Misheviousness Brings Punishment

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My heart thudding in my chest, i glanced over at You sitting in Your chair, the remote to the TV gripped in Your strong hands. i wondered to myself, when would You want me? Glancing down at myself, i watch in amazement as my bared nipples start to harden at my thoughts. Your eyes roam freely over me, Your property, seeing the hardening nipples, the quick indrawn breath, the stainless steel collar around my neck and the leather training collar locked securely in place. Your cock stirs as You look, watching my eyes to see what kind of mood i might be in.

Flushing from Your intense look, i cast my eyes downward and move slightly, embarrassed to be under such scrutiny. i turn back to the computer screen and straighten my shoulders slightly causing my full breast to rise upward with each slow breath that i take. i feel Your eyes on me and my face flushes in anticipation.

Softly, so softly i almost missed it, i hear “Come here slut.”

Rising quickly i take the short step between us and stand before You.

“Take off your panties,” You say.

My face turns red as i hook my fingers in my panties and slowly start tugging them down, a bit reluctantly. Finally, they reach the floor and i bend over to pick them up to fold and put on the couch, but You have other plans. Your strong hand suddenly grips my hair and pulls. i find myself unbalanced and reach out to catch myself.

“Kneel,” you demand.

i sink slowly to my knees, feeling the power of Your strength in Your arm as Your hand is still tangled in my short red hair. Kneeling before You, You take Your hand away from my hair and as i raise my eyes to Yours,

You say, “Don’t look at me girl, I haven’t given You permission to do so.”

i cast my eyes downward quickly staring at Your strong legs and feet. I knew i was doing wrong, i should be looking at the floor, but i can’t help myself, i need to see some part of my Master. i wait, in anticipation, wondering what You will demand of me, but Your hand reaches for the remote once again and You turn up the volume on the TV. i wonder if You are watching TV or me, but i dare not look up to find out. My face flushes as I wait. i catch a movement just out of the corner of my eye and i dare to raise my eyes a bit to see what it was and i see You rubbing Your hardening cock. My very being wishes You would allow me to pleasure You.

A wetness begins to form between my thighs as i think about taking Your hardening cock in my warm mouth and slowly go down the length of it, till You are buried in the back of my throat. i think of how i would raise slowly circling my tongue around it as You have taught me, hearing Your soft moans and seeing Your body wriggle in pleasure.

Suddenly You speak again, “pleasure me slut, give me pleasure.”

My heart leaps in my chest and i move forward. You are holding Your huge member in Your hand, but i teasingly ignore it, and start at Your thigh…i suck slowly and nip little bites as i move upward toward Your strong hand that is moving up and down Your long shaft now. Just as I get to the junction of Your thigh and i hear You moan with anticipation, I quickly Sahabet move to Your other thigh to start the same journey again… i hear a little moan of frustration and i quickly glance upward to see Your reaction. You see this and grab my hair painfully in Your tight fist.

Pulling me upward You say;

“Didn’t i tell You not to look at me?”

i nod slightly, because Your grip is so tight, it is all i can do..

i whisper “yes Master.”

“Get into the whipping position and don’t move,” You command.

My breathing becomes short, my heart thunders in my chest as i slowly move into the required position. You rise off of Your throne and i see out of the corner of my eye that You are standing straight and tall behind me…Your sheer dominance causes my pussy to contract already in the first throes of orgasms..

Your hand suddenly flashes upward and for the first time i see the implement of my discipline as the belt comes flashing down to crash solidly on my shoulders. i feel the intense pain go thru my body, sending shivers of electricity to my throbbing clit. i can’t help but look through the corner of my eye back at You again to see the belt raise upward again, over Your shoulder and come swiftly down again and again and again. i feel a build up, that i know will cause an orgasm, but i don’t know if i have permission. i feel You change positions and suddenly You speak.

“When are You going to learn girl?”

i don’t know whether an answer is required or whether it is a rhetorical question so i remain mute. i see Your feet by my head and i wonder what You are thinking… but i dare not look up.

“You will not cum, slut, this is discipline and You are not to receive pleasure from it, understand me?”

“Yes Master,” i reply.

i wait, knowing that once again the belt will come down and i wonder where it will land. My body is a bundle of nerves, quivering in anticipation and dread at the same time…You keep me waiting.. standing silently and majestically above me. The desire to look at You and see what You are thinking is almost to much, but i dare not, for the punishment would be harsh.

Remaining still, with my arms straight above me, wrists crossed, my rounded bottom raised slightly in the air, my pussy exposed for you to see, glistening with moisture from my arousal i wait, trembling slightly. Suddenly the belt comes crashing down on my upturned ass, not once, not twice but five harsh blows, my ass is on fire and i know it may carry bruises tomorrow. The fire reaches down and touches my clit again and i find myself starting to orgasm but deny myself the pleasure per Your orders. You reach down and grab a fistfull of hair and bring me to my knees.

“Suck me,” You command.

i eagarly move up to Your waiting, straining cock and take You deep in my warm mouth. i slide up and down, slowly building You up and grabbing Your ass checks to thrust You inside my throat. Faster and faster I glide my mouth up and down Your organ till i hear Your ragged breathing and i know that i am doing well…i taste precum and i slide my lips to the very end of your Sahabet Giriş cock and lap up that first taste of Your reward and then dip underneath and lick Your balls slowly and sensously. i take first one, then the other ball and suck gently. Your moans increase and i am fueled to bring You pleasure, i take Your hard cock back in my mouth and dive back down on it to the hilt and scraping my teeth across it as i come back up. Then down again over and over and i feel the head swell up getting ready to explode with Your seed. Suddenly Your hand grips my hair again and You pull me off of Your throbbing dick.

