Molly’s New Life Ch. 3

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Molly’s Feeding is not over yet:

Molly sat silently in the car beside her Master. She was still very unsure of what he expected of her, and glad he seemed to be giving her some time to learn. She knew, without thinking, that she would to anything he asked of her, but she was unsure what he expected her to do without being asked. She felt herself flush slightly as she wondered just what things he might ask that she had not even imagined. She sensed he would treat her in a very degrading manner often, and that pain, especially to her tits, would be common, and the thought of both of these things made her hot.

Marcus glanced over at her. Oh how he was going to enjoy her! He was going to use her like she had never been used before, and what pleasure he was getting from her humiliation! Having her suck off cocks under the table had made him soooo hard, he hadn’t been able to wait to get his cock back in her mouth. He had known how embarrassed she was feeling while she sucked, and knew he was ready for the next step… having her suck in public, in plain view of an audience. She needed to be more openly treated like a slut, a worthless cumguzzler, and he needed to watch her do it! Oh yes! He couldn’t wait.

Slowing the car a little, he reached over and tugged her dress off her tits so they exploded out over the fabric invitingly.

“You should dress like this whenever possible. I know certain places frown on it, but in the car with me, you must ALWAYS bare your tits, understand?”

“Yes Sir.” she said softly.

“MMMmmmm.” He sighed. “They would look much better if they had more marks on them. I must remedy that as soon as possible, don’t you agree, slave?”

“Yes Sir.”

He smiled as he noticed her slight blush, and saw her nipples tense. He knew she wanted they hurt. He would be glad to oblige her!

“Not quite yet though slut, first we must see to your belly. I will not be known as a Master who does not feed his slave well enough, and since you require loads of cum to be satiated, we must find you more to feed on hmmm?”

“Yes Sir.” She blushed again, and he smiled, then turned his attention to his driving. “Ahh, there…. I’m sure those young men would be glad to help you out.” He pulled the car over beside an old truck parked at a vacant lot where four rough looking guys were hanging around. They looked about 19 or 20 she thought. They stood straight and looked at Marcus warily as he opened his door.

“Hi, how’s it going today?” He lifted his hand. “I hope I’m not interrupting, I just noticed you here and wondered… Tipobet well….” He glanced into the car at her. “To get right to the point, I need your help.”

The guys tried to follow his gaze to see what he was looking at, and one obviously caught sight of Molly, for he let out quite a loud whistle and began pointing her out to the others, who slowly moved closer.

“Whatcha need help with Dude?” One asked, leering at Molly now.

“Well, you guys look young and strong. I was hoping you would have some cum to donate to a good cause.” He grinned at them and they broke into wide grins of their own.

“Cum huh?”

“Yes, the more the better. You see, I took my bitch out for lunch, and she drained all the cocks I could find that were willing to feed her, but she’s just not full yet. She needs to suck a LOT of cocks to get her fill. I was hoping she could suck yours? Oh, I mean, if you wouldn’t mind?”

They whistled again and one opened his pants immediately. “Damn, she can suck mine all she wants.”

Marcus smiled. “Good, Good! Slut, I’ve found you some food, get yourself over here and work for it!”

Molly slid slowly out of the car, blushing brightly, and glancing around to see if there were any other cars around. As she began to walk towards them she noticed Marcus’ angry stare, and gasped, immediately dropping to her knees. She continued her way crawling, the pavement hard under her bare knees, until the first of the boys stuffed his cock roughly in her mouth. Hoping to please her Master that he would forgive her for not crawling right away, she sucked this cock hard and hungrily, listening to the sounds of delight the boy made, and the cat calls and comments his friends were making.

When the cock spurtted into her mouth she sucked hard, drinking the cum as if she were starved, draining it over every drop. He pulled out of her mouth and another was stuffed in, and she sucked that one dry too, then the next, and the next, until all four of them had drained their cum down her throat. At Marcus’ command she crawled back tot he car, her ass and cunt bare and on display to the boys, while Marcus thanked them for their help.

Once in the car he scowled at her. “What made you think you could walk like a woman? You are a slut! A Whore! Nothing but a pet, understand? I thought I told you crawl unless otherwise instructed?”

“I am sorry Master, I am new, I forgot, please, I will try not to do it again.” She was shaking, afraid of what might happen to her for her missbehaviour, and he frowned at her.

