Jessica’s Life Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 – A Friend Saved.

Jessica sleeps in and lounges around once she wakes up, texting her girls. She also texts Jacey and thanks her for the evening and ride home. Jacey and Rose offer to show her around, knowing the area well and the highlights. Jessica agrees and they spend the rest of the day together enjoying the area. When the journey is over Jessica returns to her hotel to prepare for the early flight back to her home town. She really misses her family, all the girls, Nikki, Vicki, and Suzie, are her family now to her. She texts them her love and they respond likewise. She calls her mother and talks to her for a good bit, not out of favoritism, not intentional.

As Jessica boards her flight she sees a familiar face. Brenda, the head stewardess, is working this flight. She sees Jessica a moment later and smiles in surprise and happiness. Jessica replies the same. They have brief greeting and Jessica goes to her seat. The five-hour flight is an hour in before Brenda gets a chance to talk with Jessica.

Jessica spends the hour in thought of the trip. When she was on her flight to Cali the thought of sex with a stranger was unlikely at best, but Brenda kept flirting and the idea became exciting to Jessica. It didn’t work out with her, but the seed had been planted. The bimbo at her father’s house was hot, but too into guys for her taste. Jacey’s club was a surprise and she toyed with the idea of having one of those girls, but she wasn’t really sure. Next thing she knows she has fucked nine women she doesn’t know, seven of them she couldn’t tell you their names. All inhibitions lost, Jacey and Rose were just two more beauties to bed. Now looking back, it wasn’t as good as she imagined in her head. The thrill was mild, but the pleasure was intense. Every one of those women made her feel incredible and her them. Being honest with her girls, she told them about the visit to the club. They seemed unaffected by the news. Were they hiding their feelings or did they expect this from her? Was she someone they expected to fuck just because she got a smile and invitation to do so? Are they disappointed in her, but don’t want to let on until it tears their relationship apart? This isn’t who she wants to be. This was just a one-time event, she got a little crazy, but now she is determined to go back to normal. How quickly temptation walks her way.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Brenda asks as she finishes her approach down the aisle. “You look like you lost your best friend.” Jessica smiles weakly.

“I hope not.” Jessica replies. “It’s been a strange couple of days. Just unwinding and taking it all in.”

“Do you mind if I sit?” Brenda asks motioning to the seat beside her.

“Not at all.” Jessica replies with a smile.

“There’s that beautiful smile!” Brenda says sitting down. “I wasn’t sure I would get to see you again. You’re not headed back to where we picked you up.”

“You remember where I came from?” Jessica asks with surprised. “Do you remember where all your passengers are from?”

“Just the memorable ones.” Brenda smiles and winks at her.

Jessica shies away. It’s okay to flirt. Nothing is going to happen on this plane. Everybody flirts, no big deal. Jessica convinces herself so easily.

“I am headed back to my home town. I have some things to take care of.” Jessica answers.

“When we land, I will be off until tomorrow afternoon. Why don’t we have dinner together?” Brenda isn’t going to lose her opportunity this time.

“Our plane is scheduled to land around three. That is a little early for dinner isn’t it?” Jessica answers.

“I’m sure we could find something to do to fill the time.” Brenda smirks at her.

“Like what?” Jessica teases with a serious demeanor. “I lived there my whole life. I don’t remember there being anything to do.”

“Well, then maybe we just stay at the hotel.” Brenda says leaning in close with a seductive tone. “And order room service.” Her lips a few inches from Jessica’s.

“Do you have the new console?” Jessica asks excitedly, Brenda is stunned and leans back a little, Jessica smirks and Brenda knows she was played.

“You little tease!” Brenda playfully says with a big smile. “I will get you back for that!”

“There is something I should tell you before this goes too far.” Jessica says with seriousness. “I’m a futa.” She whispers, Brenda looks confused.

“Sure! Is this another of one your games?” Brenda smiles confident in her judgment, Jessica shakes her head no. “You’re for real. A futa?” Jessica nods her head in agreement. “Would you excuse me?” Brenda gets up and makes a quick retreat, Jessica smiles at her warmly.

Jessica spends the rest of the flight sending texts to her girls and watching the movie Fast and the Furious 6. She doesn’t really pay too much attention to the movie, but the girls on it draw her eye from time to time. She doesn’t talk to Brenda again until they are close to arrival.

