massage treatment including the “happy endings” finish. My cock was already stirring at the thought.

Sharon started her massage and spent the first few minutes setting the stage for Simone’ to understand how it worked.

Simone interrupted Sharon’s monologue with a question, “And your husband knows all about this right?”

“Uh, yeah,” Sharon answered. “How did you know I was married?”

“Óh, the telltale pale band on your left ring finger where the wedding ring belongs was a pretty good giveaway.”

“That’s pretty observant,” Sharon responded. “He’s known all along. He admits that I’m too hot for just him to handle, so this is one of my sexual outlets. But, he does make me tell him about my more enjoyable clients. In great detail! Usually by the time I’m done telling him about what I did for the client, he is either his rock hard cock deep into my pussy, masturbating, or eagerly waiting for a blow job.”

I was lying in a position such that when I opened my eyes I could see Simone relaxed in an easy chair about four feet away. Although she had lain back in the chair in a fully relaxed position, her eyes were intently focused on Sharon’s massage technique. Although the lights were dim, there was enough to enable me to see Simone’s hard tits underneath her tee shirt.

“And do you enjoy giving massages?” Simone asked.

“Oh, bursa evi olan escort yes. I’m a giver, and I enjoy giving my clients the pleasure of a relaxing massage.”

“I got that, but I was really asking whether you get turned on at all doing the massages.”

“Well, obviously, it depends on the client, but with a good client, I can get really turned on.”

I had to ask, “What kinds of clients turn you on the most?”

“Well, a young hunk is always nice, but I don’t get much of that type of clientele. But what really gets me hot is a man that can relax and just let me do my thing, allowing me to control his arousal. I enjoy teasing him with my touch and my talk, while spending just the right amount of time on each muscle group. I try to make sure that when I have the man roll onto his back that he is semi-hard but not overly excited. The client wants his money’s worth. He doesn’t want to cum too quickly, or else he’ll feel cheated. But then when he does cum, it needs to be a real strong orgasm, giving him his money’s worth. I love watching a man cum, and it really makes me hot and horny when I am the sole cause of his sexual experience. Usually with a good client, my pussy is dripping wet by the end of the session. But, I always have to remember that the session is for the client’s pleasure; not mine. I’d say that happens with about a third of my male clients.” Sharon paused her dialogue for a few seconds to focus her hands on my thighs, carefully stoking the insides with just enough contact causing me to want her hands around my cock. Sharon continued her monologue, “But what turns me on almost every time is when I have the opportunity to have a lady as a client.”

I saw Simone twitch involuntarily at Sharon’s confession. Simone had allowed her legs to relax and I had a delightful view between her thighs. Although she still had her cutoffs on, they covered only the most private of her pleasure zone.

Sharon continued, “Women are a bit tougher to arouse, and sometimes difficult to read, but once I get a woman turned on, I really enjoy giving her several orgasms in a row. When I’m done with a woman who can enjoy it, she leaves with a smile and an extremely wet and satisfied pussy.”

Simone asked, “So, what do you do when you’re horny, and you’ve got another client?”

“If I’m lucky, my next client is a regular, in which case he may get some extra special treatment. But, I have a secret as well. If I don’t know the client, I’ll put my Ben-Wa balls in before the client gets here. With them inside of me, it actually mellows me a bit, and allows me to focus on giving my client all of my attention, and at the same time keeps me right on the edge sexually. Bob doesn’t know this, but I had the balls inside of me on his first visit. I was so hot when I was done with him, I almost asked him to stay and pleasure me. But he had had such a great orgasmic finish, I just waited for him to leave before I fingered myself to my own orgasm.”

That information went straight from my ears to my cock. I felt it stiffen, realizing that Sharon had been really hot when she had done such a great job on my first visit. I remembered playing with her nipples during that session and how hard they had gotten as I had played with them.

And as luck would have it, Sharon finished her attention to my back and ordered me to roll over. As I did, Sharon removed her peignoir freeing her delightful breasts. Sharon returned her attention to me, starting on my lower legs and feet. Simone’s eyes found my cock and I observed her staring at it. Even though she had seen it before, she was entranced with it.

Sharon pointed out, “Once I have his cock hard, like Bob’s is here, I work hard at the timing of it. With the client on his back, he now has full view of my upper body, and the visual stimulation combined with the sensual contact of my hands on his by now hypersensitive skin usually gets a man right on the edge. This is where the tease really begins. As I caress his legs and thighs, I make sure to give the client plenty of visual stimulation, leaning over letting my breasts hang sexily in front of him.” Sharon then moved to the side of the table away from her oil table and between Simone and me. Sharon moved to the head of the table, and reached across me to replenish her massage oil on her palms, dragging her breasts across my chest, causing hot flashes to rush through my body. Sharon had spread her legs slightly, providing Simone with an up close view of her crotch, barely covered by her thong. Sharon continued, “Depending on the client, I position myself in such a way as to allow his free hands to touch me without a great deal of effort. I don’t want him to work at it, but I do want him to have the freedom to feel my body.”

