Just Rewards

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My buddies had talked me into going to that club, but I wasn’t in the mood for the crowds and noise. We sat at the bar, checking out the women, but the place was mostly couples. The few singles seemed standoffish.

At the end of the bar was an older couple, in their fifties, arguing. Who knew about what, but it was ugly. He grabbed at her wrist, and she pushed him away. The bartender had to intervene, and they wound up leaving.

My head pounded and I gave up, told my friends I’d catch them later, and walked to my car. I passed an SUV with the lights on. It was the couple from inside. The woman came bolting out, screaming, “Help! Help me Please!”

Her blouse was torn, showing her bra and her face was streaked with tears. Our eyes met and she whispered, “Please, get me out of here, Please!”

The guy was crawling out behind her, angrier than before, and looking fairly drunk. He saw me and slowed a bit.

She cowered behind me, and I asked him, “Is there a problem?”

“Mind your own business, Ass Hole!”

“This just became my business when you called me Ass Hole,” I said, glaring.

He tried to grab at her past me, and I slammed him into the fender with a fore arm to the throat. His hand came up at me and I kneed him in the groin, doubling him over.

I turned to her but she was gone, looking back as she climbed in a cab. He was still doubled over, and I bent and said, “Relax, catch bursa otele gelen escort your breath, then go home and sleep it off. And be careful how you treat people.”

He was still slumped by the SUV as I drove off.

A week went by and I was at my usual hangout, tossing back a few brews when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to face the woman from the club. “Remember me?” she asked.

“I sure do! Where’s your boyfriend?”

She laughed. “He was a blind date, believe it or not. That’s why I never go on those things.”

“So, what brings you here, coincidence?”

“Not exactly. The next night I went back to the club and one of your friends was there again, Nick? He said this was your regular place.”

“Nick should have told me.”

“Sorry, I just wanted to apologize for running out on you, and maybe buy you a drink to thank you.”

“That’s not really necessary…”


Her name was Sharon, divorced 2 years, just starting to date again. An old friend had set up the date, and the friend’s husband had told the date he was lucky she didn’t press charges and should be thankful he got off so easily.

“He showed up half-drunk, then all he wanted was to go to a motel! I told him that wasn’t happening. I’m no prude but at least wait for me to give you a sign, right!”

We were on our fourth by then. “Absolutely! bursa eve gelen eskort The nerve!”

“John, don’t make fun of me!” she laughed.

“Me? Never! Oh, wait, was that a sign?”

She smirked. “You’ll know it when I give it.”

“When, not if? That’s good! Just kidding!” I was enjoying her. She was funny and honest, reminded me of Aunt Val who never married, even though she had lots of offers. I always wondered about Val, sexually.

Sharon was built like her, too. Bushy red hair, brown eyes, round cheeks, five foot six, with a curvy body, not fat, but definitely curvy.

She joked. “Oh, John! The sight of you, leaping in to save me! So in control! So Manly!”

“Yeah, that’s cause you popped out with one tit showing! I wanted to see the other!”

“John!” admonishing me with a smile, “You’re so fresh! … so you’re a breast man?”

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Breasts, ass, legs, you name it. And eyes, you got great eyes!”

She leaned back a bit, batted her eyelashes and said, “Oh, thank you, Sir! You are everso nice!” then she kissed me, a quick peck.

I licked my lip, looking at her. “Be careful what you start…”

“As long as I start it, there’s nothing to be careful about,” she replied, her lips still half-parted, so I leaned in and gave her a real kiss and she kissed back, then whispered, bayan escort bursa “This isn’t the place.”

“I agree. I’m a mile away.”


In five minutes we were inside my apartment, locked together in a passionate kiss. I had no problem with the 20 year age difference, and neither did she? Her hand was between my legs massaging my erection, while I hefted her breast to my mouth. Her nipples were hard and sensitive, based on her reaction.

I led her into the den, with us pawing at each other. There, I got her top off and tossed it aside as she expertly opened my slacks, digging in and coming out with my six incher. “Hmmm,” she hummed, dropping to the couch and taking my cock in her hungry mouth.

I pulled my shirt over my head and stepped out of my pants as she worked on me. Looking down, she even looked like Aunt Val, which made it more exciting. I had to pull her up to keep from cumming too soon.

As we kissed again, I tugged at her slacks, dragging them and the panties down, exposing her hairy bush. I laid her back on the couch and she spread for me. I knelt between her legs and she grabbed my shaft and guided it into her. She bucked wildly, until she got used to the feel, then she began moving, swaying, saying how good it felt.

My horniness took over and I picked up the pace, ramming into her as she sank into the couch, moaning. I was approaching my climax when she seemed to peak, too.

I let out a deep groan as she screamed in my ear, and we both let loose. I spasmed again and again, and she squirmed and sobbed. We laid there a long time, kissing and petting.

She slowly dressed and called a cab, and we kissed goodnight at the door with a promise of calling, but we never did. I guess I had gotten my just reward.

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