Joanna and Mark Ch. 01

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Joanna sat waiting in the lounge for Mark to finish showering. As she listened to the sound of the water running in the bathroom, she leant over to adjust the strap on one of her high heeled shoes. Joanna was 26 and had lived with Mark for over 3 years now. They had fallen for each other in their final year of university, and ever since then they had been living in more or less the perfect relationship. They seemed to know each other inside out from the moment they met, and this appreciation of each other only strengthened the longer they stayed together. Both attractive, intelligent and ambitious, they approached their relationship in the same way that they approached everything else in life. 100% effort at all times to ensure that they were both happy.

Joanna heard the water stop in the bathroom, and a few moments later, Mark emerged wearing only a towel. She smiled. ‘Why does he always wear a towel after showering?’ She thought to herself. Considering the situations that she had seen him in, it amazed her that he had any modesty left, but his diffidence turned her on. The beads of water still on his broad chest, and the suggestion of the gaps between the white towel and the grooves on his taught torso, where his hip bones met his toned stomach, was enough to make her mind wander from the night ahead to what might happen when they came home. Mark was 6′ and built like an athlete due to his almost unhealthy obsession with swimming. Every work day he would swing by the pool and try to get in a mile before work had started. Joanna hated the early morning rise, but even when she lay in bed dreaming of a pre-work fuck, she still appreciated the value that this habitual swim added to his body.

They were going out tonight simply as a matter of course. The week after they were paid, they always made an effort to go to a restaurant and have a meal with a bottle of wine. Even though they lived together and were not away with work as much as they used to be, they fully realised the dangers of over familiarity and not spending any quality time together.

They went to a restaurant not far from their flat. It was French and they loved it because of the fact that every table was located so that they could chat without others hearing their conversation. It was not that they planned to talk about anything that needed particular discretion, but they found it made the conversation flow slightly more easily if they were not overhearing others and being overheard themselves.

They ordered and Mark gazed at Joanna, appreciating her beautiful eyes. Mark could remember the first time he had seen Jo. She had been doing a module on his course and they were in the same seminar group. He was immediately struck by her eyes. They were dark, and surrounded by long, full eyelashes. There was something about them that always looked slightly tired, but not in an exhausted way, rather in the way that suggested she had been up all night in some erotic situation or another. Mark just could not help studying them whenever he had chance, and hardly noticed her stunning body until they went out one evening after a study session. Joanna had on a tight black skirt that came down to just below her knees. It was so tight that Mark could see the outline of her panties below the shear fabric. Her pert ass was something that half the boys on his course had noticed, and she was the subject of banter across the campus. This was only fuelled by the fact that nobody had ever had the chance to get near it. Joanna came from quite a traditional, hardworking family and certainly did not ‘put it about’ on a regular basis. Her red top that night had a plunged neck line, and Mark could just see the edge of a lacy black bra. He felt beside himself with lust, stoked by the fun he had had discussing various aspects of the course with her. It was a boring subject, Byzantine political legacies or something, but she and Mark found a connection in their shared perspectives that opened up a whole new level of interest. Nothing turned either of them on more than intellectuality.

As the evening wore on, Mark and Joanna discussed how they were going to ‘finish’ the night. They often played little sex games on these nights out, and it had definitely come to be somewhat of a highlight. Both of them were incredibly open minded and they had never found a boundary that they were unwilling to cross. The overriding theme of all their sexual encounters was balance. Even if one session ended in Mark having an orgasm before Joanna, he would either go down on her until she came, or treat her to a massage on another occasion, ensuring she got off in the process. The thing that they both thrived on was knowing each other so well. They knew that deep down they were pure, good individuals, and that no matter how outrageous and debauched a night they had, by the morning, they would still have a kind of pure love that many couples only dream about, and in that love they could cleanse their bodies and minds.

‘You’ve xslot got your sex eyes on tonight. What are you thinking?’ Mark asked.

‘Well, you always think I have sex eyes on, but that’s beside the point. I am thinking of something a little kinky.’ Joanna said. ‘I’ve got something I want you to do for me, but I really want you to get off as well tonight.’