“Hi.” Brenda says nervously as she stands in the Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort aisle. “I’m sorry, but I am not going to be able to meet up with you after the flight. I will have to work a flight for another girl who got called away.” Brenda is clearly uncomfortable.

“I understand.” Jessica answers. “I hope you didn’t take on extra work just to avoid me. Do you think you’re the first to say no? It’s rare, but it does happen. It was nice meeting you!” Jessica says pleasantly and then returns to her phone, Brenda leaves without another word.

The rest of the flight is uneventful, along with exiting the plane, getting a rental car and driving to the biggest mall in the city to meet Christy. The mall is near capacity, of course, Jessica makes her way through the crowds to the meeting place. She sees Christy waiting, but she is with three other women. They look older than Christy, two of them a few years maybe and one about ten years. The two closest to Christy in age are white and the older woman is black. Christy notices Jessica’s approach before the others, a smile appears as she leaves them to meet her. They both know this will be a less personal meeting, because of Christy’s divorce in process.

It was soon after their night together that Christy started her divorce. The marriage had been open, they could sleep with anyone, but they couldn’t get caught. That was the deal they made. Christy had her way with many lovers, young women, as close to eighteen as possible, all legal age. He had many lovers as well, ages ranged wide, not being as desirable as his wife. Their entire marriage, he never once bedded his wife. She was a trophy to be shown off and fawned over, as was in their agreement. She had caught him three times, pictures of him in the act. Two of the three times she caught him, he was banging Mary, one of her followers. She could have ended their agreement the first time, but she knew it would work to her advantage to wait. When confronted with the evidence he knew he was beat. However, being a gambler, they made another agreement. If she could make it until the divorce was almost final without being caught with another, he would give her what she wanted. Gambling has always been his vice, but he wins nearly every big venture. She agreed to the challenge knowing even if she failed, which wouldn’t happen, she would be set for life. Their “marriage” had built a friendship over the years, and even now they are friends, never hostile, just part of the game, just another deal.

“Hello Jessica!” Christy smiles happily. “It has been too long!” Jessica smiles as she quickens her steps.

“Far too long! I miss you!” She says softly before the others get close enough to hear.

“Soon, Baby!” Christy replies. “How was your trip?” She says as the others gather.

“It was fine, long ride.” Jessica replies with a smile. “How have things been here?” The women partially surround Jessica.

“Are you going to introduce us to your friend?” The older woman asks. “Awful risky, you being around a young woman like this. Knowing your type and all.” The others kind of get smirks on their faces.

“This is Jessica Weaver.” Christy says as Jessica turns to face the black woman.

The stern look on Jessica’s face makes the older woman lose her smile and confidence. Lequisa knows the name, but has never met or seen the girl. The rumors about this girl are many and unconfirmed. Unconfirmed is odd for such a small city and with her connections.

“That is Lequisa Rubins.” Christy continues the introductions.

“You may call me, Miss Rubins.” She says.

“Oh, Tina’s mom!” Jessica replies happily. “Tina is such a sweetheart! How is she?”

Jessica’s smile is a confirmation of a question she hasn’t asked. This girl is in fact the futa of rumor and has indeed bed her daughter. Her blood begins to boil at the self shame she has imposed on the event.

“Let’s go ladies. I grow tired of this… place.” Lequisa says, her tone most definitely portraying her displeasure at Jessica.

She walks away without another word. The other two say goodbye to Christy and Jessica, Christy releases them with a nod, before leaving. Lequisa stops to allow them to catch her, not quite queen bee enough for them to quicken their pace. This makes Christy smile. They would have rushed to catch her if she walked away.

“I was hoping she would remember you.” Christy says with a smile as they turn to face each other. “That bitch is vying for my position as queen around here. She can have it once I am gone, but until then.”

“You look as beautiful as ever!” Jessica beams at her.

Christy is dressed to impress as always. Her stylish clothes are matched with accessories. She has a white halter top that shows a good amount of her belly. Over that she is wearing a small white coat that stops at the same place as the top. Her white skirt has a turquoise belt and modestly stops above her knees. She has her blond hair styled up and fastened Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort behind her head, keeping her face, ears and neck exposed. Around her neck she wears a turquoise lace collar, a combination of lace with a thin silk band around the center. In the front a thin silk strap hangs down and disappears between her cleavage. The ornate collar looks perfect on her, stylish yet has personal meaning to her. Her earrings are dangling a small chain holding a sparkling turquoise gem. The same gem adorns a bracelet on her left wrist. She is still wearing her wedding rings, but no other rings.

