Janet, Chrissie and Me Ch. 03

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Ryan continues to celebrate his 18th Birthday.

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When Ryan reached his eighteenth birthday Mum gave herself to him. She had her Daughter’s blessing with the caveat that she should teach him everything he needed to know. She would reach her eighteenth birthday, twenty five days later and also wanted her Brother’s cock.

For the detail of the story so far – please see Janet, Chrissie and me Chapters 1 – 2.

“That all of it?”

I dragged my eyes from Mum’s face and tits and glanced along my body to where my cock disappeared into her cunt.

“Little bit still to go Mum,”

“Think you can thrust your hips up nice and hard? Like you were trying to tease the last of the strawberry jam out of the corners of the jar with a spoon?”

Moving my hands such that I could cup her magnificent tits more fully while positioning a finger and thumb either side of each nipple I squeezed each breast and pinched each nipple. Mum let out a groan, long and low. I pushed my hips upwards, urgently.

“Arrh fuck!”

Mum’s head went back, her tits seemed suddenly a lot firmer and she grunted loudly.

“Thought you said it was only a little bit?”

“Sorry Mum.”

“Don’t be. Do it again and again and… Fuck! Yes just like that…!”

So I rammed my hips upwards and pulled Mum’s body down onto my cock by hauling on her hard tits. Just so she’d really suffer I rolled her nipples firmly between my fingers and thumbs.

Mum became more and more energetic as she started to bounce on my cock, forcing herself down to meet my upthrusting cock.

“Don’t… fucking… stop… ’til… you’ve… fucking… filled… me…with… your… fucking… baby… fucking… batter.”

I was on a roll and had absolutely no intention of stopping. I drove my hips up and thrust my cock deep into her descending cunt. Mum squealed with pleasure and panted erotically between incomprehensible grunts of exertion.

“I’m still cumin! I’m still cumin! I’m still cumin! I’m still cumin! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me and fill me. Fill my cunt with spunk!”

I’m a good boy. Always do what Mum says. With a final, double strength upwards thrust I rammed my cock deep as possible into Mum’s cunt and held the position as I felt my balls contract and the first fuck load of spunk spurt into Mum’s cunt.

“Oh shit! That feels incredible. My cunt is filling with your spunk, Ryan. You’re a proper man now. My man! Just hold it there and let me enjoy feeling you fill me.”

Mum shuddered as I pumped my juices into her, spurt after spurt. When I thought I’d finished I felt her cunt tightening around my cock then she started to move. Resting her elbows either side of my head she started to rock back and forth on my cock. Squeeze as she pulled her cunt up my length and relaxed as she pushed back onto it.

“Feel good?”

“Fuck yeah! Fantastic. What ya doin’?

“Special cunt muscles for squeezing cocks and other items inserted in greedy cunts. Not used them significantly in years. Should have been squeezing your cock while I rode you but … I’ll just have to practice more often, eh?” she chuckled.

“Anytime you like, Mum, just say the word. I’ll cum running… err, Mum… can I eat your cunt again?”

“Now? With my cunt full to overflowing with your spunk?”

“Yes, is that wrong?”

Mum laughed delightedly then whispered into my ear;

“You mean wrong as in, eating me to countless orgasms, pumping your load direct into me belly and making me cum again then fucking me beautifully, making me cum loads more, is right? No Darling, eating my cunt after fucking me is not wrong by any manner of means. I’d love it. How’d you want me?”

“Downstairs I pretty much fucked your face until I spunked in your throat. I’d like you to fuck my face until you cum all over it and in my mouth, if you can squirt again?”

“Darling, you and me are going to have so much fun in the cumin years.”

“Only years?” I sniggered dirtily “I’m thinking decades.”

“Chrissie will need a piece of your cock very soon. Probably a big piece, regularly. She’s waited so long. I’m not greedy, Darling, I’ll share you quite happily and I don’t think she’ll object to sharing you either. Mind you, you’ll spoil her for any other man in the future. Although I seriously doubt she’ll ever look at another man.”

We reorganised on the bed, Mum’s legs between my arms and my body and her cunt positioned perfectly such that she could use my entire face to bring herself to orgasm.

“Just slap my arse if I forget to let you breathe, okay?”

I could easily see why a cunt that had just been fucked was called a cream pie. Mum’s cunt was frothy where we’d continued fucking after I’d dumped my load high up inside her. A white frothy whipped up confection of my spunk mixed with Mum’s cum and cunt juices. It really did look inviting.

