My Fairytale

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As always:

Thanks to rf-fast for the editing work. Your insights are what prevents this story from being mindless drivel. Thanks!


I grew up on fairytales. Prince Charming saves the Princess. The knight in shining armor heroically helps the damsel in distress. The beast and the beauty come together when no one thought it was possible. Every book or movie I watched growing up had something to do with fairytales. From a young age, all I wanted to be was a princess. I wanted my knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet because he fell hopelessly in love with me at first sight, and afterwards, we would live happily ever after. The problem with fairytales is they never actually explain what happily ever after is…

Sex. By the time my first semester of college was over, I realized I could care less about it. I had three partners in my life and all of them left me unimpressed with the act. I found it wasn’t like any movie I had seen. In romance movies, the guy and girl get together and they share this mind-blowing experience and their souls seem to unite. Even in porn, when you know it’s just a wham, bam, thank you ma’am scenario, the women seem to be crying out in sheer bliss. Like all of entertainment, I came to the conclusion that sex was a lie. It was something that Hollywood (or wherever porn is shot) makes up to sell-sell-sell their product, preying on the minds of us dreamers saying, “See the great sexual life you could be having?” Ugh!

My first experience was with my boyfriend in High School. I came from a small town farming community where everyone knew everyone by name. Nate was a real sweet guy and I thought we were destined to be together forever. We weren’t a prince and princess, but we did come in third for prom king and queen. That would have been magical, Queen Andrea Lockhart. At the end of our senior year, I knew it wasn’t going to last. We saw our lives going in two different directions. I wanted to leave the small town lifestyle and he wanted to take over his family farm. When I got accepted to State University in the big city of Hilldale, I knew it was over. I decided to give the nicest guy I knew my virginity. I knew I was using him as I didn’t want to go to college a virgin but Nate wasn’t complaining. Actually, he was excited. So with two days before I left, we did the deed.

It was nothing like I expected. Nate pushed in and it felt like I was being split in half. It hurt like hell. Where was this in the movies? The pain NEVER stopped. It was so bad, I was crying. If Nate would have seen it, I’m sure he would have stopped but his eyes remained clenched shut. Fifteen minutes later, Nate started shaking on top of me. Thank goodness that was over, that pain was intense. He rolled off to the side of me and thanked me repeatedly. I told you he was happy. But what about me? Am I a woman now? Where was the soul connection or at the very least my sheer bliss? The only thing I felt was soreness.

I went to my first frat party during my first week on campus. School was beginning in a couple days and I wanted to experience a college party before I had to put all my effort into my studies. I was hanging around and the scene was much different from any party I had attended while in High School. Parties back home had at most twenty people there and we would play games, listen to music, or if we were at Marge Stanton’s home, we swam. Here, there were people everywhere, the alcohol flowed, the music loud, and sexual activity abound, from kissing to touching to flashing to – was that girl sucking that guys penis? It was an eye opening experience to say the least. That’s when I met Lance.

Lance was entering his junior year and I was at his frat house, the Phi Delta Omega’s. He didn’t slay a dragon as his name might suggest but he was cute. I guess you can say we dated for about a week. We hung out in between classes and every evening. He even took me out once; dinner and a movie. Being that he was a philosophy major, you would think he would be a good conversationalist, but all he talked about was sex. Whenever together, he would constantly be grabbing at me. I guess it was supposed to be a compliment. Finally, I caved. Maybe the sex I had experienced was only bad because it was my first time? We were under the covers in his bed and I let him take off my clothes. He gave me the most wicked smile as he climbed on top of me.

He barreled into me and kept proclaiming, “Can you feel that?”

I didn’t know if I was supposed to answer him or not, but after the fifth time, I did. “Not really.” It was the truth. He was inside me and I barely felt anything. I didn’t even feel pain. Sex was becoming very confusing.

Lance stopped mid stroke. “What was that?”

“Oh, it was rhetorical? It’s just that you kept asking.”

This upset him to no end. He stood up and started getting dressed. I was surprised when I caught a glimpse of his penis. It was only the second one I have ever seen but the two couldn’t have been any more different. Tipobet Nate looked like they did in the porno movies, perhaps bigger and definitely thicker. Lance was – what’s a good comparison? – A sewing needle?

