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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination only and do not bear any resemblance to actual persons or events.


A sea of umbrellas lay ahead as I exited the train station. The rain had begun to fall just a few minutes ago as I was stepping off of the train. I was now to work my way through the crowd and into the office.

It was Monday morning and I could not be late.

I hurried through the crowd and water from surrounding umbrellas had fallen onto my clothes. My hair was slightly wet at the bottom and my jacket also, but I would dry this in the bathroom, as soon as I had reached the office and placed my gift. The clock showed 08.23, and I hurriedly worked my way up the stairs until I reached my office, which I walked past, and then up the stairs into the office of my boss, Mr. Carver.

I pulled the blue box gently out of my bag which had been covered to protect it from the rain. I knelt down and very carefully placed it in the centre on Mr. Carver’s chair. A black leather swivel chair tucked neatly under a wooden desk, beside a large window which overlooked the city skyline.

I headed for the bathroom, and dried myself. I was conscious that my blouse was also slightly wet and the outline of my bra was visible. I covered it with my lapel and sat down to work.

The day went by quickly. An executive meeting was later followed by end of month reporting, and I was glad to break for lunch.

Lunch was light, with a grain and salmon salad, supplemented with a lime and coriander dressing. I sat in the nearby restaurant. The break was welcome and my mind returned to the weekend.

I had spent Sunday with a friend, Andrew. Or rather as he should now be known, more than a friend. We had got on well when we met each other last week, and had agreed to meet again for a stroll in the nearby park, but the weather had scuppered our plans and we ended up staying at his place for an afternoon movie.

The movie was good, a mid century arthouse classic which he had suggested. The plot was fascinating and the characters intriguing. The sex scenes had set the tone, and our night ended well with him making love to me passionately.

We had agreed to meet again, but I did not commit to a time. I wanted to see how the week panned out first.

I left work late that evening, and glanced into Mr. Carver’s office to see if he had accepted my gift.

A rush of excitement ran through my body as I noticed he had.


The following day went by quickly, and allowed me to wear more casual, comfortable clothes. I was able to leave work early and I headed to the station. On the journey home, I exchanged messages with Andrew. We were missing each other and the conversation centred on when we would next meet.

The exchanges continued into the evening and after a long hot shower, I had felt sexy in my new underwear and silk pyjamas as I stepped into bed. I had then masturbated to the thought of the hot sex we had shared. I came quickly inside of my thong and slept deeply that night.

I woke early in the morning and packaged my gift inside a blue box. I headed to the station and onto the train. Today was less busy and I was able to arrive in good time. I hung my coat in my office, and carried my leather bag upstairs into Mr. Carver’s office. I left my gift once again and returned to begin my work.

Mr. Carver arrived shortly before 9. He did not speak as he entered, and walked past my office. He was a tall and mysterious man, in his 40s with short dark hair. He had been appointed President in July and was making a positive impact on company performance already.

He radiated a sense of authority with broad shoulders, and dark suits with a white shirt and a necktie.

We had spoken when he first joined, and got on well initially. His demeanour had gradually become more bullish, and I made a mistake of questioning him in a client meeting. Unintentional of course, but he was unhappy and wanted to see me in his office later in the afternoon.

The meeting had started well. I apologised profusely and explained myself. He took control of the conversation and demanded that it didn’t happen again. He had a way of making me feel small with his words, combined with his intense stare. A not unwelcome feeling for me as I recall. I went on to feel the need to apologise further to him the more he spoke and the smaller I felt.

I came to the conclusion that my words would not be enough and I was to try something different.

I had gradually leant forward to slightly expose the opening in my blouse to him, allowing him a brief peek inside. My lacy white bra was just visible inside. Continuing with his words, it was clear I must go one step further, so facing towards him, I parted my legs very slightly and my short skirt exposed my white panties. He did not look down, but I could sense his temptation.

He finished with a request which would change us both forever. Tipobet

‘Remove them, place them behind me and leave’.