=== === ===

Maybe I’m different, I don’t know but I had trabzon escort tasted my own spunk a long time before fucking Mum. I’d wanked off, some missed the paper hankie and ended up on my belly. I’d already binned the hankie when I discovered I’d missed some so scooped it up with my finger. Get out of bed and get the hankie from the bin or lick my finger clean?

I already knew that girls loved swallowing spunk from the stories I’d read on the internet so it obviously wasn’t going to do me any harm. I licked my finger. Simples.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t something I’d use instead of marmalade or strawberry jam on my toast in the morning but it would be a whole lot higher up my list of choices than Marmite ever would.

=== === ===

I already knew Mum tasted delicious from when she was laying on the settee earlier so the cream pie just above my face was eagerly and enthusiastically awaited.

“You gonna lower that delicious looking cream pie on my face or am I gonna have to pull you down on my mouth?”

Mum lowered, cautiously at first but once she realised I wanted her cunt in my face and her cream all over it she became much more enthusiastic. I didn’t have to remind her to let me breath more than a couple of dozen times, most. I loved the way she used me to bring herself to orgasm. Her cunt didn’t stay still for a moment as she switched from my nose driving into her clitty to my chin as she tried to force my entire face, chin first, into her cunt. My cock was very quickly ready to fuck her again.

As it was when she knew I was just about to upload spunk into her throat I instinctively knew when Mum was going to climax. I opened my mouth wide and closed my eyes as her cum flowed into my waiting mouth and her squirt splashed on my face. I laughed with delight as best I could and lapped up every drop that I was able to reach. Mum was as clean as a whistle before I let her move.

Mum slid down my body until my erect cock blocked her path, rubbing against her well fucked and eagerly eaten cunt.

“More? You got a boner with me face-fucking you with a cream pie?

“I got a boner eating your cunt and making you cum.”

“How do you want me this time?”

“You choose, something that will make you explode with pleasure.”

“Doggie! I kneel on the bed, you kneel behind me and work your cock in nice and deep. Comfy for both of us. We can fuck ’til morning if we need.”

Again we adjusted our positions. Mum’s bum looked absolutely glorious up in the air and presented as it was. A definite ‘fuck me’ position. I knelt behind her and eased my cock into her cunt and took a firm grip on her hips as instructed.

“Okay? Now hammer your beautiful nail home until it is all the way inside my slutty cunt. Fuck me as hard and fast as you like until you’ve shot your load again.”

I rammed my cock into her. Mum’s head came up as she let out a loud grunt of pleasure. The bed headboard slammed against the party wall. I stopped abruptly.


“We carry on like this and Mrs. Johnson next door will have told the whole street that you’ve got a new fella and he fucked you hard all night, before we’ve even started on breakfast.”

“Shit! I forgot that. Good job your head’s still working. Pity, I was looking forward to a damn good, hard, fucking again. It’s been a long time since…”

“We could pull the bed away from the wall about 6″ or maybe you can kneel on the side of the bed and I’ll stand behind you? That work?”

“We’ll do both.”

Mum knelt up and scooted to the side of the bed. I moved to the opposite side. Together we worked the whole bed away from the party wall about 12″.

“That should do it, announced Mum happily, “now let’s try the kneeling/standing position.”

Mum knelt on the edge of the bed then shuffled backwards, making beep, beep this vehicle is reversing noises, until she was only just balanced on the very edge.

“How’s that?”

I stepped in close behind her and offered my cock to her cunt. By widening the position of her knees Mum was able to line my cock and her cunt up perfectly. I slid inside her gently.

“Ohhh, that feels gorgeous,” Mum declared, “how’s it for you?”

“Looks fantastic but I’m banging my shins against the wood each stroke.”

“No problem, we can sort that!”

She was off the bed in a trice and over to the tallboy wardrobe.

“Help me with this old suitcase, Darling.”

I put it on the bed. It was full of old style blankets. We all had duvets on our beds with a blanket under the bottom sheet for comfort. Mum sorted out two and closed the suitcase. I returned it to the top of the wardrobe while Mum unfolded them. She laid them one on top of the other and folded them lengthwise forming a long, thick, 2 foot wide strip.

“Lift the mattress for me Darling.”

I lifted and Mum fed about 12″ of thick blanket under the mattress. We worked our way up the length of the bed until the blanket folds covered the entire length tunceli escort of the piece of wood.

“Try that.”

