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“Thanks but no thanks, Tina, have yourself a good day,” Stephen Ranger said as he hung up the phone. The big and tall young Afro-Caribbean man tugged absentmindedly on his dreadlocks as he casually strode through Bank Street, and then crossed the street to catch the 7 bus bound for the Carleton University campus. The bus rolled through the snow-drenched streets of Ottawa, Ontario, and the frosty temperature outside matched Stephen’s sullen mood.

Last week, Tina Chan, the ‘mature’ Asian lady he’d been seeing off and on for the past four years or so, invited him to her place for some fun. When he showed up at her place downtown in the Village for their usual sensual fun, no one came to the door. He called, texted and knocked on the door, and no one came. Frustrated, Stephen went to grab a bite inside Shawarma King restaurant, wondering what could have happened to Tina.

“I hope Tina didn’t get into a car accident or something,” Stephen thought to himself as he left their meeting place and headed to the nearby Lebanese restaurant to grab a bite. As he wolfed down his lunch without much enthusiasm, Stephen wondered what could have happened to Tina. They’d known each other for a while and not being at their meeting place when they had a scheduled session definitely wasn’t like her, that’s for sure.

As it turns out, the foxy Asian lady whom Stephen was so fond of was otherwise engaged, with a student. Some other guy whom Tina apparently felt was more important than him, never mind their previously agreed-upon meeting. It hurts when someone you thought cared about prioritizes someone else above you, even if you’re just friends with benefits. Oh, well, what’s a brother to do? Stephen finished his meal inside Shawarma King, then went to school.

Along the way, Stephen checked his cell phone messages, all of whom were excuse-making exercises by Tina, and shook his head in disappointment as he read them. He couldn’t believe that Tina blew him off for someone else, especially since she was the one who insisted that they met this specific tecavüz porno Saturday. Angry, and worried that he might say the wrong thing, Stephen ignored her calls and messages, and sat inside the campus library.

January 2018 had come in full force, and brought along with it the fiercest of wintry storms. It was the start of the second semester, Stephen’s last at Carleton. On that particular Saturday, the first weekend after school reopened, the campus library was virtually deserted, and Stephen was thankful for the peace and quiet. Nothing like the sound of silence. The young man opened up his C.U. Learn account, and checked for the usual messages about his academic progress, the classes he was taking, and alerts about phishing scams which the school’s IT department dutifully warned students about.

Try as Stephen might, he couldn’t get Tina out of his mind. He thought about how they met, almost five years ago, at the Heart & Crown Restaurant. Stephen was there with a group of friends, and Tina was there with another group of friends from the BDSM lifestyle, which he was just starting to explore. He noticed the sultry, well-dressed, forty-something Asian lady with the long dark hair and enchanting smile, and later, went over to talk to her. That’s how the two of them forged a lasting connection.

Over the years, Tina and Stephen remained fast friends, and more. In the world of BDSM, the curious and highly experimental young man needed a mentor, and Tina became that for him. Stephen marveled at Tina’s ability to carry herself with class and distinction, and her talent for becoming a bossy sex kitten in the dungeon where they had their sessions. The foxy Asian gal enjoyed things like bondage, spanking, flogging, and pegging, as she called the practice of strap-on dildo fucking, and she was most eager to explore those things with Stephen.

Stephen recalled all those wonderful, kinky sessions he and Tina enjoyed at her makeshift dungeon, located in the basement of a private gym downtown. Sometimes, Tina 18 porno laid him on a bench and spanked him, and other times she used her strap-on dildo on him. Stephen had other lovers, of both sexes and all hues, as befitting a young bisexual black man. Still, Tina was his favorite because she was beautiful, smart, kinky and friendly. A lot of the girls and guys Stephen dealt with disappointed him, but not Tina. She was indeed super chill…

“Not anymore,” Stephen muttered to himself, and the young man thought of the women and men who’d been in his life for the past few years. There was Andrew Li, an older Chinese guy who lived near Rideau whom Stephen had some dealings with freshman year. Andrew liked young black men with big dicks and he loved slurping on Stephen’s noble tool, as he called it. They had a lot of fun together at Andrew’s loft, which overlooked Rideau.

Stephen enjoyed having his dick sucked by Andrew Li, and the eternally horny older Chinese dude loved getting bent over and having his ass stuffed full of Stephen’s dick. They always used condoms, and would suck and fuck for hours. Unfortunately, like a lot of gay men, Andrew Li thought Stephen’s bisexuality was ephemeral, and tried to ‘convert’ him, thus causing Stephen to dump his ass. Stephen enjoyed both women and men, and wasn’t about to stop having his fun. Not for Andrew Li, not for anyone…

There were lots of horny gay and bisexual guys whom Stephen had dealings with, but they were far from his only adventures. There was also a Somali Muslim lady named Fatima Ibrahim, whom Stephen met at the employment resource center on Catharine Street. Back in the day, Fatima was a real looker. Curvy, brown-skinned and raven-haired, with a pretty face, pouty lips, nice tits and a big ass. Like a lot of Somali Muslim women, Fatima Ibrahim dressed conservatively, going about in a Hijab and long skirt, but Stephen could tell by the smoldering intensity in her chocolate eyes that Fatima was a freak.

“Muslim women can be freaky too,” Stephen konulu porno surmised, as he flirted with Fatima, and eventually got her digits and began seeing her. The Muslim lady seemed timid at first, but she slowly started to get more comfortable with him. That’s why Stephen relentlessly pursued her, and eventually got the goodies. Not a lot of Afro-Caribbean men can say that they have had their dicks sucked by a Hijab-wearing Muslim gal, which makes Stephen a member of a select club…

Stephen smiled to himself as he recalled the fun times he and Fatima Ibrahim had together at her place in the By Ward Market. The sultry Somali Muslim gal loved having her pussy eaten, and Stephen would lay her on her couch, spread her thick thighs and then give her pussy a tongue bath. Afterwards, Fatima would suck Stephen’s dick like there was no tomorrow, tugging on his stuff even harder than some of the female escorts he dealt with, way back when…

“Hmm, I love the way your dick smells and tastes,” Fatima would say, while deep-throating Stephen’s dick, and the brother would smile and sigh happily. Afterwards, he would roll a condom on his dick and put Fatima on all fours. The young Afro Caribbean stud marveled as the sexy Somali Muslim woman made her thick booty clap for him. Grinning, Stephen eased his way into Fatima and began to fuck her.

“Your ass is a work of art, Fatima,” Stephen told her, and a grinning Fatima pressed her thick Somali bum against his groin, driving his dick deeper inside her wet, hot pussy. They melted into each other, her pussy gripping his dick hard, and they fucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow, letting passion take them where it would…and then some. Yeah, Stephen had great times with Fatima, till she moved to Montreal.

Sitting inside the Carleton University campus library, Stephen Ranger smiled to himself. He’d met a lot of fine ladies and interesting fellas over the years, and had his fun left and right. Perhaps it was time that his friends-with-benefits thing with Tina Chan ended. All relationships do run their course, after all. He hadn’t been in a traditional relationship with anyone, woman or man, in quite some time. Perhaps it was time to think less about immediate pleasure or casual fun, and more about whom he wanted by his side for the rest of his life. Food for thought.

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