Confused, i keep my eyes down on the floor, because You have not given me permission to gaze upon Your handsome face yet.

“Stay there, do not move, do not look” You command me.

You walk around me and i glance over my shoulder to peek and see where You are going, but turn quickly back around. i hear Your footsteps approach and then You are standing before me. You hand me a plastic sheet and tell me to put it on the floor and lie down upon it face up. i move quickly to accomplish this task and lie down on it face up as ordered.

“Masturbate,” You order me.

Startled at the command, my hand hesitantly heads down toward my crotch

“Now,” You quietly say.

i reach down to my hole and dip in to bring up some of the wetness there and spread it around on my clit and start making slow circles around the head of my pleasure spot. i move my fingers down and dip into my aching hole again and thrust some, closing my eyes and pretending it is Your hard member that is filling the ache there. i hear the strike of a match and smell sulpher and i open my eyes.

You utter one word “continue,” so i begin again touching myself and trying to pleasure myself… my eyes drift shut once again and suddenly i feel a searing burn on my right nipple.

Muffling a surprised cry, i glance down at my right nipple to see white wax forming there. Before i can think, my left breast is on fire as the hot wax pours down. My hand has stilled so intent am i on this new experience. You slowly make Your way with the hot wax down my belly, each drop sends a jolt through me and my clit is jumping and my insides are twitching.

“Move Your hand,” You demand.

Surely, i think, Master is not going to put hot wax there, and i move my hand slowly out of the way and feel the now familiar burn land on my already hot pussy and it melts slowly down toward my clit before cooling slightly and hardening. Tears form in the corners of my eyes and i start to orgasm again, despite my best efforts to keep from doing so.

“No, girl, You are not allowed to cum yet.”

Desperately i plead “please Master… please..” my voice trails off as Your quiet “No.” puts an end to my protests.

“Look at me,” You command.

i raise my eyes to Yours and see a sternness there.

“Do you know what you did wrong slave?”

My heart sinks and i frantically search my mind for something that i could have done wrong and come up empty.

“No, Master,” i whisper.

“Then i will tell you Sahabet Güncel Giriş girl, and punish you immediately.” You say.

“Do you remember me telling you to stay put, not to look, or turn around?” You ask.

Humbly i realise that my peeking had not gone unnoticed, and i am disappointed with myself, because i have disappointed You with my disobedience.

“Yes Master,” i barely manage to whisper and i close my eyes.

“Open your eyes, slave,” you order.

i open my eyes and see You standing there with Your cock in Your hand. My lips part slightly and suddenly Your hot stream of urine hits me in the face and runs down into my mouth. You direct the flowing stream to my breast and end the wet hot stream by pissing the rest on to my pussy. Humiliated and completely submissive, tears form in my eyes and escape the corners sliding down to mingle with Your urine that is slowly pouring off my face to the waiting plastic sheet.

Coming down to me, You shove Your piss wet cock into my throat saying, “clean me bitch.”

I use my tongue to clean Your dick and balls and then You straddle my face and thrust in and out of my mouth saying

“I own You slut, You are mine, You will do as i say, always.”

Thrusting slowly in and out of my mouth you command me, “Suck me bitch, give me pleasure.”

i suck Your cock that is moving in and out of my mouth slowly…

“Use your tongue slave,” you say as Your breath begins to get ragged.

i circle Your thrusting jutting cock with my tongue as You jam it in and out of my mouth.

“You are mine, bitch, You say again.. make Your mouth a pussy girl, i am going to fuck your mouth like a pussy.”

Grabbing Your chair in front of You, You grind Your hips against my chin, shoving Your dick to the back of my throat over and over again.

“Take it bitch, take it like the slut you are,” You say.

You start to rapidly thrust in and out of my mouth, over and over again. Your cock is swelling and i feel the head vibrating with Your need to cum.

Breathless You give me one last instruction.

“When i cum, bitch, i am going to cum in the back of your throat, you will swallow every bit, do not let any escape, do you understand me?”

With your cock buried in my throat, all i can do is nod and moan. Thrusting and thrusting You start to moan and i feel my own orgasm building and suddenly overtaking me and sending me into spirals of ecstasy. i moan and squrim in the joy of my orgasm and it is too much for You….You slam Your dick into the back of my throat and Your warm seed spurts out coating my throat and sliding down it. i quickly swallow as more and more of Your gift is pouring out of You. You raise up some and bring Your member home again, leaving it buried in the back of my throat cutting off my breath and You moan in pleasure as the last spasm leaves You spent. You raise up slightly and tell me to drain You, and i take my hand and pull downward and gather the rest of your gift on my tongue and swallow.

“Clean me slave,” you order and i lick and clean Your dick and balls with my warm tongue, smiling to myself.

You stand and reach down and give me Your hand. i rise and together, smiling, we hold hands heading to the shower, where i will bathe You and You will gather me in Your warm embrace as the hot water soothes us and cools our passion… for a while.

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