I stood up close to the piece of wood and thrust my hips forward as if driving my cock into Mum’s cunt. Nice!

“Perfect! No hard edges at all. Now get your tight little cunt up here so I can fuck you until morning or you’re too sore to carry on.”

“Yes, Master,” Mum said eagerly, “anything you say Master.”

Mum was in position. I was in position. I grabbed hold of her hips for a second time. Mum introduced the tip of my cock to the entrance of her cunt.

“Once in slow to make sure everything is perfect then fuck my brains out Darling. Don’t stop until you’ve given me another cream pie.”

I eased in slow. Mum adjusted her knees to compensate for the thickness of the blankets then she gave the ‘all clear’.

Pushing my hips forward I jerked Mum’s cunt back towards my rapidly advancing cock. It was fifty minutes past midnight, ten to one. As I bottomed out inside Mum’s cunt she responded with a loud grunt of pleasure.

“Grab the panties off the bedside table, Darling, I’m gonna need them.”

We paused again while Mum sorted out the best way to silence her pleasure. We tried again and the only sound I heard as I bottomed out once more was a muffled scream of delight. The bed, being forced to take a load from 90 degrees to the norm, made not one sound of complaint. I fucked Mum solidly for five minutes. In my position I could last for hours. All I had to do was rock back and forth on my feet. Mum’s beautiful, naked body was being pushed and pulled all over the shop. I didn’t want her collapsing from exhaustion. I wanted her collapsing from too many orgasms. I slowed, held her still so that she could recover and just swung my hips forward and back a few inches. My cock just teased tenderly around the first couple of inches of her wet cunt.

Mum dipped her head to her hand and removed the pantie gag. She turned to look at me and smiled.

“Sure you’ve not fucked a girl before Ryan?”

“Think I’d remember if I had Mum, particularly if she was as good as you.”

“So how come you’re not pounding my poor, swollen cunt for all it’s worth but knowing when to stop and let me catch my breath?”

“Internet Mum, dirty story sites. Loads of good, dirty stories for a guy to use and find ways and means to please his Mum.”

“Aren’t they just wank fodder?”

“Yep, the bulk of them are. It’s a bit like finding a Prince, you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs.”

“Think we could find something better than a couple of pairs of panties to help me keep the noise down on the internet?”

“You gonna make a noise on the internet Mum?” I chuckled.

“Smart arse! You know what I mean.”

“I think you look very fetching with pink and blue panties stuffed in your mouth. We’ll look tomorrow, not tonight. You’re supposed to be getting another cunt full of my spunk, remember?”

Mum grinned wickedly and stuffed her two pairs of panties back into her mouth. Once she’d settled I built up to a sound fucking and gave her another five minutes of solid cock driving hard against her cervix. I stopped counting Mum’s orgasms and focused on my own. Another couple of sessions should see me right, I thought.

Mum seemed to appreciate the quieter pace and rested her head on her arms and held tight to her panties until I started again.

“Okay Mum?”

“Ummm,” came her reply as she quickly filled her mouth with pink and blue material.

I pushed in and Mum grabbed my cock very firmly with her cunt muscles. As I stroked in and out so she milked my cock. I realised I wasn’t going to last very long but kept to the steady stroking that allowed Mum to play with my cock.

“Not going to last long if you keep doing that Mum.”

She pulled the panties from her mouth.

“Good! Fill my cunt Ryan, just keep going slow and steady and let me play with your cock.”

She didn’t put the panties back in her mouth and the sounds of her pleasure made my impending orgasm climb aboard the express train and head straight for the buffers.

We came together. A massive shared orgasm with both of us gasping for breath and laughing like little children sliding down a steep hill on tin tea trays.

Chooooo choo choo choo, spurt, spurt, spurt.

### ### ###

I almost fell onto Mum’s back. She flopped to the bed. We both sighed contentedly. It was twenty minutes past one, Saturday morning. I slid to my knees leaving a little wet trail of kisses all the way down Mum’s backbone, between the cheeks of her arse. I licked her anus and received a soft sob of pleasure in return. I paused, repeated the action and moved onward before she responded. Her gaping, swollen, spunk dripping cunt awaited my attention.

At thirty five minutes past one we hauled ourselves up the bed and snuggled under the covers, spooned, with Mum the little spoon and my arm over her waist with my hand cupping her breast. Already my cock zonguldak escort was recovering as it felt her pert bum pressed against it…

### ### ###

“Okay Ryan?”

