Jessica’s New Life Ch. 02

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Meeting Alysha

“This the latest one?” The Black woman had an amused expression as she looked Jessica up and down.

It was immediately obvious to Jessica that this woman was James’ wife. Given that Jessica had just spent a couple of hours fucking James and she was half convinced she was falling in love with him, she was confused by this new development.

“Alysha,” said James, “this is Jessica. She needed some help getting rid of her husband.”

“Oh yeah, that’ll be it and you came to her rescue out the goodness of your heart.” The broad-faced full-figured woman laughed and then winked at Jessica, “My husband’s damn good ain’t he?”

“Er yes,” admitted Jessica and then mentally kicked herself.

“You best believe it,” laughed Alysha. Then her face set in a serious expression. “He’s my man and that won’t be changing. But he has a wandering eye and he does like to make babies. I got two and that was plenty enough for me. So, I let him go tom-catting so long as he follows my rules.”

She told the rules off on her fingers, “First no sistas. I’m the ONLY real woman for James. He wants to have some fun with you white bitches then that’s just recreation.”

“Second, he ain’t having no girlfriends. He can fuck you girls to break you in or to make a baby, nothing in between”

“Third, he ain’t taking the bread out of my babies’ mouths. Any white slut has his children then she gonna have to raise ’em and fund ’em herself. You understand all that?”

Jessica nodded but she thought she must have wandered into a madhouse.

“Good,” Alysha continued and her face softened, “hope we’ll be friends. I seen you giving James the moony-eyes but it ain’t him you loving it’s his big black cock.”

Jessica was furiously blushing – this was not the way her life normally went.

“I can prove it,” smirked Alysha. “TY!!”

“I’m here,” sounded a voice from the next room. Tyrone strolled in. Jessica remembered him well; the big tattooed thug who was a doorman with James at that club. “You ready to roll, girl?”

Jessica hesitated but a large black hand gasped her wrist and half-guided half-pulled the stunned white woman towards Tyrone’s car.

“Have fun, bitch,” murmured Alysha to herself and then made a drink for herself and another for her man.

White Slut 101

Within twenty minutes Jessica was naked and had Tyrone’s impressive cock pushing its way into her. She felt his mouth at her ear as she slowly moved in and out. “Fust time I saw you I said I’d be trying to get into this pussy. Didn’t take long did it?” He chuckled his triumph and then began to accelerate his movements.

Jessica, for a moment, wondered how she’d come to this. Since Tyrone had turned up she’d decided that she’d better just go along with him. He clearly had the potential to be a dangerous man. He was very big, very strong and some of those tattoos just screamed ‘jailhouse.’

“Look down,” ordered the voice.

Tyrone had raised himself off her as if he was doing press-ups. As she looked down her body she could now see his jet-black cock thrusting in and out of her pale pink pussy. The contrast was magical and she kept watching as she felt the lust and passion grow within her.

Tyrone dropped his big mouth to her right breast and seemed to engulf most of her 30D. He sucked, leaving a red mark, then turned his tongue’s attention to her hard nipple. Jessica began to ride the ripples of her pleasure and let Tyrone show her what he could do.

Later, Jessica watched herself in the mirror on the wall. She was on her hand and knees, that classic xslot submissive posture of presenting herself to a man. That man was a big black thug who she’d have crossed the street to run away from a few weeks ago. Now he had a fist locked in her long red hair and was pistoning his cock into her deep and fast. The image was enough and Jessica came hard, her pussy clenching on Tyrone and demanding his seed. Tyrone felt it and shouted, “FUCK!!” as he came inside her.

A third load of potent black seed. Needless to say, Tyrone hadn’t worn a condom or even suggested it.

“That look to be a problem?” asked Tyrone, gesturing to some of his seed left at the lips of her pussy.

“No, I’m not on birth control but this should be a safe time.”

“Shame. You’d look real good with my baby growing in you.”

Jessica had realised that Tyrone was not subtle and also not shy in stating his aims. She perhaps should have been outraged or disgusted. But she thought she’d got Tyrone’s measure and so she just giggled.

Given that Jessica thought she understood Tyrone his next request shouldn’t have surprised her. “I wanna tap that ass.”

