Lorri and Me Pt. 01

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I have already told you how Lorri and I met and how she revealed her “surprise” tome that Saturday evening, but without many details.

As you notice, I refer to Lorri as “she” because to me that what she was and will forever be though she did have the extra part that none other that I have met had.

That first Saturday night after we had been kissing and after I had gotten aroused while making out with her, she told me that she had to be honest with me and make sure that I knew her secret. That is when she put my hand on her “boobies” to make sure that I knew they were real and then she moved my hand to her panties and put my hand between her legs so that I would feel the lump that was her “clitty” which she said used to be called her cock or dick.

After the initial surprise, and me really not knowing or understanding what was going on, we spent much time talking about how she had been born a boy and that she lived that way until deciding that she didn’t want that anymore. She had been gay, or queer as her dad and others called her, through her teen years and early twenties. She went to college and obtained a BA degree while fighting her feelings.

She found a job in her hometown but she was still a gay guy trapped in a body that she felt should have been a girl. She did research and found a clinic that specialized in helping people like her. She met with them and learned what she needed to do which was a year of counseling before beginning any treatments.

She moved from her hometown to the town she lived in when we met; began counseling; went to court to legally change her name from Larry to Lorri; began living as a girl; found a good job; completed counseling; began hormone treatments and became what she was when we met.

She said the hormone treatments changed her body from being a boy to a girl by making her skin Bostancı Anal Escort softer and smoother; gradually got rid of her facial hair; made her boobies grow and rearranged her body to look more like the girl with “girly curves” that she looked like. The only thing that they couldn’t do was get rid of her cock. The only way to get rid of it was surgery and she said nobody was cutting that off that she loved it too much. (by the way, it was a very nice one. About 7″ long when hard, with a nice bulb head, sort of thick over nice balls that hung sort of low she said because she stretched them when she was younger). She could still get nice and hard especially when played with.

During our conversation that 1st night, and to make her feel more at ease, I explained that I always identified as bi-sexual and told her of my male to male experiences from the time that I was 16 and that I was pretty versatile but that I really enjoyed being “bottom” when possible. Her comment to that was “mmmmm that will make for an interesting relationship with us won’t it”.

The 1st night, after about 3 hours of talking and sharing stories and having a couple of drinks, she asked if I wanted her to leave since she wasn’t what I expected for a date. I said “hell no I want you to be here as often as you want and as often as you can.”

We began kissing, long deep kisses, they type that seemed to totally engulf our mouths. We unbuttoned her blouse and she removed it and I saw beautiful full tits with large dark pink nipples. (she said that her boobies were so sensitive and they loved to be kissed and nibbled). I began kissing her tits, moved down her smooth belly. She asked me to stop and reached down and pulled her panties off. When she did I saw her semi-hard “clitty” pop up out from her panties. I kissed down her belly and found her clitty Bostancı Yaşlı Escort and began kissing it and found that there was pre-cum on it. I kissed and sucked her clitty and then down to her smooth big balls. (she had no pube hair. Her body was perfectly smooth and I later learned that the hormones along with “grooming” kept all body hair off). She allowed me to kiss and suck all I wanted. I loved the taste and feel of her clitty and the pre-cum that was coming out. I rolled her a little on her side so that I could kiss her “asspussy”. I kissed all over her asspussy, pushing my tongue inside as much as I could. She was moaning and telling me how all that I was doing felt so awesome.

Then she pushed me off on to my back. She kissed by tits and down my belly directly to my cock. She kissed and sucked and I told her she would need to stop that before there was an explosion. Then she straddled me, sitting directly over my cock. She put some spit on her fingers, rubbed it on my cock, then slowly she lowered herself down on my cock. It felt so warm and so tight as my cock entered her asspussy. She told me to lay still as she slowly pushed down so that my cock was entirely inside her. She sat there for a few seconds then she leaned forward and told me to kiss and suck and nibble her boobies. She started moving and grinding her asspussy down. Then she began slowly moving up and down. She took my hands and put them on her boobies and told me to pinch her nipples and pull them. As I was pulling them she began riding me harder and faster. I told her that I was about to explode and she said for me to hold it. She told me to hold it a couple of times then she said “I can’t hold mine anymore” and began cumming and I did the same. She came all over my chest and my cum filled her asspussy. She kept riding until we were both totally drained. Bostancı Zenci Escort She caught her breath then she gently slid off and sort of fell beside me. We were both drained of energy at that point.

As we rested she said that was the first time that she had cum like that in a long time. She said the guy she had dated for about 6 months stopped being interested in sex with her because he said that he wasn’t gay and couldn’t continue with their relationship. She said that she had explained her details with him and been honest with him long before and that he seemed to accept it but as time went on he became more distant with her until he finally broke up with her. She said that he wouldn’t allow her to even touch his ass and mostly he would only give her a hand job sometimes but not very often so she had to take care of it herself. She said for the last few months that her only relief has been masturbation and for about 2 months nothing had been in her asspussy except her fingers.

She explained that the hormones don’t always allow her to get hard unless her clitty is played with or direct contact and that tonight was so exciting and that she was surprised that she got as hard as she did while I was sucking her and that she came while she was riding me.

I kissed her then bent down and took her clitty in my mouth and cleaned the cum off the tip and sucked it a little and told her not to worry that I would try to take care of it for her. She said that she probably wouldn’t get hard again right away but might again in a while with a little help. She put her hand around my limp cock and said that she hoped that, when she did, there might be a spot for it like it was for my hard cock if I wanted to still be with her. I told her that wherever she wanted to put her clitty it was very welcome and that my cock was hers to have however and as often as she wanted. She looked at me with her beautiful greenish eyes and asked when she needed to leave. I told her Monday morning when we go to work. She said fine “there will be lots of fun for both of us before then.”

We kissed – snuggled and fell asleep for a little while until?????

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