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Jeff and Mark went out to Club 21 one Friday night and met me there. I am 51 year’s old, married, 5′ 3″, blond, only on the top though, 36c-27-37,I love oral sex and I do swallow and yes, I am a whore and I love it,, Jeff is my son, he is 31 and Mark is my nephew, he is 35. They were a little tipsy, but then so was I. They seen me and came over to my table, I was alone so I enjoyed their company, after a few more beer’s, Jeff scooted over next to me, Mark was at the bar, talking to some friend’s, Jeff looked into my eye’s and ask me if he could tell me something personal.

I told him to go ahead and not to be shy, so he told me that he thought I had beautiful tits that he would love to play with and suck on and that he had been fantasying about fucking me for some time now and his greatest fantasy was to fuck me and that he did want to fuck me in real life! I was very surprised, but he just kept looking into my eyes. I started to get a little excited, even though I knew it was wrong. I told Jeff not to be embarrassed and not to worry about it, that I thought that was natural, that every son at one time or another, fantasized about wanting to fuck their Mother. Jeff told me that there was something else and I ask him what it was and he told me that Mark and him had been talking earlier and Mark had told him that he would love to Fuck his Aunt Janet one time.

Jeff just smiled and told me thanks, that he was glad to get it off his chest. After another beer or two, I was getting horny and the thought of Jeff’s cock in my pussy and Fucking my son was making me wet. I looked at Jeff and ask did he want to leave and go to my house for a beer or two. He looked at me kind of funny, but said ok. We started to leave and I told him to ask Mark if he wanted to cum too. He ask Mark and they came over to me and said they were ready, so I told them to follow me home. When we got to my house, I got us a beer and we just talked for a few minute’s, when I got very horny, so I got up and went into the bedroom and hollered to Jeff and Mark and ask them if they would cum in her and give me a hand.

When Mark and Jeff came in, I was just standing there and they ask me what I needed, so I told them I needed help getting my cloth’s off and my pajama’s on. Jeff started unbuttoning my blouse and Mark’s hands went to my slacks. Jeff took my blouse off and His eye’s got wide and görükle escort I knew his cock was getting hard. I had to ask him if he were going to take my bra off and he reached behind me and unclasped the hook’s, he let it linger there a second and finally took my bra off, my 36c tit’s popped out before him and he just stood there staring at my tit’s.

Mark had removed my slacks by then and hooked his thumb’s in my panties and took them off. There I stood in front of my Nephew and Son, completely naked! I knew that both their cocks would be very hard by then. Mark stood up and I could see the bulge in his pants and I could feel Jeff’s hard on pressing against my ass through his jeans. There was no stopping now. I pulled Jeff around to my side and ask them if they were going to leave their cloth’s on or did they want to fulfill their fantasies. I have never seen anyone get naked as fast as Mark and Jeff! I stood between their naked bodies, reached down and took each of their cocks in my hands and Jeff and Mark both shuddered.

I slowly started stroking both their cock’s, when Mark reached down and started massaging my pussy, he slipped 2 fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me, it was wonderful. Jeff leaned over and was sucking on my tits, alternating from one to the other. My nipple’s were harder than I every remembered and it felt so good. My Son sucking my tits and my Nephew Finger Fucking me. I could hardly stand, I was so excited and horny. I whispered to them that we should get on the bed. I got on the bed and laid on my back, Jeff and Mark just stood and were looking at me as if this were only a dream. It was the first time I actually got to see their cocks and I was surprised.

Mark’s cock was at least 9 inch’s and Jeff’s was almost that big. I wanted one in my pussy, so I told one of them to come and get on. Mark moved first and as he got on the bed, I reached out, took his cock in my hand and started stroking it, I knew it would go right in my cunt, I was so wet with my juice’s from being so horny and Mark Finger Fucking me, I put his cock against my wet pussy lip’s and Mark slammed into my cunt with one lunge. It felt so good that as it went all the way in, I had my first orgasm. Mark was like an animal, pounding my pussy, with every thrust, his ball’s slapping against my ass, but I didn’t want him to slow down. görükle escort bayan

I screamed “Fuck me Mark, just Fuck me, Fuck my pussy, Fuck me, fill my pussy with your cock Mark, please, Mark, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck your Aunt Janet Good, Give Me That Cock, Fuck Me Mark” and Mark did. I felt another orgasm building, I raised my legs and Mark kept slamming his cock into my pussy, every thrust I met with one of my own. My orgasm starting, I wrapped my legs around Mark’s back as I shuddered and shook from the orgasm wracking me. With one big thrust, I heard Mark scream, “here I cum Aunt Janet, I’m going to fill your pussy with cum” and I felt the first spurt’s hitting my pussy wall’s. Mark kept Cumming and Cumming.