“Oh, I, er, don’t know about that. I’ve never…”

“Time we got you started then…Relax and let me get you ready.”

Ty worked with expertise; this wasn’t his first rodeo. He carefully lubricated Jessica’s asshole and before long had two fingers introducing the liquid deeper and deeper. “Relax baby,” he urged as Jessica tensed underneath him. She did her best but it wasn’t easy and she was dreading the moment when…

“Thass ’bout ready,” said Tyrone and presented the fat head of his cock to her asshole. He took a firm grip on her shoulder and gently bit the back of her neck as his other hand helped push himself home.

“OOWWW, OOWWW, OOOWW,” this was not going to work.

Tyrone paused. “Relax, baby, relax – it’ll slide home real easy.”

She tried and after a while Tyrone pushed perhaps a quarter of the way in.


Tyrone withdrew almost all the way and Jessica felt her pain ease. “If you don’t relax then it ain’t gonna be good for you. Wanna try again?”

Jessica whimpered a little but still nodded her head. She tried meditation to take herself away from here to a happy place so that she could relax fully into a different dimension. Then about nine inches of hard black meat pounded into her ass.


Tyrone pulled out and stepped back. “OK, baby, anal ain’t for you. Just as well that limp-dick husband didn’t take ya to the ‘hood. Woulda been niggas lined up to fuck that ass red raw. Lucky you with a gentleman like me.”

Jessica looked at him and wiped the tears from her face. She felt grateful, strange since this was the guy who’d just been putting her through agony. “Thanks, Ty, I’m sorry.”

“Ain’t no big thing. At the club we all pussy hounds anyway. Anyone ask, you just say ‘Tyrone had my ass and ruined it for any other guy’, ya dig!'”

The big man laughed and she joined him, whether out of shock or relief.

A large black finger stroked her pale pink cheek. “You real fine, girl. Gonna be real popular with the brothas. That pussy’s dynamite, as good as I’ve had and I’ve had a lot. But if the ass is off limits then we need to train that pretty white mouth a little. You up for it?”

Jessica nodded, it just seemed the thing to do. She wanted to please Tyrone.

Tyrone explained how a man liked to get his dick sucked and then Jessica practised on him while he commented and made suggestions. She learned the right xslot Giriş pressure to stroke a man to hardness and just how he liked her tongue to work his head. She practised licking up and down his vein-y shaft and then tried to engulf him in her mouth. She slobbered over his meat, covering it in her spit as she worshipping the ebony pole.

“Ready for the next level, taking it all the way?” asked Tyrone.

Jessica nodded, she’d failed at anal but she was determined not to fail again.

A big hand grasped the back of her head and Jessica opened her mouth to admit Tyrone’s big black cock. She pushed as far as she could but then the hand pushed her head down further and further. The fat cockhead seemed to go into her throat and cut off her supply of air. He eyes widened in shock, her hands clutched at empty air and…Tyrone withdrew.

Jessica coughed hard, the spasms racking her body, She retched and a long streamer of spittle dropped from her mouth.

“Real good, you nearly had it,” said Tyrone and pointed at his dick, a dick covered in slobber until its last inch. “Only the best sluts can take my meat.”

Jessica looked at him furiously. But slowly her anger with Ty was replaced by frustration with herself. She’d always been competitive – at lacrosse, in exams, at work – now she was damn sure that she wasn’t going to be beaten by this. “Let me try again, Ty, please?”

The big man was delighted. He put her on her knees again and angled her head up. He grasped the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth. The new slut’s eyes were open and locked on his. Eyes full of fury or, perhaps, furious determination. He didn’t much care, he only knew that this was damn good. He began pushing the last part of his dick home into her throat. Jessica’s eyes widened and tears began streaming down her cheeks. But she kept her eyes locked on his and she didn’t try to pull away even when her nose was pushed into his belly and he was fully embedded in her.

Tyrone pulled his hands away from her head but Jessica kept herself pressed against him with his cock deep in her throat. He eyes began to lost their focus and Tyrone finally pulled her off him.

Jessica slumped to the floor and almost vomited as she desperately gasped in air. “Damn girl,” rumbled the voice above her, “you got the makings of a real good slut. Back on that bed and I’ll give you your reward.”

