Miranda and Uncle Teddy Ch. 01

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Miranda sat in the middle of her bed, leaning back into the pillows. Barely looking at the bit of paper in the book on her lap she was idly scribbling in. A soft sigh escapes between her lightly swollen lips as she day dreams about just an hour before with the captain of the football team.

Miranda really had the hots for Jake Taylor, after all he was the quarter back, and handsome. What girl in her right mind wouldn’t want to date Jake Taylor? And now, she was that girl. Jake had come over to talk to her earlier in the week, and they hung out. Two nights ago they went for pizza and talked forever about everything it seemed. But this afternoon, after class got out, that made everything certain. Just the way his eyes rolled back and his body shivered as she suckled back those last gooey drops.

Under the bleachers, Jake had grabbed her and kissed her, pressing her back against one of the beams, grabbing roughly at her breasts through her tight little baby doll t-shirt. She had squirmed and moaned under his attentions. She loved the forcefulness behind his actions, it made her feel alive inside. She had felt his hard cock pressing against his jeans as if begging to be set free. That told her everything she wanted to know, he wanted her, and she was going to make sure he wanted more.

Miranda slowly slid down Jakes body to kneel in front of him, her fingers working deftly with the zipper to easily free his raging hard on. Jake gasped and held himself up against the beam as she slipped her soft wet lips completely around the head of his shaft. Miranda loved that sound, the air quickly being drawn into his lungs. It was the sound of power, her power for that one moment. She worked her tongue up and down the shaft, making love to it with her mouth. Hot and wet, she worked her way up and down as she rolled his balls gently in her hands. She could feel the tension building in his body, and then his exclamation “Oh gawds yes, I am going to cum baby, fuckin right you suck it all back.” Miranda did, happily, opening her throat to take every last drop as it shot against the back of her mouth, and she nursed his pulsing cock till he was completely spent. Then slowly ever so slowly she finished lightly licking him clean, before gently putting his softening shaft back into his pants.

“Oh fuck, that was incredible, where the fuck did you learn to suck like that?” Jake said between pants as he tried to gather himself back together. He never thought he would get this far this fast with Miranda, but he sure wasn’t going to let such a hot little cock sucker get away.

Miranda smiled shyly, “Girl scouts?” she answered and giggled.

“Baby, you are the most incredible girl I have ever known.” That is what he had said, and now as she sat on her bed, she day dreamed about that moment, the moment her sweet talented lips had captured the lead quarterback.

Knock… Knock… knock… the sound at the door startled Miranda back into reality, catching her breath she sat up straight. “Who is it?”

“Hey Miranda, it’s Teddy. I need to talk to you for a minute. Do you mind if I come in?”

Teddy, uncle Teddy. Mom’s little brother, baby brother, who lived in the bachelor apartment up over their family’s garage. “Ya sure, come on in,” Miranda answered quickly.

Teddy opened the door and gave a brief smile, Escort bayan “Hey”

“What’s up?” Miranda answered back.

Teddy moved to sit on the edge of the bed, and looked straight at Miranda. “I want to talk to you about what happened after school today under the bleachers.”

Miranda turned bright red, but tried to calm herself, after all he couldn’t know exactly what they were doing. “I don’t know what you mean,” she answered quietly.

Teddy tossed the couple of pages of paper he had in his hand onto the bed. With a quick glance Miranda knew she was caught. There were printed photos of her down on her knees sucking Jake for everything she was worth. Miranda blushed in shame of being found out and looked down. “What are you going to tell Mom and Dad?”

Teddy smiled, but not that type of smile that sets you at ease, more of the I have won type of smile. “Well Miranda dear, that all depends on you.”

Miranda blinked and didn’t know what was going on, “I don’t understand.”

Teddy laughed lightly, “Well you see, I can go and tell your parents about everything you did, or I have a little deal for you.”

Miranda really didn’t want her parents to know her sexual activities I mean after all she was 18, she was old enough to make these decisions, but mom and dad might not see it that way. “What kind of deal?”

Teddy grinned, almost sure he had her in his neat little trap, “Well, first I will punish you for being such a complete slut. But then after that you will be my personal little slut. You do what I want when I want, and your parents never need to know just how eagerly you sucked back that boy’s cum like some little she bitch in heat.”

“You can’t do that!” Miranda exclaimed.

“Yes.. yes I can. Those pictures are from the video camera I took the images off of the tape I made of you so eagerly sucking that boys cock, and I will play it for your dear parents if you don’t agree. Starting right now. So make up your mind. Do I tell Mommy and Daddy that their precious little girl is a slut, or are you going to be my personal little slut?”

Miranda felt so completely trapped. How has this happened so quickly? How did everything go so wrong so fast? She couldn’t possibly let her mom and dad see that tape, and really Uncle Teddy was only 25, not that old, and kinda cute. Oh gawds she was trying to talk herself into this stupid idea of his, but what else did she have. Miranda took a deep breath, “Don’t tell mom and dad I will do what you want.” She said ever so quietly.

“What was that?”

“I’ll do what you want,” she answered a little louder.

“One last time, I want to hear you say you will be my slut.”

“I will be your slut,” she practically yelled at him, tears coming to her eyes, she felt so humiliated.

“Good girl,” teddy said softly, “No I want you to stand up, remove your panties and lay across my lap so I can punish you for being such a dirty little tramp for a silly boy.”

Miranda turned bright red “You can’t be serious,” she said.

“Your choice my little slut, you either get that little bottom bare and over my lap for a good spanking to teach you who is in charge now, or I put in the tape in the VCR for when mom and dad come home.” Teddy said firmly.

Miranda trembled, turning beet red, she slowly pulled Bayan escort off her panties, lifted up her skirt and laid herself down across Teddy’s lap.