“Thank you, Mistress!” She says softly to avoid being heard by others. “We have to make this quick. I’m sorry!”

“It’s ok, I understand. I don’t want to hurt your case.” Jessica replies.

“Do you like my collar, Mistress?” Christy beams lifting the silk leash for Jessica’s approval.

“Of course, Beautiful! You make everything look great!” Jessica answers with a big smile.

“Hmm. I want a kiss.” Christy pouts. “This will be over soon. I promise.”

“And when it is, I will cover you with kisses!” Jessica confesses, Christy’s sadness disappears and she beams again.

“How is your mother?” Christy asks her voice returning to normal.

“She is good. When have you talked to her last?” Jessica doesn’t want to ruin the surprise.

“It has been a week I guess.” She answers. “I will get in touch with her later today.”

“Good! I know she will like that.” Jessica smiles, almost unable to contain the secret.

“After we leave the jeweler, I would like to ask you to do a big favor.” Christy says as they enter the jewelry store.

“Absolutely.” Jessica answers, no hesitation.

“I need you to meet someone. She has pictures she will give you.” Christy explains. “They could cause me some problems with my divorce. They aren’t of me having sex, but they are of me coming and going from your house. If you could just destroy them for me please.” Jessica nods in agreement as they reach the counter.

Jessica has told Christy what she was looking for in the ring and agrees that would make for a beautiful ring. Jessica values her opinion highly and wants to get her thoughts on the finishing touches. Christy picks out a perfect wedding band to accompany the engagement ring. The two of them speak with the jeweler, finalize the designs, settle on a price, and date of completion. Christy’s presence makes the entire ordeal significantly better, gaining a better price as well.

“I have to go now.” Christy says, a hint of disappointment in her voice. “Here is her number. She should be here at the mall someplace.” Jessica takes the paper. “Bye Baby!” Christy whispers, Jessica nods and Christy leaves her in the store.

“I need to discuss more rings.” Jessica says to the jeweler. “I am going to need five more of those. The two we discussed I need tomorrow, but the others I can wait a little bit for. Say two weeks?”

“I can’t get you those rings that fast.” He answers, Jessica looks at him in disbelief. “A rush like that will cost you extra.”

“Yea, I figured as much.” Jessica replies. “Just remember I have probably spent more in here today than you have made in days. And my request alone is another big sale for this company.” He takes her words to heart. “So what kind money are we talking?”

“I tell you what.” He starts. “You’re a friend of Miss Willow, so I will make those rings for you at the same agreed upon price each.” He goes to the register and starts pushing buttons. “Six of the emerald, white gold, weave band engagement rings and six of the white gold band wedding rings.” He says to himself really, but also confirming Jessica’s order, Jessica nods. “How would you like to pay?” Jessica reveals her card from her purse.

Jessica leaves the store feeling pretty good except for the blackmailing of Christy. She looks for a quiet place to make the call when she receives a text.

Tina- Hey girl! Are you back home?

Jessica- Just for a short time. How did you find out so fast? Lol

Tina- I have connections. 😀 One of my friends said she saw you at the mall. How long are you in town?

Jessica- Not long. My flight home leaves tomorrow.

Tina- When will you be back up? I won’t get to see you this trip.

Jessica- In two weeks. Hopefully I can get Nikki to come with me.

Tine- For sure! I will see you then! Bye Baby! ;D

Jessica- Kisses <3

Tina is acting strange, Jessica thinks. She pulls out the number now that she is in a quieter location. Call or text, that is the next question. She decides to text, maybe she can hide her annoyance.

Jessica- Hello. This is Jessica

A few minute pause.

???- HI! This Sasha!

A few minute pause.

Sasha- Can we meet outside at the fountain please?

Jessica- Yes How will I know you?

Sasha- I know you. I will come to you.

Jessica- Be there in five minutes.

Jessica makes Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort it to the fountain, there are about thirty people in the area. She sits on the edge of the fountain and looks around at the people. A semi familiar young woman walks up to her, very nervously, and sits down. Jessica has seen this girl before, she feels she should know her, but can’t put the pieces together.

