Kim’s Birthday Spanking

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I read the other adventures of Kim and I couldn’t resist re-telling my own encounter with this little lady. From the sounds of her exploits I take a small amount of pride in starting her on her “pleasure path”.

My name is Tommy and I went to high school with Kim. She was a very popular girl and hung with the “in crowd”. I, on the other hand, while popular in my own way, did not hang with the same crowd.

You see, I was considered a bad boy, the wrong element, etc. I had my own crowd and we had what you would call a general dislike for Kim and her friends, which mostly consisted of jocks and stuck up cheerleaders.

My story begins during our senior year and the day of Kim’s 18th birthday. We were in English class, waiting for our dinosaur teacher to arrive when I overheard one of her friends wish her happy birthday. I started singing my own rather disgusting version of Happy Birthday to her and she respond with her usual frown and flip of her head.

I asked her if she had received her birthday spanking and she ignored me. I told her I took that as a no and maybe someone should give her one now. She turned to me and said “in your dreams, freak.” I responded with “Baby, you have no idea.”

You see, I had many dreams about Kim, both waking and sleeping if you know what I mean. You couldn’t help but thinking about her with her huge tits and fine ass. Her choices of clothing also didn’t hide her assets very well. She would wear short little skirts and her shirts were always a little too tight and the top buttons never seemed to be used.

Then there was the cheerleader uniform. The skirt was white and short. It barely covered her tight little butt and you could easily catch glimpses of her what I can only assume were special cheering panties. Her sweater was tight of course and the v-neck plunged enough to reveal a small amount of cleavage. The school didn’t seem to notice this as Kim was the first in a long while to have enough of a chest to cause an issue.

Now, back to my story. After my little exchange with Kim I could not get the idea of giving her a good spanking out of my mind. I began to obsess about it. I mentioned it to my friends at lunch and they thought it was a great idea. One of them mentioned that she was in our shop class last period and maybe we could pull something off.

We did have a couple of cheerleaders who took shop. Their crowd thought it was cute for girls to take shop and guys to take Home Ec. We, on the other hand, were a little ticked to have the girls in there. Shop was our one class where xslot we could excel and now we had these two little snobs to remind us of the rest of school.

I left lunch and now I was thinking hard of how we were going to pull this off. I met with my friends after 4th period and we finalized our plan. This would be good and the little bitch would get hers.

Finally last period arrived and we went to shop class. Kim and her friend Tanya came bouncing in and sat at their station. They were wearing the cheerleader uniform as we had a football game that evening. I looked over at my friend Paul and he smiled. The bell rang.

As the teacher was calling roll there was a knock on the door. He opened it and an office worker was there, requesting that he go to the office. You see, we had a little influence within the office staff and he would be busy for at least 15 minutes. That should be plenty of time.

The teacher told us to begin work on our current project and he left. I walked over to Kim’s table and leaned over her.

“Ready for your birthday spanking, sweetie?” I said.

She looked up at me and said “You wouldn’t dare touch me, freak.”

I just smiled and said “Oh, yes I would.”

I motioned to Paul and he grabbed Tanya and pulled her away from the table. She screamed and Paul put his hand over her mouth and proceeded to drag her over to another table. He handed her over to two of our friends and they were glad to keep her occupied. I looked over and saw they were enjoying themselves by massaging her small but perky tits.

Kim looked at me and now she seemed a little scared. “Leave us alone” she sort of blubbered.

“Too late, sweetie. Time for your present.”

I grabbed her and spun her around. I pushed her forward and down over the table. Another two friends each grabbed a hand and held her spread over the table. I stepped back and admired her smooth, long legs hanging from the table, ending of course in her fine little ass.

I reached forward and flipped her skirt up onto her back, revealing her white panties. I knew they must be special now as they covered most of her ass. I reached forward and rubbed her ass. I moved my hand over her complete ass and down her thighs. I had never felt something so soft, yet firm. This girl was sweet.

I grabbed one of the boards we were using for our project. It was a two by four about four feet long. I stepped back and placed it next to her ass. She was still struggling but unable to move. I pulled the board back and then swung it hard. xslot Giriş The pop was quite loud as it made contact with her ass, but not as loud as her scream.