Smack! The sound shot out, the pain was instant and the fire burned into her flesh. Miranda cried out and tried to jump up and away from Teddy. Teddy firmly grasped her by the waist and held her in place. “This is going to continue until I think you have paid for your slutty ways. You chose now. Tell me to punish you like you deserve or to put in the tape, after this if you try again to get away or do not comply with what I ask, there will be no more choices I will simply tell them. So tell me now!”

“Please… please don’t tell them,” Miranda said between gasps trying to catch her breath.

“Then ask me to punish you properly.” Teddy stated firmly.

“Punish me for being a slut,” Miranda managed to blurt out before the tears choked her words.

Smack! Again swift and painful Teddy’s hand came down firmly on Miranda’s ass cheek. Miranda, cried out, squirmed, bit into her bottom lip, but she did not move to get away.

Smack! Smack! Smack. Again and again Teddy brought his hand down upon Miranda’s pale bottom until it was a bright glowing red. Her body shaking with the sobs as tears streamed down her face.

When Miranda thought she could take no more, it stopped. Teddy gathered her up in his arms and held her close. He brushed her hair out of her eyes and gently rubbed her back.

“Shhhh shhh now. That’s my girl, its all over now. That’s my sweet little slut, shhh it will be okay now.” He rocked her back and forth until her sobs faded, rubbing her arms and brushing the tears from her face.

Miranda was completely confused by everything at this point, it has been so terrible and yet now, with his arms wrapped around her she felt safe.

Teddy slowly ran a hand over Miranda’s breast, down along her stomach and gently between her thighs. Teddy moved his fingers between her neither lips and flicked lightly against her swollen clit.

Miranda gasped at how intense the feeling was, her mind rocked and she was unbalanced. Slowly Teddy, pushed his fingers into her sopping wet pussy. Miranda was shocked, how could she feel so wet after what just happened?

“Shhhh shhh, it is okay my sweet sweet slut. You needed a firm hand to take you in and show you all of this. Show you how YOU can feel so good as well as the man you are with.” Teddy continued to work his fingers along her swollen clit and in and out of her pussy.

Miranda shivered from head to toe, her body giving over to the pleasures wafting over her, she let herself sink against Teddy, gasping and moaning and squirming against his hand.

“That’s it little slut, cum for me, be my little slut,” Teddy whispered softly, his fingers working carefully yet faster still. Miranda cried out, gasping for air as her mind and body exploded with such intense orgasmic release. As the tremors subsided Teddy held her close. “That’s my girl, I want your body all nice and loose now. Just lay down here quietly,’ he said softly laying her face down onto the bed.

Miranda felt something cold and wet slide between her ass cheeks and gasped.

“Shhh, it’s okay little slut, I am going to introduce you to a different kind of loving my sweet sweet toy. Escort ” Teddy crooned softly as he slowly massaged the lubricant over her tight little asshole, working his finger inside her slowly.

Miranda gasped, “Oh gawds please no… you will tear me apart.” She sobbed into the pillows.

Teddy continued to slowly work her tight rear entry more and more, dripping more and more of the slippery lubricant into her ass. “No pet I won’t. It will hurt a little at first, but I promise, in short time I will have you feeling very very good.”

Miranda tried to relax her body into the bed, just feeling her body, her ass cheeks still tender from the earlier spanking, her pussy dripping from her intense orgasm, her ass full of cool slippery liquid. Then she felt Teddy drag her over to the edge of the bed, and lower her so that she was laying out, legs over the edge of the bed, body sprawled on the bed, and with the tuck of a pillow under her waist her ass was proudly displayed up in the air.

Teddy slowly moved behind her, running his finger along her very sensitive clit. Miranda felt the energy of sexual tension build in her body, and her hips moved back to meet his fingers. Slowly Teddy eased his hard shaft little by little into Miranda’s tight little virginal asshole. He kept his hand tucked under her so he could continue to finger her clit. He stayed still for a moment to allow her body to adjust.

Miranda’s mind was blown away, she was in pain and yet the sexual tension of another orgasm was building in her body. She involuntarily arched back against him as the tension in her body increased. Teddy knew this for the sign it was, Miranda was ready now, even if she herself didn’t know it.

Teddy slowly drew back, withdrawing most of the way from Miranda’s sweet ass, only to push back in against slowly. A moan escaped his lips as he felt the tightness all around his hard cock. Slowly he increased the speed of his thrusts, till he was literally pounding Miranda’s little ass as she shook from the orgasm his fingers had released in her. Finally with one hard thrust, Teddy filled Miranda’s ass full of his hot cum. Gasping he leaned down over her for a moment before slowly withdrawing from her ass. Grabbing up a towel on the floor, Teddy turned to gather up Miranda’s shaking body and placed her gently on the bed with the towel tucked under her now light pink butt cheeks, as he watched his seed seep from between her lower cheeks.

Miranda was completely mind broken. She had never felt like this before, her body ached all over, her ass hurt and yet she felt completely free. Tired, aching and yet free.

Teddy curled up behind Miranda, held her close and brushed the hair from her face. “There there my sweet little slut. From now on that little ass of yours belongs to me. I don’t care if you fuck your quarter back boy friend, but that ass is mine unless I say differently. Do you understand?”

Miranda just nodded, and relaxed into her pillows.

Teddy told her parents that she was tired that night when she didn’t arrive at the dinner table and promised to look in on her while they were gone to the movies tonight. What he didn’t tell them was he would probably fuck their sweet little daughters tight little ass again while they were out. Yes… maybe that was what he should do. After all had to get that sweet white creamy ass use to the feel of his cock filling it full.

Teddy smiled softly to himself late that night as he turned of the light in his little apartment over the garage. This was going to be a wonderful summer indeed.

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