Master Knows Best

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Shane moaned as Ansel licked the underside of his balls and then used tiny bites back up his shaft until he got the swelling head.

Ansel licked his glans, and then deep throated and constricted my jaws for just the right moment, and Shane wiggled his thighs and shot into Ansel’s mouth, and Ansel swallowed greedily before pulling my head off his bloated cock.

Ansel wiped his mouth and looked up. “How’s Ginny and the kids?”

Shane smiled, and ruffled Ansel’s hair, as his friend knelt between Shane’s legs.

“Ansel, that’s just the question one man should ask another after he’s blown him. All’s well with my nuclear family, you little cocksucker, but I do have a question for you.”

Shane was Ansel’s best friend.

Shane wasn’t gay, really, except that he let Ansel give him the impromptu blowjob now and then, especially to take off the tension when his wife is pregnant or otherwise indisposed.

Shane got a little relief, and Ansel got to suck his best buddy’s dick.

Ansel had always thought Shane was cute, nice dimple in his chin, curly hair, great abs…it was a good deal for both of them.

Ansel had become interested in chastity belts, and had purchased one online.

He’d met a few Masters in the leather bars, but the few who were reasonably attractive had too many slaves already, so Ansel asked Shane to hold his keys.

Shane had promised not to give Ansel back the keys until he felt like it. It had amused Shane to watch the slightly homely Ansel jerk off after sucking Shane’s dick (no reciprocation, no sir)

Ah but it was even funnier watching Ansel just sit there, all frustrated as his dick bulged helplessly in the chastity cage.

“What did you want to ask me about, Shane?” asked Ansel, as he jiggled his chastity belt.

Shane always made Ansel strip down before he got his hummer, and now Ansel was trying to keep his dick from bursting out of the belt. It was tough!

Now Shane was stepping back into his blue jeans, and Ansel bid adieu to that marvelous long cock…till next time! What a gorgeous sight, though, alas.

“I wanted to know where you got that belt of yours.” Shane asked, leaning down.

Ansel stiffened, trying not to show Shane how much he desired him as Shane casually toyed with the belt with his big weight lifter’s fingers.

“Was it expensive? Does it really work?”

Shane asked more questions about the chastity device. It was fascinating to him, apparently.

Ansel shook his head, wondering what the hell was going on?

“See, Ansel, my youngest son, 22 year old Luke, has been really getting into the masturbation habit.” Shane said, as he shook his curly head.

“I’m not a real strict dad you know…when the boys Starzbet were smoking pot in the tree house, I didn’t say much—

Yes, after Troy was busted with the stolen car, I was fairly understanding, it was just joyriding, after all.”

Shane had a faraway look in his eye now.

“But Luke’s college grades are slipping, and he spends a lot of his time in his room looking at your old muscle magazines.

Yes, and sometimes he cuts classes, and I come in in the middle of the day, and he’s jerking off by the hour.

I don’t mind if he’s gay, that’s cool. But he can’t just play with himself all day.

There’s a possibility he could not graduate from high school now, and last semester he was a damned honor student.”

Shane hit his knee exasperatedly.

“I should take my belt to him, but Luke’s a big boy now…you know what I mean?”

Ansel became aroused, thinking about Shane taking his belt to Luke.

Or better, Shane could take his belt to Ansel.

Ansel imagined himself across Luke’s knee, his dick against Shane’s weathered blue jeans, as the belt came down on Ansel’s chubby ass again and again…

God, if I could only masturbate! But of course poor Ansel was locked up!

“So, Ansel, I was wondering if you thought I should lock Luke up in a belt.

I know it might be a little over-strict, but nothing else seems to work. I thought maybe if I told Luke that if he wore the belt up, and did well enough in school so he could graduate and get into Belmont State, that would be cool. What do you think?”

Thinking of handsome, stern Shane locking up cute young Luke in a chastity device was incredibly arousing to Ansel, but he remembered his responsibility.

“Shane, it might be illegal. I don’t know if anyone actually uses the belt on anyone else involuntarily. You’d have to really present it gently to the boy.”

“I’ll do my best. Just give me the name of the place, and I’ll order him one. I think it might do him a world of good.

Maybe it might even get Luke to do some of the chores he’s neglected. You’re a much more civil fellow since we locked you up, Ansel.” Shane grinned. “Bet you’re wondering if I brought the key today.”

Ansel tried not to look too excited. It had been seven months since he’d given Shane the keys to the belt, and in that time, Shane had brought the keys over and let Ansel jerk off exactly four times.

And Shane came over once or twice a week for blowjobs! He actually told Ansel that he was less lazy, and gave a better BJ when he hadn’t cum in a while! Now, Shane tried not to look too hopeful.

Now, Shane got up and went to Ansel’s mantel and casually picked up a long, thick birch switch and tapped it on his hand. Starzbet Giriş

“You don’t beat carpets with this, I keep wondering what it’s for.” Shane smiled, and his eyes twinkled. “Are you still seeing that, what was his name, Master Butterknife?”

