Mike , Peggy Ch. 06

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Author’s note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a long story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven’t read the Author’s note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so. That said, your votes and feedback are greatly encouraged and appreciated.


Now on to the story:


Mike knew that Peggy had an unhealthy hold on him, but he just couldn’t do anything about it. He was madly in love; at least he thought he was. He knew he was enormously pussy whipped, but he just couldn’t help it.

Mike was thinking about Mary more and more lately and how it might be if he had chosen her over Peggy. But it was too late now. After much struggle he had at least retained a friendship with Mary, but it was clear to him that his chance with her had passed and he kept holding out hope that things would get better with Peggy. Instead they kept getting worse.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Peggy had him tied to the bed, as was her recent favorite torment, teasing the shit out of him. It had been two weeks since he came last and that was a fizzle rather than a pop. She had been especially unrelenting today, and had him as frantic as ever.

“I bet you’d do just about anything to cum now wouldn’t you?” she teased.

“Oh God yes Peggy, please! Please make me cum!” he begged.

“Nope, not today!” she almost sneered, “I have a special surprise for you in a little while, but first I’m going to really fill these balls of yours!”

And she proceeded to perform some of her most frustrating tricks. She was especially concentrating on direct stimulation of his nuts, which tended to make them swell and ache.

She went on more gently, “Mike, you know, in about a month or so it will be one year since we first went out?”

“Uh huh” Mike groaned without really responding.

“And you know Mike, I told you that we wouldn’t have sex, you know, so I could trust that it was me and not sex you are interested in.” It wasn’t a question.

But it did have Mike’s sudden attention. In spite of his condition he thought there might be something up here.

“Yeah?” he responded a little more coherent, though suspicious.

“Well, I’ve been re-thinking that. Since you’ve been so ‘good’ all this time, and put up with my teasing you, I’m pretty sure you must really like me and not just be hanging around hoping to get laid, right?” she asked teasingly.

“RIGHT, right, definitely,” was Mike’s too urgent reply.

Peggy chuckled, but continued, “Well Mike, I’ve decided that on our one year anniversary I’m going to fuck you silly!”

Mike’s head was spinning. Had he even heard correctly? Was Peggy up to more of her mind-fucking tricks?

“Do you really mean it?” Mike asked, now fully focused even though Peggy had been playing with his balls during this whole conversation.

“I do really mean it, BUT, today is a critical day if it is to turn out that way,” Peggy said with a kind of seriousness she rarely displayed. Not mean, but clearly intense.

“I don’t understand?” questioned Mike, clearly confused.

“Well remember a little while ago I said no cumming today, well that’s the catch. You have to make it through the rest of today without cumming. If you do, you’re in for the fuck of your life on our anniversary!” Peggy laughed. Then added, “I really hope you can do it Mike. You may not know it, but I’ve wanted to feel your big, hard cock explode deep inside me for a long time!”

Mike groaned. It had been two weeks since he came last, and he knew that without a doubt, if Peggy wanted to make him cum today there was no way he could hold out.

Much to Mike’s surprise though Peggy gave him hope. “Mike, I know what you’re thinking, but I meant it when I said I really do want you to make it through today. So, to make it possible for you, I’m only going to tease you for five more minutes and then I’m not going to touch you for the rest of the day. Think you can make it five more minutes?”

Mike had learned from the past. He knew Peggy was up to something, but had no idea what. However what choice did he have, the potential was too great, “Yeah, I think I can.”

“Good, I really hope so, though even when I stop touching you it might be harder to keep from cumming than you expect!”

The way she emphasized “I” scared Mike.

Peggy attacked Mike’s cock with a vengeance, pushing him right to the edge almost immediately and making it nearly impossible for him to hold back. Mike strained to keep from cumming, sweat pouring off his body. Peggy knew she could push him over the edge easily, but held back just enough so that if Mike really tried he could control himself.

Finally Peggy stopped. Mike opened his eyes and it took a minute to focus. Peggy was smiling at him.

“Time’s up, you made it!” she beamed. She bent over and kissed Sahabet him.

“Really, you mean it?” said Mike, stunned. He never dreamed she’d let him survive her onslaught.

“Yup, I do. Just remember, no cumming the rest of the day or else the deal is off, okay?”

“Okay,” Mike replied cautiously, still disbelieving, “as long as you’re done teasing me for today how about untying me?”