“Umm, perfect thank you Mum,” I replied nuzzling into her neck before nibbling her ear lobe.

Mum shivered contentedly.

“Can we talk a little? About your Dad?” she asked tentatively.

That came as a shock I can tell you. He hadn’t been mentioned since the day Mum beat him up and threw him out. There was nothing in the house that related to him. Even the bed we were in was a replacement.

“If you want to,” I answered quietly.

“I don’t really want to but I think that I should, now that you’re a man, my man and I’m your woman, so to speak. I loved your Dad, I mean really loved him. Worshiped the ground he walked on for a long time…”

“Loved? Past tense?”

“Oh yes, long past. Long before I threw him out he was dead to me. That’s why I was so pleased. I’d been preparing for that moment for a long time. Wish it hadn’t involved you kids though…

Ryan, I really didn’t know about your Mum and you. I thought your Dad was mine alone and worked away. Only saw me when he wasn’t working away. He didn’t tell me about you until the day before you arrived. I’m so sorry, I didn’t steal him away knowingly.”

“S’okay Mum. When you threw him out I was frightened you would make me go with him. You didn’t and I’m totally grateful for that. Me ‘n’ Chrissie knew something was wrong, he was treating you so bad. He treated my Mum the same. She walked out. We wondered how you put up with it. I understand why my Mum left, I think. I feel sorry for the way my Dad treated you, my Mum and the lady before.”

“And the three since? He’s got at least twelve kids now, that I know of. Y’Gran kept me informed… because I’m looking after you, I think.”

“Twelve! The bastard. If I ever show any tendency to behave like my Dad, kick my arse and throw me out, or under a bus, please.”

I nuzzled her neck again and told her that I loved her and was sorry for the way my Dad had treated her.

“You’ll never be like your Dad, Darling. He was good, in some ways but you are much better in all of them. He was a bastard in even more ways and you could never be like that. Your Mum must have been very good and strong to plant her all her characteristics in you and totally wipe out your Dad’s. I respect her and thank her for letting me look after you.”

“If she was so strong why did she leave me behind when she left?”

“Well, she didn’t leave you but she did. Makes no sense I know but in reality she had no choice. Yer Dad knocked her about and told her to be gone, or else, when he got home, remember? According to your Gran he said she was to leave you when she went, or else he’d track her down and she’d rue the day she was born. A few days later you moved in with me and settled down quickly. Sorry Darling”

“Don’t be, Mum. All I can remember of my early days was Dad always shouting. Mum always crying and Gran always cuddling me and telling me everything will be alright. Coming here with you seemed to make everything alright, as Gran promised. A proper family with a lovely Mum and a wonderful sister, and no rows, at least for a while. Can I ask how you managed to get caught up with a creep like my Dad?”

Mum went silent for a few moments.

“I was young and I was stupid…”

“You were never stupid Mum!”

“I was. I fell for your Dad hook, line and sinker. Would do anything he asked, no question and he knew it, right from the start. Played me like a stupid tart all the way…

My parents went on holiday. I was way too old to go with them I’d said so they left me at home to look after everything. First night I was lonely so took myself to the local club. Only there ten minutes and this guy came up to me, brushed his lips across my cheek and whispered ‘I want to see you naked!’ in my ear. I wetted my panties instantly. ‘Not here,’ I replied. Should have told him to sod off or I’d call the police but like I said, I was stupid.

Five minutes later I was on my knees in the car park. He’d made me get his cock out and open my mouth. He grabbed my ponytail and pulled my mouth onto his cock. I’d never had a cock in my mouth. Thought I was going to be sick. He held my head steady and started to fuck my throat. I gagged, coughed and spluttered. ‘Not had a cock in your mouth before? You’ll get used to it!’ he told me then started to force his cock down my throat. Before he even came in my mouth I was starting to enjoy his total dominance. I actually wanted to suck him off and swallow his spunk. He stopped, jerked my head up and said ‘you’re enjoying this, you little slut,’ I just nodded. He laughed and fucked my throat harder and faster. Thought I’d pass out from lack of air. Then he came, poured his spunk down my throat with instructions not to spill a single drop. I didn’t.

He asked me if he could take me home, strip me and fuck me. I told him my parents were away for two weeks. like I said, I was stupid. He took me home, I stripped for him. I sucked his cock hard then he fucked me, twice in the cunt and a third time in my arse. It hurt like hell and he just laughed and told me I’d get used to it. He left and I tried to sleep. I couldn’t and was totally wrecked the next day at work.

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