Ansel blushed. “Master Scalpel. No, his rates were kind of high, and so I stopped having him come over for sessions. Did you bring the keys?”

Shane took the thick switch off the mantelpiece and came over to Ansel. “Yes, I brought the keys over, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to cum, Ansel. Put your hands behind your head, like a good boy.”

Ansel’s heart raced, but he put his hands behind his head.

Ansel’s dick was now swelling wildly in the chastity device, as he watched Shane’s thick shoulders cinch against the tight shirt as Shane bent over and unlocked Ansel’s chastity device.

“You irritated me giving Luke those damn muscle magazines, Ansel, and I think you need some punishment. Whoa, look at that little dick of yours come up!”

Luke lay in his bedroom looking at the rock hard chiseled abs of Merrill Goines, the studly blonde lifeguard, masturbating on his beach chair in the centerfold of PecBois Journal. Luke knew he should be studying for his trigonometry exam…what if Dad caught him?

Luke was an adult, and could do what he liked, but he’d asked Dad to put him through college, and so he needed to obey his dad’s encouraging instructions.

Dad had already suspended Luke’s allowance, locked up his mini-bike, confiscated his cell phone taken Luke’s car keys, and cut his Visa card up, which Mom had strenuously objected to.

Mom was great, she spoiled Luke to death. He couldn’t understand why a man would want to BE with a woman, but as ladies went, Mom was the best.

And Dad had promised Luke that he would restore all Luke’s material things and privileges and even give Luke a summer with his friends in Europe.

This if Luke could just study enough to get C’s, just to get through school and into Belmont State, which was easier than community college.

But all Luke wanted to do was pound his cock and stare at beautiful Merrill Goines…

Suddenly the door was kicked open, and there was Dad! And of course, Luke had his hand on his zipper, and his cock was nearly out.

Shane leaned back, looking at his spectacle of a chicken-choking son.

“Good, you’ve got your pants half down, you can take them all the way down.” Shane really regretted he had to do this, he’d never laid a hand on any of his three boys

Yes, but his recent experiences with Ansel had given him a little practice in the ways of old fashioned discipline.

But Luke’s problem was serious!

While Luke Starzbet Güncel Giriş was screaming “Dad, what are you doing?” Shane dragged down Luke’s pants and underpants and, with the other hand, the one holding Ansel’s dog whip, he began swinging.

For two weeks, Shane had practiced on Ansel, who was quite willing…

Shane had whipped Ansel with the birch switch that first night, and then used a leather scourge, a thick hairbrush, a buggy whip, and everything else in his friends freaky collection.

It had probably helped that Ansel would scream “No Daddy, don’t beat me!” as this helped Shane prepare for the confrontation with his misbehaving son.

Luke was not a big boy like his brothers, and so it was easy enough for Shane to drag him across his thighs, and crack the dog-whip against Luke’s pink, peach like bottom cheeks, making them red and purple as the whip landed again and again.

Luke, surprisingly didn’t struggle as much as Shane thought he would, he just lay there and cried…but was that his penis hardening against Shane’s thighs?

Luke, for his part was in terrible pain, but on the other hand, he’d been thinking a bit about what it would be like if Merrill Goines would take the belt to him.

He’d also fantasized about being spanked by his Physical Education teacher, perhaps being stripped naked and humiliated before getting a strapping in front of all the boys and girls in the gym…

Oh, and there were the hot guys who took Shop classes and smoked in the parking lot.

One had shot a cigarette butt, nearly missing Luke’s head as he’d walked home one day with his geeky friends.

Yes, and as soon as Luke had gotten into the house he’d masturbated for nearly an hour while fantasizing about being forced to lick the leather guy’s boots, or having the little punks kick him around…

And now Luke’s dad, who was the handsomest man in the neighborhood, had stripped Luke and was giving him a severe whipping!

The dog whip cut Luke’s buttocks and slashed his thighs, and Luke screamed like a banshee.

Shane, Jr. was away at Dartmouth, Buck was in the Navy now, and Ginny was working full time…no one could rescue Luke, and he and Shane were separately okay with that.

After Shane had done a number on Luke’s butt, he turned Luke over and grabbed his cock.

“This goddamned thing is driving your grades down. You had a chance to be a National Merit Scholar, straight A’s only one B since fourth grade, and then this semester, it’s all gone to hell because you want to jerk off all the damn time!”

Shane lifted the dog whip and slashed Luke’s dick, and a searing pain went through Luke’s foreskin. Luke screamed, but kept his hands behind his back. Shane landed the dog whip again, and Luke screamed yet again, but remained motionless.

“Now, Luke” Shane said, throwing the whip down, and taking a small box off the bed where he’d dropped it, “This came in the mail today, and you’re going to put it on, goddamn it!”

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