Morning Makeshift

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She awoke in his arms. Happily, she cuddled closer to him and his arms tightened around her. She could feel the warmth of his skin through the thin cotton material of her tshirt. One of his hands moved lazily down her body, playing with the waistband of her pajamas. He let his thumb slide under the elastic, gently caressing her increasingly sensitive skin. She writhed her hips, pushing them towards his hand in invitation. He teased her by pulling back, instead caressing her over the flannel material. The friction and the warmth of his hand through the fabric made her moan. She pushed against him again, wanting more pressure and more speed. He lowered his other arm so that it was around her waist and pulled her hips tightly against him. She could no longer move against his hand; he was in control, and his hand continued to tease her against the pajamas.

“Oh, please…” She murmured.

“Shhh.” He whispered against her ear, the warmth of his breath sending a shiver down her entire body. He nibbled at her earlobe, gently, and his darted out to taste her heated skin. He moved his mouth down her neck, nibbling, kissing. She felt her groin tightening, her need becoming just short of unbearable. As his mouth moved down, his hand moved up, and in a sudden movement he was- finally- inside her pajamas. His fingers slid over her wetness, slowly tracing lazy circles around her clitoris. She moaned, Tipobet wanting more, and in a sudden movement his fingers slid down and inside her. He moved his fingers in wide circles against the walls of her vagina, pushing deeply inside of her. His palm pressed against her as he pushed his fingers as deeply inside her as they would go, enveloping his fingers to the knuckles in her tight wetness. As he moved his fingers, his palm rubbed against her clitoris. She tried to move her hips against him, and he tightened his arm around her further, his fingers digging into her hips, keeping her still. He kept his rhythm slow, steady, not giving in to her frantic need, but building up her desire at his own controlled pace.

Her breathing was ragged, her head thrown back against his chest. He pulled his fingers out of her, instead pressing them against her clitoris and moving them in small tight circles against her. The pressure and speed brought her to orgasm within seconds, her legs tightening and her hands grasping at the sheets in her release. After her final shudder, he released her, and turned her around to face him.

She licked her bottom lip as she looked up at him and he leaned his head down to nibble at it, gently at first. Then, with a harder nip, he pushed her lips open further, moving his tongue inside her mouth. He was no longer controlled, but seeking, wanting. Her Tipobet Giriş mouth responded; she was willing to give. He pushed down her pajamas with one hand and she twisted her hips to assist him. She felt his hardness as she moved against him and moved her hands down to push down his pajamas. He was out of them and above her in an instant. He pushed her legs apart as far as the pajama pants, still around her knees would allow. His knees held the pajama pants against the bed, trapping each of her legs in makeshift shackles. His weight kept them in place, rendering her legs immobile. He pushed her tshirt up around her neck, raising her arms as he pulled the sleeves just to her wrists. Then he put his hands on either side of her head, trapping the thin fabric beneath him. Her wrists were held in place on either side of his by the tightly stretched fabric of her tshirt and she could not move her head without choking against the fabric across her throat.

She expected him to plunge into her, now that she was bound and under his power. Instead, he used his cock to slowly tease her, running along her labia and moving back and forwards over her clitoris. Only when she raised her hips, taking advantage of the only part of her body that she could move freely, did he slide into her. Her hips were now trapped under his, freed only during the brief moments when he pulled back, only to Tipobet Güncel Giriş plunge more deeply into her. Her bound legs created tenser muscles and a tighter space; she was snug and wet around his cock, her muscles quivering around him with every movement. Each thrust stroked her gspot, and she arched her hips to increase the pressure, the pleasure becoming more intense with each stroke.

“Don’t stop!” She cried, desperate for the release building inside of her.

He increased his speed, not pulling back so far, and he pushed harder into her. His cock pressed against her gspot with more pressure and more frequency, bringing her to the edge of orgasm. As he felt her muscles tighten and quiver against his cock, he pulled the fabric against her neck more tightly, limiting her air and blood flow by just enough to make her orgasm that much more intense. Her whole body shook against him and she gasped and moaned loudly, despite of her constricted vocal cords. He plunged into her once, twice more. Instead of exploding inside her, he released the fabric around her wrists and neck to push himself up and grabbed his cock to guide his release onto her breasts.

He stared down at her for a moment, half bound and marked as completely his, watching his seed slide down her body. He reached for her tshirt, pulling it down to absorb his wetness, just before it hit the sheets. He moved beside her, freeing her legs, allowing her to pull her pajamas back up before he pulled her against him. She snuggled back into his arms, into the same position they were in when she woke up, the tshirt drying and sticking to her skin the only evidence of their lovemaking.

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