I took my cue, and slid my hand up the back of Sharon’s thighs. I felt her spread her legs a bit more, clearly appreciating the attention of my hand on her skin. altıparmak escort Simone was now watching my hand creep closer and closer to the intersection of Sharon’s legs. Sharon played with my nipples, now focusing her attention on sexually stimulating me, increasing my level of excitement. With my other hand I started playing with her nipples.

Sharon moaned at the contact. “Oh yes, Bob, squeeze my nipples. Hard.” I did as she said, and was rewarded with her hands sliding down to my cock. I moaned on the contact, realizing that I was quickly becoming very excited. Sharon moved back around the table, once again giving Simone the full view of my body and very obviously hard cock. Sharon pumped some more lubricant onto her hands explaining to Simone, “I use a variety of lubes, depending on the client. For general purposes, I use a basic water soluble lube. If I know I have a hyper-sensitive client; these guys often cum when my hand first touches their cock; I use a de-sensitizing lubricant to prolong the enjoyment. For my special clients, I might use a flavored lubricant with a warming sensation. This allows more freedom for me in how I choose to provide the client with his or her ‘happy ending.’ With Bob tonight, I am using a strawberry flavored lube that warms when rubbed.” Sharon hands had returned to my rock hard cock as she talked, and I could feel the warmth penetrating my cock and balls.

“Flavored?” Simone asked. Her eyes were wide, and I could see just the hint of a sweat sheen that had broken out on her forehead. She was still wearing all of her clothes, and had remained absolutely passive throughout the session with the exception of asking questions.

Sharon picked up on the question. “Oh, yeah, flavored! You’ll see why soon enough.”

By now, I could feel the pressure building in my balls as Sharon continued stroking my cock lightly, teasing me with the delectable touch of her fingers. As the fingers on my left hand continued to squeeze Sharon’s nipples, I slid my right hand down her back and across her buttocks. I continued south, directing my hand between her thighs. Sharon cooperated and spread her legs a bit. As my index finger slid along the thin fabric of Sharon’s thong, I could feel her pussy juices seeping out from around her thong. I applied more pressure with my fingers, forcing the narrow strip of material deeper into the folds of Sharon’s labia.

Sharon rewarded my effort with a tighter squeeze of my cock and then moaned, “God, yes, Bob, that feels good. Simone, why don’t you come on up to the table for a closer view of our activity? Bob is not only squeezing my nipples as you can see, but he has his fingers pressing my thong into my cunt. And you can see how hard his cock is right now. This is the really enjoyable part, especially with a good client, as Bob is. He is relaxed, and allowing me to have total control of his sexual release. At the same time, he has tuned in to my state of arousal. With just a little effort on his part, he has successfully gotten me very hot and very horny. And your presence has only heightened the excitement. I have always enjoyed having an audience, and you have been a very good audience. I hope you are not only getting a feel for how I perform my art, but that you are enjoying the show as well.”

Simone rose from the chair, answering, “Oh yeah, I’m enjoying it. Your skills are clearly very good.” Simone moved closer to the table as she continued, “I’ve just tried to focus all of my energy on capturing the visuals in my mind so that I can use this with my call tomorrow night. But, I must admit, the show so far has certainly affected me, as my pussy is very wet as well.” And her arousal was obvious, as her nipples strained against the tee shirt, either trying to escape or begging for attention. Most likely, both.

Sharon took full control of the situation. She continued to stroke my cock sensually with her right hand as she used her left hand to move my left hand from her breast over to Simone’s chest, making sure that I was caressing Simone’s breast. “Play with her nipple Bob. Isn’t Simone so sexy. We want to drive her crazy with pleasure as I pleasure you.” I pressed my finger tighter into Sharon’s crotch as she talked. “Oh, god, Bob, keep pressing on my thong.” Explaining to Simone what was happening, Sharon continued, “Bob has pushed my thong aside and has now slid his fingers into my cunt. His thumb is pressing against my clit. That pressure combined with the pleasure of stroking his hard cock scratches my deep seated urges to please my partner. Watch as I return the favor, stroking his cock to his highest level of arousal.”