His cum started running out of my pussy. Finally, Mark shot his last squirt of cum in my pussy and as soon as he was soft, he got off and Jeff got on. Jeff didn’t waste any time as he sunk his cock into my pussy and vigorously started fucking me. I was in ecstasy. My Nephew’s cum leaking out of my pussy while my Son was fucking me, filling my pussy with his cock. Jeff didn’t last long, in less than a minute, I felt him starting to cum. Once his cock was soft, he got off and laid next to me and told me that I was so good and he knew he was fucking his Mom, he couldn’t help it. I told him not to worry about it, that this would be the first of many times to cum that we would Fuck. I lay in the middle of Jeff and Mark and I wanted more, so I reached down and took their cocks and started stroking them. Mark was hard already and I could feel Jeff’s cock starting to get hard again.

Without a word, I slid down the bed, I started kissing and licking the length of Mark’s cock, then leaned over and kissed the head of Jeff’s cock, which was very hard again. I took Jeff’s cock in my mouth and he lunged up suddenly and my mouth was full of my Son’s Cock. I started to gently suck it, my head bobbing up and down on Jeff’s very hard cock and my tits were swaying. I looked up at Jeff and his eyes were closed and he was raising his hips up and down, literally fucking my mouth. I closed my eyes and slowly began giving my Son a blowjob. Mark got up and moved around me, grabbing my hips and raising my ass up. Suddenly, I felt his cock pressing against my pussy. Mark drove his 9 inch’s of cock all the way into my escort görükle cunt and started fucking me again.

My Nephew’s cock filling my cunt, my mouth filled with my Son’s cock! I hardly had to move at all, with Mark’s fucking me. Every time he buried his cock in my cunt, his forward motion causing me to move forward, my mouth taking in Jeff’s cock. There we were, My Nephew’s cock filling my pussy, my tit’s swaying, my mouth filled with my Son’s cock. Suddenly, with just a tiny twitch, I felt Jeff’s cum squirting into my mouth, I had never let anyone cum in my mouth before, but I couldn’t take my mouth off my Son’s cock, He filled my mouth with cum and I had no choice but to swallow. I was very surprised at how sweet and delicious Jeff’s cum tasted and suddenly, I couldn’t swallow enough of Jeff’s cum. It tasted so good! I kept sucking until I was sure I had sucked every last drop out of Jeff’s cock and swallowed it. Just as Jeff’s cock went soft, Mark let out a yell and he started Cumming, filling my pussy with another load of fresh, creamy cum. I couldn’t move.

Another orgasm wracking me. Shaking and shuddering, I let loose and my juice’s were running down Mark’s cock onto his ball’s, soaking them. Mark finally stopped cumin and his cock went soft and plopped out of my pussy. As soon as my orgasm subsided, I moved around, Mark had fell onto the bed on his back, and I started cleaning off his Cock and ball’s with my tongue. Mark’s cock quivered and before long, was a full 9 inch’s again! I licked the entire length of Mark’s 9 inch cock, cleaning up his and my juices, savoring every drop. As I reached the head of Mark’s cock, I slipped my mouth over it and started sucking it. I could only take 7 inch’s of Mark’s cock in my mouth and it was a wonderful 7 inch’s, but I knew that Mark was really enjoying it. His Aunt sucking his cock.

Then I felt Jeff’s cock at my pussy and he rammed it all into my cunt. I was in bliss again. Sucking my Nephew off while my Son was fucking me! We all came at the same time and I swallowed every drop of Mark’s delicious cum while Jeff filled my pussy to overflowing with his cum. I had never been fucked as well as I had ever been from My Son and Nephew. No other Fuck had ever come close! As we laid their, exhausted, I told them that anytime they got the urge, to cum over and we would cure it. Which they did from that night, on a regular basis. I am content fucking my Son and Nephew now and I hardly ever go out anymore. After a while, they both started bringing friend’s over and I would fuck them too! I get all the Fucking I want right at home. And, whenever I get horny, anyone of them is just a call away.

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