“Not just yet, remember I said I had a surprise?”

And as if on cue there was a quiet knock on the door and without hesitating, it started to open.

“What? . . . Oh God . . . Peggy, the door!” Mike stammered very excitedly.

“Oh! And here is your surprise now!” Peggy laughed.

As the door opened and closed Mike was totally shocked to see Mary walk in!

Mike couldn’t speak as she approached the bed. God she looked hot! She was wearing a tank top that was just long enough to cover her breasts (obviously no bra) and a pair of Daisy Duke cutoff jeans.

Finally Mike sputtered, “What the Hell is going on?”

Neither Peggy nor Mary said a word. Mary strolled right up to the bed and looked Mike in the eyes with a big smile; then unabashedly shifted her gaze to his crotch, which she studied for a long minute.

“My God Peggy, does he always look like this?” referring to his swollen balls and throbbing cock with its angry looking, almost purple head. (Mary was keeping her promise to keep Peggy from finding out what had transpired the night of her “date” with Mike.)

Peggy laughed, “No, only when I’ve teased his cock and balls almost non-stop for two weeks without letting him cum!”

“God you are such a Bitch. This isn’t quite fair either, he’s going to pop at the slightest touch!” Mary said with a somewhat irritated tone.

This time Mike nearly screamed, “What the Hell is going on!”

Both girls looked at him and finally Peggy spoke.

“Mike, Mary and I have a little bet going.”

When neither girl continued Mike spoke again, “What! What about?”

Peggy spoke again, “Well, it goes like this. Mary is going to have 30 minutes to try and get you to ask her to make you cum. If she does, she wins, but if you don’t ask within 30 minutes then she loses. There is a little kicker, almost like double or nothing. If she makes you cum without you asking she loses double.” Then after a pause, Peggy looked at Mike with a very serious expression, “And that would mean you lose too, Mike!”

Mary looked confused by this last comment, but Mike understood perfectly. He just groaned.

“Why Mary, why would you do this? I thought we were friends!”

Mary looked away, unable to look Mike in the eyes.

Peggy answered before Mary had a chance. “Mary didn’t exactly have much of a choice. You see I have this little ‘packet’, the contents of which Mary would do almost anything to get!”

“I still don’t get it, why this?” Mike implored.

Peggy continued, “Mike, you naive little dork. Don’t you understand that Mary has the hots for you, always has and always well? I’m tired of it; I want this put behind us. She pretends to be just friends so she can still see you, hoping one day she can steal you away from me. I figure after this little bet either you’ll give in and be with her, though I doubt it,” Peggy said very smugly, “or once it’s all over, she’ll be too mortified to ever look you in the eye, and you’ll find her too disgusting to even talk to.”

Mike looked at Mary, but she still wouldn’t look at him. He looked back at Peggy, who was grinning from ear to ear.

“I still don’t understand. What happens if Mary loses?” Mike was clearly bewildered.

Peggy’s devious mind had been in overdrive on this one.

“Well if she loses she has to fuck four guys from the football team. Four guys I line up. And I have four in mind who have HUGE cocks. I think our little Miss Big Tits will be mighty sore after that. AND the double or nothing I mentioned will be something to really behold. Once these four guys are done pounding her pussy, they get to fuck her up the rear. I think that cute, tight ass might just get ripped to shreds! After you watch that little spectacle Mike, I think you’ll find her too disgusting to have anything to do with her.”

“Well, whatever happens, I’m not going to watch! NO WAY!” Mike was having a hard time believing this was actually happening. Amazingly, his cock was still rock hard and throbbing, a fact that was lost on neither of the two cheerleaders.

“I figured you might not want to partake, so I made it part of the bet. If you don’t watch, Mary loses no matter what. And her little packet of stuff gets spread all over campus,” Peggy gloated.

Mike spoke to Mary again, “Mary, why. I still don’t get it, why would you agree to this?”

“Mike, it’s like Peggy said, I CAN’T let that information get out! Besides, Peggy is right, I really want to be with you. I figure this is my last chance to free you, both of us really, from this Bitch. Anyway, she isn’t really giving me a choice,” Mary said Sahabet Giriş softly, still not looking at Mike.

“Okay, enough! Let’s get this over with. Mary you have two minutes to get ready and then I’m starting this timer,” Peggy said in that demanding way she has.