I had known exactly what he meant. and his words would be my command. Without hesitation, I stood up, lowered his blinds, and removed my panties as I stood beside him. I gently hung them on the metal frame of his chair, and reopened his blinds.

He allowed me to leave and wished me a nice evening.

I had returned home that night naked underneath my short skirt, and the journey home was full of thoughts about how they were now in his possession. He had taken a piece of me for his own indulgence and I cannot hide the fact that I enjoyed the thought of him looking down at them imagining my intimate parts pressed up against the soft fabric. I thought about the pleasure he may have when he placed them up to his face, and the taste and smell of me took over his senses.


The following morning I had received a message by the time I arrived at work.

‘Thank you for the apology. I enjoy receiving gifts and will expect one from you every time. x’

He had accepted my apology, but what did he mean by every time?’ I asked myself.

My mind wandered back to the day of my apology, and how I had made love with an ex boyfriend in the morning before heading to work. Perhaps he could sense this I thought. I had felt the remains of my morning sex inside me during the day, and together with my juices, had leaked onto my panties.

Perhaps it was this he enjoyed. Experiencing what I had earlier in the day, I wondered.

I was apprehensive, but concluded that he was in charge and I was to follow his order.

I responded to the message ‘Thank you for your gratitude Mr. Carver’.

The next time I made love, I made sure I presented him with my gift so that he could experience it also.

My apology had now become my gift.

This continued for some time, and his approval was given with occasional messages of ‘thank you’, but one stands out in my mind.

‘Don’t ever miss a gift or be late’.

From then on, I always ensured I delivered it on time and without fail.

I enjoyed my gift giving and the thought of him secretly sharing my sexual experiences sent me wild. I would refrain from fantasising at work, but at times it became impossible for me not to. Knowing that the man just above me knew everything about my most intimate life only added to the excitement I felt inside.

We remained professional at work though and spoke frequently developing a good working relationship. I was to be a good girl for now and this was to be our little secret,, compartmentalised in our minds, and tapped into only when we chose.

As my gift giving became frequent, my relationship had developed with Andrew and we had become much closer. We were now making love at least three times a week. Each and every time, ensuring I wore the same underwear after we had climaxed to ensure everything was included for Mr. Carver. Where two of these sessions would occur on a weekend, I would be sure to give two gifts first thing on Monday morning. Each individually wrapped in soft tissue paper and sealed with a clip, before being packaged neatly in a box.

My sex life with Andrew had started off well, and we had begun exploring new avenues. I was by now having submissive fantasies. I was beginning to accept that I was no longer in control, and the more power over me the two men gained, the more intense these fantasies became. I wished to be controlled. Have my hands tied tightly together, be bent over Andrew’s knee and submit to him.

I loved the feeling of how naughty I was being, both with Andrew and Mr. Carver. Knowing how they both wanted part of me and savoured my body, my taste and my smell. I became a new sexual being during this time and my senses were awakened.

I decided in my mind that I deserved to be punished and I would allow myself to enjoy it.


Later in the week, Andrew and I had flirted once again via messages in the afternoon, and it was clear both of us were ready. I had agreed to return home without wearing my bra and we teased each other over dinner before Andrew took the lead. He was especially forceful and strong that evening, and my fantasy was fulfilled. My wrists had been tied tightly with rope, and he had eased me over his knee. My excitement was only heightened further by how restricted I felt in that moment.

I was now powerless at his mercy and had submitted to him.

The feeling had filled me with ecstasy, and I anticipated his hand across my naughty bottom any second. I waited as he instead gently caressed my bottom first. I asked him to please punish me, to which he responded by pushing my head down further. My head was now low, but my bottom was raised high, exposed to him ready and willing to take the force of his hand.

I so badly craved his strong hand across my cheeks.

Instead, he had half lowered Tipobet Giriş my panties first, exposing my slit. I was beginning to lose myself in the sensation of the air flowing against my lips, when his big strong hand slapped across my right cheek.

