Mr. Allen

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I’m a young male teacher at the high school level. I’m considered the “badass” in school, because all the students know they don’t mess around in Mr. Allen’s class. I guess you could say I’m not bad looking, and I stay in shape by using the school weight room 3-4 times a week. The other teachers give me a bad time saying that even though most kids hate me, a lot of the girls take my class because they have a crush on me. I never think about it. Just as long as they don’t screw around in my class, I don’t care why they are there.

I was at the local bar one night when I spotted one of my former students. It was Andrea, she was hot when she was in high school, but tonight she was hotter than hell. It probably had something to do with the skirt she was wearing. It was so short, that if she had ever worn something like that in class, I would have had to send her to the principal for breaking the schools dress code. But it didn’t stop there, under that she had on black stockings with a pair of the sexiest red knee high leather boots I’d ever seen. Of course, the fact that Andrea was an all state track star in high school, and still on the track team in college didn’t hurt, she had the some of the nicest legs and ass I’d ever seen. Her legs could have made any pair of boots look good I suppose.

It was the first time I had seen her since she graduated about 3 years ago; she had just recently turned 21 and was out bar hopping with some friends. She came over to me and gave me a hug, something that caught me off guard, usually when students see me they run the other way because they hate my guts. But Andrea was a good kid, so we always got along fine. I knew I should have known better, but I had already had a few beers, and her hug caught me off guard, so I told her she was looking good.

“Mr. Allen, I don’t believe this, drinking a beer and making a nice comment, it’s not the Mr. Allen I knew in High school.”

I told her she could call me Tom now, and asked her what she’d been up to since high school. She saw my beer was about empty and insisted on buying me another one, you know how it is when you turn 21, you want to buy every chance you get; it makes you feel grown up or something. So, she got me a beer but only got herself a water. I asked her why she wasn’t drinking. She said mainly because it was track samsun escort season and she needed to watch every thing she ate or drank. Then she said she had also gotten a brand new car and didn’t want to have to end up leaving it downtown overnight or anything. I asked her what kind of car she got. She told me it was one of the new mustangs, she wasn’t surprised when I got all excited cause having had me as a teacher for 3 years she knew I was a car guy. The whole time I tried not to look at her legs and those boots, but we were sitting down now and she had her legs crossed and kept waiving the one leg back and forth. It seemed like forever, but I suppose it was only about 10 minutes when she said her friends wanted to go to one of the clubs so she had to get going. I thanked her for the beer and told her it was nice to see her again. She gave me a wink and left with her friends. I stayed in that same bar and I was feeling a little guilty because for the first time, I was actually attracted to one of my students. Albeit, even though she was a former student and even 21, it just wouldn’t look good if something were to happen, so I just sat there and got a little drunker than I should have. Just when I was wondering how I was going to get home, I felt a tap on my shoulder, It was Andrea again.

“Hey, what are you doing back here?” I asked.

She sort of had a little smirk on her face. She said “well, I was on my way home, when I saw your truck still in the parking lot, and I figured if you were still drinking, you wouldn’t be in any shape to drive home, so I thought I’d stop by and offer you a ride.”

I told her I could just call a cab or a find someone there to give me a ride but thanks anyway. Of course I wanted nothing more than to get a ride home from her, but even as drunk as I was, I knew that wouldn’t be a good idea.

But, she crossed her legs, and gave me that little smile, and said “but wouldn’t you rather have a ride in a mustang than a cab?”

Had I been sober, there is no way I would have agreed to it, but I was just drunk enough and couldn’t resist those boots, or the mustang, I said yes. I told her she has to walk out first and I would make it look like I was calling a cab, even though this was totally innocent, people in town would have loved to start rumors about the teacher leaving with the young, former student. She said she understood, and said she would be waiting in the parking lot for me. She put on her leather jacket and headed for the door. Luckily, I was in a spot where I could watch her walk out without looking like I was obviously staring, damn she looked hot in those boots.

I got out my cell and acted like I called a cab, making sure the waitress could hear me. I waited about 10 min, finished my beer, and headed for the parking lot looking for the mustang. When I got out, I spotted the mustang taillights immediately and headed for it. This was it, I knew I shouldn’t be doing this but headed for the car anyway. I got in, and Andrea quickly pushed in the clutch with her boot, put the car in gear and we were off.

I lived outside of town on one of the lakes. It was about a 30 minute drive. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Andrea’s boots running the clutch and gas pedal. To top it off, she had put on a pair of leather gloves, so I couldn’t keep my eyes off her steering and shifting either. She asked me how I like the car, I told her I loved it, but I wouldn’t trade my ’68 mustang for her new one.

She excitedly said “oh, you have to give me a ride in yours if I’m giving you a ride in mine!” with the cute little smirk on her face. I told her she would have to wait till a day when I was sober.

When we got to my place, she asked if she could just see my ’68. Again, I went against my better judgment, but thought, what the hell, what will it hurt, I’ll let her see the car, then I’ll thank her for the ride and she’ll head for home and I’ll go to bed. I opened the side door to the garage and turned on the light. She walked in and just started oooing. She touched it with her leather gloved hands, normally I would have cringed, but as long as she had the gloves on, it wouldn’t leave grease on the paint, so I didn’t say anything. She asked if she could just sit in it. Again, against my better judgment, I said ok. She got in it on the driver side. I heard her say, “come on, get in with me.”

I got in, and she had that look again, the one I hadn’t been able to say no to all night. She said, “since you’re to drunk to drive, how about letting me?” I said, “Now wait a minute. I don’t let just anyone drive my baby here.”

She then totally caught me off guard again and swung her legs over the center console and put her boots in my lap and said, “But I’m not just any one, am I Mr. Allen? I’ll let you touch them Mr. Allen,” she said.

Now I was getting real nervous, but as much as I knew this was a bad idea, this is what I had secretly been wishing for all night. I tried to play dumb, “what are you talking about Andrea?”

“I can tell you’ve been looking at my legs all night Mr. Allen. Hell, I even knew back in High school you looked at my legs, especially on days when I wore heels or boots.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said.

Come on, admit it Mr. Allen, you won’t get in trouble now. You’re a leg man, and you want to touch my boots. She reached down and ran one of her leather gloved hands over them, then she grabbed one of my hands and put it on her boot, “go on, Mr. Allen, its ok, I’m an adult now.”

My cock was now getting hard, probably cause she was moving her boots back and forth over it. I think I should get going inside I said, still trying to play dumb. “Would you like to come in for some coffee?” I asked her.

“Sure.” she said. When we got inside, she said, “you know, I don’t have to worry about driving anymore, why don’t you let me make us some drinks, I know you have some whiskey or something around here.”

At this point, I knew it was over; I was just going along with what she said. She mixed me a stronger than hell drink, and little did I know, barely put any in hers. We drank up, and I now went from being a little too drunk to way to drunk. Things are a little hazy from here, but she said, “You look tired Mr. Allen, can I help you to bed?”

I feebly tried to resist, but again, it was useless. She was going to do whatever she wanted with me that night. We went into my bedroom. I laid down on the bed on my back and she took my pants and shirt off. “Mmmm, Mr. Allen.” She then unzipped her skirt, slid it down over the boots, but left the boots on. She then took of her blouse. She got up on the bed and sat on my chest. “All the girls want you, you know that Mr. Allen?”

I said I didn’t care, it didn’t matter to me. But then I couldn’t resist, I figured I had went this far, I asked her if she had wanted me in HS. She said yes, she told me that she told herself if when she got out of school and she ever had the chance with me, she was going to take it. And it worked.

To be continued…

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