Mary finally looked up at Mike, and put on a dazzling smile. She slowly undressed as she spoke.

“Mike, I’m going to do everything I can to make you need to cum even more than you already do! And all you have to do to end it is say ‘Mary, please make me cum’ understand?”

Mike shook his head in acknowledgement. He also couldn’t take his eyes off her body. It is easy to tell what a great body Mary has, especially the way she often dresses, but to see her naked for the first time was marvelous. She had big round, firm breasts that defied gravity. They were capped with silver dollar sized dark pink nipples with hard nubs that stuck out rigidly. Her pussy was clean-shaven and Mike could see the glistening of moisture on her puffy inner lips. Mary was clearly excited.

In spite of the surreal nature of this event, Mike was extremely turned on too. Surprisingly his cock had remained rock hard throughout this entire introduction.

“Mike, if you ask me to make you cum, it will be the best you’ve ever had. It will mean you are out from under the torment this Bitch puts you through. But most of all it will mean you and I are together and I can fuck and suck you constantly, which I will love doing!”

“Ah shit Mary, don’t do this!” Mike pleaded.

“Too late,” snapped Peggy.

“Okay, 30 minutes starts now!” Peggy said, reaching over and starting the timer.

Mary wasted no time crawling between Mike’s legs and lightly grasping his cock in one hand and cradling his balls in the other.

“My God, I can feel the heat!” she said truly amazed and not really talking to anyone.

She started to slowly stroke, very slowly and gently.

Mike groaned.

“Remember, if he cums without asking, you’ll both regret it!” Peggy said spitefully.

Mary was proving to Mike that she was just as talented as Peggy when it came to getting response out of his cock. He was soon very close to cumming, but Mary masterfully kept him just a ways away without having to stop completely.

Mike was moaning and groaning. He needed desperately to cum. He wanted nothing more than to scream, ‘Mary, please make me cum’, yet he couldn’t stop fixating on Peggy’s promise about fucking her on their anniversary!

Mary could see it was going to take more than this for Mike to give in. She bent forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked it. Mike jumped, at least as much as his restraints allowed. She barely licked and nibbled just the most sensitive glans of his cock. It felt like electrical shocks shooting through his cock to Mike.

Mary raised the ante, taking Mike’s cock deep in her throat until her nose was touching his pubic hair, and then she swallowed a couple of times. God could she deep throat. She pulled all the way off.

“Mike all you have to do is ask and I’ll make you cum so hard, deep in my mouth and swallow every drop. You’ll like it I promise!”

And without waiting for a reply she repeated the routine.

Mike was going insane. He had NEVER felt anything like that before. Even Peggy’s wildest oral on him was nothing like this. He bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut. Mary alternated the gentle sucking and licking of just the glans with her deep throat action, knowing that he couldn’t handle that much deep-throat without cumming.

In spite of her best efforts, it seemed Mike was going to be able to hold out after all. Mary was getting a little frantic. She didn’t know exactly how long was left, but it couldn’t be more than a few minutes.

“Okay big boy, if you can tolerate this and still not beg me to cum, then she can have you. If I can’t get to you this way, then I’ve lost for sure!”

And with that Mary rose up and with her hand aimed Mike’s throbbing member at her dripping cunt. In one slow motion she impaled herself on his shaft and before he realized what she was doing, Mike was balls deep in Mary’s love box. It felt like a warm, slippery, velvet glove had swallowed his shaft. It had been a very long time since Mike’s cock had felt the inside of a pussy, and he absolutely had never felt anything like this.

Mike nearly came from the feeling, even though she hadn’t moved a muscle, just feeling her surround him was practically enough. And then after a minute or so, she started to slowly slide up and down on his pole.

“Mary! Mary!” Mike screamed.

Mary knew she had him. She could tell he couldn’t hold back any more and just knew he was about to scream for her to make him cum!

“Mary, STOP!” he screamed again.

By the time Mary understood, it was too late! She saw the bulge in his eyes and jerked off him as quickly as she could. She looked down at his crotch and could see his balls pulling up. She grabbed the base Sahabet Güncel Giriş of his cock and squeezed hard, but one small squirt of cum dribbled out the end anyway, oozing over her fingers.

Mike screamed, “NO!”

At that exact instant the timer chimed.

