Learning to Love Aunt Laura

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There can be many factors related to a voyeuristic experience. Timing and luck can be included, but unless someone shuns timidity and once in a while acts on impulse, the moment fizzles and the opportunity fades away. Some people consider voyeurism as secondary to the physical experience. They don’t understand that true voyeurism transcends the gratification derived by each person being watched, allowing the voyeur to absorb the pleasure of all the participants. And, when the voyeur adds a little impulsive behavior to the mix, sparks start to fly.

I was raised in a secluded environment. I was home schooled and spent most of my time with my family. When I was eighteen I never discussed sex with anyone, afraid that my fixation with women’s bodies would be considered a bad thing. Once when we were on vacation, I wound up sharing a bedroom with my Aunt Laura. My assumption is that we were paired together out of convenience. Someone might have asked her preference, and she might have been happy about the arrangement because she liked me. I don’t know.

Aunt Laura was the hottest looking person in my family, but she didn’t flaunt her looks with outwardly sexy clothes. When it came to attire, she leaned more toward a classy, conservative style, but with good taste. And what I mean by “good” is the kind that a voyeur can appreciate. Even though her dresses were long, they usually included a hint of mystery, such as a strategically placed slit to reveal one of her well toned thighs, or a backless design, which still to this day drives me wild when I see a well put together woman dressed with her back exposed.

She always treated me kindly. If she was aware that her young nephew was harboring sexual feelings sparked by the temporary living arrangement, she didn’t say anything. I don’t believe she was capable of having physical attraction to an inexperienced 18 year old, much less her sister’s son. The erotic nature of our being roommates, and the resulting lust, was generated solely by me.

As far as I can remember, sexuality was my first cognitive awareness, and all my other thought processes followed. I only say this because at all times, every moment, I see the sexual aspect of things first. If I perceive just an inkling of eroticism, everything else becomes secondary. It could be a business function, competing in a sporting event, or being sick in bed. If a situation develops, such as being attended by an attractive nurse, or competing against a female in a jog bra, I focus on it, no matter what else is happening, like a dog on a bone. I could be a groom in the middle of the ceremony, and if there were a pretty girl in the audience with revealing attire, the sight of her would be on my mind as I said, “I do.”

But my name’s not Freud, and I’m not here to bore you about my psyche. The last thing I’ll mention about it is that even though the essence of my being relates to sex, I usually try to avoid acting on my impulses, because with most people impulsive behavior is construed as obnoxious. I’m content to watch and observe things, all the while learning to hone my watching and observing skills.

Which brings me back to sharing the room with Aunt Laura. One morning I woke as she sat upright on her bed facing me, with her naked back to the window, soaking in the sunlight. As I peered through my nearly closed eyelids, Aunt Laura was brushing her long straight hair, and the forward strokes pulled it over her breasts, extending down to her lap, splaying onto the bedspread and around her sides.

The sight reminded me of an illustration of a mermaid from a book I once read. The drawing had lacked detail of the mermaid’s torso, and now I was learning how to fill in those blanks. I pretended to adjust my sleeping position, by stretching my arm above my head and then letting it flop across my face, knowing that it would help disguise the fact that I was actually awake and watching her.

She was softly humming with a piano tune from the radio, sometimes closing her eyes for a few seconds, all the while keeping rhythm. Her and my mother had both studied piano, making music part of our family life. When she seemed content that the brushing was finished she placed it on the pillow by her side, and at that moment I realized she only was wearing blue lace panties. I would have noticed sooner if I hadn’t been mesmerized by the vision of her breasts as they hung under the veil of her dark hair like mysterious round globes.

It was the first time I had ever seen a woman topless. My body began to react with sensations I never felt before. My breathing got harder, and an erection quickly grew in my boxers as I lay under the thin veil of my bed sheet. The weather was too hot to bother with pajamas or blankets.

Aunt Laura’s thighs were together, pointing directly toward me, and her feet hung down from the side of the bed just above the floor, crossing each other, with slender toes pointing in opposite angles. As she lifted both arms to manipulate her hair into some kind of braid, the Escort bayan strands covering her breasts spread thinner, and I noticed there was a dark skinned circle at the center of each globe.