‘I don’t see a problem with that.’ Mark said as she stroked his calf with her high heel.

‘OK. Well. I’ve been thinking about what those prostitutes do with their Johns down in Alderbury, and I think I want to get my own back for women.’ Jo said with a wry smile.

Often, when Joanna and Mark were driving back from one of the local villages, they had to go through the red light district of a nearby town called Alderbury. There was an army base on the outskirts of Alderbury and that had given rise to a thriving sex trade within the town. Joanna had confessed to Mark that, just like she was fascinated by council estates and the seedy underground of drugs and crime that surrounded some of them, she was also erotically intrigued by the world of prostitution. Mark could well understand, although he had never tried it personally. It was the simplicity of the whole situation that really drew them in; one person has money, the other has a body to buy for a period of time. They were not stupid, and realised that prostitution has a very dark side connected with drugs and crime itself, but they put this to one side when fantasising about it.

‘Em, what do you mean?’

‘Well, some guy will go up to one of them and give them some money, and a minute later, she will be on her knees up an alley somewhere, with her mouth around the guy’s cock, sucking it until he cums down her throat.’

‘Well, you don’t have a cock, so I can see a slight problem with that plan.’

‘Ha ha. Very funny. What I want is for me to take you up the alley around the corner from here, and have you sink to your knees while I turn around and hitch up my skirt. Then I want you to pull my panties to the side and lick my pussy until I cum.’

‘Sounds amazing. I can’t think of any better way to make our walk home more interesting.’ Mark said. He loved it when she was a little dominant. ‘I don’t want to be selfish, but you did mention something about me getting off too.’

‘Yes, I’ve got that all planned too, but you’ll have to wait.’

They paid and left the restaurant. Mark was already hard just thinking about what he was about to be made to do to his beautiful girlfriend. Joanna could already feel the warm juices in her pussy causing her vulva to slip over each other as she walked down the road. As they reached the alley, Joanna grabbed Mark’s hand and pulled him along.

‘Come on slut, you’ve got work to do!’ She said with a smile, slapping Mark’s ass.

He smiled back as she dragged him over to some wheelie bins. Something about this selfishness on her part, even though he knew she would be doing something for him straight afterwards, was really turning him on. He would not consider himself either submissive or dominant. His role changed. But if really pushed, something about the idea of being used for her pleasure really did seem to turn him on quicker than anything else, and the incredibly sordid location only heightened is arousal.

‘Right, here we are. Now, get on your knees and get to work. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of other people to see tonight, so as a helping hand I should tell you that I really get off when a guy licks my ass a little in between focussing on my clit and pussy.’

Mark knew this, but hearing her tell him out loud was so sexy. She was normally slightly shy about asking him to do that, but obviously she was getting into her role nicely tonight. He knelt, as she turned around and placed one hand on the wall, using her other to hitch up her black skirt, not unlike the one she had worn on their first night out together. Mark could not believe he had not noticed that she was wearing a suspender belt and stockings. This, coupled with her lacy black panties was enough to make him almost cum in his trousers.

‘Would you like me to take your knickers off?’ Mark asked, trying to sound submissive.

‘No, leave them one and pull them to one side.’ She replied, bending at her waist slightly so her pussy and ass were right in front of Marks waiting face.

Mark ran his hands up her legs, appreciating the sheer fabric around her beautiful toned legs. He ran them back down, starting right at the inside of her thighs, the sides of his hands brushing against the gusset of her panties. He leant forward and kissed first one buttock, then the other, getting off on the feel of the lacy fabric brushing against his face. He then pulled her panties to the side and ran his finger from the top of her ass right down to her pussy. She could feel that this was not exposed enough for his tongue, and bent even further, reaching around with one hand to pull her xslot Giriş panties and one ass cheek aside, spreading herself wide open for him. Mark plunged his tongue into her pussy, instantly smelling the familiar aroma of her pussy juices, while his nose nudged against her rosebud. The first time they had done this, Mark explained to Joanna that he had felt embarrassed doing this, with his nose touching her asshole. Did she not think it ridiculous? She had explained that as she could not see it, the only effect it had on her was to increase the pleasure, as his tongue teased her pussy and clit, and something nudged against her asshole.

