Me, Mary and the Witch

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This is a sweet and silly little one-shot.


My daughter’s mom had her when I was thirteen.

Theresa was fifteen and Catholic, and she flipped out and ran off, leaving baby Mary with me and my parents.

I was young, but I always loved Mary fiercely.

I worked hard to make a good life for her. It didn’t hurt that my dad is a dentist too. It helped pave the way.

Now that Mary’s eighteen, we’re pretty well off.

She has long, red hair like her mom had. Her eyes are grey, like mine.

We’re still very close.

I have a grown daughter at thirty-one.

We spend our weekends together, the best of friends.

Mary especially likes going to street fairs together. She hangs on my arm lovingly and we’re often mistaken for a couple. I have black hair, so it’s not obvious we’re related.

Today is another street fair and Mary excitedly leads me between the crowded booths. She really loves the tables with interesting people. She spots a woman with long, curly, black hair, leaning over a table with crystals and vials.

Tarot cards are spread before her and she watches people pass.

“Ooh,” Mary says, “Come on, daddy, let’s get a reading!”

I chuckle and let her pull me along.

The woman perks up as we approach. Her deft fingers shuffle the tarot cards. “Welcome,” she intones. “I am Mother Raya. Have you come to search the future?”

“Yes!” Mary says with a giggle. Neither of us put much store in fortune telling, but she still thinks it’s fun.

Mother Raya does some fancy shuffling and hands the deck to Mary. “Cut the deck and turn the top card.”

Mary does so.

We stare down at the card. It doesn’t look like any tarot card I’ve ever seen before. It has none of the symbols, but there’s a picture of a fierce, red dragon.

“You hold yourself in,” Mother Raya murmurs. “Inside you is a desire so carnal, you do not even allow yourself to recognize it.”

I make a nervous noise. I don’t want to hear about my daughter’s carnal desires.

Mother Raya takes the deck. “And now for your lover.” She passes me the cards.

Mary and I chuckle. As I said, we get mistaken for a couple all the time.

“Cut and turn,” Mother Raya demands.

I do as she says. I reveal a card with a picture of a maze.

“You are a strong man and have traveled far, yet you cannot continue to sacrifice forever.”

She retrieves the deck and lays one card beside each of ours. Mary gets a yellow, ten-pointed star. “In the very near future, you will emerge from your shell.” She deals me a card that is pure black. No picture, just black. I frown at her. “You must take for yourself, or you will destroy all you hold dear.”

Confused and annoyed, I toss a twenty on the table. “Thanks,” I mutter. I grab Mary’s arm.

“Allow me to bestow a small gift that will help you on your journey.” Mother Raya hands a small vial to me and one to Mary. “To your health and happiness.”

I frown at her before pulling Mary away.

My daughter immediately opens her vial and sniffs it. “Oooh. Smells like cherries.” Before I can protest, she downs the contents.

“Jesus, Mary!”

“What? It’s really delicious, dad!”

“You don’t know what’s in that!”

She shrugs. “I’m fine. You have to try it. It’s so good!”

As we near our car, I sniff the contents of my vial. “Smells more like amaretto. Jesus, that woman gave an eighteen-year-old alcohol.”

“Oh, just drink it, you stick-in-the-mud.”

I send a smirk at my daughter and drink the vial.

It doesn’t taste like amaretto. It does taste great, though. It’s warm and thick and tingly.

The tingles spread down my throat and chest and work their way into my belly. I grunt because it feels good. It feels really good.

Mary is humming as she pulls open the passenger Escort bayan door of our car.

The delicious taste of the liquid remains on my tongue and the tingles continue to spread as I drive us home.

Mary keeps humming, wrapping strands of her red hair around her fingers. “What did she mean? You must take for yourself? What did Mother Raya mean by that, daddy?”

I frown. “Who knows? She’s a coot. They all are.”

“I know… But I’m just curious.” Mary nibbles on her lip and her hand rubs over her flat belly. “I wouldn’t mind having some more of that drink, though.”

I grunt in agreement. I don’t feel drunk, but I do feel so good. I feel like slipping into bed and relaxing. Suddenly, I know exactly what I want. I want to get home, lock my door, get into bed and masturbate. Yes. The tingles have spread to my cock and it feels great. My buddy’s getting hard in my jeans.

Mary rubs her sternum, still humming.

We pull up to our white rancher and we both rush inside.

“I’m gonna take a bath!” Mary announces excitedly.

I’ve never known her to be excited about bathing before.

Then it hits me. She must be horny too! That psychic lady must have given us an aphrodisiac or something. I tsk at the thought. So much for a psychic that can’t divine the relationship between a father and daughter.

Ah well. No harm done really.

After I hear Mary running the bath, I step into my room and lock the door behind me.