As her hands reached the top of her head, the strands widened further apart to give me a clear view of the dark areolas, with their pointed tips. They were exciting to see as occasionally they lifted and then returned, in unison with her arm movements.

Seeing nipples for the first time was more than a naive 18 year old could bear, and in the midst of learning what a breast actually looked like, I also learned that a prolonged excitement could have erupting results. I should have realized that the tremors in my groin were a warning, but I was mesmerized, like a deer caught staring at the headlights of a car.

As I quickly turned away from my aunt, once again trying to feign a repositioning in my sleep, the spurts shot out into my boxers. I had never experienced an ejaculation caused by merely watching something. Up until then, my only source of pleasure had been masturbation. It took all of the self control I could muster to not squeeze my cock with my hand to heighten my pleasure. I didn’t want to risk catching the attention of Aunt Laura. It seemed like forever before she finally left the room so that I could privately clean myself up.

There was another day when we were all at the beach and got drenched in a sudden rain shower. We carried our soaked blankets and towels back to the beach house as the rained poured down. I shivered all the way back to the house, and sat on my bed with my arms wrapped around my knees trying to stay warm.

I watched Aunt Laura change with her back to me, seemingly content by now that this was the acceptable way to deal with having me in her room. It was another first for me, seeing the ass of a naked woman. The accentuated curves and wetness of her skin increased my fascination with her body as I watched her slip quickly into her terry cloth robe. When she turned and saw me shivering she grabbed me by the shoulders, pulling me to a standing position on the floor.

Without a word Aunt Laura lifted off my soaked tee shirt, and then grabbed my swim shorts by the waist and pulled them down to my feet. She found a towel at the foot of her bed, and by the time she turned back to face me, I was slightly rigid and embarrassed, but had no clue what to do other than just stand there nervously. I was relieved that she didn’t pay any attention to my erection, as she lovingly dried me off and then wrapped me with a blanket.

Just after my 22nd birthday Aunt Laura invited us to her new house for a backyard barbecue. She was thoughtful enough to include my girlfriend. Aunt Laura was now divorced, and still beautiful, in a yellow cotton sundress that showed off her dark hair and figure in a sexually elegant style. The shape and smoothness of her shoulders, arms and legs were as attractive as ever.

We had a good time. A few of us were staying for the night, having driven too far to return home the same day. Aunt Laura had arranged a rollout mattress on the family room floor for me, next to the sofa where my girlfriend was already asleep. But before going to bed, I made sure to help clean up. Finishing alone in the kitchen, I went back out to the yard for a final check.

When I stepped out to the patio, Aunt Laura was there, alone by the fire pit, sleeping in a lounge chair. Her head was turned to its side, against a pillow. As I knelt to wake her, I noticed that her slightly awkward position on the lounge had created a fold in the top of her sundress. From my view, the exposure she had unknowingly created could have made her embarrassed. It not only exposed her tanned chest with its deep cleavage, I could clearly see her large white breasts. The flickering firelight gave the illusion that her nipples were swaying beneath the cotton print.

Earlier in the day, when I noticed the pointed imprints of Aunt Laura’s areolas through the fabric of her dress, and the fluid movement of her breasts, I knew she must have been braless. I wondered if I’d get a decent view down her dress. Now, after having a few glasses of red merlot and having experienced the daylong excitement of watching the female family members in their summer outfits, I felt daring. And, I felt impulsive.

When my penis couldn’t get any harder under my swim trunks from studying my aunt’s creamy white breasts, I moved to a chair at the other end of her lounge. In her relaxed position the dress had pulled up almost to her hips, and as I hunched my head down slightly, I could see her silky panties, and I could detect a sweet scent emanating from her body. I reached out to carefully remove her sandals, which were barely hanging onto the ends of her feet. Then I placed both my hands around her left foot, slowly kneading the muscles under her toes and the ball of her foot. This woke Aunt Laura quickly, but she smiled when she realized what was happening. “Just what I needed,” Bayan escort was all she managed to say as her eyes drifted closed again.

