Jess and her Son Pt. 02

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Jess and her Son Pt. 02

All parties in this story are over 18 years of age and consenting.

“Oh, mum, I’m so happy. Look at us here, together. We made love, finally… I have been waiting for you, dreaming of this… and now we’re together… I can’t believe it!”

“I know my darling son, you’ve made me feel so good, my baby… I’m so full of your cum. You’ve filled me. Your seed is INSIDE me. Inside my body. Can you believe that thought?”

Jess and James gazed into each other’s’ eyes, his dick still soaked with their juices combined. They beamed at each other, their faces close. Jess couldn’t believe how he had grown into the most amazing, sexy man. Eighteen now, and fully able to give her the fertile seed she had missed from her father for so long.

James’s tongue met his mother’s lips. Her tongue met his and slid into his mouth. He closed his lips over hers, his tongue outstretched inside her mouth as deep as he could go, circling and exploring her mouth. She responded by opening her mouth wider as she accepted his tongue into her mouth and throat, and she reciprocated every motion his mouth made. She’d never felt a kiss so sexy, so arousing, and so horny. She wanted his cock, ached for his cum.

Their lips parted as they continued to talk about the beautiful union they had just made together.

“Mum, I can’t wait to do this again. Can we? Will you?”

“Oh, yes James, we will. Again and again. Will you give me babies, James? Will you make my belly swell with a child once again?”

“I want to so, so much mum… more than I have ever wanted anything else in the whole world!”

“Oh baby, I want you so much it hurts. I want you constantly, I want to have every moment I can feeling you deep inside me.”

“Yes mum, can we do this all the time? Can we be … together? Every day and night? I want to be your babies’ father, mum. I want to give you all my seed, all the time. I have so much cum for you, I am so desperate to make you pregnant again and again.”

“Your cum belongs inside me James. That I think we both know now. You and I are destined to be together and create a child. I want you so much, my baby. I love you, my gorgeous son.”

James thought about dad. It worried him what his dad may say or how he might react if he knew what had just taken place. Today changed everything, the whole course of all their futures. He knew that. He knew that he could never again feel comfortable about his mum and dad being intimate now. Not now that he had experienced this with his beautiful mother. No, the future had to be he and his mother. Surely…

“But what about dad, mum? What will he say? Won’t he challenge us? Won’t he be really upset?”

Jess suspected Charlie would understand. Maybe he and her could be intimate still, maybe not, but Charlie was in his eighties now. He would have to realise that Jess needed more than Charlie could now offer her, physically.

She actually felt a little mischievous over the whole situation. She secretly wanted Charlie to catch them, red-handed, James’s huge thick cock pumping his thick spunk into her eager pussy, just like Mum had caught Daddy and Jess all those years ago.

“Let’s not tell dad for now, baby. I am sure it’ll be hard for him to take, but I think he will understand and give his blessing. But until I know I am pregnant with your child, maybe we shouldn’t rock the boat?”

“Mum, I don’t want dad to have you anymore…I want you to only want me… to be the only one you have in your bed…”

Jess was in a conundrum.

Today’s events had really convinced her that things had to change; and right now. Her mind had been made up for her on this one, today, having felt the glorious feeling of fucking her eighteen-year-old, virile and horny son. It felt so amazing. How deep inside her his erupting cock had travelled. How much cum he had injected into her womb today, and only once so far, the first of countless times. How could she go back to her geriatric dad now? Now she had felt sex better than her father had ever given her?

Yes, she knew she only wanted James now, things had been ebbing away gradually with Charlie, he was less and less in the mood to give Jess his dick these days, and when he did, Jess knew it wasn’t going to get her pregnant, and this took away a lot of the thrill for her. He was getting tired early in the evenings a lot, and spending more and more time with Flora, as elderly husbands and wives do.

James could offer Jess so much more now, everything she dreamed of. They were both in the sexual prime of their lives. James wanted to be his mother’s only man, the one to give her all she needed. His huge fat cock, all day every day, and load after load of hot spunk inside her aching pussy. They could live together in union, she, wet and ready for penetration by that enormous eighteen-year-old cock, whenever he desired her. She wanted to be controlled by him, to be his baby machine, to be impregnated again and again. It was her only dream now. She had come to this realisation Escort Bayan fully now.