Hmm hmm hmm. It’s been a while since I indulged in a nice fap session like the one I’m planning. I grab my hentai collection from my closet and reach for a favorite. This one’s about a nurse who gropes an unconscious patient. I crawl fluidly into bed, letting the tingles do what they’re trying to do: get me nice and horny.

I sigh with pleasure and worm out of my pants.

I flip through the comic, relishing the story.

I pull my stiff dick out of my boxers as my favorite part nears. See, what I love about this particular hentai is that she knows she’s doing something wrong, but she locks the door and pulls up his hospital gown anyway. Now, my favorite part is where she just drops her panties, jumps on the hospital bed to straddle him, and then straight fucks the unconscious guy. The look on her face is the best. She’s given in to her lust and totally loves it.

Mmm. I moan happily as I stroke my cock briskly.

The nurse’s tongue hangs out of her mouth.

The unconscious man wakes up to a beautiful surprise—a hot nurse cumming on his cock.

He’s instantly into it. His hands fondle her enormous breasts.

He rams into her from below.

He explodes inside her.

God, I want to wake up to some gigantic-titted woman fucking me.

I stroke faster, loving the added pleasure the aphrodisiac or whatever is giving me.

The patient tit-fucks the nurse next, his long dick spearing between her huge titties, his cockhead nudges her chin. She loves it.

I tug and tug on my cock, so ready to cum.

For some reason, the hentai’s not doing it.

What I really, really want is a nice, wet pussy to fuck.

I usually don’t do booty calls or hookups, but I’m feelin’ that right now. I reach for my phone and dial Melody. She’s a slutty teller who works at my bank. She asked me out and told me straight up she was only interested in fucking me. She was good. She loves to fuck, too.

“Hi Sean.” This woman has a velvet voice.

I don’t waste any time. “Let’s meet.”

“Oh, yes. Come over. I’ve got some new black lingerie that I need you to test for me.”

My dick is throbbing uncomfortably. “That sounds amazing, baby.” I don’t care what a cheese I sound like. I need to fuck. Now.

“See you soon,” Melody purrs.

I pull on my clothes and grab my keys again. My dick feels like Bayan escort it’s on fire. Yeah. I’m so glad I called her.

I step into the hall and swing by the bathroom to say bye to Mary. “Honey, I’m going out for a bit,” I call by the door.

“Daddy?” There is something really strange in my daughter’s voice.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” I’m concerned. I really am. But my dick is pointing toward the front door like a hound. Melody’s waiting for me to fill her with cock and I—

“Daddy,” Mary moans desperately. “Help…”

Alarmed, I throw open the bathroom door.

Wet. Pink. Pussy.

That’s what greets me. A beautiful, sopping, pussy.

My head goes wild for a moment, my cock goes insane, before I can focus on anything else.

Mary is bent over the tub with her ass in the air. Her hand is frantically rubbing between her legs, completely covered with clinging pussy juice.

“Mary?” I utter thickly. “What the hell?”

My cock never had a chance to settle down after my self-love, and now it’s even harder. Even fatter and longer.

“I can’t cum. I can’t. I can’t. I need to,” my daughter says, almost chanting. “I need it. I need it.”

“Oh fuck.”

Her fingers spear her pussy, her plump, young pussy. It’s so wet. Looks so delicious.

“Oh fuck,” I say again. This is not good. My cock wants to be there, where her fingers are. I’ve never wanted anything so badly.

“I can’t cum!” Mary cries in desperation. “I need it! Help me!”

What the fuck did that crazy lady give us?

Because I barely hesitate to drop my pants.

“Baby,” I mutter thickly, pulled closer to her lifted ass like magic. “Baby.”

“Oh, God, daddy. God! Help me! Fuck!”

I’ve never heard her cuss before and for some reason, it just makes me love her more.

Her fingers slide out of her pussy and work at her clit again.

That hole. That wet, dripping hole.

My cock is drawn to it like fucking destiny.

As the head meets wet flesh, I moan.

She moans even louder. “Please,” she begs. “Oh please.”

“Yes.” I push in, into my daughter’s pussy.

It’s so wet, so tight. So fucking tight. “Oh God!”

Mary shrieks and spasms around my cock. “Yes! Yes! Oh, Daddy!”

My tongue hangs out. She came. My baby came on my dick. “Mary,” I utter. I am holding back my own release.

“Oh, God, Daddy, please more!” Her body is hot, melting my dick. Her juices drip down over my balls. She just came and wants more?

“Mary,” I rumble. “This pussy, baby. This fucking pussy is the best I’ve ever felt. Mary, Mary.” My daughter. She’s my daughter! But I can’t stop. I want to fuck her until I die!

My dick explodes in her and I crow with pleasure and triumph, fingers digging roughly into her soft sides.

