Kate’s First Stray

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Kate had met her husband Brian while she was a freshman in college, and he was just starting off as an assistant professor. He was eight years older than she, but at the time, that did not seem like much at all. He was extremely good looking, and lots of the coeds were hot for him. When Kate had him for a class during her second semester, the two of them had sensed a connection that grew and grew. They dated quietly for the next three years while she continued her undergraduate work, but once she graduated, they wasted no time in getting married, tying the knot only weeks after commencement.

They were totally in love with one another, and just as Brian was considered a great catch by most women, so too was Kate an extremely hot looking young woman. Sex between them had always been wonderful, and neither of them had ever considered straying from the other, why would they? Over the next several years, they had three boys and did all of the things with their kids that happy, well adjusted families try to do. Kate continued working, mostly so the family could afford the extra frills that the family had become accustomed to: big house in the suburbs, vacations, ski house, and more. Because they shared so many of the family chores together, neither Kate nor Brian felt over burdened with family responsibilities.

During the last two or three years, Kate had been looking for a job that offered her more time off, and one that placed less stress upon her at work and at home. Finally, that job materialized, and she could not have been happier.

She had begun her new job in March, and she loved it from the very beginning. She had worked in the high stress field of medical administration for about a dozen years, and now, at the age of 33 and with three growing boys, she was absolutely ready for a change. Her new job caused her to be part of a team of medical experts who inspected healthcare facilities all over her state.

The position was one that was sought after by many, but one in which only a few lucky professionals ever found themselves. A position funded by the federal government, it paid well, the hours were stable, there was no stress at all, and the people she worked with were a great group. And, one added benefit of the job was the four day work week, ensuring that every weekend was at the very least a three day holiday for her and her family.

Following two weeks of orientation, Kate joined a team of four other inspectors and set out in earnest in her new position. She was one of three women and three men. Ginny and Laura, who both looked to be middle aged and married, specialized in questions dealing with nutrition. Paul, a thirty-something gay man from the city, was a social worker who dealt with any issues pertaining to that specialty. And Marc, an exceptionally well built and good looking black guy, who couldn’t be over thirty, if he was even that old, was a medical professional like herself. Kate quickly assessed the women and Paul, noting that the women were married, had older kids, and were hoping for the next few years to go by fast so they could retire.

Paul was a slight man of average looks around 50, and he was comfortable with his status as a gay man. He had a live-in partner, and was all around a pretty pleasant guy with a great sense of humor. Marc, Kate figured, probably got the job at such a young age because of affirmative action. But that didn’t matter to her as he was at once bright, pleasant, sensitive, and down to earth. And, what really made Marc a pleasure to know was the fact that like Kate, he was an avid follower of baseball and sports in general. What’s more, Marc had a mildly sarcastic sense of humor, which gradually revealed itself as Kate got to know him better.

As time passed, she learned to her amazement, that Marc, like her Brian had just turned forty-one years old. Kate was amazed. When Brian had been in his twenties and thirties, he was physically fit and looked great, but now that he was in his forties, he was starting to look more like his age. On the other hand, Marc’s perfect physique made him look many years younger. Unlike the others, he did not seem to have a significant other, but he did mention dating from time to time. As Kate thought about Marc, she realized that he could probably have his way with any girl he chose to date, because he was so handsome and was blessed with such an athletic physique. Actually, she knew that his great body was something that he worked on faithfully each day, and so it was the result of his own efforts and self discipline, and not any blessing that had been bestowed upon him.

As the months passed, Kate grew to enjoy her group of coworkers very much. They really were a great group of people who all got along well together. She enjoyed them all, but she especially enjoyed Marc because of their common interest in baseball with one of them always trying to have the news of the latest preseason signings first. She also enjoyed his sarcastic humor. alt yazılı seks And, she knew that she always enjoyed watching him because he was such a good looking guy, a great face, and a great body to complement it. Not that he flaunted it, because he didn’t. In fact, Marc wore loose fitting shirts and slacks almost all of the time. Once in a while, he would wear a shirt that would cling to his beautifully sculpted upper body just a bit, and all of the women, including Kate would give him a hard time about showing off. For his part, Paul would smile and tell Marc that he wished he were younger. This would get a laugh from them all.