Mark began to really fuck her pussy with his tongue, whilst reaching up and beginning to massage her clit with his left thumb. Every so often he would lick the entire length of her pussy to spread the lubrication around some more, lingering first on her clit, and then, as his thumb replaced his tongue there, licking up to her rosebud and teasing her there. He was almost disappointed when she reached down with her other hand (resting her head against the wall for support) and took over from his thumb on her clit. Really quickly however, Mark found this even more of a turn on. He really was her slut for these moments, just a tongue in her pussy and on her ass while she wanked her clit to orgasm.

Sure enough, Joanna was soon feeling the blood run from her legs up to her pussy as a familiar tingling took over. She pushed her arse back and ground it against Mark’s face as she rubbed her clit harder and harder. She felt her legs begin to shake, and as Mark’s tongue plunged in and out of her pussy, she was soon over the edge, her pussy contracting wildly on his tongue as she almost collapsed through the pleasure of her orgasm.

Mark continued to slowly lick her pussy until she stood up straight, adjusting her panties and pulling her skirt back down over her ass.

‘Was that OK?’ Mark asked.

‘Darling, that was so much more than ‘OK’.’ Joanna replied. ‘You were such the perfect little slut, I got off just as much on the thought of your degradation as I did on your tongue.’ She smiled at him and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. ‘Now let’s get home and have some fun with you.’

Mark had not really thought about this as degradation, but the sound of that word on Joanna’s lips really made him weak. His submissive side was really coming out tonight, and he desperately hoped that whatever she had planned for him would follow the theme of what had already occurred.

As they pushed open the door to the flat, Joanna told Mark to get some drinks while she went upstairs to ‘prepare’. Mark did as he was told, wanting to rush as his balls were aching with the need for release already. As he walked up the stairs, the anticipation of what Joanna had in store for him was almost painful, but he took his time and tried to remain cool. The last thing he wanted to do was cum before he had any fun.

Pushing the door open, he could not have been greeted with a more sexy sight. Joanna had dimmed the lights and was standing at the foot of their bed wearing the same stockings, panties and suspender belt from before, coupled with a black corset that pushed her tits up into a heaving bosom. Still wearing her high heels, Mark began to realise that she was still very much the person running the show here.

‘Put the drinks down and slowly take off your clothes Mark.’

He did so, silently, trying not to ruin the moment by rushing. There was something in the stern way in which she said this that got him really worked up, and as he carried out her instructions, he was almost shaking with the intensity of feeling he was experiencing.

As he began to peel the waistband of his boxers away from his sides, Joanna ordered ‘No, not them, not yet. Get on the bed and lie on your back. I am going to tell you exactly what to do tonight, and if you do so, I can guarantee you will cum so hard you won’t know what is happening.’

Mark nodded and walked to the bed.

‘Right, I can see from the wet patch on your boxers that you are already turned on. Did you like licking my pussy earlier Mark?’

Mark decided to go along with this dom:sub roleplay to the full. ‘Yes Joanna, I adored licking your pussy and tasting your sex.’

‘Good. Did you like licking my ass?’


‘You are a dirty boy. I can tell that if I’m not careful you will be making a mess on these sheets before we know it, so you must do as I say. If you do, I might let you cum somewhere on me, alright?’

‘Yes, Joanna.’

‘OK. Now, I want you to reach up with your right hand and begin to rub your left nipple. Nice and slowly, and very lightly. You love it when I do this to you, so I want to see you doing it for yourself.’ Mark complied. He did find that whenever Joanna touched his nipples during sex, it instantly made him harder and would almost always make him cum very soon, but if she wanted to xslot Güncel Giriş tease him, she would alternate between touching his nipples and his cock, but never simultaneously. ‘You appear to like that.’ Joanna said, pointing down at the twitching cock in his boxers. ‘Aww, you’re wetting your pants with all that pre-cum!’