“You Tipobet Giriş better not do it again! Walk only if I say “walk”. If I say “come”, or “go”, or any other command, then you crawl, understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. You WILL be punished for this later. Right now, I will allow you the luxury of getting fed more.”

It was almost dark now, and she looked out of the car to see where they were. It seemed they were in the middle of nowhere, but there was a set of wooden bleachers next to the car. Throughthem she could just make out what looked like a baseball diamond lit by a few lights on poles around the outside. She could see people moving about as if practicing but could not see how many.

“Follow me.” Marcus said. “I know this team, they’ll be happy to help you.” He got out of the car and walked towards the field, leaving Molly to crawl awkwardly behind. By the time she reached the edge of the field it was obvious Marcus had already explained his plan to them, for they were all gathered together watchign ehr crawl across the grass. Marcus pointed towards the pitchers diamond.

“There, bitch.” He said, and she diverted her path to the bare earth of the mound in the middle of the field, where most of the light was directed.

“Who wants to go first?” Marcus asked casually. “Go for it, feed her as much as you want. If any of you need to start over after the others go, be my guest. Just remember, mouth only cuz she’s famished, OK. I’m just going to have a seat on the bleachers and watch the show.” He grinned and waved at them, and walked away. Molly caught a glimpse of him climbing up the bleachers as the first cock pushed into her mouth. She began sucking, like she needed desperately to be fed, while the team cheered their teammate on.

One after the other they fed her. It seemed like a never ending line of cocks in her mouth, shooting their cum into her mouth while she swallowed it down. She was sure she sucked each of them at least twice before the crowd began to thin, and finally the last cock pulled satisfied from ehr lips. She looked around to see if there was anyone else, then glanced towards the bleachers. Marchis was walking slowly across the field, talking with a few of the men and shaking their hands.

“That should do her for a while huh?” One was saying, and Marcus smiled.

“I doubt it, but it will hold her off for a few minutes at anyway. She needs a lot of cum. I’ve never seen her satisfied yet. But I haven’t time to find more cum for her right now, there is some unfinished business I need Tipobet Güncel Giriş to tend to with her now, that can’t wait any longer. Thanks for your help guys.”

They all spoke at once, but Molly was sure they were saying they would help out ANY time they were needed, and Marcus replied “Well, I know when your practice is, you may just se more of her in the future. It’s good to know where I can find a LARGE group of willing men to take the edge of her hunger for me.”

With that he ordered her to follow him, and she crawled back to the car, listening to the men talking about her sucking cocks, and how they would love to have a piece of her ass and cunt too. When she reached the car, where she couldno longer hear them, Marcus told her to take off her dress and get in the car naked.

They drove back to his place in silence. He had a large house in a quiet neighbourhood where the houses were set well apart from each other. There was a fence around his yard, and a hedge across the front. He kept his car in the garage, but hen they arrived him, he stopped just at the end of the driveway.

“Get out here.” He said, and she looked at him questioningly. “Leave the dress, get out naked, and walk to the house from here. I will park the car and open the door for you from the inside. Walk slowly to the house, but I expect to find you on you rknees on the mat when I open the door.”

“Yes Sir.” Was all she said, then she climbed nervously out of the car. As he pulled away from her and she walked slowly towards the house, the was too embarrassed to look around to see if there was anyone who could see her. Her legs were shaking as she walked, but her cunt was also wet and tingling, and her nipples hard.

She was kneeling as instructed when he opened the door. Without a word he pointed inside and she crawled in, hearing the door click behind her.

“Now.” He said, a hint of strictness in his voice. “What so you think I should do about your bad behaviour tonight? More than once you dissapointed me in public, slut.”

“I am sorry Sir.” she said weakly.

“I have had enough of your sorrow, whore.” His voice was stern. “What shall I DO about your behaviour?”

She gulped. “Punish me Sir, please. I deserve it, please punish me …. soon…. Sir.”

Had she been looking, she would have seen a hint of a smile on the corner of his lips as he listened to her plea. She was pleasing him very much tonight, much more than she has dissapointed him, but he needed to punish her all the same. He needed the pleasure he was going to get from administering her punishments, and she needed to feel the pain, both for her pleasure and to teach her her place.

“Very well, slut.” He said. “You know where to go. First I will punish you, then I will deal with some other unfinished business with you.”

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