Lance kicked me out. His final words were “If I knew you weren’t a virgin, I never would have went out with you.”

The words stung, but not so much as what happened next. The following day, I was inundated with stares and whispers. I was Ms. Popular and had no idea why. Well, as it turns out, I am now the school whore. Lance informed everyone that not only did we have sex, but I also used him just to add another notch to my belt, whatever that meant. He told everyone that my goal at college was to be fucked by every guy there, students and faculty. Girls hated me and the guys approached me in troves. All for the wrong reasons. Worst of all, I still have no idea what I said to Lance to make him so angry. I came close to packing up my things and heading home. It was obvious that I was out of my element.

Charlie Anderson was in my freshman biology course. He was better than average looking, but was immensely shy. He rarely talked to anyone, and that was only if they spoke to him first. My fellow students resented him due to him smashing the curve on everything assigned. I felt bad for instigating our relationship, but I was frustrated, stressed, and I was ready to snap. I wasn’t asking him to defeat an evil witch, I just wanted him to be my shield.

First, I simply asked if he could help me study. After some time, I asked him to go on a date. Then a second one. He was so shy, he could still barely talk to me, but his actions when we were together made me feel like a normal girl again. He was a perfect gentleman, always considerate, and didn’t grope me once. He was really polite. The problem was that we had nothing in common. We both knew it. Then one night while we were in my dorm room, we had the most honest conversation. Ever.

“Why are you with me?”

“Uh,” Charlie stammered.

“Please Charlie, you aren’t going to hurt my feelings.” I put my hand over his.

Charlie’s head shied down, “Because you’re a girl and I’m tired of everyone accusing me of being gay.”

“You never had a girlfriend?”

Charlie shook his head, “I’m sorry. I should probably leave.”

“Why would you leave? I’m with you for the same reason.”

“You are?” Confusion swept across Charlie’s face, “I thought you have been with every guy in town?”

My shoulders fell and I sniffled away the tears. “No, I’ve been with two people and only one lives in this state.”

“Now I get it,” Charlie smiled. “For a week I was trying to figure out how to break up with you without hurting your feelings. I mean I still like you as a friend but…”

“Me too.” I interrupted. “How about this? We pretend to be dating until one of us finds someone else. We support each other. You get to ask me all the questions you want about girls and I still have my protection from the other students. Deal?”


Once everything was in the open, both of us felt so much better about ourselves. We no longer felt we were using the other for our own purposes, but it was now a mutual understanding. We were still bored when we hung out together, but it was understood. Plus was the added bonus that my grade in biology and his in Algebra soared as math was my best subject.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was going stir crazy. It really does stink to not have any friends, though I still got asked out by a slew of guys, in front of Charlie at times, but instead of being pushy like before, they give up quickly when I say “I have a boyfriend.” What’s worse is that I’m poor too. Life is boring when you are stuck in your room because you are a broke college student who has to rely on the bus to get around. Maybe Charlie would hang out. We can be bored together.

“Charlie, do you think you can take me to the mall? I really need to pick up some things.” And by things, I meant bras. I apparently grew a little since the beginning of the year and needed something that wasn’t strangling my body. But saying that would scare off my potential ride.

“Ah, come on, we already went on our ‘date’ this week. Besides, I’m in the middle of an intense battle. DIE ALREADY!”

By now, I was used to him talking to his games and knew those last two words weren’t for me. “Please,” I whined.

Charlie sighed, “Damn it, I died.” I then heard the music of the game start back up as he obviously wasn’t done. “Not today, all right.”

I don’t know what made me say it, but after I did, I recognized it didn’t bother me. Not in the slightest. I mean Charlie is harmless enough and I could care less about the act itself. “I’ll have sex with you.” Isn’t sex apart about being boyfriend and girlfriend? Even if it is fake? Even if it’s just to get a ride to the mall?

The line went dead. Well, that’s not exactly true. I heard from Charlie’s television the sound signifying Tipobet Giriş he died again before the menu music played. “Charlie? Are you there?”

“Um, yeah. I thought I heard you say something that you couldn’t have possibly said.”

