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Female Ejaculation

She was my first girlfriend, and my best friend. The first, and only, person I came out to for two years. And it was wonderful, I told her I was lesbian. She told me she’d had a crush on me for years. We started to date right then. She introduced me to some of her friends, we went to parties. She even introduced me to the bondage and submission and dominance lifestyle. Neither of us were dominants, we were both incredibly submissive. And never wanted to be dominant. So we never actually got to do anything.

But one of her friends, Cassandra, was staying the night a month or two ago. And she showed us something that we thought was amazing. A toy company recently released a robot Mistress. It was still in the prototype stages, but they were selling them in a very limited quantity as a type of beta. So Talia and I decided to order one. The site told us it would take three months to be built and delivered.

We were very excited, and thanked Cassandra profusely that night. While we were a little disappointed at the waiting period, we were over ourselves with the thought of finally having a dominant figure. That weekend Talia and I did some more shopping. Female nudity in our country was legalized, and if you were of a certain social class or occupation it was mandatory. Slavery wasn’t legal, but indefinite submission; of sexual, financial, and personal forms was encouraged. So for our shopping trip both Talia and I were bare naked.

She decided to add a little bit of fun to it, I had nipple piercings and she had pussy piercings. So we put weighted chains on our piercings. It was wonderful, felt so good, the gentle tug of the chain as I walked and my 32D breasts bounced.

When we got to the first store we were greeted by an almost equally naked early twenties woman. She had some thin gold chain jewelry running around her well tanned body.

“Morning ladies, how are you? Anything I can help you find or point you towards?”

Talia politely requested assistance with some gags and finding where those would be for trying on. The woman walked out from behind the counter and took a step toward us.

“May I guide you fine young women?” She asked lightly, putting her fingers under the chains we had on our piercings. “My name is Sarai, I’ll do my best to help you two find the right gag. Who is the submissive?”

“Me.” We both said joyfully

Sarai nodded and gave a gentle tug on the chains. Leading us through the racks of clothes, straps, whips, and catsuits. In the back was a meter high wall sectioning off what looked like a trial space. And just a little past the start of the lower wall was another four meter high wall adorned with nothing but gags.

Dildo gags, ring gags, ball gags, pacifier gags, dental gags, whiffle, panel, guard, spider, hook, so many types of gags. It was amazing. I didn’t know that many different types were made. Talia was drawn into a gag that would get us to drool all over ourselves. I was very interested in a panel gag that had a short interior dildo and a chain attached to the outside. Sarai however directed us to a range that we hadn’t even considered.

“Girls, over on this side of the wall are sets of gags made to be used by two whores. Such as yourselves.” She took one off the wall and pulled sharply on my chain.

I opened my mouth and let Sarai put the gag in, the one she grabbed as a simple ball gag. But it was connected to another ball by a two inch strip. Once mine was secured she pulled sharp on Talia’s chain, getting a little yelp out. And forced the gag in her mouth as well. When we were both secured our noses were almost touching, and we couldn’t turn our heads. Only see each other.

“Now it doesn’t have to be a ball. We do have two person ones built on a dildo, of varying lengths so you could both have a tip in your mouth, or a cock in your throats. We have some that make it so you two drool on each other. And my personal favorite for use, one that attaches the gag in your mouth to her tits. Very hot, and you can get attachments to pump your breasts, so not only are you gagged with her tits, you’re gagged with her breast çankırı escort milk.” Sarai said with a smile spreading through her face. “I’m no dominant though, but those are quite fun.”

We decided to buy a few different lengths of dual person dildo gags, and a couple that attach us to the other’s tits. Then she helped us find individual gags. For when we aren’t wanted, either personally or by a dominant, to be facing and attached to the other. We got matching solid colored ball gags, matching panel gags, two exterior dildo gags, a few gags to produce a lot of drool. And my choice, several that were panels with chains on them, and one that was a large ball, no strap, and a chain on it.

And with that we left. Didn’t want to buy anything else, we would wait for our Mistress before getting anything else. So now we had the incredibly boring chore of waiting. Two and a half months until she arrived. We checked the updates daily, watched the trailers several times. About a month before the arrival we got a very special update.

“Dear Ellie,

We are very excited, as we sure you are as well, to announce that your Mistress is on track to dominate you early. She will arrive in three days due to increased productivity in our company. As such we wanted to help you prepare for the sudden schedule change. First your Mistress will not need anything from you to be activated, set up, or invited. Upon delivery at your porch she will begin to dominate you. She has been given the location of the house key you supplied, as well as the garage code supplied as well. She will invite herself in, inspect the home, and then inspect you. While she is inspecting you will be expected to be naked, kneeling with your legs spread, palms up and resting on your thighs. She will determine where you will be sitting in this position upon her arrival.