I was moaning in heightened lust by now. I could feel Simone breathing hard as she watched Sharon’s hands manipulating my cock and balls. Sharon would slide her hand down my cock and then cup my balls, squeezing them gently, coaxing my love juices to he brink of orgasm. Between my moans of lust, I gemlik escort egged Sharon on, “God don’t stop. I can feel my juices building in my balls. I’m fighting my eruption as hard as I can, a I don’t want the pleasure to stop.” Sharon slid her right hand even lower as her left hand slid back up my cock. Her right index finger found my anus, and as it was well lubed she started rimming my asshole with her finger, only adding to my arousal. I returned the favor, moving one of my fingers to Sharon’s asshole and pressing her as well.

Sharon took a moment to renew the lube on her hands and my cock. Telling Simone, “Although I don’t do full service, which means ‘fucking the client,’ I do sometimes finish a guy off orally if I know the client well.” The next thing I knew, Sharon was emphasized her comment, bending over and licking my cock. Holding my cock standing straight up for Simone to see, Sharon licked the side of my cock, running her tongue up and down my shaft. By now, pre-cum was oozing from the tip of my cock. Sharon ran her tongue up the full length of my shaft, and circling the tip of my cock, she tasted my pre-cum. “And the combination of flavors of the lube and the client’s juices only adds to my own level of arousal,” Sharon explained in a now very deep and husky voice.

Her tongue was definitely having an effect on me. “Oh, god!” I said. “I’m about to cum. Fuck. Give it to me!” Sharon continued her tongue work for a few seconds more, and then pulled back a bit, using her hands to keep on the ragged edge of an orgasm. “Oh, god, don’t stop!” I pleaded, desperately wanting to release my juices into her mouth. By now, all of my fingers had pushed deep into her sopping wet pussy.

Sharon responded, “Oh, yeah! Keep fucking my pussy with your finger. God, Simone, I am so hot. I want to suck his cock and have him cum in my mouth, but this show is for you. Do you want to watch him cum, or watch me suck him off?”

Simone didn’t hesitate. “I want to see him cum. Make him spurt for me. I want to see his juices just like in a porno flick. But this so much hotter than any porno flick.”

Sharon straightened back up, and at the same time, spread her legs even more, giving me the opportunity to pump my fingers into her pussy. Then she started stroking my cock a little faster with both hands squeezing it tighter than before. And that was it! “Oh, fuck!” I screamed. “I’m cumming! Oh, gawd!” They didn’t need my oratory, as cum was spurting from the tip of my cock in hot streams of creamy goo. Sharon relaxed her grip just a bit, knowing how sensitive a man’s cock can get as he reaches orgasm. But she didn’t stop stoking my throbbing cock. And I was still squirting loosing a load of cum like I used to do in my twenties. My stomach and chest were coated with my copious juices, and I had blasted so hard that quite a bit had landed on Sharon’s boobs and Simone’s tee shirt. After what seemed like minutes of spurting my juices, Sharon slowed her stroking to a very slow and gentle touch, ensuring that my ride down from a very intense orgasm was as delightful as the climb up to that orgasm. We were all silent for a few minutes as I was allowed to recover from my state of sexual delirium.

Simone broke the silence, “Wow! Was that ever intense! I hadn’t realized how hot it could be to do sensual massage. And I can see that Bob certainly enjoyed it.”

I mumbled something that was supposed to let them know how much I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure it was intelligible, as I was still in lust driven confusion from the very intense orgasm Sharon had provided me.

Sharon explained to Simone that the session wasn’t over until she had completely cleaned up the client. As she talked, Sharon got a warm wash cloth and carefully and sensually cleaned me up. “So, Bob would you like to take a quick shower while I start Simone’s massage?”

Simone sputtered, “What? I came to watch, not to get a massage.”

Sharon retorted, “Maybe you did. But you paid for a couple, and you may as well get the benefit of what you paid for.”

Simone continued to argue, although I wasn’t sure why. I certainly knew that she was hot and horny, and had previously not had any problem with sharing her sexuality with others. After all Anna and I had played with Simone several times before now and Simone had never been reluctant to participate.

I took Sharon up on her offer of the shower, figuring that Sharon, as horny as she was to fuck Simone, would figure out how to get Simone up on the table. Simone had been pensive for a bit, but finally answered Sharon as I was heading off to the shower, “I guess I would like a massage, but honestly, right now I’m so hot and horny, I’m not sure I’d enjoy the massage.”

I slowed my pace a bit to hear Sharon’s response. “I’m sure you are,” she said. “So am I. But trust me. I’ll make sure you enjoy the full benefit of my skills. I promise. So, get yourself undressed and get up here on the table.”

I heard a somewhat reluctant agreement from Simone as I turned the shower on. I spent a few minutes enjoying the refreshing shower. Not wanting to miss any of the action in the next room, I wasted little time, and returned to the room wearing the robe that Sharon always had hanging in the bathroom for clients.

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