She looked into her son’s eyes as he stroked and squeezed her milky breasts. Milk dripped from her thick hard nipples as her hand made its way onto his hardening cock.

“James, my baby… I only want you. I know that this is the only way forward for us now. Avoiding intimacy with your daddy for now until I get pregnant won’t be difficult, he’s in his twilight years now. We will tell him soon, if he doesn’t work it out for himself. Let me think of a way to tell him.”

James looked down at his mother’s dripping nipples. He felt so hungry for them. They were so suck-able. His head moved to her breast. He flicked the long hard nipple with his tongue and milk splashed onto his lips, as it pinged forwards like a spring. There was a droplet of milk on the end of the nipple. He slid his lips over the nipple, his tongue resting underneath it, and sucked hard so that more of the breast tissue was vacuumed into his mouth. Milk filled his mouth. Her sweet nectar.

Covering the entire areola with his mouth now, he suckled her, as he latched onto her full, hard, milk-filled tit. The other was dripping too, awaiting his mouth to evacuate it of its contents; his meal would be her milk tonight.

Suckling and massaging his mother’s beautiful big tit, he helped the milk out to the end of the nipple. As the milk sprayed out onto his tongue and down his throat, the thickness of his organ was growing and getting harder by the second. He knew exactly how to get all the milk out of his mamma’s beautiful breasts. He’d had years of practice at this, and it tasted as sweet and delicious as it always had. He was hungry for all the milk she had tonight. Her food, her body, and, after this, her pussy. Her sexy wet pussy. His pussy. He was going to put a child inside her. And soon. He vowed to himself.

Jess lay there in a daze as her boy fed on her ripe body. They had just coupled. Mated. Her pussy was already overflowing with thick, warm spunk, and, judging by the hardness of his cock right now in her hands, she knew she was going to get more of the same tonight. Much, much more. As she lay there with him in her arms, his seed trickled steadily upwards, through her opening cervix, then into her uterus and fallopian tubes. It would eventually fill her womb to the brim.

Today was a Sunday. Charlie was out with his boys at the golf club, he still managed to get himself out and keep active at his ripe old age. Although he was definitely slowing down, there was life in him yet!

Flora was also out and had most of the children with her as always. She was like their school teacher! She loved her role, it gave her purpose and it had really been her life’s dream too.

As Charlie and Flora were both out, and Jess knew she was fertile this next two or three days, now really was the time for insemination. Multiple insemination. Time really was of the essence. She wanted every egg she had now to be fertilised with James’s seed.

The truth was, she really had missed being pregnant. Her body cried out to be the home for more babies. She was so fertile, always had been. Her ripe body instinctively made her crave pregnancy, perpetual mating round the clock, and to be suckled and drained. She knew James needed to strike while the iron was hot and fuck his momma hard and often this next few days. She needed ALL his seed inside her body.

James continued to suckle and drink the life-giving nutrients from both his mother’s breasts, until she was completely evacuated. They would both re-fill again in an hour anyway, and she’d need draining again. Jess was soaked in her son’s seed, but desperate for more. She held his head in her hands as he finished his last mouthful. She gazed into his eyes, her love for this precious child of hers, now a man, was unlike any other love she had ever felt. Now, all boundaries had come down and, all in an instant, he was her everything. Her lover. The father of all her children from here on in. She was desperately in love with him, in every which way.

“James, baby… I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. This blows my mind. We are going to breed! Are you OK, my wonderful son? How do you feel about this? Really? I know you said you wanted this, I want to be 100% sure this is truly what you want.”

“Mum, I am so, so happy. You can never really know how much I love you. How much I lust after you. To have given you my seed only goes so far in expressing how I feel. I want you all day and night. I want my cock inside you and only you. Constantly. I want to feel you cum on my dick all hours of the day. I want to make you scream in pleasure as you feel me erupt inside you.”

As he spoke these words, he once again became conscious of his rock hard raging erect cock, and how much he was craving her tight dripping pussy surrounding it. He was ready to give Jess another thick load of his fertile spunk.