“More,” she moans sounding delirious. “More, daddy.”

“Mmm.” My cock is still hard. My hands run up the sides of her tits. It still feels so good. The tingles still shoot through my body, into my fingers and dick.

“More! More!” she demands, her hips twisting to create friction in her pussy. “I need more!”

“Oh, Mary, baby. This is bad. I shouldn’t be in you.” But I shove into her letting the pleasure heat my face and neck, even my ears.

She moans sharply. “Don’t stop!”

The floor is slick with water and cum, and I lose my footing, slamming roughly against her, my balls slapping her ass.

I carefully pull out of her and look down at her. She’s moaning and shaking her ass lustfully into the air. I should have never seen her like this but now that I have, how can I forget? “Go get in my bed. Now.”

She makes a needy whimper and slips across the bathroom floor. I watch her bare breasts jiggle and follow her down the hall. As we enter my bedroom, she looks at me for the first time, unsure, but thirsty Escort for me. Her red hair is tangled and wet. Her pale breasts rise and fall.

“Bed,” I order.

She bites her lip. “Daddy.”

“You started this,” I tell her. “It’s your fault that I’m fucking you, Mary.”

She swallows and moves to the bed, but I stop her. I crawl in first, knocking my hentai to the floor. I lie on my back, my arms folded over my head. My dick is a tall, stiff rod, so hard it barely bobs when I flex.

Her eyes ogle my cock. Her red lips are wet and parted.

“Fuck me,” I tell her. “Mary.”

Her eyes flick to mine. My baby. We love each other so much. We’re so close. And now we’ve fucked and it feels good and right.

“Daddy,” she murmurs, her naked body moving over mine. “I love you. I’m sorry.” Her firm tit drags over my cock as she climbs me and I moan from the sight and the dig of her nipple.

“Me too, Mary. Now use me. Do what you need, baby.”

She whimpers, lifting her leg over me, feeling my cockhead at her entrance. “Oh! Daddy!” The desire and hesitation war in her eyes.

“Give it to me. Give me your pussy. You’re already mine, Mary.”

She sinks slowly down on me, swallowing when I get deep. Her voice is thick. “Daddy… I’m gonna cum again.”

I shut my eyes for a moment, forging that beautiful image into my memory. Then I look at her. Her red hair tangling around her shoulders, her pink tongue running over her lip. “Does my cock feel good?”

Her chest heaves at my words. “Yes!”

“Does it feel so fucking good?” I ask, with a sharp thrust upward.

“Oh, yes! Daddy, your fat dick feels so good in my pussy. I want to cum. I want to.” She fucks me roughly.

“Uh! Yes, cum, baby! Let me see your face when you gush!”

Her mouth drops open at my words and her brow furrows. “Oh, God, Daddy! Oh God, oh God!”

“Yes,” I utter thickly, watching my daughters features distort in ecstasy.

I grab her hips and pound her, pulling sharp squeals of pleasure from her. “Mary, Mary!” I groan. And I spurt into her throbbing cunt.

I pull her into my arms and hold her tightly, my cock still inside her. We twitch together. Moan and sigh together.

She murmurs languidly. “Oh, Dad, that felt so good. Thank you.”

“Mmm,” I agree.

“I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry.”

“It was the vials. From the fortune teller.”


“She gave us something that made us horny, Mary. We had no choice, really.”

“Oh,” she says, sounding disappointed.

“What is it?”

“Nothing. I just thought that you wanted me.”

I breathe, stroking her head on my chest. “I did, Mary. I wanted you more than any woman I’ve ever been with.”

“But it’s because of the potion.”

I don’t know if I can argue. “Mother Raya thought that we were lovers. But you’re right. I never thought once about fucking you until your beautiful pussy was right before me. Then I had to have you. And I love you, so it made it better.”

“Did I make you feel good?”

“So good, baby. And you?”

She squirms, stimulating my cock. “Better than anything I’ve ever felt. And it was because it was you, Dad. I love you so much.” She kisses my chest. “Mother Raya was right. When I was rubbing myself and couldn’t cum, all I could think about was you inside me. I never realized how much I wanted you until today.”

This was interesting news. And the witch had told me that I needed to take for myself. I’d certainly taken what I wanted.

Mary starts to move, restoring the tingles in my cock, making me grow hard again. She sits up and slowly lifts and lowers her ass, fucking me once more. She moans sharply, then giggles.

I breathe hard with the pleasure, and joy at making my daughter feel good. Her beautiful young tits are proud. Her lips curve in a smile. Her grey eyes adore me. I’m so incredibly happy. “What is it, baby?”

“No one will mistake us for lovers anymore.”

“Mmm. ‘Cause now we really are.” And I pull her down for a kiss, cramming my cock into her tight pussy.

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