“Somebody shut her up” I said. “She’ll wake the dead”

I saw someone put a hand over her mouth and I pulled back again. I swung it back down and popped her again. It was beautiful to see her butt absorb the blow.

I looked down at her and decided I needed to see her ass in its full glory. I reached down and pulled her panties down to her knees. When I did I revealed a pair of white lace panties underneath.

“Now that’s more like it!” I looked around and saw nothing but smiles.

I pulled back and popped her twice more on her beautiful lace-covered ass. Now I could see her skin absorb more of the force and it was so hot.

I pulled the first panties all the way down her legs and off. I turned and tossed them like a bouquet. There was quite a struggle but Jimmy came up with them in his hand.

I then decided I needed to see her bare ass for the rest of her spanking. I pulled down the white lace panties and pulled them completely off. I put them in my pocket for safe keeping.

Now I stepped back and looked at the most beautiful sight I had ever beheld. She was till bent over the table and now her ass and legs were on complete display.

I pulled back the board and swung it back down. Now the sound was really sharp. Her ass jiggled with the blow and it was now turning red. I pulled back and then proceeded to hit her 5 more times in quick succession. Her little ass was now on fire and very red.

She had stopped struggling so much and was now sobbing hysterically. I walked around and looked her in the eye. “Only 8 more baby.” I said. She looked at me with pleading eyes and shook her head side to side.

I walked around to the back and then I got an idea. I looked around and lo and behold there were 7 other guys in the room.

“OK guys, everyone gets a turn.” I said. A cheer went up and I handed the board to the closet one. He stepped up and blasted her. He handed it to the next one and he took his place. I walked over to the guys holding Tanya and offered to take their place.

They had her sweater up to her neck and her tits out over the top of her bra. They were sticking out and very red from the rubbing they had gotten. Her little nipples were rock hard though. I grabbed her arms and put my hand over her mouth.

I walked her over to Kim and knelt her down right next to Kim’s ass. Her face was inches away xslot Güncel Giriş for the next four blows. Kim’s ass was now starting to welt and I could tell she would be in pain for a while. I gave Tanya to two guys who had their turns and walked to the front of the table.

I told the two guys holding Kim’s hands to lift her up. I just had to see those tits. They pulled her up so her chest was off the table and she was looking right at me. I then noticed that they had stuffed her white panties in her mouth to keep her quiet. That was a nice touch.

I reached out and felt her right tit. It was soft and huge. I grabbed her left and kneaded them together. They were the best tits I had ever felt and probably are to this day. I had to see them. I pulled her sweater down until her bra came into view. I reached inside and pulled her tits up and out of the top of the bra. They were beautiful.

I stepped back and just then she got another pop. Her tits bounced with the blow and she screamed into her panties. I tried to memorize the sight so I could always remember.

I reached out and felt her bare breasts. They were wonderful. I squeezed them together and kissed them both. I then pulled on her nipples. They were like little erasers. I looked her in the eye and said, “Are you enjoying this, you little slut?” She shook her head violently side to side. I smiled and walked to the back.

The last guy handed me the board and said, “One left”.

I moved over and pulled the board back. I looked down at her ass and saw it was one big welt. I swung with all my might and pounded her one last time. Her whole body shook.

I put the board down and reached between her legs. Her pussy was soaked. I was able to slide my fingers in and felt her lips slick with her juices.

Just then one of the guys said, “Harrison’s coming back down the hall.”

I ran around to the front of the table and looked her straight in the eye. I said, “Don’t tell anyone about this or you will get worse. Do you understand?” She looked at me and shook her head up and down.

“Guys, let her go and help her back to her seat.”

They walked her and Tanya back to their table and sat them down, helping them adjust their sweaters. About thirty seconds later our teacher walked back in the room.

He looked around the room, seeing everyone feverishly working. “Did we make good progress?” he asked.

I said, “Oh yes sir, we accomplished quite a bit while you were gone.” “Sir, did you know it was Kim’s birthday today?”

He looked over at Kim and said “No, I didn’t know. Happy Birthday Kim, I hope you get everything you wish for.”

At that point was when I was totally blown away for the first time in my life.

Kim turned her head towards me, smiled and said, “Thank you sir, I am sure I will.”

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