That was the first and it was incredible. I had been very naughty and had received my first punishment.

I asked him how naughty I was. Secretly hoping he would know everything and would serve his punishment onto me that very night.

He responded with a second much harder slap. This one felt even better than the first and my skin tingled after. The pain was intoxicating and I knew I would orgasm if he continued.

I begged him for more, and he reminded me he was in control, and he would decide how and when I would be punished. He called me by my name and continued to tell me how naughty I was, digging his fingernails into my cheeks. The pain of his fingernails slightly piercing my skin intensified the sensation and I could not resist opening my legs slightly as he slapped me again on the opposite cheek.

My body by now was shaking and I climaxed shortly after his final swipe with my right cheek grasped in his hand. My contractions were visible for him to see as I spread my legs further and the top of my thighs became wetter.

I asked that my panties were returned, and my juices would go on to fill the crotch. My cheeks left small specks of blood on the back from where he had dug his fingernails into my skin.

I finished Andrew with oral sex, allowing him to ejaculate into my mouth as my hands were still tied.

This was the most special experience, and my thoughts turned to my gift which I would serve tomorrow.

I wanted this to be special also, and for him to know how I had just been punished.

My previous gifts had been wrapped in a small blue box, but I chose red for this one, given how special this had been for me. I wanted him to know that red would mean I had been extra naughty, and there was a special surprise awaiting him. A secret code between the two of us.

I placed my panties, with the rear facing up inside the box, and wrapped them in fine red cotton. I used some lace to seal the wrap, and positioned the lid, sealing this with more lace.

I placed it inside my bag ready for tomorrow.


I ensured I arrived at work in good time, and I went straight up the stairs to Mr. Carver’s office. I smiled as I kneeled down to place the red box on his chair, but paused just as I did.

I would not hide this special gift for him, I thought, and instead leave it on his desk. The risk of someone noticing it only made the experience more exciting.

He would arrive at work, and it would be there on the desk in front of him, beautifully packaged in a special box. I wonder what he will be thinking and if he will enjoy it as much as I had last night.

I waited nervously as he climbed the stairs with a female acquaintance. I could hear them talking as she told him he was a lucky boy, referring to the gift I had left. Oh how lucky he is I giggled to myself. The thought that they would open the gift together and see my panties, my orgasm from last night inside, excited me. My pleasure would be exposed and laid bare right there on the table for both to see.

I stopped as I told myself that this was our secret, and would only be between him and me. It was an audacious gesture, but I was feeling playful. Perhaps I had secretly wanted to be exposed. I pondered this for a while.

The rest of the day went by slowly, and he left just after lunch. I noticed the top of the box poking out of his leather bag slightly as he walked past my office. He was taking it home. My mind began to imagine my panty collection which was now in his possession. I wondered if he had a favourite, and how he kept them, perhaps still neatly stored in their boxes, opened only for his indulgence.

My sex life had been incredible the past few weeks, and I had orgasmed more than I had ever done so, ensuring each one of them was captured there ready for him to experience afterwards and then etched inside his mind.

I was deep in thought, when the door to my office knocked loudly and my heart skipped a beat. I looked around, eyes wide open, and there he was, stood in the doorway. I looked at him, and he responded ‘Client dinner confirmed tomorrow at 5’.

I was looking forward to a more relaxed day tomorrow, but this was important and would mean I needed to start preparing and would wear something nice. I began to prepare some work for tomorrow and left to return home.

That evening, I decided on a short black dress for the dinner party. A simple silhouette which I had kept for some time. The dress fitted my figure well and I felt elegant wearing it. I checked how it would look with my jewellery and settled on a fine platinum set which I had been given as a gift by my family earlier in the year. My underwear was also to be black. A lacy thong Tipobet Güncel Giriş and bra set I wore only on special occasions.