Marc too enjoyed his group of co workers, and he especially liked Kate. In his eyes, she was perfect with her sandy hair; her very beautifully shaped rounded tits, thin waist, and perfectly formed legs. For him, perhaps her best feature was the blue eyes which sparkled from her truly beautiful face. He could not believe that she was 33 and had three boys. When he first saw her, he thought she could not be older than 27, and he figured that she must have had some connection to get the job at such a young age. He found talking to her easy since they had a common interest in baseball and sports in general. This worked well for him as it gave him an easy opening to at once talk to this white beauty while taking in every beautiful feature of her body.

As time passed, it became obvious to all that Kate and Marc had a special connection to one another, not only professionally, but also interpersonally in their common interests. So, it was not uncommon to see them spending a lot of time talking with one another. When Kate would talk with Marc, she would sometimes notice how he would look deep into her eyes, and at these times she felt her heart race and her stomach tingle.

And while she was embarrassed by it, she felt her vagina moisten just a bit with excitement. This was a strange experience for her as it had never happened with any other guy except her Brian. But there was no denying it to herself. She knew she was attracted to this hot looking black man with the handsome smile, and she enjoyed interacting with him and watching him.

And from time to time, she would let her mind wander about what it might be like to be with him. But she knew that she never could because of her love for and devotion to Brian. Still, Kate felt a warm connection to Marc, and she felt that he felt the same way about her. It was funny, because she thought that if she were now a single woman, she would definitely be interested in dating someone like Marc, even though he was black, and while that was now acceptable to do, it was still not done widely by people in her age bracket.

Because of these feelings about Marc, Kate was always on her guard about appearing to be flirty with him. She did her best not to let herself show how she really felt about him, to him or in front of the others. She did not ever want things to slip out of control. And she had a gnawing feeling that things could slip out of control with Marc, depending upon the situation.

It was strange; she had never been worried about anything happening between her and another man. But with Marc, she was so attracted to him; she just did not want to be in a situation where she was not in total control. So, while she enjoyed the mildly sarcastic banter, and while she loved playing practical jokes on him, she was careful to stick to the role of devoted wife and mother who had no real interest in anyone other than her husband.

In truth, sex with Brian was still wonderful. He was still a good looking guy in his forties, and they still loved one another very much. But on those occasions when Kate let her mind think about how it might be to be with the tightly toned Marc who was considerably bigger in stature and in muscular bulk than Brian, she felt herself getting very excited. It was not that Marc was a huge guy, but it was just that at forty one, he still looked like he was in his twenties with a tightly ripped body, broad shoulders, strong chest, thin waist and a great ass. Kate kept these thoughts to herself.

For his part, Marc liked Kate very much as a person. He really enjoyed the fact that she could talk about sports intelligently, and he enjoyed her quick and sarcastic replies to his comments. On another level, he was totally taken with her physical appearance. She always dressed in a way that highlighted, but did not flaunt, her beautifully kept body. Her face was flat out beautiful. Everything about it, the eyes, the nose, the lips……..was beautiful. And lately, Marc had focused his attention on her wonderfully round tits and perfectly shaped ass. When he looked at her, he had all he could do to control himself, and frequently he felt his coal black shaft coming to life when in her company. Yet he doubted that he could ever have her, as she was so fully wrapped up in her husband and perfect family.

While porno 92 Marc had done a lot of dating, he was fussy, and had not ever found someone with whom he thought he could spend the rest of his life. But, Kate was different. If only he could find someone like her, he certainly could spend the rest of his life with her. Between her beautiful body and her terrific personality, Marc would never want for more. But, while Marc could catch glimpses of interest in Kate’s eyes from time to time when they occasionally locked eyes, she would always look away and give the unmistakable message that she was taken.