Your Mistress will also, within 24 hours of activation, test your obedience and abilities. Her AI is programmed to grow and learn as it discovers the environment, and you. She will adapt based on your need, her need, and the need of the space. Some of the adaptation may happen as soon as activation, some may occur in years.

Now we’ve told you what will happen, though here is a way to physically prepare. In line with your requests your Mistress will check for body hair, none will be accepted. Only the hair on your head, no pubic hair, no arm hair. In her inspection of the area she will look for anything that appears to be out of place in relation to the pictures you sent us, as well as any dirt deposits. We recommend you clean yourself and your area to the best of your abilities. The Mistress will decide if it is acceptable. You may also want to check your hair’s length, you requested your Mistress require a minimum of 30.5 centimeters length. She will check to make sure that it is at least that length. You also requested she require you wear red lipstick, on the chance that you forgot the lipstick color: Ruby Red. And you listed your hair colors as platinum blonde and deep auburn. Your Mistress will check for those as well.

We sincerely hope this helps you to prepare for the arrival of your Mistress. And want to thank you for your patience and support as we’ve developed and delivered on our promise to you. We would like to pass on our well wishes, and hope you enjoy your future with your Mistress to be.

-Intelligent Sex Company Staff”

We were speechless. We knew that we needed to start preparing the house, but we were thinking that we still had a week to slowly start cleaning. Now we have less than a week until we have a Mistress. And our house is an absolute mess. We had makeup and makeup tools scattered around both bathrooms. Our kitchen had dirt and spills from our cooking over the last week. The back entry was covered in dirt and mud from when I went out and gardened. Our main entry was fine, but the entertaining space on the main level was a wreck. We had our coffee mugs on the table, some with coffee still in them, stains from the mugs on the table. The glass was smudged from our feet resting on it. There was a pizza box or two still on the table in the dining room, a few dishes still out. Our pantry was far from stocked, and what was left was probably expired. Our bedroom, oh God. We hadn’t vacuumed in a few weeks, hadn’t made the bed, or changed the sheets since last month. Had dirty laundry all over the floor. Which was surprising, cause neither of us had been clothed in a week and a half.

Our guest room hadn’t been touched since Cassandra was over, so it was probably covered in a layer of light dust. The linen closet was maybe half full. The other half was on our bathroom floor. The rocking chair we have in the bedroom was covered in cum and squirt. Our office was a disaster scene, papers scattered everywhere, the laptop had squirt on it. One of our desk office chairs had tears in it, the other was leather and also had cum and squirt all over it. The basement was never finished by the last owners, but it had a couple rooms done. And those both flooded, we haven’t had time to replace the carpet. But other than that they were pretty nice.

And if we check the timestamp on the email, it was sent almost 18 hours ago. So we really only had 36 hours until Mistress arrived. And there’s no way we have the whole house cleaned by that time. And we still have to dye Talia’s hair back to platinum blonde. Which itself takes a bit of time because her hair is over half a meter long, and has green dyed into it.

After an hour or two of precious time discussing how to start. We decided that the best start would be our bedroom and the two upper bathrooms. Following that we would move onto the office. And depending on the amount of time left we would either try to clean the kitchen, or get ourselves showered, shaved, and Talia’s hair dyed back.

We had roughly 33 hours to clean when we started. And we were going to use all of them. After about three hours of me cleaning up the bedroom floor, and Talia cleaning our main bathroom. We had gotten almost nowhere. I had gotten about half the clothes off the floor and into the laundry, the other half couldn’t fit in the first load. Then I still had to vacuum, and scrub the floor. Because there was a fair bit of orgasm juice, and a bit of blood since we were both naked for our week. And a lot of dirt mixed in from being such a mess. And Talia hadn’t done much better. She got half our double vanity sink clear. But there was still makeup and mascara stains on the counter. All our hair brushes were either broken or covered in hair still. The towels weren’t off the floor.

After about six hours I had gotten all the clothes washed, put away, and arranged properly. Talia had given me the towels from the bathroom floor to put in the laundry. And I had taken off our bed sheets. Those were all cleaned and put away. Now I had to scrub and vacuum the floor, and clean the walls of whatever dirt, or squirt, or pee, or whatever had gotten on them. Talia had cleaned off the vanity entirely. The shower was cleaned, the floor was cleaned, and she was able to move on to the next bathroom. Which was only about half as bad.