As I tried on the outfit, I could not stop looking at the redness of my bottom from the previous night. I had been aware of the soreness during the day which brought me back to the thought of Andrew’s hand across my naughty bottom. The marks he had left on me were a sign of my punishment and I loved looking at them in the mirror and recalling how hard he had spanked me, and how strong I had climaxed.


The following day after lunch, I prepared for the meeting and began to change into my black dress early. Whilst getting ready, I again caught glimpses of my red bottom as I readied myself in front of the mirror. A quiet and polite lady on the outside I certainly was, but how so few knew what was brewing underneath.

The meeting started well and we had made a good impression. The presentations were strong and the food was exquisite. We had used the restaurant at the top of our office to seat 25 people, with panoramic views across the city.

I was seated next to Matthew, a long term client who I had formed a good bond with previously. He was attending after being promoted to the executive board in an investment firm. He was young and very good looking. I had previously developed a crush on him, as we were both new to our current jobs, and we had connected well over lunch a few times. Dressed in his tuxedo, he looked very smart and there was some playful flirting as the evening went on. He would ask about my personal life occasionally and it was clear he found me attractive, as did I find him.

As the evening went on, I again became aware of my sore bottom underneath my silky soft black dress. My thong had exposed my skin and the soreness served as a reminder to me as I moved in the chair. A reminder of Andrew telling me how naughty I was. I could hear his voice in my mind telling me again as I continued flirting with Matthew. I would remain committed to Andrew, but I enjoyed the evening and was very turned on by the time we had drunk our final glass of champagne.

I said goodbye, and returned to my office to collect my belongings.

I would head to the bathroom to change before going home and so I briefly walked into my office, and picked up my bag from my desk and my coat from the rack. As my hand reached for my coat, the door to my office slammed.

I had not switched on the light, intending only to pick up my coat and bag, and then leave.

Turning around I could see the outline of Mr. Carver in the doorway. He did not say a word, and neither did I. Adrenaline ran through my body but the feeling was more of a rush than fear. Or possibly a deadly combination of both. Either way, I looked away from him and towards my desk which my coat was now on top of.

‘What does red represent?’ he asked in his deep voice

I knew exactly what he meant but I struggled for words. I could try to explain my special experience to him, but my panties had said it all. ‘Or had they’? Still standing across the room silent, I looked down at the desk embarrassed and began to blush. His stare was intimidating. The thought of humiliation was nice for me, and I was now feeling very small as I had done so previously during my apology.

I stood there in my black dress with my high heels for a second looking nervously down. The champagne had made me tipsy and I was still hot from the entertainment upstairs.

I would struggle with words in this moment, and would instead express myself differently.

Still looking down, I ran my left hand slowly across the desk as I walked slowly forward, before turning to face him and maintaining eye contact as I continued to walk slowly forward. My heart was pounding and I was feeling weak. My innocent eyes locked onto his.

As I reached the centre of the desk, I stopped and pushed back onto it lifting myself slightly onto the top. My hands were now positioned on the desk, and my arms had compressed my small cleavage, which was just visible above my dress.

Mr. Carver began to walk towards me, but I instructed him to stop him with my finger.

I would reveal to him what my gift had meant and the special pleasure those panties represented.

I turned slowly and faced away from him. I could now see my reflection in the window to my side, and I could feel his stare on the back of my neck and shoulders at first, and then my bottom, the outline of which was just visible through my dress. The curves of my hips and bottom had been accentuated by my black thong underneath.

I glanced into the window and focused on his stare as he stood behind me. I slowly bent forward at the waist and lowered myself to the desk in front. My hands spread wide, as I bent further forward, and slid back slightly so my rear was closer to him and he could glimpse the very top of my thighs. My hair was tied up neatly, but I released it as I gave up control. My hair fell to the table on one side covering most of my face.

My hands worked their way off of the desk and slowly back towards my legs, from which I lifted my little black dress gradually to expose my black lacy thong underneath, and bright red bottom, still sore with small cuts from my punishment.

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