“I will, Charlie. If you take me to the mall, I’ll have sex with you.” It still didn’t bother me.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Five minutes and twelve seconds later, Charlie pulled up in his rusty blue Escort. We went to the mall and I could tell Charlie was nervous. I couldn’t believe what my offer was doing to the poor boy. He followed me and I had to suppress a laugh when he realized what section I was shopping in the department store. He appeared to have seen a ghost. But he remained steadfast because of my promise.

We went back to my dorm room and I rummaged through my roommates top drawer. Somehow, I knew Charlie wouldn’t have a condom and I don’t have reason to carry any either.

My coupling with Charlie solidified my feelings toward sex. Charlie was in between Nate and Lance on the size scale, so when he pressed into me, I did feel something that wasn’t pain. But that was it. Literally.

“Oh God, Andrea.” Charlie’s eyes scrunched up, his breathing became heavy, and his body became stiff.

After a few Moments, I tapped my hand to his back, “Good?”

“Sorry Andrea.”

“For what Charlie? You did good,” I smiled. He did better than Lance – I mean at least he got off – and as for me, I’m not in pain, so yeah, it was good.

“It was?”

“Of course,” I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

Charlie rolled off me, “Thank you Andrea.” I saw the sincerity in his eyes and it reminded me of Nate. “And I know we are just friends with an odd agreement, so I promise I will never ask or demand this of you. If you want to do it again, we can, but I won’t expect it.”

“You’re a good friend, Charlie.” What was the big deal? It was just sex. I smiled, “Let’s get dressed.”

Then came the favor.

“Come on Charlie,” I whined. “Let me drive it.”

“No, my Dad will kill me if we take his BMW.”

“Please,” I hit him with my sad puppy dog face.

“You have no idea how strict my Father is. I mean, he didn’t used to be, but when I was sixteen, he started talking to me weird. Mentioning lifestyles and such. I guess I didn’t react the way he’d liked so now he’s as strict as can be.” Charlie laughed. “We are not going on our date with you driving his car. Stop asking.”

“What about if you drive.” I really did just want to ride in the car. I have never seen a luxury car before. Heck, where I’m from luxury meant extended cab on the truck.

Charlie took a deep breath, “Fine, get in. But we have to be back before my Mom gets home.”

Yes! “Thanks Charlie.” I smiled as I opened the passenger door. “For a second I thought I was going to have to offer to have sex with you again.”


“Too late, get in.”

We drove in silence. There were no words shared and there was no music we could agree on. It was a typical date for us. We went to dinner at a cheap diner and then to a popular hangout so we could be seen together by our peers before heading to the dorms to drop me off. We were pulling in when this little Honda Civic carrying a bus load of students came roaring at us. Charlie tried to evade, turning the wheel suddenly, and was successful in dodging the reckless car but not so much the sign indicating there was a speed bump.

It didn’t look good. It was better than it would have been if we hit the speeding car, but the sign did enough. The pole broke the passenger side headlight and the sign itself put a huge dent in the hood and left a spider web crack in the windshield.

Charlie was in tears.

I gently rubbed his back, “When does your Father get back from his business trip?”


“What time?”

“Around noon.”

“You have class until four, right?”


“I promise I’ll take care of this Charlie. It’s my fault that this happened, I shouldn’t have pressured you.” I gave Charlie a hug. “Will you be able to hide it from your Mom until then?”

“I think so. I mean she never goes in the garage, so I just need to beat her back home before her girl’s night ends.”

“Then get home and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“How are you going to fix it?”

“Trust me Charlie. I can do this.”

A simple nod was his response as he turned the ignition. The car no longer roared to life, it was more of a chugging sound and I cringed at the repercussions.

I needed to go underwear shopping. I didn’t have sexy clothes; the best I had was a tight blue tank top and a pair of jeans, so that was what I was wearing. But I needed more than that, so I decided to focus on what to wear underneath. I took the bus to the mall and instead of the department stores, I went into the lingerie shop. I needed something that said ‘cheat on your wife with me’ and ‘I’m so fuckable that you Tipobet Güncel Giriş don’t want to murder your son.’ With the help of the sales woman, I bought a black sheer demi cup bra and thong set. I would have bought gloves and stockings to go with it, but this outfit took the rest of my money for the month. How can these cost more than my normal underwear when I’m wearing far less fabric?