Suddenly I heard my mother’s voice from behind, “and probably just where you need it too,” she added. The realization that my mother was just a few feet away, lying on a blanket on the ground, gave me a sobering jolt. The darkness and the wine had caused me not to notice her, and now I was caught by my mother of all people.

But then she added, “You’d better do more than just her feet. My poor sister’s been slaving after us all day.” With my mother’s slightly slurred her words, and the suggestive nature of her comment I realized that she wasn’t upset about catching me staring at her sister. “I believe that he’s enjoying this as much as you are,” she said to Aunt Laura. Up until that point, I had never considered that my mother would share sexual humor openly in front of me, and I was thrilled to hear it, knowing that she had been drinking more than usual and allowing me to see her slightly devilish side. “He’s sure getting an eyeful of you Laura.”

“Just like the old days?” Aunt Laura shot back, and they both laughed at what obviously was a reference to events from the past. Apparently my lifelong assessment of my mother as a timid, socially modest woman was a remnant of misconception from my younger days. I was surprised that she condoned my massaging of her sister, and I was also aroused that she condoned my massaging of her sister. Relieved of the worry about being caught peeking up Aunt Laura’s dress, I relaxed my grip on her foot while I continued kneading her flesh. I tried not to let my mother’s presence distract me from what I had started.

When I moved my position on the chair to bring me as close to Aunt Laura’s legs as possible, I felt my mother sit down right next to me. There was no way to hide the fact that Aunt Laura’s dress was not covering her panties.

“All the girls in our family have such pretty legs,” my mother said softly. I couldn’t believe the state of arousal I was in, with my mother right there at my side. “I have those same bikinis, Laura. Did you get them at the mall?”

“I sure did,” said Laura, “and three other colors, too,” she added.

They must have known the excitement they were making me feel, but they acted calm, as if it were a normal conversation. Hearing my mother talking openly about her underwear was something I never experienced. She looked a lot like Aunt Laura, and for the first time I consciously admitted to myself that my mother was a sexually attractive woman. I worked my hands up to Aunt Laura’s smooth calf, and realized that her legs were totally limp, allowing me to manipulate their position.

Aunt Laura’s eyes were closed as she told me how great I was making her feel. When I had her left leg turned out as far as it would comfortably move, I switched to her right foot, all the while keeping my eyes focused on the crotch of her panties, while my mother sat calmly by my side. I had manipulated her into a position that now enabled me to detect crevices through the silky fabric, and a soft looking mound of pubic hair underneath. The more I kneaded and massaged, her right leg became as limp as the left one, and the more I was able to position it for a better view under her dress. Her complete lack of resistance gave me the idea that she was just as happy to show off her private area as I was to see it.

“You could be a professional masseuse,” were the words that softly came from Aunt Laura. As she said this, she bent her left knee, placing her foot under her thigh and then she momentarily lifted her butt off the lounge causing her dress to ride up to her waist. The open display of Aunt Laura from her feet all the way up above her panties to her sleek belly was a beautiful sight to savor. “I want the full effect,” she said, not bothering to cover anything, leaving her knee bent upward. “I can trust my favorite nephew to do a good job, can’t I?”

“Yes,” my mother answered for me, “especially with his mom watching over his shoulder.” The sound of my mother’s voice made my nervous fingers tighten their grip a little. But, I decided not to let it interfere, and moved closer to work the now exposed underside of Aunt Laura’s gorgeous thigh.

I massaged the entire length from under her knee all the way down until my fingers were gently against her groin, and then repeated the stroke a few times. Then, I slid my other hand under her right knee and lifted it slightly. Aunt Laura followed my lead, and moved her leg to the same position as the other, looking like she was ready for a vaginal exam. Her spread legs prevented the panties from covering all of her open vagina. Moist pink layers of flesh were exposed, and a panty seam was buried inside.

My dick was now so hard that I could feel its tip pushing to be freed from my swim trunks. Continuing with my hands on her, I used my elbow to pull back my trunks, exposing a few inches of my shaft, but my Aunt’s eyes remained Escort closed. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed about this,” she continued, “when you were eighteen we were roommates for a few days. I think you stole quite a few glances when you thought I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t mind, though. I supposed it was a little educational for you.”