Another six hours, Talia had finished the other bathroom. We were down to about 18 hours at maximum. More than likely less. We were both scrubbing at the floor and walls of our bedroom. We’d gotten maybe half the floor done. The walls were looking fine, maybe a couple spots to touch up. But if it was small we weren’t too worried about it. We wanted the floor to be the full color, and not have any evidence of our making a mess of it.

We finally finished the bedroom and had about fifteen hours left. My breasts were sore from swinging while I scrubbed. Or bouncing while I ran and bent over and squatted. Talia was exhausted from running three cleaning rooms. I crawled over to where she was sitting, keeping my ass above my shoulders, and swinging it a little. And laid my head down in her lap. We need a short break.

Well I had actually fallen to sleep. And I guess Talia did too. But I didn’t wake up in Talia’s lap, as I had laid down. Instead I woke up with a pressure on my tits. On my stomach, and my head was facing a gorgeous heel. An amazing orange with the sparkled glitter texture on it making it shine just a little bit. In that heel was a beautiful foot, with orange matte painted toenails, smooth skin and an astounding set of legs. Smooth and long and beautiful, not thin, not athletic, and not thick but a wonderful mix of all three. And before I could look up the heel moved to position itself on my head. Holding it down from seeing the rest of presumably my new Mistress.

I could hear a low moaning from somewhere. I knew it was Talia but she didn’t sound like she was in the same room. Or near me. But I couldn’t look around or move my head much. I saw a hand, beautiful and smooth and tanned with orange nails, slowly stretching down. I felt it slide between my left breast and the floor. The pressure increased as it did, and then the hand squeezed. I let a loud yelp escape my mouth.

The heel let off of my head and I felt the hand push me up by the breast. I grimaced as I stood, hoping to get the pressure off my tit. As I stood I looked down to my very sore and painful breasts. Seeing that they were now tied rather tightly with a cord. Making them a nice shade of purple grey. Once I was completely on my feet I looked up more. My Mistress was the most beautiful person I’d seen. She had boobs just a little larger than mine. Amazing dark hair, raven, easily 75 centimeters long. Curled to have a bounce when she moved. Her eyes are an amazing deep blue, hypnotic almost. You could stare into them forever. Her lips were full and a complimentary dark shade to her hair.

“You don’t look at me cunt.” She ordered and pushed my head to look at the floor. “You didn’t clean for my arrival. You didn’t prepare yourself for my arrival. And I found you napping on the other whore when I got here. Neither of you was in position, or ready for me. Both of you were dirty, you had hair where you aren’t allowed hair. You didn’t have your makeup done.”

She paced around me in a circle just looking up and down my body. Lightly caressing the back of my hips every so often, running her hand up my pussy. On one pass she slapped my tit rather hard. Leaving a handprint. I let out a cry of shock and small pain when she did. After my yelp I heard more moaning and some shaking and desperation. Talia must’ve been trying to cum.

“So whore, I’m going to think of how to punish you for being such a stupid slave. While I do that I’ll list the rules.” She spanked my ass, leaving another mark. “You will respond to whore ellie, cunt ellie, slave ellie, slut ellie, bitch ellie. Or other such names and terms. You will follow orders when you are told. You will keep yourself shaved everyday. You will not cum, unless I give you permission, and am the cause for your orgasm. You do not sleep in a bed anymore, you will sleep chained in a cage that I will buy today. When in public you will walk a step behind me, with your eyes on my shoes. Your makeup, nails, and hair will be done everyday. Curled hair, ruby red lips, and as natural a makeup style you can get. You will not speak to anyone, unless I say ‘yes slave ellie you may speak.’ You will not wear clothes, unless I give them to you in the morning, with a specific time to have them on. All your toys are now my toys, and I will use them whenever I want. Even though you only have gags. If you break any of these rules you will be punished quickly, and as I see appropriate.”

She stopped and pushed me backward. Lifting my head up by the chin as she did so. “You can look at me now slave ellie.” I looked up into her eyes and fell in love. I immediately relaxed and let her guide me. I didn’t know where she was pushing me to but I didn’t care. I was so happy she was here. A Mistress.

She stopped and turned me around. In front of me, where our bed, stood a metal frame. Talia was tied to it, upside down. Covered in cum, squirt, pee. I don’t know why, she didn’t look to have a toy anywhere near her. Mistress forced me to my knees and lowered my head to the height of Talia’s. Keeping my ass in the air and spreading my legs a bit.

“Now, whore Talia and whore Ellie. We need to find a way to punish you. And I don’t think you will like what I have in mind. But for now, I think Talia you can come down off that frame and we can put Ellie up there.”

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