This humiliated Mark so much, but he was loving submitting to this wonderful dominatrix that had just wandered into his life, yet knew him so well. ‘Now, slowly move your left hand up to your right nipple and do the same.’ Joanna instructed strictly. ‘I want to see that little cock leaking until you have to pull your pants down to dry yourself off.’

Mark felt so ashamed of his situation. She knew how to control his body, and mind, to a degree that would have scared him if he was not so deeply in love. He gently brushed his hands over his nipples as she had told him, and felt as though he would explode any moment, without even touching his cock.

‘As you appear to have enjoyed it so much earlier, I am going to let you have another look at my ass now.’ Joanna said. ‘I want you to smell my pussy and asshole through my panties as I lower my ass onto your face, but you must keep on rubbing your nipples like a good little slut as I do so.’

Mark nodded as Joanna got onto the bed and stood with one foot either side of Mark’s chest. Mark absolutely adored seeing Joanna’s ass in his face, and one of his favourite things had always been indulging in a 69 with Jo. He realised now, as she was lowering her ass onto his face, that he really did not care if she was touching his cock during the act. The real pleasure came simply from the proximity of her pussy and ass to his face.

Mark looked up and saw the lacy black panties approaching his eyes. As Joanna sat her amazing ass over his mouth, he felt the moist lace brush his lips. The pussy juice that he had coaxed from her pussy an hour ago was once more being rubbed in his face as he lay there rubbing his nipples. All he could do was breathe in the magnificent scent of her pussy and move his lips gently over the fabric to appreciate the silky, yet rough feel of it.

‘OK Mark, I want you to continue appreciating my ass while you touch your cock.’ Joanna commanded. ‘But first you must stop touching your nipples. We don’t want you blowing your wad too soon, do we? Now, move your right hand to just above your cock, and gently run your fingernails over the fabric covering your balls.’

Mark did this and his cock twitched. ‘Now gently brush your hand over your cock while you tease your balls for me.’

As Mark did this, he continued to rub his face in her ass. He knew this was bordering on perverse by some people’s standards, but again, the knowledge that their relationship was founded on purity made this a totally guilt free experience. As Joanna had once explained ‘We’re just two bodies. Anything that we do with them is natural.’

This went on for about ten more minutes and Joanna knew that Mark could not bear much more teasing. She lifted off his writhing face and started ‘OK Mark, you’ve been a very good boy, so now I’m going to let you cum. I want you to kneel on the bed and take your pants off.’

Mark did so like a shot, appreciating the firm feeling of his waistband as it travelled over his cock. ‘Now, I’m going to kneel in front of you and I want you to begin touching your nipple with your left hand while you use this hand to massage the head of your cock.’ As she said this, Joanna took hold of Mark’s right hand with both of hers and raised it to her mouth. She let some saliva fall on to it, then spread it around with her tongue, along the outside of his index finger and inside of his thumb, so that when he made a ring with them, the inside was lubricated.

‘Before you start, I should explain where I want you to cum.’ Joanna said. ‘I want you to cum inside my ass, but not too far. I want you to bring yourself right to the edge of orgasm and then stick the head, and only the head, of your cock into my asshole. Then I’ll take care of the rest.’

Mark nodded, and Joanna knelt in front of him, on her hands and knees, offering him her still panty-covered backside. Mark began to pinch his right nipple with his hand as he wrapped his fingers around the head of his cock. He tugged at the glans and twisted the fingers on his nipple a few times and knew that he would not last long. As he looked down and saw Joanna’s perfect, round backside right next to his cock, he stroked even faster and then, as the point of no return was almost upon him, he reached down to move her panties to the side.

‘OK, now stop stroking. I’ll take over from here. You just concentrate on your nipples.’ Joanna ordered. She pulled her panties over her left buttock and firmly grasped Mark’s swollen cock. She guided the head to her asshole which was already wet from earlier. In one swift motion, she moved back, enveloping the glans of Mark’s cock in her ass. The ring of her asshole pressed down on the ridge of his cock and made it twitch uncontrollably. As Joanna grabbed the shaft of Mark’s cock and began tugging at it, Mark felt like he was on another planet- a slut wanking his cock for him into her asshole.

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