I took the bus to the closest stop to the Anderson home. I walked a quarter of a mile before reaching his front door at 12:10. I knocked and no one answered. Charlie’s Father must not be back yet and his Mom was probably at work. I waited on his porch swing, my new thong feeling more like a wedgie.

A few minutes passed when a taxi pulled into the driveway. It was Mr. Anderson. He was wearing a black power business suit with a dark red tie. I had only met him once, and that was briefly. He was always in his office working or away trying to lure in perspective clients. He exuded a confident bravado and he was always in charge. Not even his wife, Rochelle, ever questioned him let alone Charlie. My palms began sweating and he eyed me carefully as he approached the door. He dug in his pocket for his keys and turned the lock with nary a word.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Mr. Anderson finally stated as he opened the door.

I stood quickly before he could shut the door on me. “I’m here to talk to you, Mr. Anderson.”

He paused for a moment before continuing inside the house. I took it as my invitation that he left the door open. I scurried in and I began twiddling my fingers in my hand. “Mr. Anderson, I don’t know how to tell you this…”

“You’re my son’s faux girlfriend.”

That caught me by surprise. “Did Charlie tell you that?”

“No.” He offered no other explanation as he began sifting through a pile of mail.

“How did…”

“I know what my son is capable of achieving. Maybe down the line when he has some confidence or more likely some money, but not his first girlfriend.”

This man stupefied me. My Father was always supportive and tried to tell me I could do anything I wanted with my life. Mr. Anderson was blunt and spoke the cold hard truth, no matter how harsh, even about his own son. I then remembered why I was here. I had to get back to my task. While his back was still turned, I took off my shirt and began working on my pants.

Mr. Anderson turned his head toward me and laughed, causing me to stop. His expression became serious just as quick, his eyes never leaving my body. It was too late to back down now and besides, I owed it to Charlie. It was just going to be sex. I finished taking off my pants and stood there. The tension in the room was thick; at least it was for me. Mr. Anderson glanced at me one last time before sorting through the rest of the mail.

I cleared my throat, “Charlie and I… no, I mean, uh, I forced Charlie to, um, to uh…”

“Uh, um, uh, those are words that show stupidity. How did you get accepted into college with a vocabulary like that?” Mr. Anderson shook his head. “How much damage has been done to my car?”

I was now completely intimidated by this man. My mouth was dry, I couldn’t even complete a single sentence, and he could read my mind. I wonder if anybody said no to his sales pitches? “It’s um, uh, how did you…”

“I know because a slut is in my home in what she thinks is her sexiest underwear offering her body to me to get my socially retarded child out of trouble.” Mr. Anderson’s eyes narrowed, “Now let’s try this again. How much damage has been done to my car?” Every word he used in that question was spoken slow and clear.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. “The passenger side front headlight is broken, there is a huge dent in the hood, the windshield needs to be replaced, and the car sputters.” In my plan, this is where I would saunter over, grab his crotch and in a sultry voice say, ‘I can work off the cost of the repairs.’ That is what I rehearsed. But right now, I was too scared to move.

“In my office, now.” Mr. Anderson started down the hall. “And pick up your clothes from the ground, my living room isn’t your personal locker.”

Did it work? Is he going to have sex with me and forgive Charlie? If not, he would have just told me no, right? Regardless, I rapidly picked up my shirt and pants and hustled down the hall. It was the first door on the right and when I made the turn, I stopped. I had never been in this room before and it was immaculate. A couch was to my right, bookshelves lined the walls, and there was a large wooden desk at the far end of the room with a leather chair behind it. Mr. Anderson had wasted no time and was already on the computer, presumably working.

At this point, I just wanted to get it over with, “Where would you like…”

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.” Mr. Anderson’s voice was stern. “Hang up your clothes.”

I glanced around. The walls of the room all appeared the same. I didn’t see anywhere to hang clothes.

“The closet is to your right.”

I moved slowly in that direction until I at last saw the doorknob. It was hidden well. I opened the door and pulled my pants through a hanger and put my shirt over it. The door shut with a click and I walked over to the desk.

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