I shifted the circular motions of my hands so that my fingertips lightly brushed across her pussy lips. And with each new stroke I felt a little bolder. As they passed her vagina I started to let my fingers dip inside the warm folds, feeling the juicy inner layers and drawing some of her slickness out across the silky panties and her warm skin.

I was too scared to look back at my mother’s face, but I knew she must have noticed my penis by now. It felt good to leave my cock out in the open for her to see. I wanted her to know how my genitals looked now that I was a man. I’m also sure my mother was watching my hands as they trailed circles across her sister’s thighs and into her crotch. It was thrilling to have her watch me give pleasure to Aunt Laura.

I told Aunt Laura that it was time to work on her shoulders. “Of course,” she said with a slight smile, and she opened her eyes as she straightened her back off the lounge. When I moved to get behind her, my partially exposed rod passed inches from her face, and the sensation was electrifying.

Standing behind her head, slightly to the right, my dick was in open view to my aunt and my mother, and the excitement was overwhelming. My embarrassed feelings still lingered, and I continued to avoid eye contact, but the relaxed attitude of these two women kept me from thinking I should run away and cover myself

As I worked the tops of Aunt Laura’s shoulders where the neck muscles converged onto her frame, she slumped forward slightly, causing the top of her sundress to hang open, allowing me to once again see her breasts and beyond to the delicate folds of her abdomen. Her shoulder straps slipped off easily as I worked my hands outward, causing her dress to slide further down, until her nipples were uncovered. Still, neither my aunt nor my mother seemed concerned about the nudity we were sharing.

I moved the direction of my hands down her chest, letting my forearms gently squeeze the sides of her neck. Aunt Laura’s response was to tilt her head back against my crotch with the flesh of my shaft pressed against her cheek. Her open lips were close to my cock. I turned slightly, allowing the head of my prick to rest against her lips. She nudged her mouth out at it, allowing me the sensation of her lips and the edge of her wet tongue.

“It’s beautiful dear,” I heard my mother say. I finally felt the courage to look across at her while she sat with her eyes fixed on Aunt Laura’s face alongside my erect dick. Aunt Laura leaned back harder, causing my penis to slide under her chin with its head protruding past her jaw, throbbing so hard that it ached.

“This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” Aunt Laura said as she brushed her fingers along the underside of my shaft, pressing it more firmly under her chin. “Mind if I play with him a little?” she asked my mom who was looking intently into my eyes. My mother smiled without answering.

“I want him to really enjoy this,” my mother finally answered softly. She seemed to be pleasuring herself. Her hand was under the front of her skirt, and as I watched the forward and back motions, I presumed she was stroking herself, but couldn’t actually see what she was doing. She continued her gaze at my face. “Now that my little boy is a grown man it’s so thrilling to see your penis. I mean, since you’re an adult, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun. Besides, Aunt Laura and I have been curious to see how it looks.”

While listening to my mother’s words, Aunt Laura slipped her panties down off her thighs, knees and feet, dropping them to the patio. Then she pulled the top of her dress further down under her breasts. I liked the way they hung over the bunched up fabric with her dark nipples dangling out. She was exposed from the waist up, and from the waist down.

“Please don’t stop my massage,” she said, looking back up at me. “Let’s see if I can get that dick of yours to get swollen again.” I could see that the points of Aunt Laura’s nipples were hard and protruded. “Check this out”, she giggled as she reached up with her hand, cupping her right breast and lowering her head to it. I shifted my massaging to her side so that I could have a better view.

Her lips brushed alongside her areola and she stared at me while I watched her tongue flit from between her barely open teeth, playfully dabbing the dark pointed tip of her nipple, bending it in different directions. I pulled back my trunks even further, revealing the entire length of my shaft, proud of it’s elongated state.

“Would you do something kind for us?” my mother asked. “Please don’t be embarrassed, but if you don’t mind, we’d love to watch your semen come out.” My mother’s skirt was now lifted to expose her from the waist down. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I wondered if possibly she had anticipated this sexual encounter tonight, but my excitement prevented me from thinking clearly.

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