As June was about to turn into July, the entire team of inspectors were preparing to take two weeks of vacation at the same time, during the weeks of and following the July Fourth holiday. Thus, on the last day of work before their vacation started, they all decided to celebrate by having dinner and drinks together.

They selected a really fancy restaurant that was central to where they all lived and began things with a couple of drinks in the bar. Kate, unlike Ginny and Laura, had only one drink, knowing that after dinner she was planning on a long drive to the mountains where Brian and the boys were already settling into their vacation house for summer vacation. Just one drink gave Kate a buzz that she felt warmed here entire body. But, as their table was ready, they switched to the dining room, where Kate felt as though she could have one more drink.

She figured that the meal would soak up the extra alcohol. And it did, most of it. As dinner progressed, everyone loosened up a bit with the drinks they had had and the wine they had shared from a couple of bottles of wine Paul had bought for the table. Kate was feeling warm from the effects of her two drinks and now the wine. She was totally relaxed, and enjoying herself, realizing that she would have to watch any added drinks, or she would have to drive north in the morning, instead of tonight.

At the table, Kate sat next to Ginny on the right and Laura was on her left. Paul and Marc sat directly across from the woman. On this particular day, Marc had decided to dress more casually, since it was the last day of work for a couple of weeks. Thus, he had worn a short sleeved knit golf shirt which beautifully displayed his broad, square shoulders, his sculptured pecs, and his thickly bulging biceps. The shirt was not tucked into his pants, but hung loosely at his waist. A couple of times during the day when he would bend over, the shirt rode up Marc’s torso and revealed a quick glimpse of his dark skinned, trim waist and his defined abs.

Kate took in the view quietly, but it only set her mind in motion, thinking about what a handsome specimen he must be without any shirt on at all. Marc’s thick forearms also reflected his efforts at keeping every part of his anatomy in perfect condition. Having Marc dressed this way and sitting across from her was just about too much for Kate to handle. She was having a hard time keeping her eyes off him. His incredibly hot appearance had her heart racing, and she felt a strange tingling in her abdomen.

What really surprised her, and even worried her a little, was the fact that she could feel her vagina moistening with excitement as she took in the stud across from her. She was feeling a warm glow from the drinks and the wine, and she determined to be careful for the rest of the evening so that she would not do something that would embarrass herself.

As Marc looked at Kate across from him, he was amazed at how beautiful she looked with her face flushed just a bit. He thought that the alcohol must have deepened the color of her face, and it looked even more beautiful than usual. He also noticed that she couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of him. He smiled to himself, and wondered if she might possibly feel hot for him as he did for her. As he took in her soft features, the light colored sandy hair, her full and rounded breasts, Marc felt himself hardening as he thought of the possibilities. He thought to himself that he would love to have her, just once…….and he got harder still.

Conversation at dinner ranged over a variety of things, and everyone was upbeat and happy, mostly because they all knew they had two weeks of leisure facing them. Following dinner, Ginny, who was feeling very good indeed with all of the drinks and wine she had consumed, suggested that they head to the lounge for another drink or two. All agreed that it was a good idea. They found a table, ordered and continued talking. This time, Kate and Marc sat next to one another. They exchanged their latest thoughts on the early start of the baseball season, and made small talk in general. Shortly after their drinks arrived, live entertainment began in the lounge. Ginny immediately asked Paul if he wanted to dance, and he was only too happy to agree. Marc wanted to ask Kate to dance to the fast music that was playing, but that meant that Laura would xvideos porno be alone at the table. So he waited. But, Laura excused herself to the ladies’ room, and Marc said to Kate, “Want to try dancing to this one?”

“Sure, I’m not much of a dancer though.”

“Perfect, neither am I.”, he responded with a playful smile.