Peggy clapped and laughed uncontrollably! “Oh my God, that’s perfect. He held out and didn’t ask to cum and at the last possible second he did anyway. Mary, you lost double and Mike, you came! You know what that means on our anniversary. NOTHING!”

Peggy couldn’t stop laughing.

“No!” yelled Mike again, “I didn’t cum!”

“Oh yes you did, look at Mary’s fingers, that’s your cum dripping off them. Just because she choked it off and you still have swollen balls doesn’t change the fact for either one of you, you came!” Peggy said gleefully.

Mary and Mike looked at each other with a deep sadness that both could feel in the other.

“Mary, I’m so sorry!”

“Yeah, me too!” Mary replied softly.

Dejectedly and without saying another word, Mary got up, dressed quickly and headed for the door.

“See you next week Mary,” called Peggy. “You know the time and place.”

Mike felt like crying.

Peggy started to untie him.

“Mike, I know you tried your best, it really wasn’t your fault. I’m going to think about our anniversary some more. I really do want to feel your big cock inside me; maybe we’ll still celebrate that way. But no promises. Now I think you’d better go.”

More possibilities, but no promises. Same old shit. Mike knew something had changed inside him, but he just wasn’t sure exactly what, or how.

He didn’t see or talk to Peggy until Wednesday, when she called him. She called to tell him where and what time Mary was going to have to pay off her bet. She reminded him that if he didn’t show and watch the whole thing, Mary didn’t get her packet back.

He didn’t see or talk to Peggy again that week. He hadn’t seen nor heard from Mary either and didn’t really want to. He was very conflicted. Friday night he had a very hard time sleeping.

Saturday, just before noon, the appointed hour, he showed up at the old farmhouse outside of town, where a couple of guys on the team were staying for the summer. Peggy’s car was already in the yard.

When Mike knocked on the door it was Tons who opened it. Tons was the center on the football team. His real name was Jeremy, but everyone called him Tons, not because that’s what he weighed, but because he was so big. Not an ounce of fat, but he was really huge.

“Hey Mike, come to watch the action?” Tons asked with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Mike didn’t reply, he just walked inside. There he saw Todd Peterson, the quarterback, Harold Johnson, the middle linebacker and last but not least, Willie Cunningham. Willie was the tight end, he was a cinch to make all conference and had a shot at honorable mention as an All-American. Willie was big! 6′ 5″, 260 big. Fast. And black. Mike had naturally seen Willie in the showers, and all the guys joked, but in a very friendly, even complimentary manner about Willie (complimentary because Willie would kick any other four guys’ asses all at once if he felt like it). You see, Willie really was the stereotypical big, black athlete. His cock was of monster proportions. Mike could only imagine what it would be like hard.

All four of these guys were somewhat disdainful of Mike, especially Todd. They were all the studs of the team, could get all the women, and were especially puzzled as to what Peggy saw in a guy they considered more or less a wimp.

Mary was standing off to the side, dressed in a baggy cutoff sweatshirt and a loose fitting pair of shorts. Long shorts. She had no makeup and her hair was combed straight back in a ponytail. Mike had never seen her look so plain, nor dressed so frumpy.

They were in what looked like the living room, except conspicuously out of place was a large mattress on the floor, surrounded by chairs.

Peggy took charge immediately. “Okay, let’s get this show on the road. These boys are anxious to get started! Mary, get undressed and get your ass over here!”

Mary looked resigned to her fate. She quietly but quickly stripped naked and walked over to the mattress. The guys were all sitting in the chairs around it drinking in her beauty with leering expressions.

“Come on you little slut, on your back and spread ’em, we don’t have all day!” Peggy spat with a sneer that could only be described as evil.

Mary lay down on the mattress, not trying to cover herself, but looking pretty scared, as Mike could easily observe from his position against the wall. He was as far away as he could get without leaving the room. Peggy glanced at him a couple of times. He knew he had to watch or she’d be on him and declare that Mary hadn’t lived up to the bet, but he didn’t have to get any closer.

“Okay Todd, you first,” directed Peggy.

Todd stood up with a big smirk, his ego telling him he was going first because he was special. That is until Peggy continued.

“Some one has to loosen her up for the big boys!” she laughed.

Todd quickly was undressed as the others started to cheer him on.

“Come on, drill this piece of ass Todd!”

“Yeah give it to her!”

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