Jess kissed his mouth as his head nestled in her hands. His tongue reached Bayan escort out to meet hers and they licked each other’s lips, sinking deeply into a kiss that would be the initiation of another union of their bodies to make the baby they both so desperately wanted. Their kiss was wet and hot. James devoured his mother’s mouth, and as her face was above him, her saliva dripped onto his tongue. He swallowed it hungrily, as if it was her pussy juices that were spilling onto his face.

Jess wanted to taste her son’s cock so badly. She moved down so that her face met his huge growing member.

What an enormous monster he really possessed. Jess could scarcely believe it actually fit fully inside her pussy, all the way to the hilt — her pussy was well used to babies being delivered from it. It was the biggest cock she’d actually ever seen. And oh, the things it did to her. She shivered in anticipation of the thought of it breaching her pussy lips and stretching her open, filling her with this enormous, thick meat. So deep it should hurt her, but it didn’t. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. She wanted it inside her as often as possible.

She opened her mouth. Wide as she could.

She took the big head of his dick onto her tongue and enclosed her mouth over the tip. It fit.

She sank her mouth over the big shaft, tasting herself on him immediately. Their combined sex tasted like nothing else.

Further and further her head sank down onto him, her throat opening up to accept his massive length and girth. She slid her head back to the tip, and forth again, her saliva soaking his shaft, and dripping out of her mouth as she fed hungrily on the huge dick before her.

James had never had a girl be able to suck his dick at all, he was way too big to get that deep for anyone. So to feel his own mothers’ lips around that full width, and better yet, feeling and seeing at least half of it disappear deep down into his mother’s throat, as she gagged and moaned and gasped, was an unparalleled first for him.

“Oh, mum… you’re so amazing, I hope you love this big dick, it’s all for you momma, your dick forever…” James murmured in pleasure as his mother slurped and sucked and licked and devoured his huge cock. “I want you and only you, mum… I want you to only want me… No-one else can have you… this is your dick and that is my pussy….”

Jess let his big cock slide slowly out of her throat. As her lips released the tip, she lifted her head and looked him in the eyes.

“My baby. My son. My lover now. I love the sound of that…”

He nodded. “Me too, mum. We’re lovers.”

“Your father is out all day today and so is Auntie Flo. They won’t be home until later this evening. I want you. I want so much to be pregnant to you. My best boy. Fuck me all day today, James. Give me your children. Let’s make love again and again today my darling. I’m fertile and I’m so ready for you.”

James needed no more encouragement as he felt his dick twitch and shake. Jess put her hand on it as her legs wrapped around his waist. She toyed with her clit with the bulging wet head. His cum was still filling her pussy. Without letting a drop spill out, she plunged the head of his fully hard cock into the soaking wet opening.

He gasped. The pleasure was almost too much as he felt himself slipping into the tightness of his mother’s hot pussy. They ached and craved for this. She clung to him, her thighs around his waist as he rocked his pelvis back and forth, massaging his huge length deep inside her body. He felt her strong vaginal walls tensed and pulsating with excitement.

She held his bottom with her hands as he drove his long length fully in and out of her.

Jess felt her son’s ripe, fertile cock pressing up against the opening of her awaiting cervix as he copulated with her. Each time he drove it into her, she tensed and released, to make her son grow harder and thicker in pleasure.

Jess felt that she would cum soon if it carried on like this. She started to shiver, and her legs started to shake. James could feel this and knew he was about to give his mother a huge orgasm.

“Mummy, cum for me… please…”

She continued to shiver and shake.

“James… I… yes… uhh… oh god….”

“Mummy, give me your cum… all over my cock baby…cum for me…yes… mummy”

“Yes… I, I… Ohhhh… Mmmmmhhh!!”

“Mum … I can feel you cumming!”

Jess was in utter ecstasy as her body tensed and writhed, her pussy squirting and spraying James’s dick with her juices. She felt his hardness firmly massaging her G-spot, and the shaft was rubbing on her swollen pink clit every time they moved.

She was helpless in his arms. This man. A man who she had once carried inside her for nine months, birthed into this world, taught how to be a good human being, how to love.

Now, she was teaching him how to fuck. How to make her pregnant.

Her pussy juices dripped all over James’s balls and down his ass crack as Escort he continued fucking her. He slammed into her, the stimulation intensifying for him. He was getting close to his release. His balls were about to explode inside her.