Jessica wearily scrambled up onto the bed and Tyrone gave it to her. She learned just how long and well the big man could fuck her and, next morning, she learned how to wake up with a black cock already deep inside her.

“All you need’s a bit more experience with real men,” Tyrone counselled her, “and I know where you can get it.”

The Club

“…and here’s your card,” smiled Jenny.

It was a little plastic card with her photograph, first name and a number.

“Now, that admits you and you just hang out and dance until you see someone you like. Then, you take his card and that tells him that he’s getting some pussy. The guys at the door will note your numbers as you leave. Oh, but you won’t be taking your BBCs home, I guess.”

Jessica giggled at the idea of taking a string of ‘black bulls’ home. “That’d give the residents’ committee kittens! Is there a motel near here?”

“Better that that, Mr Taylor had rooms built behind the club. Just be aware that Rooms

1-10 are wired for vision and sound. Goes to the perverts in the VIP and to sponsors on the web. Means you can fuck knowing thousands are watching all round the world. A real rush. We’ve got masks if you want to xslot Güncel Giriş try it.”

“Oh my,” said Jessica, she’d never thought of doing anything like that but…

“Of course, it’s safe sex only, 100%, no exceptions. Any guy try to persuade you otherwise then put it in your report.”

“My report?”

“Marks out of 5 and any comments. Is he a gent or a thug, I think you’ve tried both sorts already! Is he well-hung or not so much. Technique, stamina, etc, etc. The sort of things you’d like to know if you were considering selecting him. The guys wear their badges so you can excuse yourself and check out his reviews.”

Jessica giggled again, this place was amazing.


Meanwhile, her husband was also finding out about his future.

He stood in front of Senator Van Dorn’s huge office desk. He’d been laying siege to the Senator’s daughter for almost a year and it seemed she was ready to become the second Mrs Clarke. Jessica had been useful in her time but now he needed different connections to help him to the next level.

The Senator turned a flat screen monitor so that Christian could see it.

On the screen was Christian himself, on his knees in front of a big Black man. The Senator pressed a button –

“Please, Sir, please knock my wife up with your superior Bla…er, African-American seed,” came out of the speakers in Christian’s voice.

Then the man on the screen opened his mouth to pleasure the black cock and at that moment the picture cut off.

Christian hung his head in shame.

“My prospective future son-in-law, the man I intend to succeed me as Senator after my next term. How do you think our core-vote in Mississippi would react to that! You can’t see the woman clearly, they’ll probably think it’s my Clemency that you want knocked up with a nigger bastard!”

Christian desperately tried to control himself but the image of Clemency fat with some thug’s baby made his prick start to grow. “I don’t know what to say…” he gasped.

“Fortunately this video has come into the possession of an old associate of mine named Taylor. A darkie but a man of his word. It will not be released…”

“Thank God,” Christian blurted out.

“…in return for your co-operation. You’ll sign these two papers. The first is your divorce – no-fault and no-penalty – then we can have you married to Clemency as soon as possible. She’ll keep you out of trouble. Then you’ll sign this contract with the Taylor Foundation. The equivalent of the alimony – or a tenth of your income, whichever is the greater – to be paid monthly. Needless to say, in your political career, should Taylor require any assistance…”

“Of course, of course,” Christian rushed to agree. In his haste to placate the Senator he signed both papers without even looking at them.

The Senator’s face softened, “Don’t worry Christian, there’s going to be plenty of money to go round. You’ll go back home and stand for AG. Plenty of money to be made in that post for a man with his wits about him. Then back here to latch onto the Federal teat. But you know the best thing…”

Christian shook his head.

“…You’ll be a Taylor Foundation sponsor. Access to videos and live-streams of just the sort of material that red-blooded men-of-the-world like us enjoy.” The Senator chuckled, “With any luck you’ll soon be watching some niggers put that slut first-wife of yours through her paces.”

Christian was eager to leave – he needed to lock himself into his office so he could pleasure himself.

“One last thing, son, don’t try this sort of thing with Clemency. She never did approve of her mother’s, er, socialising with the Blacks.”

Christian thought of the arch-conservative Mrs Van Dorn being fucked by a bunch of niggers and came in his pants almost immediately. The future US Senator then stumbled out of the room.

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