It turned out that they were both far too humble. Marc and Kate were both surprised with how well the other danced. They both enjoyed dancing, and so they were pleasantly surprised. Paul and Ginny on the other hand, were definitely not very good at all, and it was obvious. As she danced, Kate had a chance to watch Marc’s movements on the floor. He moved smoothly, athletically, almost erotically. He was a great dancer, and Kate felt herself getting aroused watching him as he danced across from her. Marc kept his eyes on his beautiful dance partner as well. She flowed in her movements and he especially liked watching her ass and her breasts in motion.

As the music ended, they all returned to the table where Laura had just returned as well. She indicated that she was tired, and so bid them all good bye and good vacation. Ginny commented on what good dancers Kate and Marc were, and told Marc she had to dance with him as well.

More drinks were ordered and they all danced a couple more fast ones. Paul finished his drink and called it a night. Ginny, Kate, and Marc were left in the lounge and decided to order one last drink. Kate realized that the warm and relaxed feeling she was experiencing was from the several drinks she had had since dinner was over. But she felt fine, not at all like she was close to intoxicated. Ginny, on the other hand was looking a little bit tipsy and both Marc and Kate noted this in their glances to one another. As the band began a slow number, Ginny excused herself to the ladies room, and Marc seized upon the opportunity to ask Kate to join him on the dance floor.

Kate felt warm and comfortable as she placed her hands on Marc’s shoulders. She did not place her head on his shoulder; rather she kept her body away from his by just a couple of inches. But, she could feel his thickly muscled shoulders, and she could feel some of his taut upper body touching hers. And it felt so good to her. Her abdomen was experiencing a strange sensation of excitement as she danced with this hot black stud. Marc placed his hands on the back of Kate’s waist, almost onto her ass cheeks. He loved the feel of her soft body next to his, and he wanted in the worst way to cup his hands on her ass and pull her mid section into his thickening black shaft.

“And here I thought you would be different.” Marc stated simply.

Kate pulled back from him so she could look into his eyes. “What do you mean by that?” She asked, totally puzzled.

“Well, since you danced all those fast numbers so well, looked so hot, had all the best moves, I just thought that you could do a slow dance just as well, not like all white women do them.” He said this with his usual sarcastic bite to it and with a smile on his handsome lips.

“Just what is that supposed to mean? Like all white women do them? Are you saying I am not a good slow dancer that I dance like all white women? What’s that supposed to mean anyway? She knew that what she really wanted to do was to hold his body tightly to hers, to feel his defined muscles pressed against her body, to slide her hands up and down his back, and his arms, feeling the fruits of his daily work outs. With these thoughts in mind, she could feel her vagina becoming saturated with the moisture of sexual excitement. And, Kate also had the thought that the alcohol she had had might be causing her to let her normal defenses around Marc slip just a bit. What she did not realize was that while she was responding to him, she was unconsciously tightening her hands on his shoulder muscles.

“Sorry, didn’t mean for it to become a race thing, but let’s face it Kate, do you always dance a slow dance by keeping your body rigid and backed away from the guy you’re dancing with? I mean, it’s just not natural. You were so smooth during the fast dances, and now, you’ve stiffened up. I mean, it’s just a dance, Kate. It’s not sex, just a dance, so lighten up a little. Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot white girls can’t do that.” This he said with a broad smile, and he knew it would irritate the hell out of her.

“You bastard. You know I’m a good dancer; you’re just trying to get me going. And, what about you? What makes you think you’re such an item out here? If you were so steaming hot, you’d………” And Kate stopped herself right there, realizing that the liquor had indeed loosened her lips.

“I’d what?” Marc asked. “What were you going to say?”

But then she went on, more calmly. “Alright. So exactly how would one of the sisters be dancing with you right now? Since we white women just don’t have a clue. Do you have any suggestions?” Kate looked into Marc’s face, and felt a thrill course through her body, and felt her vagina gush anew. He was looking directly into her eyes, smiling that great smile. His eyes pierced into hers and locked on them. She was afraid that she might not be able to control the urges she felt welling up inside of her. “Well?” She said.

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