“Mum… I am going to cum again…I’m … getting… so… close… uh… uhhhh… ohhhhhh…”

“James please cum… please give me your spunk… my pussy wants your cum… make a baby with me James! Please! I need you… ooohhh… fuck your babies into me… yesssss…”

He erupted like a long dormant volcano, with more force than he’d ever felt, firing load after load of thick white cum into his mother’s pussy. She was overflowing with his seed now, two loads he’d delivered to her. There was room for no more until her cervix lapped up and accepted the seed into her womb.

He felt it shoot so fast and hard into her, that he swore he could feel a momentary opening of his mother’s cervix as the thick load forced itself into her ovulating womb.

By now, her fallopian tubes were both full to the brim with his sperm. As it happened today was her ovulation day, and at the perfect moment, her next egg freshly released itself into the swimming pool of seed. The egg floated out into the flooded cavern, vulnerable and ready to be attacked, penetrated by one of the billions of excited cells.

She was fertilised and didn’t know it yet. Freshly pregnant. Already, the process of making a new life had started inside her. She would give birth again soon, nine months would pass, her belly would swell and grow once more with the fruit of her own child’s loins.

James looked down at his beautiful mother. He; locked fully inside her; remained there for a few minutes. He didn’t want to pull it out. He didn’t want to withdraw from her body. He felt like this is where he belonged, and to withdraw from her would be leaving her, somehow.

He had fallen deeply in love with his mother. Romantically, emotionally, sexually. She was now the only woman he could ever dream of being with. She was so beautiful. Her eyes when they looked at him. His heart sped up and he got butterflies. Her body, curvy and full, round and soft, made him want to melt with desire. They were soul mates.

He couldn’t begin to think of his mum and dad even being together now. He knew it was crazy, but the thought would drive him wild with jealousy. This may be difficult, they both knew that.

James slowly slid his softening cock out of his mother’s pussy. She gasped a little as the warm head hit her clitoris, burning hot on her flesh.

Jess looked at her gorgeous, handsome firstborn son with a blissful smile. she curled into his arms with him spooning her.

James lay behind his mother. His cum-covered cock pressing into her bottom, and his hands on her waist as he pulled her close.

He whispered as they lay there;

“Mum, I love you forever. I want you to be all mine.”

He kissed her neck, biting her gently, licking her ear as he whispered again.

“You’re mine now, Jess. I have claimed you. Fertilised you. Marked you as mine. No-one else can have you. Not even dad. You’re all mine.”

These words turned Jess on so much. He spoke so territorially. It felt sexy for her to surrender everything to him. She knew this was not going to be easy, but after what she had just felt with her boy, she knew that sexually, it really was over for her and her daddy. She loved daddy dearly, but she needed more babies. Her boy wanted to give her them. They were in love, and breeding for a new family now.

James kept stroking his mother’s body up and down, clutching her. Kissing her spine. She turned her head round to meet his face, and their tongues met. They kissed.

“James, I am all yours,” She whispered back at him. His smile grew as she nodded her hear and widened her eyes.

“We’re going to have many babies James. I know it. I’ve wanted this since you turned into a man. You’re going to father more of our children. We must act now. My body maybe only has another eight years of fertility. I need you, baby.”

As they lay, serene together, the cum filling her womb had ebbed into her uterus, filling her utterly full of his ripe spunk in exactly the place she most needed and craved.

He kissed her slowly; his hands cupping her face as he did. So, already, this talk of keeping his sexy mother perpetually pregnant with his young, had hardened his dick for a third time. Still laying behind his mother, feeling the wetness dripping out of her spunk-logged pussy, he rested his hardening cock in the cleft of her thighs, with the head pointing upwards and inches away from her soaking opening. Ready to edge forward and enter her again when the time was right.

“Mother. My beautiful mother.” He sighed. “I’m going to give you this cock, this seed, for the rest of your fertile life, and beyond. We are going to breed, and breed fast. I want you always filled with babies, just like dad put so many babies inside you. I will be the father now.”

“Breed my body, James.” Jess exclaimed back at him. “Lets make love every day, as often as we can. Daddy will understand now. He knows I want you. Your dad and Auntie Flo are very close and they will be around to help us raise all the beautiful babies we’ll make.”

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