Sasha is a smaller girl, a few inches shorter than Jessica and not as curvy. She is wearing a gray long sleeve t shirt and blue jeans, with rips in the legs, as the style. She also wears a pair of nearly worn out converse chucks, red faded to almost a light pink. As Jessica looks her over, her entire outfit is aged. Sasha has long brown hair that covers her back just past her shoulder blades, unevenly grown. Her brown eyes show distress as well as nervousness. She is a pretty girl, but she doesn’t put forth the effort to let is show.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” Sasha starts. “It’s ok, nobody does.” She looks at the ground.

“You look very familiar to me.” Jessica starts to think out loud. “I know I’ve seen you at school. We had some classes together, gym and lunch, I believe.” Sasha starts to say something. “Don’t tell me. I have to figure this out.” Sasha relents and Jessica is quiet for a moment. “My junior year… you were a freshman and I stopped some girls from harassing you.” The lights turn on in her head and she remembers this girl. “That was you, right?” Sasha nods yes. “Ok. I helped you a couple years ago, and to my knowledge, never did anything hostile to you. So, you blackmail my friend?”

“It isn’t like that!” Sasha says excitedly. “I’m not blackmailing her, not really.” She looks back down to the ground. “She saw me with my camera and assumed I was working for her husband to catch her doing something, but I wasn’t. I’m not.” She goes quiet.

“Tell me what’s going on? Why did you blackmail her to get to me?” Jessica is confused.

“I knew she could at least tell me where to find you.” Sasha says timidly. “Since that day you saved me from those girls…”

“It’s ok Sasha. You can tell me.” Jessica consoles her.

“Since then… I have been obsessed with you.” Sasha spits out. “I have been stalking you, taking pictures and… I’m not planning on hurting you or blackmailing you or anyone.” She sighs heavy. “I just wanted to see you again. Maybe… I don’t have any pictures of her. I only photograph you.” She looks Jessica in the eyes and smiles weakly.

Jessica doesn’t know what to say. The good thing is Christy doesn’t have to worry. The more Jessica thinks back, she does remember the girl being off in the distance a lot. Never really thought anything about it though.

“Why are you obsessed with me?” Jessica breaks the silence between them.

“You saved me.” Sasha explains. “Those girls were going to throw me in a dumpster, ruin my only good clothes, and make me an outcast for my entire high school life. You were an answer to prayer. I asked God to please help me, and you intervened.” Sasha pauses to judge Jessica’s reaction. She remains quiet and listens. “A poor girl like me doesn’t have a good chance of high school being enjoyable. Eventually people find out, then it’s just day in and day out trouble. But you saved me from that. They just forgot about me and I faded into the crowds. I always thought you were beautiful, but after that, I became obsessed with you. School was just another chance to see you. Maybe get close enough to talk to you.”

“I remember us talking a couple times.” Jessica adds to the one-sided conversation. “Not about anything really, just pleasantries.” Sasha smiles. “I have to admit. This is pretty weird. You stalked and photographed me for two years?” Sasha nods her head yes while looking down. “Now what?”

“I barely passed school when I was there and now that you are gone, I have no reason to go back.” Sasha answers. “My parents will most likely throw me out of the house soon. If I have to live on the street, I would rather it be near you.”

“You can’t live on the street. You’ll die!” Jessica replies.

“Then I’ll die! I don’t care!” Sasha says standing quickly, tears fill and run down her cheeks, Jessica wraps her in a hug to console. “Don’t leave me again!” Sasha begins crying, Jessica continues to console her.

“I don’t want you to die.” Jessica says softly holding her tightly. “We will think of something.” Jessica tries to move them back to sitting on the fountain edge, but Sasha is not letting go. “It will be ok Sasha.” She whispers and tightens her grip again, heavy hearted.

This is the first time Sasha has felt the touch and compassion of another person in longer than she can remember. Her former best friend hasn’t talked to her in almost six months. There are no others to call friend. Her family… no love there. She melts in Jessica’s embrace, one of many dreams come true. She knows this can’t last, but she isn’t going to release first, even if they stand there for the rest of the day.

Jessica doesn’t know what to do. Sasha does eventually stop crying but her hold on Jessica remains. They stand together in silence while the rest of the area goes about their business.

“What do you say we go get something to eat?” Jessica says softly to her, while loosening her grip, Sasha releases and backs up.

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