Mr. Allen Ch. 02

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This is part of a short story, if you haven’t read the previous chapters, I would encourage you to start with chapter 1 and read them all in order.


I awoke the next morning with a splitting headache. It was one of those mornings where you wake up trying to remember what you had done the night before. But then I noticed, I couldn’t move my legs or arms…I was tied to all 4 corners of the bed, I was lying there spread eagle…I turned my head to look at the alarm clock, it was 1 in the afternoon, I rarely slept past 9am, and that was on the worst of hangovers. I didn’t think I’d had that much to drink. At the same time I looked at the alarm clock, something on the floor caught my eye, it was Andrea’s boots. Oh shit-what did I do, I thought to myself. Just then, she walked in the room in one of my t-shirts; damn she looked hot, and the worst part was I couldn’t remember a thing, I might have slept with one of the most beautiful girls I knew, and I couldn’t remember. This was it, I’d said it a hundred times before, but now I was sure, I was done drinking.

Andrea came and straddled me. Good, maybe I had another chance I thought. Trying not to look dumb, I said “um, what? Did we…?”

She looked at me with that smirk of hers, “Don’t you remember Mr. Allen; don’t worry…I got it all on camera for you.”

I looked at her dumbfounded; she reached over to the nightstand and grabbed her digital camera.

“You probably can’t remember, she said. That’s because I drugged you with that last drink when we got here. Don’t worry, guys usually black Tipobet out from the drug.” Implying that this wasn’t the first time she had done this.

Then she started showing me the pics on the camera. I couldn’t believe it. I was wearing woman stockings and bra, and I had makeup on!! I looked like a drag queen!!

“It gets better Mr. Allen. “She said.

She then proceeded to show me more pics; the next ones horrified me. It was me sucking on a cock!

She laughed an evil laugh, “Don’t worry Mr. Allen, it’s just a dildo, but it sure looks real, doesn’t it.”

She even had one with it up my ass, and the way she took the picks, you couldn’t tell it was her and a dildo, it looked like a guy was fucking me up the ass!! She had put on a pair of my pants with the dildo sticking out, so it looked like a guy was really fucking me!!

“Is this some kind of sick joke you’re playing on me?” I yelled at her.

“Oh no Mr. Allen, this is no joke. You see, I don’t know what I want from you right now, but I’ll think of something. It might be something as simple as writing a paper for one of my classes, or it could be making a car payment for me, you wouldn’t want me to loose the mustang would you?” she said with an evil grin on her face.

Now I was mad. “The hell if I will!” I yelled at her.

“T T T, where’s the nice Mr. Allen I met last night who was willing to do anything just to feel my boots?” She said with that same evil grin.

Then she showed me the camera again and sure enough, there were several pics of me Tipobet Giriş licking her boots. “If you don’t give me what I want, when I want it, I send these to the entire HS staff, and just to make sure, to my little sister, the one who is a junior this year. That way she can pass it around to the rest of the student body, you know you have lots of students who would love to see these pics.”

My reputation and career as a teacher would be ruined.

“Just give me what I want when I want it and maybe I’ll let you taste my boots when you’ll be able to remember it. Now, before I untie you I called my apt and left a message on my answering machine, if I don’t beat my roommate home to delete it, she will get back later tonight to hear all about me being taken home by Mr. Allen, so this will be the first place they look if I should end up missing. And I’ve also taken the time to leave some of my underwear hidden in your house. Now, just to show you I’m a good sport, I’m going to jerk you off, you wanted to so bad last night, but you were just to out of it to perform, shame those drugs do that to guys.” Once again hinting that; but not coming right out and admitting that she had done this before.

“First, we have to get you hard, don’t we.” She said.

She reached back and started tugging on my cock with one hand, then lifted up the shirt of mine that she was wearing with her other, exposing her bare shaven pussy to me.

“Who knows Tom, you play this right, and you might even get to taste that someday.” as she dipped her finger in Tipobet Güncel Giriş her pussy.

“Good thing I had my dildo with me to satisfy me after you passed out last night. I know what will really make you hard.” She said as she reached down and grabbed her boots. She put them on her feet right beside my head. I could see them, smell them, and hear the zipper as she zipped them up. She was right; I was now hard as a rock. She turned around and placed a boot at each side of my head, and grabbed my cock and really started stroking it.

“The harder you lick my boots, the harder I stroke.”

She had me under her spell and she knew it. It didn’t take me long to cum, when she felt me twitching, she stood up and directed my cum on her boot. I came like never before.

Then she held the boot to my face and ordered me to lick it all off.

At first I resisted.

“Now Tom, just be a good boy and do as I say.” She said.

Then she grabbed my cock and dug her in with her fingernails.

I let out a scream and said “OK!”

“Ok what? OK MISTRESS!” she yelled at me, and dug in again.

“OK MISTRESS!” I screamed in pain, and began to lick my own cum from her boots as she took even more pics. “OK Tom, I’m going to go e-mail these to myself, and then get dressed. Don’t worry; I’ll untie you before I leave.”

About 30 minutes later, she came back in my room all cleaned and dressed up.

“Now Tom, when you get e-mails from Sue Johnson from now on, that will be me. I’ll be e-mailing you with directions. I should be home in a few weeks, I expect you to serve me, so don’t make plans.”

With that, she untied just one of my hands, giving her enough time to get out of my house and down the road before I got the rest of myself untied. She wouldn’t have had to though; I was under her spell.

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