My Master

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I walk up to his lair with apprehension. Once I enter, there is no turning back. I will be his and no longer mine. I will do whatever he says, no matter what. That was the arrangement. I take a deep breath and use the heavy knocker on the dungeon-like door. He answers the door and steps aside to let me in. The inside looks like a normal living room and a normal dining room off to one side. I guess even he has to keep up appearances. I see a young beautiful blonde walk into the kitchen, she is naked except for her black, four inch stilettos.

“You must be…” he trails off.


“No. You are now Slave Emily. Take off all of your clothes and give them to Slave Allison. Then I will begin your inspection” He then screams “Slave Allison!!”

Another beautiful girl scurries into the living room, “Yes, master?”

“Take Slave Emily’s clothes and dispose of them. She won’t be needing them anymore. Now you, stand with your legs shoulder with apart for your inspection.”

I stood there, heart pounding. He began by running his fingers through my brown hair. He lightly touched my cheek and lips next. Then, after lifting up my arms, he moved onto my breasts. He carefully rubbed each nipple in circles until they were fully erect. Then he pinched each one until I flinched from the pain.

“Get used to that,” he said.


He then slapped me across the face. “No, you will answer me by saying ‘yes, master.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, master. I’m sorry, master”

He continued to pinch and rub my nipples until he was satisfied and began kneading my breasts in his hands. I was humiliated from him slapping me and being inspected like a piece of meat. I loved it. I could already feel the wetness and fire in my loins. After he was done with my breasts he told me to bend over. He ran his fingers from my clit to my asshole, where he rubbed and inserted a finger. I moaned in delight. When he removed it, I was dissappointed, but then he spanked both of my ass cheeks Tipobet as hard as he could. Then he told me to lay on the dining room table and spread my legs. He put his face very close to my pussy and started rubbing it, spreading the wetness around. My toes curled and I almost begged him to fuck me but I remembered my place. I didn’t want to be punished just yet. I wanted my master to use and abuse me for his pleasure. I even wanted his guests to use me. I knew that was part of the agreement and I was a little apprehensive at first. But in the complete state of desire I was in, I knew I would enjoy every second of it.

“Hmm, very good.” He stood up and helped me off the table. I knew then that even though he was my master, he was a gentleman and I would grow to love him very soon.

“Do I please you, my master?” I asked

“Yes, you are acceptable. Now go with Slave Allison. She will show you your room and prepare you for me. Once I have had my meal I will be enjoying you. Slave Allison, remember what you have learned and take care of Slave Emily.”

Damn, I was hoping that he would have taken me right then and there, with Slave Allison watching. But he is my master and he has his own agenda and plans for me. And I must follow them. I followed Slave Allison up to my room. She instructed me to lie on the bed so she could tie me down. “Don’t worry sister, the first day is always the easiest.” She tied my arms and legs to the 4 posts of the bed. I thought that was it and I would be waiting there for my master, but then Slave Allison got in between my legs and started licking my even wetter pusy. She started slowly, from the hole to my clit, in little circles around my clit and back down to my hole. She had an exquisite tongue. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming in her mouth. Pretty soon, she put her fingers inside of me and began rubbing my g-spot while her tongue lapped viciously at my clit. I was writhing and pulling at my bonds I was in so much pleasure. Tipobet Giriş When I was on the very brink of my orgasm, she suddenly stopped. “I’m sorry,” she said, “the rules are that only the master can give you permission to orgasm or make you orgasm.”

She then proceeded to take a box out from under the bed. Out came nipple clamps, and onto my nipples they went. Then she pulled out a blindfold and adorned me with that as well. I expected a gag next, but instead she put the box away. I suppose if I was gagged I would not be able to gag on my my master’s cock. I could not wait to do that. Slave Allison kissed me tenderly before walking out of the room.

Although it was only a short time, it seemed like eternity before my master walked into the room. “Perfect, just how I like them,” he muttered to himself. As soon as I heard his voice my juices instantly started flowing. I was ready for whatever he had to offer. “You’re going to suck my cock like a good slave,” he said as he got on top of my with his huge erection next to my face. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue along the underside of his dick and back up, running my tongue around the tip of his penis. I licked it like an ice cream cone until he grabbed my chin and forced it into my mouth. Now I was starting to get really wet. I began sucking lightly, licking all around. Pretty soon he started forcefully fucking my mouth. I was gagging on his dick and sucking as hard as possible. I was completely enjoying being used by my master in such a way. When he was done fucking my face, I begged him to let me lick and suck on his balls, knowing he would enjoy that. He set his balls on my chin and I greedily lapped at them and got both of them into my mouth. I licked and sucked on them ever so lightly. I loved it when I heard my master moan in delight.

I thought he was done when he took my blindfold off and released me from my bonds. However, he proceeded to tape my hands behind my back while I was lying on my side. He Tipobet Güncel Giriş slapped my ass a few times and I shivered from the pleasure. He slowly pushed his dick into my tight pussy and I moaned louder than I expected to.

“Shut up bitch!” he said and slapped my ass, hard. He then started choking me while he was fucking me ever so slowly. My mind and body were on a completely different planet. I was in pleasure heaven. Apparently I continued to moan because he stopped fucking me so he could shove a gag in my mouth.

“Moan on that, slave,” he said. Then he started fucking me hard. I was in ecstasy. When he put his hand around my throat and started choking me again, I lost it and came. I screamed into my gag while he continued to pound my pussy. I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care. When he flipped me on my stomache and pushed my face into the bed, I came again but even harder.

“If you liked that you’re going to like this even more,” he whispered into my ear as he pulled out of my pussy and placed his huge cock at my asshole entrance. He started pushing in and I wriggled, trying to get away. I had never had anything in my ass before and his huge cock was sure to tear me apart. “Don’t you dare try to get away from me slut!” he shouted and I cowered. “You’re soon going to learn your place.” In punishment, he shoved it all the way in my ass in one stroke. I screamed in pain. Luckily is cock was wet enough from my pussy to lubricate it. He began going in and out of my asshole, slowly at first, thankfully. After the pain subsided I was left with intense pleasure. He soon started to move faster. He slapped my ass a few times and it wasn’t long before I was cumming again. I squealed in delight as many waves of orgasm overtook my body. Soon I could tell he was close. He took the gag out of my mouth and told me to open wide because I was going to swallow all of his cum. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, waiting to taste his seed. I swallowed it all and it tasted amazing.

I laid on the bed, waiting for him to untie my arms. They were already numb from being taped behind my back. “You are to wait here, slave. I am done with you for the night but my wife will be in shortly to use you for her pleasure as well.”

So I lied there again, in the dark, waiting…

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